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2-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All. Hey it's about hourly -- -- thirty WB ENN and you know so get it instantly it all figured I mean -- Of frustration again. It's very look displacement is a I called displacement it's. Theory by which. You start taking it out on someone else when something is frustrating the hell lot of under the old expression is and the office boy kicked the dog. It's OK. You know used the -- pinata. Seriously again and understand them tough of a tough guy. I mean. It's. -- a tough guy I can take it. Our it's not about me the show is not about me the show is about -- and getting home safely. And I also like to remind you guys Matt. This is what we do. And this is what we do best. And I also want to remind you bet we have people in the newsroom were taking closings and cancellations up -- is no. So if you got something happen and tonight that you think you're gonna do go to WB -- dot com Sierra latest cancellations to acquire. Who -- blows smoke up -- up his suit but over the sky -- As a program director operations manager he's been out of the newsroom answering the freaking fault. For the past five hours taken cancellations. All right and that's got to dedication we have to this whole weather in stormont traffic situation OK so you're in good happens we've got you covered. And let's not forget this is not the worst winter storm through which you're ever going to drive. By far this isn't even the worst storm of the season. But this well is of such a consistency. As to lend itself easily to accidents. And I told you before I drive -- Jeep Wrangler. In the wintertime. Back that I think I told before that a three year lease as -- at 36000 miles out of that and I've got less than fourteen their. Own. That hurts here take my money -- take my money put away. I was driving -- Glen avenue. Ian Williams bill which is -- -- And I was approaching the stop sign it re street you know street John. In all he -- I could not stop. I've stopped what I I fortunately I know that gravity does its thing and I and all that anti lock brakes are not to be pumped so. It was a controlled if it took more distance that I thought it would stop. I'll just say you know. So just. We call. And what we want knows what's going on right now. Under rival Israel in north Wanda well you're on WB in what you see what's happened what's going on. -- -- which you dedicate that diary of the multiple hard. Well actually bill I got from your mom last night when I was wither and by the way she's really hot thank you very much. It is at thirteen minutes after four news radio 930 WB the end. And that we will continue to take other brilliant phone calls just like 8030930. Well actually was -- and his girlfriend who's -- budget law and it was good. If she says a much better than York. Not to insult you but I gotta tell reality now let's just say hey you wanna play the dozens and dozens lose a game. Then if you're rested and a candidate there. Widespread steady snow over the region. Is gradually get a taper off from west to the east after 4 o'clock. Scattered light snow showers for the second half of the rush hour in to deceive. Additional snowfall between three and seven. Will be less than two inches spot here's the problem. The winds gusting over 25 miles an hour times will also result. In greatly reduced visibility. So for drive home tonight not only get the look -- for the snow that's on the road but you've also got to look out for the -- is gonna blow him off the fields. Right. So just be aware of that. Now if if there are no accidents and there is nothing traffic wise to get into I've got -- puts -- a lawsuit to get a but I can also do. So if there is a traffic situation. That I need to report. As we start heading in to the cream of the drive time hour. That is to say you know it's 450 right now if there's nothing going -- all the effort to switch gears. I will be I mean. Yet yours but if there is I feel like I'd be derelict in my duty the Yahoo! if I don't do the traffic that. And help to get people home. Safely because one of the most rewarding part about this job other than being able to meet that guy's wife that guy's girlfriend and his -- the same time. -- rewarding part of my job. Is is been able to get calls work or your Promos after the fact for people say hey WB and really help me out WP and really helped me get home safely WB and really helped me to. Do what I had to do. Those Europe -- a good facts. I mean you like to feel as you've done some. -- some bit of good for society. Other than -- -- -- mother and girlfriend with a real -- 8030 -- thirty is the former Oberstar and I thirty with a -- ball. 180616. WB yet. Now folks -- -- the call in to say a time wants to kill him -- -- -- big boy -- can handle. What's -- People today. Negatives this is -- -- by the centers. Do you just what are the joke. People are just so sick of wetter and so sick of the storms. And Sosa snowballing. Now I -- he lives of -- -- -- money -- she told me last night. But. As far as the rest of the year. Is it winter fatigue. There's a talent what is your question when is the last time. That we have seen the sun. For more than a couple of hours -- I don't remember. And I really think that there is a vitamin. Especially that manifests itself in these winter months. Because we don't see this well. And we have enough chores and tasks. We have to do inside. And that all your guys is just give us more tasks. And frankly I would much rather mow the lawn. Like they did with that well government I would much rather mow the lawn. And do the gardening stuff in the summertime that I would deal with the snow blowing in the time. Why. But that's just my preference. I guess at least you get to see the sunshine sometimes in the summertime. Maybe it's that. People have been weird today. On the radio show in general people are being in just a little bit on the golf besides that. I really think it's a lack of sunshine. That's why I'm glad I'm going to be able to take his girlfriend at his Monday hedonism with -- next on ago. That's going to be some serious fun. -- eighteen minutes after four. At news or that I hang -- the buffalo group by were frozen heart it is eighteen minutes after four news radio 930 WBBM. John. Balls. That's what they're -- Are right just to judicial wanna know all right. Things you bounce are now if you got. Traffic issues. It -- get off my. -- I thought we -- a lot of traffic issues but if we don't I've got plan -- I've got plan C I've got play a big. But I also don't want to leave to work. Here's the line there and a business they are prepared. -- good -- -- you know three on -- thirty is the a phone number start at thirty of a cell phone 180616. WB yet. It don't get me wrong if there's lots of traffic Mongolian clustered it's going. Makes me feel. But if there is I'm missing it that would make me feel bad battlefield as though I've been derelict. In my duties. And you don't wanna be derelict in -- -- So. Well then I'm looking at my guys. Here's a play Joseph -- Let me turn to you for advice here's what I'm gonna suggest. I'm gonna suggest. That we nosedive. Much like. Out there that we nosedive into other topics. And then if things start to go to hell and handbag then we go back to traffic if it would -- -- it. -- a lot of people. Because even in my great air edition. And again yesterday there's only so much you can say if there's nothing happening draft. Are so -- well I'm gonna play -- -- play it by ear year. -- in the next thirty seconds I'm gonna have to make an executive decision. Because I got things I got piled up. -- gonna be great talk show topics in about misjudged the driving up this judge of driving at that's my bet that's my fault. I can't help but that you people aren't Smart enough to get into more accidents there. As far as AccuWeather goes we are watching the winter storm of the latest winter storm. And lingering snow shower or two but again the big to big things you -- know about number one the winds are whipping the snow at like 25 miles an hour. So you take a road like maple road it could be pavement one minute and a ten minutes later you have a couple inches of blown snow all over. So be advised that not to mention the visibility issue and the overnight low tonight is going to be in the single freaking digits six above. Six about. And I'm sorry I'm well past appointment like we're six above excites me it rather nauseated. Now let's find out about the drive. Alan Harris is -- all the good traffic calls he's talking my -- Here's Allen with the very latest traffic on WB -- come on -- make me look bad. Well irony given away and I understood restated its 23 degrees -- what's the windshield you know we have the the -- -- six. A kind of got my skiing gloves in the car yeah. -- because it makes a lot of sense to leave the gloves in the car so that when you put them on the -- exactly at six degrees instead of bringing them into the office where -- be nice and host the all day. Then there going to be in the car when I go up too Smart. You know I know the people are going through winter fatigue. Here here's -- I know. Without. This is one of the topics is just my aside observation. Usually we we are in an office complex in Amherst where if a single. Flake of snow comes now the car was out -- Joseph and John did you notice when you -- to work today that you had to walk through. About ten inches of snow they didn't bother shoveling today. OK you guys noticed it okay let me tell you what that is that's winter for today. That's people who are sick and tired of -- Because this place is famous but infamous but famous for maintaining its grounds. As you would maintain your own property you know it is a great company of the month -- that he's run a fabulous company. And I don't say that about -- -- about just anybody. But -- even this place. Doesn't shovel. That doesn't -- near the steps and doesn't think you're the sidewalk. You know that winter fatigue is becoming an issue. I'm just so. Those of you were born in a no -- Or inside here you probably laughing. You are laughing right now. Because this is summer that you. -- Atlanta. Right now stay with us on news radio 930 WB -- because. Just ahead. I'm thinking about two things one of them involves mass hysteria. And hypocrisy. The other involves something that -- little more reflective of the better angels of our nature. We will get right to under three united thirty WBE. -- -- -- -- You know I've been exciting life of that -- brings back memories itself for 34 news radio thirty WB the end. What. They'll have made an executive decision on the Bauerle program. As far as traffic go news here's the deal. Unless things go to genuinely absolutely. A couple. Are able to 24/7 trapped. OK now if we start it all budget calls from one area. Then obviously I will redo. Decision as my prerogative as the host. But if you see major traffic issues I'm gonna give you another number to call this which Richard Allen Harris. Just don't interrupt his launch. Now what you wanna do is well we've already. You which you gotta do is call 80303218030321. Is WB and traffic command 8030321. That's WB and traffic command. Obviously if things get really really really really really really bad then we'll go back traffic but for right now if for it not for the note happened and I assures they'll all want to be anything happen. While I wish collisions or injury upon anybody. Well I mean maybe some people I do but I also recognize that's wrong now. 435. At WB are a couple of things number one. You really annoys me. Why is it. That every single group. Every single union every single fringe element of American politics. Takes great -- To register people to vote. And we do not. -- or use the word and we. Probably a bit too old ubiquitous -- wouldn't be quite what I'm looking -- word wise. But perhaps overly generalized. Would be a better way to phrase. And for those who are new to the show. I'm gonna tell you that. I refer to myself. As Rachel wells one of our great political minds in the audience and frankly. You know what all this -- -- -- -- and George Orwell. Great minds. None of them are any better than my FaceBook friend Rachel wells. She is freaking. Her mind -- makes mine look like. Sub standard. That's how Smart shoes and most people would say I'm a Smart guy. Tell me what I wanna say stupid. But she's much smarter than my son is much smarter and and she coined the phrase. That I've been recovered struggled with for years try to describe where I come. From political. Conservative area. Because I can't quite say 100%. Conservative. At least as defined by most people. Because. Well. I have to state the obvious again I don't ligament Butler. I've chosen to live my -- a certain way most people would say it's not conservative. I really don't care most people's. But I believe -- conservatism. From the waist up. I believe in libertarian ism. But I can't go all the way with libertarian as of either. Because our roads would copy ploughed out if we did not have at least some governmental structure in place with which to do it. We need an army. Like it or not the world is a nasty place and we need guys at CIA today. Who can't take your best there's one business needs to be done. Sorry that's the real world welcome -- planet reality. I wouldn't want is that. It happens. Abbey hit it it's so funny sometimes talking to people who who have. -- insulated lives. About organized crime. About American intelligence. About. Espionage. And they give you this look like deer in your head like. Like they think that this stuff is just the movies. I always laugh. And laugh and -- -- Because it isn't just the movie's. Reality. Happens. And you know what happens. Those if you were big fans of homeland. Do you really think there's a big difference between homeland than what actually it's happened in modern America. Your play if you believe that you're clueless -- right. I have a lot of friends in a lot of different communities. And the reason that my friends is because I keep -- Marcia. Basically. I don't burn friends I don't do it never well never have never got. -- I can't go all the way it would be a libertarian. That was what that was all about. I can't I just can't do it. Because in a truly libertarian world I guess we wouldn't have stop signs. And what does that mean you have to have structure you have to have some regulation that makes common cents. We've got to make sure that we drive on the right side of the road. You can't just -- everybody Willy Nilly do their own thing without respect to the safety of others. Their four. Why. In case you ever wanted to know I'd. And espousing the doctrine not in this this phrase was not employed by -- I wanna give credit to the person who coined the phrase Rachel wells WE LLS from the -- New York. Brilliant woman. Don't think that because she makes the occasional spelling mistake on line that she -- She is transcendent. The intelligent beautiful. And sadly very married now. For forty it is ready and -- welcome for her anyway it is WBM 440 -- find out about traffic right now Linda hey Alan let's set the traffic calls -- you because of such a nice guy. -- Well here's the deal depending on where you are in Western New York does it really matter. In winter storm warning continues for the buffalo area until 10 o'clock this evening Orchard Park in spring drill until 7 o'clock. -- -- And basically I'll wind gusting to 25 miles an hour so -- and it's blowing snow and overnight the overnight -- going to be six degrees. Six degrees. Now you on into the wind that these six degree temperature and the wind chills I've got to believe we're going to be a dangerously cold that's just. As supposition on my apartment a reasonably intelligent one I believe 23 degrees and a real feel is three -- Oh its war I'll tell you what to degree between friends or -- are actually that's the deal at W via cell block. Here's the deal folks. Week and if you're listening to the show. I think all of us respect the sacrifices made. By every American who has ever served his or her country in uniform or perhaps. Out of -- In some clandestine way. I think we all appreciate the sacrifices. Of the men and women involved in the civil war the revolution. Every single time this country's metal was put to the test. I think we all can appreciate. The contributions. Of every single ethnic groups of ethnic group. To the American experience. I think we can all agree. That what makes America. This incredibly. Unique place. Is -- we have people coming together who don't look alike. Whose ancestors came from Asia Africa South America and Arctic. Now maybe that might be stretching it's just a little bit. But the point being we -- together we formed a culture and some well. So you know somehow we managed for how many years. To forge. This union of America. And as I mentioned the other guy. Explore this -- up. All of many. One. And I don't know. Where we have lost our way. What are the ways however we can counter various. Is by making sure. That each and every person who believes as we believe which is the right way of course. Is registered to vote. Folks do you realize. That if every single gun owner in New York State. Had been registered to vote. In the last election. And had voted against Andrew Cuomo. And why safe never would have happened you realize that. Do you realize that if every single gun owning new Yorker is registered to vote and vote against Cuomo in the 2014 election. That we will no longer have to worry. About Andrew Cuomo. And the way he operates. -- about that permit. But. Where we are dropping the ball. Our side of the idol or the way we view the country. The way we view our relationship with our government. Why are we not hearing more about voter registration. Why. I don't want her sister -- because my vote doesn't count. I don't wanna -- ball because chances are gonna forget about election and a pocket anyway I'm busy. You're too busy for freedom. Your dad did two years in the army in Korea and you can't take two minutes to vote. That's shameful. That is down right shameful. Don't go -- Much more to come. Under his radio -- thirty WB. And tonight we're gonna be down to six degrees a bomb. Blowing snow. Just caution usual winter driving skills and if things go from -- to catastrophic driving wise on the drive all. Get back to all traffic mode right now thank goodness that that is in the case but I've got the flexibility and the latitude to. Call portables at the line. And will be about as effective as Peyton Manning it is 451 news radio 930 UB EN all right so. Anyway folks Automask and as as part of by the show these are a couple of shows and dying to do. Where is our voter registration drive. That does anybody have any clue when a scope she has committed a political education. For the rest Thompson people in New York. Or to Carl Paladino people. Are gonna have a voter registration drive because in the final analysis. What matters. Is making sure. You exercised for a -- that you are registered to vote -- secondly that you exercise your vote. We have an enormously. Huge food -- election coming up for governor in New York State. Now I know that many of you say. Donald Trump is going to be a candidate. I don't think he's going to be I don't think he wants the job. I've considered this I thought about it all weekend my conclusion. Both my heart and my head tell me. He isn't going to run he doesn't want the job and frankly he's being unrealistic if he thinks that everybody's gonna just roll over and let him be the candidate I think that's very unrealistic. Investors the real world works. I don't think Donald Trump -- so it's going to be up to you now please understands that. Bet if you registered to vote. And you do so because you want and -- ball out of office. Whomever the Republicans. Nominate. You do know you're gonna get a -- no right. It's not going to be a conservative. It's not going to be a conservative area and you know it's going to be somebody in the good old boys network right. You have to understand that. But. Basically you're between a rock and a hard place. Do you want Andrew Cuomo the churlish petulant governor of New York State who wants all conservatives out of state. Or you'll end up with a Republican in name only. Somebody like John Boehner. As governor of New York State I just don't know any other name to use. So it's not like your vote. Is going to fundamentally transform America alone that line was taken it's not like your vote is gonna fundamentally changed New York State because it will all. Because it's not going to be Donald Trump. It's going to be some Republican from downstate. Who is a right now. And the store. That's what you're gonna be left where. But. At least we can have the pleasure. Of sending Andrew Cuomo into the private sector. So unwilling to take it right now if I have to. To get Andrew Cuomo out of office. With one for months ago. That this -- Must pledge. Any emergency declaration that NY safe is no longer needed. That is my provides ago. If whoever the Republicans put on that ballot. Is unwilling. To go up publicly and say. First thing I do on day one is eliminate NY say with a message of necessity actually guess it would be a message of on this as -- not a necessity. That's what I need that's what I got a year otherwise what difference does it. Seriously. But do you know anybody. How do you get somebody to vote. When they give the argument that it doesn't matter. That it's raid. That they don't wanna go to jury -- I mean that's the argument -- with people pocket don't register to vote I don't what do you call them for jury do -- as -- great. All right don't put it because there's that kind of got a few other things that I wanna put on the table today for Europe Wednesday drivable. 8030930. Is the -- it -- Washington guy lifting weights with the cap on the bar. It just caught me very -- We -- located together and everybody at 803 ought to thirty start at 310616. WP EN.

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