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Perspective on CVS Tobacco Decision

Feb 6, 2014|

Jim Calvin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're focusing on this morning on the second largest pharmacy and America's CBS and its decision to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products. On the W medium a lot of lot of help us sort through this is Jim Calhoun Jim as executive director. Of the New York association of convenience stores is also a frequent guest on our show morning Jim. Good morning you were doing pretty good -- of CBS decides it's not gonna sell cigarettes and other tobacco products. And there are lots of them on the shelves I would think. The convenience store industry would welcome this what is your reaction to this. Well the conventional wisdom is that those who buy a cigarette -- CVS. If they can no longer buy them there aren't going to make a beeline for the nearest convenient store but. There's that is a couple of factors that the that need to be taken into consideration one is that first where this is CVS Walgreens or write a great on the same corner so. If it would be simple for those customers just. Seek out those things but second and more important the experience here Western New York issue on that -- smokers get displaced. By events whether it's a store no longer carry the product or a price spike do which actually increased many of them had to their nearest Indian reservation so. I'm not anticipating a big bump in tobacco sales for my member convenience stores in Western New York the small -- perhaps but not a huge. We've all. Where do most people. Buy their cigarettes you know I'm on the whole not just around here but I think I -- deficit 5%. Of cigarette sales are at drugstore chains. I don't notice that this is -- but that sounds about right to me. Pharmacies historically has had not been the the primary source. Cigarettes for a consumers in the United States. Convenience stores. Have been the biggest percentage. Among various retail formats. And so. But. CDS and in the other pharmacies and what you want to sell fair amount. Tobacco products and and they also sold smoke cassation products -- you know. Jim what will this decision what might it do do you think for CBS's image. I mean are people gonna say boy they're really looking out for our health on things. Well that the that's gonna be up to each individual. Person to to interpret -- why it was done when it was time for an altruistic reasons Europe was done for business reasons. But -- would be intriguing part of this to me is what happens next. We is these cigarettes. Now CVS has not indicated yet whether we will continue to sell these cigarettes which is so rapidly growing. The category product category four hour stores and poorer pharmacies and other. Like this retail outlets. And as I mentioned CBS continues -- -- smoking cessation products do they view -- cigarettes as a smoking cessation product will they continue to carry that. If they do what does that mean. For. For that product. If they do do these. Antismoking groups that are praising them today. Start bashing them tomorrow. So that there's another shoe to drop here will be it should see how that. And it's a good point now if they are going to stop selling cigarettes in the name of public health why don't they stop selling beer. I mean what's the difference really. Well you you raise a good point. There's a lot more to. Is that typical achieved pharmacy. Then. Then just -- prescription medications and and to ask for and so forth. You know in a lot of ways their they're convenient store with carpeting cosmetics. But. I think I think each retail establishment have to decide for itself. Which products he wants to carry and if you know CVS decides. They don't want carries cigarettes and so the woman decides. It doesn't wanna carry cosmetics that's just -- the marketplace. Jim always good to talk with you thanks again. Opportunity. To welcome Jim -- executive director of the New York association of convenience stores.