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2-5 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are back where the vision nobody -- said the breach those of invasive questions which -- lines -- people on the break Arizona teachers. A might be allowed to arm themselves in the classroom build be discussing that legislation in this session. Let's hope that that goes -- because I think that if -- teachers willing and able I think it's a good idea. Shouldn't be forced to obviously. And if they're not able they shouldn't be anywhere near Oregon. But there's some might already have a pistol permits. Some might dolby ex military so they would know some might be hunters so they're familiar with firearms in general. And does the classrooms are gonna know which teachers are armed and I don't know of any of them armed or all of them armed but neither would the bad guys. So why I like -- like the idea and I think that if I had a child there I would endorse that I endorse it. Even I don't but if I did especially I would think it's good idea. NRA says day. Or off to a rollicking start here we are now on number one ever since the New -- -- back -- past. Where the number one and -- state right now what does that say to Cuomo. What does that say. About the New -- -- effect and whether if you want a chip in and a kind of chime in and -- what's going -- where you are let us know. Lewis' Ron and new -- Enron -- on WB yen. -- my -- -- yeah I totally agree review. I like that. Actually do. The question now doesn't pertain to this appear at all what nationality you are we we forum. Well I'm from a French word message roses but my grandparents on my father's side came from Finland. And the grand parents on my mother's side came from Italy. -- you what a -- me are you really 'cause that's his strength. And then -- What I remembered. Get out I graduated from whatever -- going to be here. That is that's that's insane I would just say -- Get out. Yeah but first -- you'll want well first first I'll just finding anybody that is half Italian and half finish. It's it's a very rare. And so you an -- we -- swear and finish and Italian oil. When your real name. -- gal wider here or you want my measurements still of course sandy beaches my real name notional a lot of Italians name's sandy -- What their in the southern part of of the country well hey it's gonna judge you anybody have an -- as my got a -- thank you very much. Wow. -- I swear and finish and only a two members of the sabres have Miller's -- and Chrysler and Italian a lot more award. Then have a Italian he went -- -- -- so -- the high school -- went analyses on March and but it didn't sound like he was. Wants -- my real name pretty neat. Make them think that sandy beach. Was not my real name Arthur a lot of people I meant -- seen the Oliver each and they -- based SOB I don't know why some all my towels. Everybody calls me that. We have a new whether a statement let me get rid of the old whether or knew the old new weather -- that's -- finish that -- This gets filed a file this under old new whatever is there and now I get the new new whether -- generated -- yes fresh hot off the presses. The heaviest snow will continue through early afternoon across that Niagara frontier in buffalo metro heavy snowfall across that Niagara frontier through early afternoon. With snowfall rates -- on an inch an hour now. That's their -- because they were saying a half an engine. Will result in areas of blowing snow snowfall rates will diminish slightly between 1 PM and 2 PM it's pretty exact alleged bank. Within our. -- light to moderate snow expected the last until early this evening heavy snow will lower visibility to a quarter mile. That report that an usher in an airplane what relevance -- You're on the road. If you're on the road you just wanna be able to see thirty feet -- -- quarter mile open. Resulting in very difficult travel conditions too early afternoon but may be a modest improvement as snowfall rates diminish late this afternoon so that's it. We -- today. While finish efforts it's very rare I mean I've not seen much of that at all because you got hot -- Nicole -- The finish side there's a lot of pluses on the finish side you don't hear much about because there are a lot of friends this country. You hear more about the Italians. But. My parent my parents love them both great people let's go to do. Who would be next some people -- on time including. -- and candles and little here on WB -- -- -- that -- that your particular columnist and Lou what you have -- is well above the Arizona saying I have a sort of regret travel about Arizona I go back frequently we do a lot of shooting together. As one of the things I've learned from being out there. We close vicinity around Phoenix area they have multiple schools to train people active shooter reached science. And at stake to continue to allow teachers to decide they want to be aren't big -- we take wondered mechanic course. And be highly skilled. In responding Google's trying to emergencies. To protect the students and the -- and I think fiscal ship -- outside. -- he'll sign that says warning we have trains. Active response individuals. Two answer. -- and don't try to have some real to them and I -- that we -- real role models -- question the country to protect our children. Idea a first I was not aware of those senators that's a good idea because shooting at a paper target is one thing but having somebody shoot back is quite another. And anybody that it takes that kind of training that would be enhanced trend that's a good idea and so. You know as a media person who knows about this I assume you would favor of the ability for teachers who are trained and armed to will be in the classroom. Absolutely and just one other side as far as general the beer and guns one thing he doesn't know which way incorporated into the share. And have it all variety of truck. Of retention pollsters now that make it very difficult for another person particularly in -- now they have handguns extra. Digital people who has been some pretty rare treat to actually keep. A fire -- in the classroom that only got one person could access under any circumstances. So brutal variety of different stopgap measures it could be included and into protecting our children. Well said very well said that given that information appreciated. -- obvious security aspect of guns is improved dramatically over the years. I'll take a break we'll be back Lamar with half Spanish half Italian. Sandy beach on newsreader and I'm very we are WB yen had -- laugh when I heard the promo forum and BC for the Olympics. Have you guys Tony Chris have you been hearing. What some of the reporters are saying about what's going on associate. With the dogs now not just that first of all they're they are arriving at hotels. That aren't finished yet. Building. Okay. They have they haven't finish building the hotels the ones that -- the ones the other ones the good noses the ones that are built some of them have no water. Some of them have yellow water. And everyone has a sign up it says do not use this water on your face because it has it has harmful ingredients. But my favorite. My favorite to this morning. Is there's a bathroom. Okay and there's there is too and there's a sign over the toilet scene that says. That says when when using. Bathroom -- do not wash it down the toilet. In this cache and next of a toilet. And all like to -- it was -- parole. My god out disgusting is that actually that's a different sign in the when I saw that that tells you that you can't finish in the I'm not why people go to -- efficient it has all the distinct -- years Arriaga a person's yeah and they actually have somebody -- a hole going down into the toilet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will proper way to sit on the toilet. On top but that -- Like I guess. This is a bit and these are westerners coming and I think most of us would know about Saddam -- -- And while so visibly -- In case against a little -- sidebars are going to be really instinct and I you know it'll be fun until. A lot of the press I I hate to break this to you very pampered in army and there you what I -- a war correspondents here which Arab people who'll love you know a luxurious accommodations and maybe some room service depending on their work for. And of those kinds of things which they're used to over here I mean that is what goes with the press I guess. But can you imagine that how would you respond to any of that and graduate -- about a. -- Oh what was that story there was a guy we began this morning like his name is -- in -- his Olympic historian you know and it was his birthday today so. Randy looked it up on and it was as birthdays at the end of the interview Susan just wished him happy birthday off air. He told Randy that somehow the hotel he sangatte found out it was his birthday and they'd just brought a McKay well random take into Russia. I don't know if I would -- random -- Russia. Or ringing in Georgia yeah I mean you really think about it like this how to they know it was his birthday and then in Russia from -- case I -- name. Of this politician who just died mysteriously. In Russia. Few years ago because they never found out now why he died -- -- they think it was poison. So I'm not Eden OK and let's I take it from Olson's -- me. Take -- promote them and -- it there but while so yeah I do not do not put that tissue in the toilet. Put it in the container next to tour. I would not wanna be the second or third or fourth or fifth person to use. I don't think I will one making plans -- man yeah I think I'll skip Sochi thank you very much. -- -- -- -- -- Now it would those kind of unsanitary conditions. -- don't have to and if the Olympic teams. After bring their own food water for fear of local abnormalities. Seriously when -- would world class -- be careful of everything you eat drink and it's all measured out you know you're in training. And so would they just go over there any local cuisine and drink local water. Question that give us -- asked that what Chris there was a story earlier. Where. We wanna send over some sort of some yoga -- -- Greek yogurt or not we can't do it it's held up in at the -- New Jersey Robert detritus and Sean Marshall Marshall won't accept it the show Schumer said this. Yeah they had X amount of yogurt it was only going to be eaten by American athletes. And the Russians when Letterman. Urged Schumer and strangely enough press conference. So that's it -- one would think that maybe I'll skip away from the next four years yeah. You know and synchronized swimming. They don't do that weather -- now they have synchronized swimming in the winter. Am pop up through the eyes like a nuclear sub -- -- -- -- -- Oh goal. Those who do we have let's go to our friend Gary -- Gary you're on WB yen. Are there any. I'm fine Gary what do you have four's today. Yeah well I'm all forego multi teachers with guns to protect the kids just fine Albert. Also enhance the out. Doors on the individual classrooms. Today. Yeah make a much got to make a -- -- security conscious yeah I like that also. Bullets record -- we can't fight to bring -- wake up a Plexiglas. Bulletproof. Viewing window and then like a little -- -- -- security truck where that theater district that got out of BC's somewhat invite that the public got him down. Well that's that's perhaps a sense there about you know you bring a good point. When they when these shootings occur they usually go up and -- the halls I've not heard of any shootings -- come from like the lawn area through -- side glass. So if you had a secured door inside that would help be a deterrent thank you very much. Yeah I don't ever call somebody. It you know and being outside the classroom on the lawn and shooting through the glass. They usually come -- of in the hallway and then goal from room to room within the hallway. So if you did have a secure door even if it's even if it's not a it's the old security door even if it's just -- with a good solid lock. That would take a lot of effort to get into. Because time is not on their side they knew they wanted to do what they're gonna do as quickly as they can do it because they know that help was on the way. And their lives there or their short drive a short timers. So if you have a secure door it was a good. A good. -- decent security lock on their so it would take a lot of effort to get through in time. I think that would be a beneficial to. But. Whether indeed. Schools are willing to do this the expense and whatever I'm not short but arming the teachers. But to me the teachers don't wanna be armed nobody should be talked into it that's true in civilian life too. Nobody should be talked in two. Carrying a gun ever if you wanna carry gun there's a responsibility to if there's a procedure for their laws concerning it. And you have to be super vigilant you're gonna has to be secure you have to be confidence extension of your hand. And if you don't take it seriously should be nowhere around guns but if you do take it seriously it can be I think a great deterrent. And if my kids were in school and in com Arizona. I would be very pleased to hear about this and the gentleman who called who vote goes to Arizona regularly said that there are these. Schools that teach. Enhancement on how to handle a gun with people you know. And a hostile environment no additional target. And I think that's important through I've shouldn't -- -- -- -- my life but it never had a gun pointed -- -- -- shot so you don't know I gonna react until you the you do -- And also. If indeed you're you're habit for protection and you've taken the courses. And you've been trained and you go to the -- or whatever none of that will mean any thing. If when that moment comes and you know you have to use that. -- If there if you don't if recommends that you can use it to save your own life don't get involved what -- Area a mallet or something but do not carry -- will be back with Beijing company office. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 and our toll free line is 180616. 9236. That -- Beijing company. So while a logical guy. Whoever -- -- something doesn't sound logical drives me crazy enjoyed it figured out if you guys can help me witnessed. Now the its point school district was a delayed today. Because our whole starter was found on its programs and empty holes goggles okay. So they said they kept the some some kids on the bus okay. And they delayed others that's OK while they searched a major of the school is safe and secure for -- imagine searching an entire school. In France and they're trying to find a -- weapon there and be very tough but they said it's clear. And that went -- hearing about it now in the last newscast we heard it. The holster could be from an off duty officer. From the night before. Now I'm just thinking about this if you have -- our holster. You're not carrying it in your hand right OK it's it's probably secured on your belt in your ankle whatever but it's secured. All right and there's a gun and now they didn't find the gun they just found holster. Nobody carries an empty holster around. So if you got an empty let me get this right now and empty unsecured holes that are no -- And you exit. It doesn't make any sense to me does that make any rational sense to you now in the -- I can think of is maybe that it wasn't the security must be able to identify it. But what's the chances that somebody else was maybe bringing -- -- -- friends and he look this is all -- and the only thing I don't think maybe somebody purchased holes. But and -- just a regular. Holes there are -- -- holes that are being found on the ground would no gun and that. That's coming any sense at all to me -- -- and you figure him Melvin doesn't mean you just carrying a loose got a round now you don't carry extra holsters -- -- you don't nobody carries an empty holster. And you don't carry you don't have holes there and then put it a gun in your belt which you shouldn't go anyway. Shoes should be secured so that doesn't sound logical. And maybe someday we'll find out. But that's a little little brain -- there. It is did you come let's go back to the calls of people have been holding for a long time and we appreciate their patient this is Paul in the East Aurora. Paul you're on WB -- I sending the ball well. I -- agree. 100%. With. Teachers being are okay. But they have to be trained not just in shooting ability. Handling of -- done. You've got to be -- it something. When someone. Issuing. -- right there's plenty. Different reactions. And doing what I -- -- hiding under. That they're. Afraid stick your head up issues that. We have from our guys and below who lives here. Who goes to Arizona a lot and does a lot of shooting with his family there says that there are our schools academies that -- exactly what you just said hostile fire. On how to handle yourself like that it sounds to me like a police or an FBI type of course. Which I think that any teacher there was a carry in the classroom. I think it'd be well served taking a course like that you're writers are shooting at a target isn't like a target shooting back -- At that that's certainly what I'm Italian so I am lifted. Now at eighteen years old. Korean War was not hit. And Hannity. Some people. Cannot move. Oh yeah -- DJ cannot move it when there's fire. A hostile fire over your head and you see people dropping I mean it's. It takes a lot of courage to get up from -- move forward also. -- always try to do another thing. -- NRA. You know. When I came on this server. I was the 2122. Years old. And well let me say it would be back couple. Bike -- I -- born and raised in Pennsylvania no coal mining town and any. I had my own 22 rifle out of thirteen year old school but finally hit gunman stood in the corner and we didn't dare touch. And anyway. So I joined the NRA you might go. And I think it would buy dollars. A year. But now and then but -- 0100 dollars whose vote. For -- like a lifetime. I think -- -- -- -- In that hey I'm 29. Years old I can live. -- Did the -- live longer than a lot -- your membership. So -- -- 800 dollar. In. Now I'm eighty years old so that's in my work site on my mind. I did. In. A lot of other people. You know with the NRA but -- -- yet on black members. To join the NRA. While -- alleged and that you're the NRA is ours achieve -- men right now on. I'm glad -- -- -- -- but what makes me especially glad. Is that you would you wore the uniform and thank you very much for that we appreciated. While -- -- he made it got his money he's eighty. -- 400 dollars and he paid you know like that so that's that's good. So got -- for a hundred dollars or save 300 dollars and every year is beyond that he's the same way. That's really great the -- be a gentleman who called earlier said that. He goes back to Arizona. And -- shooting -- his family back there. That there are these schools -- academies or whatever that teach you how to handle yourself under hostile fire. You know I can't imagine. Unless you've been in combat what that is like or policeman. You know the first time it really hit me. Was I've always thought of a cop called the dark Alley not knowing who is at the other -- waiting -- always thought of that. But when I saw him Schindler's List and not Schindler's List those Saving Private Ryan. And it was Normandy and there were storming the beaches of Normandy. I always thought I'd you know I had let's you know I have great -- -- thought of courage. I don't know if I could've stood up because I really not companies -- -- of I would have tried to but I'm not sure what happened because did you see the beginning and family. Terrifying. Just all in all of of hostile fire just the wall and those of people we lost a lot of movement and they did it for what. What they do that for indebted to protect our country and our constitution. They stood up -- many of them fell to the ground immediately as they were killed trying to defend our constitution. Which our politicians. Don't give a damn about. They want to mold it to their personal agenda. So that Andrew Cuomo could beat. Barack Obama to the punch on gun legislation we end up with this monstrosity. Called though called New York -- what a joke. So the people they gave their lives to protect what the politicians are willing to give away -- it's a mockery. Will take a break we'll be back after this. OK lots of people been holding for a long time let's go to it's that he and alma Seth you're on WB yen. I think it's in the -- Have a point about the generate statistics OK I read the article on the Buffalo News web site days ago and two people were saying. In the comments they were saying oh well you know the state rifle pistol association reporting forty -- members in New York stayed out of you know when he got million people in the state that's not very many well actually that's. 40000 people are willing to cut an additional. 25 dollar check on top of the ordinary membership. The during the state association. Good on good morning. A lot more -- members let me and I just it's simple arithmetic if Kerry's got five million members right now I think is there with Andrea. It is divided by fifty states that the average of about a thousand people. And so. Plus 200000 in donations. Since New York -- vector of for the legal fees for -- ago go to the legal priest. And I think what -- Wembley leads the nation ahead of Texas even and California. A one would expect that this is saying something and when you almost double the membership. Of anything you ought to pay attention to it and able guys -- -- because it's not a huge percentage of its number. Ought to pay more attention this is something worth watching. That's right and how many I mean how many people out there willing to -- attract to one of the opposing groups like bombs and action or something like that. They're you know the support is behind the bulk of the people. Put their support behind. The NRA and -- rifle pistol association. It's -- they're willing to step up to the plate you know -- on the money go out and vote. The hard part is going to be getting our neighbors who are sent earlier a bit apathetic to get out there and vote in November. That's why -- that's the part that concerns me a lot. People often don't look at the big picture and are willing to do something because it's good for the country or state or whatever. They'll only do something of if it directly affects them well I think that the disregarding. Or running. Raw files over the constitution affects everybody. And it's our job for those of us who feel directly affected by it to convince them that it's worth supporting because a lot of people have an innate. Fear of firearms in the first place and it's up to us to educate them and to agitate them. And hopefully they'll get on the case of the people who pass -- legislation thank you. That's the only part that really scares me is that there we've become a nation of him you know see old does it affect me Al Franken retain. If it doesn't affect them directly that don't and about it they got enough problems of their own all gone as well I don't shoot so and I don't care what they do with guns what you -- care. Because it's a big I mean it's a big deal. The constitution -- you can't pick and choose what you like and don't like in the constitution. If you don't like something that is a thing called a constitutional amendment. It's a long involved process go back road but through just disregard. Or roads or trash it like we're we're seeing in New York State. And remember they can do anything they want until it goes through the court system the whole court system may end up in the Supreme Court. So we're seeing -- we're -- -- -- -- With mixed results. But them we got to stay the course if it's important to us we got a commence others that it's important to them -- Let's go to Ralph and Niagara Falls Ralph you're on WB yen. Well hello there Ralph thanks for holding what do you got today. Yeah I'm I agree that the guns in the school but I think it should be professional police officers I'd be willing to pay twenty dollars per child and policemen. Who have radios are trained -- ready to call -- cost while playing dollar per. Person to do that and number two I think. We need to talk about targeted yet NRA LA. They should lobby because they have a big thing. Other alternatives besides -- -- -- -- got -- the horrors of -- come down here -- -- you spray -- There's a lot of alternatives out there I know he's human cartoons. But they make a lot of sense. I think they the NRA has the power to. Two. Two petition. Higher -- to come with meetings they have other alternative ideas. Besides the -- All -- yeah absolutely yeah absolutely. That you know string police officer's current I would be able I would. Glad it paid twenty dollars a year per child that you need to police officers in any school. I love your idea of alternatives I I think nobody -- ruling anything out earlier calls said more secure classroom doors to some -- -- anybody did penetrate the outer perimeter that it would be hard to get in the class on like that. And I'm glad you're willing to do your part to keep the kids say thank you very much. This our proposal of arming the teachers not I'm sure the NRA likes it but it's not -- in our proposal it is -- you know legislative. Proposal. In Arizona. A -- the bill before the Arizona lawmakers this session Renault is a push to allow teachers to arm themselves in the classroom. Attorney general Tom Horne. And other supporters some aren't that was the name of a movie. Remember about the rodeo cowboy -- aren't very very good good movie too. Said that the legislation would protect children and step in the event of a mass shooting so that's a legislative proposal now it may have been spurred on by. By the NRA but it's not -- generate -- proposal. Per say -- -- -- DiMarco OK let's go to a bill on a cell phone bill of the last caller of the day on this what's on your mind. Well yeah I think it sort of again I'm I'm a former teacher and out of an elementary school. Well it wasn't really an an awful lot of medals and this isn't as taxes being written with that. But the teachers in Minnesota came in or there's a problem I was fifteen years ago there's a problem there then they're okay built here there's a couple of other teachers and you know I'm a bigger guy in there that we would take care of out without screening or anything like it. And luckily there was a time when I'm in there and I you know was able to just. You know holding giant -- indignity of watching their ideology is at peace of mind. Knowing that I was there I think this is an extension. I think this is the other teachers and the talent and kids know -- It stayed as we possibly can because someone here has gone to the train's -- know how to take care. -- -- won the Al Goodman good man. And I don't know -- -- the candidates that I -- -- sign outside my house says it will protect you might alarm system. I don't know they don't want it to turn on it's that one deterrence that maybe Mexico I go to another helps. It might kids who had something none of that says this is an armed school. You know what I'll send my kids there all the time because at that one thing is gonna make somebody didn't think twice about going to make it schools. I'm more than a good thank thank thank you go absolutely right. If you're if you think about it. The whole school educational community should feel safe and some people willing to step up and take the training and go through the process. I say more power to them it makes not only kids safer makes the fact we -- And makes individuals. Hard drive carefully away we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine. On -- and I'm thirty W --

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