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2-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I. Don't know if you would write this thing. The whole movement -- -- this broad and long and the law and and upload it. That we have to pass the bills so that you can and then find out what is it -- yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready -- nothing like a short time violently. -- didn't do well I'll witness. -- -- -- -- 930 you've seen the new layout is inevitable. This much. He had the union people one more time if ever our game guy evidently going to say yeah. An outrage that these comments made but management CVS I need to let me or does your mind. I thought George in this. Now I'm understanding how Obama -- all elections. Idiots. Have to sell. Itself I don't really care right on -- -- -- couldn't -- -- -- CBS and the business. But that gives a crap that. We're gonna stop selling cigarettes out of concern for customers -- what was the they sell potato chips and candy bars and rightly so in my eyes the woods is hypocrisy. What part of this is hard to understand. I think this is summing up. And I speak -- friend. And torture amazement that. Anyway tentative victory it's a volley of who's ready in my thirty WBA and out -- -- Kentucky fried chicken stop selling chicken. When will MacDonald stopped selling Amber's. -- -- But there -- when it went well let's stop selling queens. Mr. -- he -- after another call -- -- Arctic blast to the Arctic this Arctic blast I can't get it right. Let's talk a dairy queen and as for mr. misty and the kids look at daylight. I was four years ago. Which is true of course so apparent anybody else in the winter I'm sick of that mode yet anybody. You remember the first snow of the season when you whip my snowblower. You're also at the -- could put that stable and -- in the tank and bill would rip it and it starts on the very first target you're getting. Did you go outside and -- And it just all of this at all. And of course if you're buffalo and Smart enough to notes at times this bogus so high that you've got to make your baby cops first. First you make your cuts and I've got to deal with a shovel. Before it can get and air it out a path through which you can end up propel yourself or. I'm sure you've thought about -- these things already. I gonna -- assembling. I'm -- And not for the reason that might affect. My define afternoon. Sorry Victor I don't mind a fine evening and nighttime walk in cold well our planet rather invigorating. But it's extra costs seriously. We're talking about 45 minutes. I don't hire plot service no there's no reason -- clusters. I've got to self or. What we used to call snowblower. I've got one of those things. But I'm sure he used in the damn thing seriously. Is anybody else. Mayor worked in the memos velocity your phone calls coming and it got everybody at work wanting this that the other thing they -- yesterday. And then go home and before you even pull into the driveway. You get a trudged back to begrudge bring Dodgers snowblower and I get the drive where it. And it chances -- there's no keeps up long enough you'll probably doing it again at 9 o'clock the night and it might even -- doing it at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. You know these things work right right now we're adultery alone thirty anybody else winter fatigue and the roads. Have to terrorism. I think I've been very very. Decent in my assessment of the road crews of western new York and a great job they did. During the storm about what three weeks ago I've lost track of storms that's others. That's others winter has been. Now which winter storm was but there was a winter storm in particular where everybody shut down. The road crews were out and basically they kick butt and took names they did a great job. Now today at 1 o'clock afternoon I'm driving on maple. -- -- To corporate park where or thereabouts. Was Evans brown doesn't really matter. It was almost like maple road have never seen a plot. Now I know that maple road had seen a plot. But. You've got that wide open area there. And the snow blows and blows and blows blows that could have a 24/7 -- right now and I'd still probably bitch about it. Now let me give -- some words of advice here as a lifelong Buffalo News except for three years. And the mystery missing six months of my life. Let -- give you a a little up forever on whether likeness as we head into the rush hour. -- -- on any road that has the numbers 90. On it stay off. I'm serious. I did I looked up to nineteen in the 400. Well. -- negatives were. The easiest. Way ordinarily brutal -- to get to work at the hop on the young. Otherwise known as the 290. The two and I. Guess what. I haven't heard any specific complaints about it today but I know how that road works. Just stay off of in weather like this and it worked. It just isn't worth that. Sticker on the side streets. As far as going to East Aurora you know -- I would just a union -- all the way down East Aurora. That's what I would I would -- off the highways. To the greatest degree possible. I feel like well if but it has. A good winner driver and I have a vehicle that handles itself very well -- -- but I don't trust joke ever. I don't I don't trust John Sherman I don't trust you guys on the roads. I don't. Because I've seen more people use it. And I always wonder. And I guess this is a good -- asked those who live in Warsaw. Not Poland Warsaw New York. Those have you lived here OK you know that hill I think it's coming off -- -- and -- you you go down the hill and voila you're in Warsaw. Object. Guys what is it like on that hill in whether elected its please call in the as you're doing it if you can safely do it. Please give -- the vicarious thrill. Because it's about as steep as a tub -- run. And I've often wondered just like in the wintertime -- -- -- like us so if you're one of those people out more -- way. And you are comfortable enough -- your ability to -- without cursing and drive down the hill in the Warsaw. I would love to have a live play by play blow by blow account of your encounter with the he'll take you in the Warsaw New York. Now we're gonna start traffic at 330 with Alan Harris. Are we already getting traffic calls guys were already getting traffic calls. All right well you know what I expected this was gonna happen a different sound major John. Kind of OK guys get a lot. Look I have a million places I wanna yell at people about the since CBS hypocrisy but that's gonna have to wait. Let me get into a phone calls your WBBM because let's put it this way John Sherman gave me the law. He already knows the look he's only been on the job for two weeks that he knows the look to give me when things are starting to go haywire traffic wise. So even though Alan Harris -- you covered with traffic. I -- gonna start early. I will be a premature. -- speculators. -- ocean wave and do everything put my hands possibly can as I speak. -- if you are caught in a Mongolian clustered into traffic somewhere in Western New York -- I don't know. It'll 30930. Germans know Hugo anywhere -- 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBBM. Eastbound it to an ID at the one by the split. There are diverting traffic to river road. Okay well east bound to an idea of putting myself in the position of being at the -- to an ID. At the 190 split. You sure that's not the -- note is that were wrote okay yeah at the one night is what got you diverting traffic to river road. So he's bound to ninety at the one mind is closed that's the curve. That goes or it used to be called dead man's curve every area in which that ever lived has always had a dead man's Kerr. And I'll actually the horse was named that by -- Jack sharp a long time ago when news -- border of another radio station I'm not mistaken. So he's -- to an ID. OK it was not the elevated curb it will be these non elevated -- and putting you want to river road. So my guess is that somebody took the curve getting on to the 29 -- I'm -- I'm just trying to put myself exactly the position where this person was and what they were doing. And we'll get a better description but apparently a lot of your big diverted to river road. Now here's the deal folks if you're big diverted to river road you probably don't know what the hell you're doing right now especially if you're not familiar with the area. It's one thing let's put it this way it's one thing it's a -- Easy process but wish to get to Niagara Falls for river road it's called hey let's follow the river that's pretty easy if that thing. To go to -- audit helped to few for river road I have an issue with that one. Without GPS. So old that's what we've got so far coconut. Yup folks I -- just had a feeling it was going to be one of those days and unfortunately my volume -- job. You may leave music music but you may leave now. -- -- -- -- That's from tombstone to find movies that was made before you were born Val Kilmer was before he was Batman. All right. Tell you what before I get the calls. Guys I'm sorry I think I'm going snow -- -- really good. IQ is that it would what is to stop its like winter storm be sure winter storm two week. Winter storm a week. Soon an eighty miniseries now they put them lifetime. Except it would feature domestic violence in a pregnant teenager. We got the hallmark I've got all confused now anyway I will be lingering snow shower otherwise mostly cloudy very cold overnight -- six degrees. So again we're going to be down into the single digits tonight as an overnight well joy of joys I get to bring terror cat inside. That's great. Tomorrow some sun apps and some showers especially across the south downs and ski country. Leaving a fresh coating to an image that's about it very cold tomorrow. And nineteen degrees. And even know what the temperature is right now. Here with the temperature is actually I was distributed and out of that one extra help -- out there. If I hate to come between you and your chicken nuggets. -- You know Joseph my blood pressure is it's 120 over seven. It's one victory that your blood pressure temperature. -- -- And -- your blood sugar artists when three degrees and -- the united thirty WB in our guys. What's going on traffic why is -- and I are honored to help. I -- make a few why Jim's comments along the way that that's just the way are. Our -- gears -- Gary. One -- the northbound near where theory here is. Gary got a -- radio on -- I'm gonna let you do that I'm gonna go to I believe in Alderson on WB and hello Eileen. Yeah yeah. Talked -- don't they ask questions. Don't they don't know we talk just talk. OK now I drive to work on the like every day for work from Altman. And the war actually not too bad going down. They keep it low they and then -- on opposite really top. I never thought about bet. Well trying to get up the steep hill in this goal. Would be. Yeah I never as I was always petrified about going dollar never that I really think that any concern about getting up. Now I don't actually came up -- now. It's pretty bad and I could happen at. About what that means we're mapping. Going uphill. So you could not gain any momentum. I. -- really. I hope you have all wheel drive. Diet and a fresh tires. And 11 -- all -- -- Buell on the now. Yeah well -- my Jeep. What I love about it is the high ground clearance because I can drive over Joe's car and he never even knows who did. I bet. Receiving a letter to get into it but will -- the height jokes for another program. All right so going to -- the lower hog hill is harder than going down the worst are held very interesting gonna say one more thing. Yep I I didn't hear them driving home and it didn't quite can't be out here. Okay well that's more information okay thank you very much let -- all. It'll thrill like thirty start at 3180616. WB EM I wasn't expecting it to turn into this already but it is. It's already Mongolian clustered dance territory in terms of traffic. My job at all with your help is to get everybody home safely and soundly with a minimum of F bombs and high blood pressure. Now we already have reports that via. He's bound to an IDF 190 split is closed. And that traffic is being diverted to river road which Iman nice day you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On daylight today. Probably in advisable. Just say. 803 on my third start -- 3180616. WB yet curiously yank this is not the worst day you're ever gonna have in your life it is not the worst -- ever. It's just one of those things will get through it we'll get through it together. And well just try to be the guy it'd be the glue to hold everything together. Seubert on that WB Ian. That slightly copyright. He got ahead all the -- don't let him out -- I really don't think Donald Trump was running for governor in that battle and dealer really good friends I think this has been the giant jerk of 2014. It is up hourly under his radio 930 WB EN right now we're dealing with the traffic and slow and we're gonna get into the snarling teeth of afternoon drive time. And you know that wins I'd go to me in this. And I just have a feeling it's not going to be pretty. Anderson is gonna cart on the WB and -- -- what do you have to report Boris. Eight I'm not gonna enjoy yourself thanks Europe listening here I was going 91 block east. I have come from Hamburg and not the westbound lanes by the 219 overpass -- -- old post got a big white out over there. We had a bunch of rescue through this stuff than her through it stacking up that -- in that direction. No is -- that on the 219 rampart horrible horrible fatal or -- weekend. Don't know that is right on in ninety. In the left lane on the ninety right before the -- tree over in -- it's it's over -- be over on the right side now. -- great there guys spun out slammed the wall Abacha rescue trucks there and traffic stacking up. Pretty quickly. Our exit traffic on the -- the westbound is backing up quickly you -- heading in the upper in the other direction the ninety east mound. And right now you're seeing traffic Arab backed up to about clear. I gate. They act as straight road maybe the 400 at its start in the flow of the 400 acre or two well then there. Yeah Marty all my I I went destitute old boot like cast Marty -- -- -- -- Pretty -- Well I hope by now that's out of issue thank you yup folks are doing a favor. -- Event's change rapidly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can we just let's stick with what's happening now. Because if that was in Hamburg. Are in the Orchard Park. Area of the the 400 area of the -- and -- and he's already in Sloan. That may not even be a factor anymore. So please let's keep to what's happening now. We have the advantage here on the radio because we can cover what's happening now we're not the Buffalo News we don't have -- Delivery delays you know we don't have to worry about us not delivering because were here. And we deal with them well. So let's let's deal with what's happening now at this very minute let's not go back twenty minutes ago -- let's stick with what's happening right now. Again not that you spies but the more current information the better the information is going to be. Because I don't wanna give people bombs near Ottawa tell people that there's an accident where if there isn't an accident or if the accidents or even care. Actor that doesn't help anybody what helps people is what's happening right now not what happened thirty minutes ago right now. What you're seeing right now. At this moment. Contemporaneously. With period on the radio right now. 80330. Stark 30 is the yourself -- number of its -- start and 30. Ample free 180616. WB Ian when 80616. WB. The end. I also don't care -- -- out. Don't call me it's over things are great I don't wanna hear about it because we don't need it I'm gonna assume unless I hear otherwise things are going right. Again but try to focus here is what is wrong -- right now. What is traffic doing wrong right now not what traffic is -- credit. Not what traffic was doing a half hour ago but what is wrong right now what the laser happening right now. What accidents are being cleaned up right now. And I talk couldn't find the Coleman is great but I really don't care. I would only care if there's a huge accident colder the people it's an Alba. Because otherwise you're wasting their time mean I've got -- how you do -- -- but I gotta think the audience first. 803 Oakland thirty if there's anybody's gonna board the audience that will be me leave that to me not you in 03 on my thirty. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB EN. Now obviously two one of the things you want to do is drive within you're capabilities. I headed -- Glen avenue in Williams bill. And that's -- is probably well three hours ago. But. I believe this point even the -- was three hours ago is illustrative of what can happen when you've got a steady snow downfall. -- got me. Started hitting the -- probably good 100 beat before the stop sign -- -- street. And I -- -- Mr. gravity was not cooperating. Here I am trying to slow down mr. gravity set I don't think so so all. I just kept my foot on the brake. Didn't pump the brakes music it is eight yes. And it. Managed to come to a fine and controlled stop. Before colliding with anybody act on restraint in Williams -- and sending them to hospitals well. You gotta drive within your your capabilities you got to remember that you can't stop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that that's gonna solve that's gonna prevent a lot of bad things from happening all turn your lights. I know this sounds really stupid and really elementary. But it's amazing the number of people who were driving in bad conditions who don't even think to turn on their lights. The more you have your lights on the more likely it is people will cedar. And if I sound frustrated it is because it's February we shouldn't we shouldn't have to go over the basics again. And yet unfortunately we do. I I I kind of feel like you're a teacher now are let's go to Roger all he's heading into the city on the 33 and what's happening. Mr. Pretty and that -- and on the other side that there is no emergency -- yet. Currently ball 11 block. Deal right. You're going down down there and it'll be up and driving it. OK so tell me one more time the accident is in what direction and and where exactly is it on the 33 to Kensington. And I'm very very bright line between ninety and our armor. That and yesterday -- today. All I thank you. Thank you for hearing my speech. I appreciate your paying attention to my desk can't. All right. -- aren't. You. Really. Actually you know Roger I mean I can frankly do without the attitude dealt. I'm trying to help you can't it if you wanna tell me how you wanna coming -- helps people when somebody calls in to say that call that is fine telling other help people. Well yeah it going. Really what what does Fisher assistant music showdown is this two or what is it what is it his music show what. It's a talk -- you don't like atlas of the somebody feels all right. Let's go to traffic right now here is Allan Harris. We're looking at 24. I'm sorry what 23 degrees at WB and -- we still have the snow coming down and the wind is making visibility a rather a tenuous proposition at points -- whole budget cancellations and closings you can visit those at WB EN dot com. And you know my job is to get people the latest what's happening now traffic in information as it is happening and if I need to take a minute to tell people that I don't care what it was -- forty minutes ago I don't care. What it did yesterday the right here what is do right now. If you can't understand that you should probably. Listen to MP. Bar. Because they can keep things exciting for you. Let's go to a market on the skyway oh on WB on mark this is right now what's happening. Actually had left work it's 330 right around a circle that's where other industries. Com I'm Artie -- again and -- -- and bill I want this way no problem. People are driving up to operate at great you know flow of well what does an eagle that it would follow but what you got a leader fine. Look at it -- -- optional like we feel my outlook that. Not bad. I actually say that's good news -- -- there's evidence -- this is a judgment call because a lot of people used to skyway. It's a big big big way people go from downtown to the south towns unlike Colvin boulevard which is just you know (%expletive) -- little road and -- under. About order and wait several minutes ago. Honey involved part of it there what kind of wiped out but regarding emergency vehicle -- it looked like they were -- back out. All right well good news so far so good with the skyway and I'm I'm gonna put him. Asterisk by the skyway because we all know how quickly that can change. Right that say that a fellow called rooted. Before you get a grip that looks a little while. I agree with that I mean seriously the last thing I want to do was call a cause anybody distress I -- high blood pressure a heart attack. You know I don't want to ridicule over listening to me I mean really. I tune -- -- the city you know what I what I wanted to hear every alcoholic you know what does this guy -- get a problem should just. The home a little disruptive. Are well I I appreciate that but I mean there's directors' opinion at all that even if it happens to be wrong. Corporate equities opinion just like mine problem actually go -- Well I'd like when people agree with its 5803. On thirty starlet 3180616. WBN -- our job right now we're not the newspaper. We deal with the here we deal with them now and as of right now where at least five or ten minutes ago the -- is he okay. So if that changes we need to know how -- we know you guys. Or. In truth south buffalo fashion use guys have got a call us. I say that affectionately by the way here's Jack on Grand Island oh Jack you are right now at a complete stand still. It's terrible it is unbelievable errors I don't see at least six are also wrote you know economy. And we would -- what I expected it's no. Okay it's snowing. And I don't know I'm gonna put that under the category of one acre. Until further notice. Jack you're a dude you need a girl. You know try like Ashley Madison -- seven. Because just today I found out their 23 more married women who won an affair with me right now. Somebody put my name on their mailing lists to these room. It really all right it's 346. And news radio 930 WB EN eight O three seconds how winters getting to people. I can tell -- people -- pissed off at me and taking him out on me go ahead let me be your pin -- and I really appear. 803530. Start -- 3180616. WB EN. Question via cell latest winter storm. -- that folks an air pocket do the same thing earlier today -- yesterday coughing is it's quadruple gold. Anyway it. Ollie brings a shower or two tonight. But what you're gonna notice about tonight is it's going to be single digit poll it's going to be six overnight that will be the -- six single digit. And then if the wind blows you know at the windchill is going to be like. So. Man -- as far as of tomorrow is concerned some sunshine and snow showers around. Especially across the south towns and ski country fresh coating to an inch on average very cold -- with a high tomorrow of ninety degrees. Right now play three -- news radio 930 WB Ian as what does this this is the fifth or sixth winter storm we've. I I've lost track. I really truly have lost track. Is -- every other week. We get these winter storm warning news. It into the wind advisories. Watches all that whether actual warnings ones those are applied to actually start here at that point. Now we are entering into the peak of the drive all. Which sure exactly what a rush hour begins used to start at about 435. Now pretty -- Russia will begin somewhere around 330 which ordinarily. Is not a big. But when you get a lot of people leaving at the same time in weather like it is that like outside and not all roads are plowed equally. We're gonna have an issue. And we've already had some this afternoon our job is to well at least to the greatest extent possible future hold. As quickly and as safely as possible and one of the ways in which we viewed that way in which we do that is by taking calls from you guys. In terms of the here and now and that is to say what is happening where you're driving if there is a problem. If there is an issue in the here and now something to happen now or you've seen within the last ten years ago. And we can -- information on to our listeners and our listeners can gives updates as we goal law turn off. Now again I just understand something I don't need to know and I don't think our audience needs to know about every little road in Western New York that it's okay. It's OK guys. If it is that we don't need that. But if there was not problem. Then we need to -- If there was a problem that was causing a back up oracle we need to -- And all it takes. And this is the voice of experience speakers read -- all it takes is one or two. EC we'd see accidents. On big big roads. To send people in 28 Z. I've tried to get off trying to re -- trying to go round. And then decide roads aren't quite ready for the additional traffic. And voila you get another accident and then one more in the you've got gridlock which we certainly don't want to happen today. Now this is not the worst of the winter storms that we've dealt with. In terms of the afternoon drives that on the afternoon drive show. But I will tell you that the consistency of the snow that is out there. And you know via eskimo is. Century were in this kindergarten they've got about 200 different words for the works well depending on the consistency they're. Here we've got heart attacks though it was a polite schemes now. And we've got this though that is slick is not on the -- and a that is what we're dealing with today slow that is as slick as slot on the doorknob in fact. How many have you pre treated your driveway last later it did anybody read my only personal pre treated the driveway. Well I guess you guys were Smart ones is just what all assault lectured on last right. You know at that. Directors there's a word that starts with the letter. Richard. I still look to. I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever. Your calls -- 8030930. And the cellphone calls. -- are. All you do without is for the weather grows guys. The dry year is starting to theaters to -- your lips. Anger in her nose in your throat. Is that bothered you guys at all OK you we can definitely do with some humidity in the here. Because that is dried out that sucks I need to break when I come back to it more calls if there is a -- if not. We'll talk about pro pro wrestling and gorgeous -- or on news radio 930 WP GM.

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