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Snow Totals; Wind Chill Advisory

Feb 6, 2014|

Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Other meteorologists only answer really -- the buffalo airport weather station Tony good morning. You we're doing pretty -- at the start of the pass through Western New York yesterday certainly lived up to was building and then some of them. Well absolutely rather large storm system which actually produced significant. Which -- whether all the way from the southern plains. Right through the midwest the Ohio valley you know right across from New York State and then on up into not a New England states so we worked we were alone. Whether some pretty impressive snow totals around here Tony. Also they widespread. Uniforms and awful most of the area getting out from the cute twelve inches of snowfall. Officially here at the airport we measured eight point eight inches of snow which was a record for the day. Well what do winner Tony from the snow announced back to the bitter cold again tell us that the latest advisory. Well we have another shot of Arctic -- -- coming in behind yesterday's -- we're looking for temperatures today only to get into the team. And then tonight we'll see if he wins really picked up and then that'll bring the wind chills down now. Dangerously low levels into the ten to twenty below long range we have a wind chill advisory in effect tonight into Friday morning. Well for the past couple of days we were concerned about the possibility of this storm being followed by another one many have been -- that. Well right now looks like that's stormed toward the latter part of the weekend is going to shift off the East Coast and probably affect Western New York got very little could -- Minor accumulation maybe an inch or two but I don't think we'll see anything significant from that. Let's give her fingers trust Tony as always thank you very much okay no problem as meteorologist Tony and many -- National Weather Service buffalo airport office.