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Examining Facebook Movies and Leno's Last Stand-up

Feb 6, 2014|

Tim O'Shei

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- the -- line and welcome to demo shy he has founder of lives starring you right here in buffalo 10 good morning thank you for joining us. And talk to you about a few things but about Facebook's new feature. FaceBook movies no more FaceBook users than ever not taking advantage of this new feature. And -- really catching on FaceBook movies. Yet it's it's a bogey they're critically unit you'll notice it but I think on the web. With Pete the older generation that they -- meaning people who are you know graduated. High school college tour who are using FaceBook more frequently that that's open up aren't really interest he has kids who aren't they vote. Are making too much anybody who's been you know anything is an adult and you -- -- -- -- -- still looked accurate and it really. I think Smart move I think but to get over the -- The idea right it's probably a generational thing. It and it finds we've found on our FaceBook page asking about the people love them they find them heartwarming emotional as they're showing. Pictures of loved ones who have passed our beloved pets and and going back over the years. You know it's. That the great planning for a moment the music they play the on the length of the video -- perfect there either one minute. It's funny to think that. States -- you know billion dollar corporation and you know and create something that really is you know heartwarming to people but they have -- -- -- flip side. I my FaceBook -- that kind of poke random things like food. Don't have a log on Larry I think from my Brothers and it's from Pittsburgh it's -- it's doubt it'd. You know -- there's no exact formula. You know per -- a lot of people these these video there really. Becoming quite a digital keepsake which is really kind of cool. How does that they're really worked you know -- software. It does all the work for you right. It does it really all you need to do is -- -- -- but dot com let's look back and and you click a button. And it automatically and instantly creates this movie for you. Where they take different photo that you hosted of course. And also some of your most popular status that it is people like to comment on the most. And that is about those together with living on some very heartwarming music. And and you know I -- at its financing these things I believe my time and time and time again in the last few days. And that is from what I understand early gonna be around for so long so people need they want a deal that -- -- -- it sometimes. Yes it's neat but you are -- to see like tons of them in your time in which is you know it's a little little much after a little bit. But anyway let me move on to something else -- we still have attempt Jay Leno it's his last night tonight as host of the Tonight Show is he leaving on top. I think he's absolutely leading on top it's it's great that he Jay Leno going out. The way he has a -- the second quote unquote leaving that's nights early at that. You know priest departures. With -- and a few years ago but yeah you mean he's he's ranked on top. He's still usually popular -- when -- -- -- about the other day one of the five most popular people on television. And he can you know he can take that -- partly that you know back into a full time standout career. He could go do you know TV yeah I mean he can probably take anything he wants and -- he jokingly told sixty minutes the other night you might and a lot of History Channel. The guy has a lot of interest a lot of and so it'll be interesting to see what he chooses to do. We're -- Jalen no stacks up now when it comes to social. Media remember there was no FaceBook are social media back in the day isn't Johnny Carson the other guys. Yet like I think that you know it's a good question I think that's one of the reasons. Quite Jay Leno feels comfortable leaving right now. He's not I mean he's popular on social media but he's not particularly. Engaged wit and another. Declined references to him that he's not one of those media figures you know I think or even needs to know how to use social media to build an audience. Where you see somebody like to meet Alan. Jimmy -- doing -- dance with Justin Timberlake and that creates its great lateral you know material for social media. That's not really -- Jay Leno thing it's not that you know his. Ammo and a but it needs to be but I think that alkaline that that's what you feel comfortable stepping out right now. Okay attend the W thanks -- for joining us this morning -- live beyond. Too emotional high heels founder of lies of star and you.