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Medical Perspective on CVS Tobacco Decision

Feb 6, 2014|

Dr. Andrew Hyland

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS's decision to pull cigarettes and other tobacco products from its shelves. Next -- on the live line is doctor Andrew highland chair of the department of health behavior and Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor highland -- standing near. Thanks for having CDS is not the first to make the decision to stop selling tobacco products. Wegmans made a big splash when they decided not to sell smokes in 2008 target also doesn't sell them how big a deal is this. Well I think it's. It's huge because of the scope you're talking about. You know -- major. National chains across the country over 7600. Outlets and I think it sends. Really a message that he's he's you know pharmacy there about health and wellness and tobacco products are just not consistent with that team. We know doctor besides cigarettes there's a lot of stuff for sale in drugstores and convenience stores you know that's. Not good for a beer anything to contain sugar I read somewhere recently. That sugar causes an incredible number of adverse health problems Sunday sugar like cigarettes is going to be -- Well I think I did expect key distinction here is that there's really no safe level of tobacco use so it's clear cut. -- and if you would -- from a pharmacy perspective. The the wellness community health center at. I kind of image. It makes perfect sense I think for pharmacy to get out of the business of selling tobacco products and other products. You know alcohol for example it can cause you know a number of adverse health effects but there's also. Some benefits from low levels of drinking so it becomes less clear. But really bringing it back you know CBS's decision. Is all about tobacco products if they don't capable. Of exposure and again it -- a social. Message that if you don't. Smoking is is not compatible with their their business model. Doctor highland are you wondering about. CBS will include them. I mean it RE cigarettes considered a smoking product or smoking cessation product. Yes so. So this is gonna have to be something that it gets played out. Over time that. A tobacco product and it's a cessation product and as of right now there's not. It's it's -- -- regulatory no man's land where the FDA. It is considering. How old -- how they will handle that and and that will go forward in terms of CVS's policy. To be honest I'm not sure if -- cigarettes fall under that domain or not. Do you have a personal opinion or feeling about you cigarettes doctor. Well. You know a lot of us that sort of look back it -- light cigarettes and like cigarettes seem like a good idea at the time. But -- evidence came out it was probably a really bad idea. And with the cigarettes were right that the cost of things. We need more information we're doing studies to China. Understand that that. The benefits as well the harms and in the meantime though we need to collect that evidence and use that to make a sound. Policy approach as we move forward. And it's unclear right now as to whether. CBS decision now to not so tobacco products whether they considerate. Tobacco product Dora the smoking cessation product doctor highland thank you for joining us we appreciate it. That's doctor Andrew highland he's chair of the department of health behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.