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2-5 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is -- about a couple of questions they've both revolve more around revolvers. And try to go -- hours -- Bob fire arms in Arizona during this legislative session they will discuss whether. They will allow Arizona teachers to arm themselves in the classroom now obviously they go by the same rules and regulations as everybody else. But by doing that. I think you have a safer school environment. Simply because a lot of the teachers probably already familiar with firearms some may be ex military some may be hunters who knows what. And the thought of a teacher. Are offering some amount of protection to a classroom if somebody gets on campus and starts doing terrible things. And gives them something more than just being able to run away and hide. It's terrifying -- that would be imagine the last thought you have would be I hope they don't find me that your only protection. If the teachers were armed it would give them on more of an opportunity to stop its opera right away possibly. And I see it as a big positive we trust our teachers with the safety of our children. And I think we could trust our teachers if they go through same vetting process is everybody else who and I have a farm. -- -- to do that so why I think it's good idea. Some will not agree. The National Rifle Association. Has notified New York State we are now the number one state in membership for the NRA. And the membership has catapulted since New York State. What does that say about New York State and Governor Cuomo in 03093018061692. Through six and 930. Steve and -- Steve you're on WB yen. I don't -- -- they can't understand how people. Port -- law that church law enforcement and the criminals. Are of people but -- spoke to protect us. Why are you vilify them treat them into criminals by making this point law. That affects everybody with no exemptions at all. Well of course we've seen some law enforcement officers such as the Erie county sheriffs say. The day he was not intending to force that he founded if he thinks it is. And non constitutional. Which I would agree with a so far the courts have not back that up but I -- this battle is far from over. I understand what you're saying to me it was a knee jerk reaction. To ago riff against -- -- and a chance for Andrew Cuomo to beat. Our beloved presidents of a punch and say we have the toughest state laws it was obviously political still is and and it's wrong. Right and I sought to deny -- county sheriff's deputy and he said that he can only carry. At around. Well be you know it's be one of a court rulings got a kick that out I think it was of federal court ruling. I kicked out the the eighth round is illegal. So I don't know where that stands of it's on appeal whatever but they found it or not to be. Not to be lawful thank you thank you very much. 8309301806169236. On a third of it was a federal quarter buffalo. Are kicked out the the eight rounds but I'm asking you if you had a kid going to school in Arizona. And they pass this law. Says that teachers can arm themselves not just hand out guns of the cafeteria you have to go throughout the same process everybody else does. Guy you're out walking around a vandal aero look like -- a couple of I know it's like good old Cisco Kid movie out on that's not the way it works I'll pass is we don't yeah okay juggernaut second passes -- idea but the bottom line -- I would feel better. I would feel better. Thinking that I trust my child's -- this teacher every day or these teachers every day. And if they're conscientious enough and if they're willing to do it he remind the teachers to protect. The children but they can also protect themselves there's a basic. A feeling that the self preservation should be a pretty basic right. We know we have any rights to self defense. And let me tell you some -- isn't somebody coming down the -- spring a spring it would bullets basically -- self defense issue of course it is. Wouldn't it be a deterrent to anybody if he knew that teachers were are whether it's one teacher eight teachers twenty teachers. Who's gonna go to school if there's a chance that they're not gonna make it. ER I mean I think some of them think that at the end of this sprayed it on off themselves anyway by a lot of them think and get away with a bit of elaborate plans or whatever. There was a talk about whether there should be armed marshals in the school and the question is should they be uniformed. But maybe not because then the government would go after them first. Of course with a local police are always involve certain ways they police. But the bottom line is if teachers work. You do you wouldn't know which classroom -- walking into and at least at least your kid would have a chance. I mean who could be against that. My blog because to me it just adds another layer of protection. And if they're qualified and if they're willing I think they should -- -- -- number -- state now in the National Rifle Association. OK before we go to break I've got to read this letter because. This is one of the best letters I've ever seen regarding New York's favorite is from Gary Hubert HUBER. I think it's pronounced Huber. In Boston. And a normally I would not read all letters only like four paragraphs long but I think it is so well done. -- -- is a disgrace and should not be supported is ahead -- him. Obviously the gun owners who wrote to another voice responsible gun owners support the say fact closing quote do not get it. Personally is not about guns and hunting it's about keeping your -- In 1972 -- swore to an oath on the Bible it was administered by the late representative Jack Kemp. At the federal building camp personally shook my hand and thank you for serving this country. Whenever I hear politicians trying to. Alter the constitution for their own agenda I immediately think of all the patriots from Lexington to Afghanistan. And the rows of white marble from Arlington in Normandy. I think of these supreme sacrifice of the battlefields they made protecting our freedom. Over our constitution. I think of the thousands wounded physically and mentally and their families burden because they took an oath and they believed an -- I would not listened to elect old bay or comply with any politician. Who has been elected and took the same bolt on a Bible in front of his family to protect the US constitution and then turn around and break that -- My bill stands today and until I die so help me god the New York State say fact is an erosion. Of the whole constitution not just the Second Amendment. And those who supported should be ashamed stand by the patriots -- next Election Day and take back your freedom. Gary's here number of Boston very losses very well secondary -- -- -- it seemed to forget that they. Raise their hand to protect the constitution. And of five minutes into their office they're figuring ways around it. It 039301806169236. And star 930. So we're gonna throw that in their true. Simply because seriously an hour ago. But we didn't have much at all going on and in the hammer stereo or relocated and now there's more considerably more so they -- three basic questions. Arizona teachers should they be allowed to arm themselves in the classroom the legislature in Arizona is bringing him up this session. And I think yes if they follow the same procedures as everyone else if there are judged competent to carry a firearm absolutely. I think it would be a good idea the NRA. Is we -- now the number one NRA state for membership New York surpassing. Surpassing California. And surpassing Texas. Now when you suppress Texas and anything with firearms you're doing something. So what does this say about New York safe and Cuomo and tell us your weather story if you have one. If you have one and say you've been going through something we have been saying or you've been saying exactly what we've been seeing would like to hear from you. They don't -- Montreal 18061692. Through six Starr at 930. Let's go to bush should be Larry on this line Larry here on WB. Hello. Larry what do you got for -- today. Ayers or I'm quoting. And a teacher. -- -- and only him the opportunities. These options. And a the -- with -- huge it was legitimately and I think it would be for children. And. Out of the children and the teacher of themselves because. I'll think about it if you're if you're an adult are in charge of a classroom kids in your only option is to hide in a closet that's not much of an option. And. -- -- they can sit straight right that they feature especially one that -- -- indifference would. What we -- ahead of the children but I agree with your Hartley and. Okay what about the NRA where in the number one New York because the number one and our state now what does that say. You know I just hope that that bodes well for mr. Strong for mr. Paladino or another legitimate conservative it's gonna run because they're I'm open that there would. What do I make for some change in Albany him I think from somebody who are. Looking to run would look at that statistic first good look at that statistic given that. Think favorably about Iraq candidacy of legitimate that conservative. They've raised together raised 200000 dollars so toward be legal efforts. Against New York safe so that they're putting their money where their mouth is and their signing up in record numbers thank you thank you very much appreciate it. Who were asking whether -- of the says much about -- -- -- of course it does. Here's my main concern. My main concern is this we've become a nation of and lessen -- affects us directly. We don't care okay. There are people who -- regarding firearms where if they have no interest in fire arms. Then they don't care what kind of laws are passed they don't care the constitution is breached they don't care -- self defense. You take away many self defense issues. They care about hunting that care about anything to do -- guns. Then it's hard to mobilize those people. If we don't have many people in our country today that will say you know what. I'm going public view on this one even though it doesn't affect me directly I understand from a good welfare of the general population in the preservation of the constitution. I'm gonna stand with the on this I wish we had people like that but we don't. We've become much more introspective. Much I don't want -- resorts selfish but I think selfish would apply if it doesn't affect you you don't care. And that's why whenever they take these surveys about this about federal tax. When 48% of people don't pay federal tax when they asked about some good would you care of the federal tax one opposition out of there are no problem because -- -- And if you don't use a firearm you have no interest in firearms and you have no interest in the constitution. A bit of a then and where it's going to be hard to mobilize you. It's almost like you have. People well I cannot support -- anything to do with guns because it's a Republican issue it's a conservative issue it's a Tea Party issue and I can't do anything to support. -- they believe him because. I am such a liberal -- such a Democrat that I can't do anything to. You know give strength to the opposition. Let me just say this about that. We would not have what we have in this country without guns plain and simple OK we'd be speaking another language. Whether that that language was the king's English. Weather event language is Japanese. Whether that language is German. We would not be speaking as we speak now without guns. For those of you -- don't understand that does get a history book now we have ways people have preserved our fuel our freedom with their blood -- and guns that's the way it works I know you wish it didn't work that way which -- a barrier had this ban all guns would disappear we'd all -- called by. But the bottom line is you know the people to keep your house safe those policemen. They carry guns. You know the military. That not only protect our borders but go overseas and help other defenseless people hockey gods did you notice -- That's the bottom line so whether you're you're sitting in your weekly team meeting. On hide in -- in some ivory tower discussing how evil guns are think about the freedom you have thanks to. The use of firearms I would shouldn't firearms and never had to be used but realistically they haven't they will be. There's a reason why no countries ever attempted. To fight the United States on our own soil and that's because every citizen while not every citizen both. And -- -- if anybody in Everett tried to invade us. It will be impossible -- home by home edged into -- they couldn't put enough boots on the ground to do it. But the bottom line is remember why we have these protections. The founding father gave us these protections for our our against our own government remember that I mean people forget that that's part of the reason we -- Now I'm not saying we should take up arms and go to Albany about what I am saying is we should -- it we should preserve our abilities to do what the constitution says we can though. And we should fight it. Vigorously. It shouldn't just be in my -- battle because you don't care. You have to care. Would you say the same thing if they ask you to -- to help blow against childhood cancer. You wouldn't it and say well I don't know anybody. It's a child has cancer so I'm not interest that you wouldn't say that. Because there's a part of you that's a humanitarian. You understand that sometimes you have to help out some -- your need for things that really don't affect you directly. And even though guns may not affect you directly they affect you are overall quite a bit. Because without that ability to maintain the constitution then we have no country. We have no country. A what do you think the constitution is a livable -- the -- instrument. What do you think is defensible or not is is not important what is important is it's our constitution and we should abide by I believe Bennett and I would stand by it. So I'm asking you the Arizona teachers. Should they be allowed to arm themselves in the classroom their legislative body will considerate this session. The NRA says the New York is the number one state for membership now what does that say about Cuomo and New York say. And the weather what do you say about the weather is definitely kicking up more. We won't see any sharks Muslim Americans are you that we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start ninth thirty and our toll free line is 1806169236. Is major -- a sandy beach Arizona. During their legislative session will discuss whether. They'll allow teachers to arm themselves in the classrooms. I think it's a good idea I think it's a beneficial idea as long as they go through the same men training is everybody else some of these teachers maybe ex military. May be a they they're already in the hunting so they're familiar with firearms. As long as it's a safe. Person. Then being a teacher makes it although although all the better so that the kids have another layer. A protection those of -- or hysterical about firearms. The alternative is to hide. Yeah you know alternative reminds me of being in -- nature film in New York the zebra and the lion is showing up. Where your only alternative is hopefully. You can run and hide from the line doesn't happen. All right so I'm thinking. If you trust your teacher to your child safety now. There would be no reason not to trust them later so -- say yes on that NRA number one state now for a -- A membership is New York. We used to be below California and Texas now we're number one what does that say about New York say from while all. And give us a weather story 'cause it is a picking up quickly now here and Emerson as they said it was going to Chris so we have several FaceBook posts that give me a couple although we're calls. This is from David he says I think arming teachers is just common sense you don't hear of any mass shootings at gun clubs or gun shows. Gun free zones of just targets for -- knows. Yeah I gun free zones hard you know you wanna advertise got a gun free zone -- down. OK maybe maybe you know the law you know places that you -- you can't bring guns into but to advertise your gun free zone -- That's all it is because you think anybody anybody out there who has ill intent is going to say. You know I was gonna go in there and shoot some people -- random its own. I don't want that charge added to what murdered. It's still -- It is absolutely stupid ever reveal who are so part of the left you can see your tail drag and around the mountain may I suggest that you put aside and on the gun -- Final home absolutely. He asked why did you throw yourself -- -- and just be totally at their mercy then you can hide in the that. I mean people are willing to do that -- now. Gun free zones that's one of those touchy feeling es yeah out. We just feel better about to go and result what does that mean anybody who's gonna break the law and is willing to shoot somebody is not going to pay any attention to the fact the gun free zone. That is so dumb likened to when Austria this is from Leo he says teacher. Returning to teach now provides his missile -- -- -- physical security so I would hire armed security -- -- instead he could hire veterans were already training program that'd be great assets -- I mean that's a possibility of what I'm what I'm thinking always nobody's gonna force any teacher to be arm that's not going to be a condition of employment. -- ones who are comfortable with it already -- Or go through the process as I mentioned that we all have to go through to get a permit. And a proper training at the range whatever that's fine but nobody's gonna make you carry -- I. Yeah a couple of teachers who were. A former military guys and -- loved it if they were if they were carrying it wouldn't bother me because obviously there they're trained. As a as a parent I would feel very comfortable with that. Because I don't know I am one of the earlier -- posters mention as how many times have you heard about teachers committing mayhem with guns. Now or public meetings. Somebody you know the officials on the town board shall with a gun issue. Now the bad guys have guns the bad guys don't care about the laws he got that some of the laws are the laws just make it easier for the bad guys in and -- laws like New York say they make it easier for the bad guys. That's what it is. And and to think that. New York say Ford. Actually keep you safe. Is a joke. Are right -- this will be interest income job online -- John you're not armed Dario. More news -- the weapons were affected by your leg and I'm. The guy is and delightful I don't believe in going. I think and to and should be illegal. Should feel that I think that the wheels off of some. Sort. Of all the guns are talking about handguns you that you need the most training to be proficient and -- going to. He's used to take your life -- these is that an accurate words so I just don't like. Also the low point in Arizona. But they learn the -- how -- a big movie before student concerned a teacher and shot them. And your man John John. John you sleep deprived could come up with somebody else. Hey maybe -- meet -- come out of the sky and hit the teacher Joseph and they'll go on c'mon John. Probably a good idea to have some similar -- but already the ones who -- -- when this first started represented but did you senator left his daughter in the back room. They were try to provide some security it's cool. I just disagree with you that. Could it -- gnawing hunger regulated you know I think every -- should be. -- let me ask you this -- let let me ask you this John -- All -- John John John John John -- I'd just give me an honest answer now and I think -- well if you had a child there went to school in Arizona. And would you feel less comfortable more comfortable are no change at all if the teachers were allowed to carry far arms. I would feel less comfortable because the fact is that you have -- in -- your home. It's forty times more likely to do because when your family members of friend that it is to be against criminal. Well the one thing you have to you have to understand is that. Handguns as as as we've said before handguns. You have to you have to practice the most with a we have to be the most comfortable -- -- it takes a higher a higher degree of efficiency with a handgun. I'll agree with you they're not an ideal defensive weapon but if if if -- glass breaks at 3 in the morning and the cops -- twenty miles away in the guys coming up the stairs I'd rather have a handgun and -- -- can tell you that John thank you. I'm not think in anybody's gonna disarm teacher first of all the teachers are -- occur and you know do an open carry. It would it'd -- gonna have a monitor hip. And secondly when's the last time you heard of anything that I mean I guess you could throw a scenario up -- thing could happen. Anything could happen I guess the -- to go down to a local Korean storm that not all be armed machine guns I mean if you wanna do that. But let's be practical. If you let's hope this never happens obviously. Okay you've got a kid in this era in school. Suddenly there's a there's a radio announcement that there's a gunman in that school. And shots that are being fired. Now would you think at that time boy am glad that his teacher doesn't have a gun. Because that could be dangerous or are you thinking at you know unleashing got a little bit more protection than you would have had had this -- not been passed. And that the your only protection is not like I said the zebra where you can run away from a -- and you have no. Protective devices at all wouldn't you feel more comfortable if they if your students your son or daughter had a teacher that was carrying -- -- Or at least you know some of the teachers carry guns on him and -- gets a backlash from. If you're you're counting on your kid cowering in terror in a darkened closet. As the defense you want because you think that firearms are silly and dangerous. Health and with a view. Will be back after. Several questions. Gonna tell us about your weather and Fisher are facing something that you think. Our audience should know. Something interest saying something a safety related whatever give us a call that. But we're also talking about the Arizona teachers should they be allowed to arm themselves in the classroom their legislature will decide. On that as they're going to discuss it in this session. And the NRA says New Yorkers and number one state now for membership. We a week or catapulted. California and Texas even. Where everybody including -- have a gun so -- I'm thinking that the NRA's got a lot of support 200000 dollars in donations. The help of the legal fight against New York safe and so we're asking you what does this say. The fact that all of these new members of the NRA's signed up what does this say about me are safe and Cuomo. Let's go to a frank and no wonder frank you're on WB yen. Kamal. Hello friends. I'd better and I are remember for years. People like mentality here inspires our guns. In it's not much -- there but I -- I can support. It's an honor in. -- -- to support teachers -- -- The right to protect children -- little children person not a rule. There are being protected by the teachers in the classroom. There are more responsibility. December kick back all the way to school. -- I really don't believe. Who want to already it's -- -- her debt. Are writing and plot it's some -- from some nut case. Actually. And you have always protecting. Other Chile which your body you know over. Right there. You know this reminds me a frank this reminds me that are you know play hide in a closet and hope a gunman doesn't find your. Reminds me -- when I was a kid. In school we had to hide under the desks in case having nuclear attack and I want you think about a nuclear attack hitting your school and the desk providing any kind of safety. The bigger closets are I mean I guess if there's nothing else that'd be better than nothing. But why not have a teacher armed and ready to protect those kids I think it's a good idea. -- -- absolutely remember those states eager to meet that. If you don't murder and nuclear explosion of course we're two young daughters and that war. In fact it was back and are due out by. But I knew about it. You don't need to tool. Sure determine which teacher. Yeah how big are you don't know if you don't now you know expect a productive on the ritual he doesn't know -- going to be running into. Or who got it -- -- away. Well that's exactly right every teacher to be armed no teachers could be armed as the same as the air marshals you don't know who's armed and who wasn't you don't off Rivera then not. If you are armed security terror India in the building. Indeed the person coming in order to keep forty governor what are -- he -- if there's an art security guard so he knows exactly going critical after. He doesn't know which teacher is -- and no other. Great Arab but he -- know it's as a security guard worked at least ready are you know exactly who is electric. This other. Nobody else knows. That's true I don't think there's a good logical argument against that really if you trust but teachers. To take care of your children your trust their safety to the teachers now. I don't think there's any less reason to trust them under this scenario and to me that just makes common sense thank you. Yeah I got the thinking about. In school I don't think that when your school Tony because were obviously a little different in in ages but. Did you have to go under the desks for to try to protect you from idea a nuclear attack are. Air raid drills that we had and that's when I was in grade school that he won. We had the gall to halt weigh in and he talked position. With their heads against the wall OK you know what I think that to be honest I don't wanna give -- secrets here. But I think some of our management team have been practicing for those theories because I've seen several of them hiding under the best in -- I'm assuming it was them fighting and those. These things or race and said. Actually that's what I'm talking about no he's not end it'll go to voicemail. That Q where did it. I know I think it's the Arizona thing is a good idea I really do. Ed did its people who are you give a knee jerk reactions they they think guns go off by themselves they think everybody that. Is trained to have a gun everybody goes through the permit process or whatever drama and now. Suddenly begins to become crazed lunatics they they picture of packs of students overpowering. You know a teacher to grab the gun -- what -- I mean come. Let's be serious showing for a moment. Because the mug to be honest review almost this robbing part. The loss of life of children it's just not you know we've got to do whatever we can. Threw it to make it as safe as we -- is never going to be a 100% we understand that. But the think that if if you lost a child that that their last memories would be hiding in a darkened closet hoping that that. This the shots stop. And that they -- the government doesn't find them. Breaks your heart. And you're telling me that a a teacher a well trained well positioned teacher. Maybe you put the kids on a closet anyway but standing here it out of sight is an armed teacher. And when a gunman walks and it may be the last classroom -- -- government visits and that. Would give me a lot more comfort -- thinking that well we feel good because you know the school is our gun free zone. In you have got them. Had he lived we need to add another charger bringing a gun into would unfreeze lets us but I can't get over. Rarely the finger ebitda because you you label something a gun free zone how's that working out. -- just like a drug free zones where does that mean. Mean anything people gonna do it find ways to do it that's all all of does in these laws any of these girls just apply to you and me. Because we follow the law. People that don't follow the law you can make all the -- you want and it's not gonna make any difference in for you not to recognize that I think. Is really shortsighted. They all three on 930106169236. And start I'm thirty. And Arizona should teachers be allowed to arm themselves in the classrooms. They'll be this discussing that in this legislative session and I hope that they vote yes put a bill out there get -- Changed into -- law gives the governor of aside and let's get on whether it. We are now the number one NRA state in the nation we have more NRA members and in -- by the congratulations to us in the whether you have a weather story get on board 80309301806. Once it's six. Start there.

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