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2-5 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello Lola is Beijing government and I'm sandy beach got heavier ball stays a gun for the buffalo auto show which opens tomorrow. Why could we as they got to show this year would lawless Null and you know wind and cold and ice. You go on the auto show everything's -- leaning gleaming in hot models and and policies the -- kind of offsets all models -- pop bottles are really hot I'm just saying it's really good. -- bubble auto show and it does open tomorrow also make make plans to get downtown and -- and check it out it's it's the time what do you see all the various models makes and models. In one place at one time without slipping from a dealership to dealership with a snow -- I have actually gone to dealerships with -- ice scraper. -- If there's some there I was looking for. You would get there and if I was outside and I was in the winter. Oftentimes there were covered with licensed -- I would bring my own scraper with -- scrape off the window -- -- see what it had for the options and that -- the car fan most people are willing to do that. I'm willing to do it. And that in my prime when -- -- every Sunday morning I could tell you which dealers had which cars in which lots I mean that's it. Those days are pentagon. But I still basically just love going to the auto show I'll look forward to having you go. In my -- this year. -- now Tony was the last one in houses driving when no when you arrive Tony. Brutal who are really slow. People who've taken their time and you throw enough buses. Is -- slippery yeah. Wasn't too bad but. You know you want to take any chances -- I did a couple of little wiggles on my way in I was the next the Leo -- that Chris of course comes in here the night before. -- are easier earlier earlier early it was -- -- joked that he hasn't gone home yet. But yeah air a couple of times a little -- wiggle even on my all wheel drive -- you have to be alert but -- there was traffic go pro Obama. In -- east and westbound so it's it's probably backed. I had to really be careful because I don't exactly have the greatest tigers in the world. So I put it in for high and I just took my time guys you've got to have decent tires and they passed inspection yes urgency lankans had a pass inspection I don't wanna put new tires on it because. Still -- chance on the traded in within a month. That's like me now putting gas in our vehicle among trading -- that's a like I keep my fingers crossed the model has made -- yeah. I know I'd get the work. Well drug Kimberly will keep you informed well we're not -- -- a win here right now in an emergency -- blowing presence off the top of the buildings. But it doesn't look -- like Armageddon here. But we're supposed to be looking at bad weather into oh about 10 o'clock so it's it's it's in a wave we might appeal lull period right now -- Even though we got an inch of snow in Niagara Falls yeah I turned -- my big spotlight as usually do you know what's really Q. Is I turn on a big spotlight and illuminates the whole back of a house. And Ethel at the little bingo beauty you've seen her pictures -- many times on the FaceBook page. She is so in awe of the fact that things fall out of the sky. And she looks ever -- -- the snow and then as a as a flake will come near the window shall trying rabbit was -- -- all its adorable. I this year and now she's never done that. Is it just goes that's no license. More buffalo yeah our buffalo what to expect but Ethel she still has that that -- nation aspect. She's really cute. But there wasn't much fallen down there was this and it's one of those things where you prepare yourself and you don't really want it. It's -- things -- you really want it but if you don't get it is now I well. My honeymoon actually. If much the same. Really wanted but it you don't autumn though I did prepare -- -- when he cookies and snacks out of good -- you want to bestow on grass and that the last time we had a big storm of buffalo -- showed pictures of what was the wegmans. There were also about a salads. How kind of a community are we that runs the wegmans get salad. You know you don't wanna run on a solid all -- gotta be the end of the world right. Now on all -- department -- cakes cookies. Chocolate LO OK get the stuff that it doesn't really count against you with your eating during a storm. You know what I found on the shelf and I had not seen little Debbie snack mix now it's a chocolate Hershey's chocolates Brad. That you would put on without -- water like a it's like a peanut butter issues just chocolate -- -- ultra she's -- -- -- subpoena water and then you're. But over the -- home. Yeah I'm slipping into a diabetic coma as we speak. I -- like Hershey chocolate has Nestle's -- -- we don't see it very. And we have a lot of good places go to blogger chocolate tears in Western New York. So it can't be informed as the as the weather changes but right now at least where we are. We're in a little bit of -- law it is you know snowing a little -- little bit win but nothing and the plows are out let them do their jobs in just you know -- well as I was backing out of my driveway this morning. I look at it I have their rearview camera follows up nicely this monster truck and it and it's via -- them well. As a matter of plowing nice and early in the big guy you put the window down wish me luck on my drive and that while some of the drive for a certain that is a decade truck. You had to be airlifted into the cab. But that another and that's got out of those monster applause it means that Libya be cool -- like to just. Borrowing rundown my neighbors' mailboxes. -- we fund. Plot is a lot of fun I did -- for several years. Not the trucks like that you know what I enjoy it you know what you're doing -- you -- know how to do it and where to put the snow and weird angle who plays down. Lava when you talk like. You're not angry boy angle angle your minor blade of bank you. And have a Brian -- let's just move on the show we'll take a break we'll be back -- more -- between governor has away Tuesday Wednesday with sandy. Now this happened to me and I drove me crazy. -- days -- was in here the he's the major -- while he's the big wheel he's a big geez he's ahead of the buffalo auto show I love is Greg. And I love cards you know. And I like all the information I read all the books site I go on the web sites that do all the stuff some really up to date. Am Paul throws a little teaser Toomey. Off the air you know during the commercial during the you know during the interview segment and that. Says that this brand is coming to buffalo this new brand that we don't currently have. And it's set at my wheels when an emotion because I remember hearing that it was coming and hearing where well what what dealer was going to embrace okay. Couldn't think of -- this economy. So I threw just a couple of big names out that have multiple locations just to see -- didn't -- he just smiled at me but now I remember. Who's getting it first all. The brand the car. How many letters and the brand of -- coming five letters okay. And Zogby. And the name of the dealer now Paul's getting nervous he's probably clinching the -- saying is don't let this cat out of the bag. The name of the dealer is. Two names okay all right so that's let's say. You could one could -- me. Navy denies plywood would it would Muslim violence but -- -- and -- now I remember he's gone he's gone I will not be at the our show markets. It's tough to do a remote when they're not open they open after the show starts but the -- auto show. That I haven't broadcast from since I can remember since I think they had or somebody's. I think they had no no X no combustion engines. I'm that was the last auto show -- but it's a great show you -- check -- out tomorrow but that's -- the brand has five letters. And the dealer has two words in the dealer's name I think you know the deal you know now -- don't know. Our league and yes I won't tell you if you're right Iran -- just -- guess what you're thinking westerner. I'm not -- and I'm not gonna say Chris giving you know. -- down. And this and I'm not say we all we solve those -- -- good guesses by the way. But America Xavier Federer. But. Yeah it don't matter right and on the back a monologue. Okay here's my official station in my arms. My officials -- dialogue. And Kayla city. That that that dumb. Do not repeated. Now today I don't you can read that in your event like OK good I'm black and you're -- -- it's on there. I hope Chris generated either -- -- it's -- -- know you're talking to you couldn't see this line you want to blurted out -- -- -- All right good. Say if they also sell fast I'm gonna say anything beyond that that's that's all I'm saying. Buddy you can probably find out by going to be auto show house expertise you're gonna kill. While in other modes of transportation which perhaps aren't suitable for a day like this. Harley-Davidson's. People who have Harley-Davidson's love -- -- OK I had a Harley full Dresser for about seven years people who love them. Buck and a -- as the famous saying how many brands. As such loyalty from their customers that they are willing to tap to lose their name and logo on their arm. Which hasn't happened -- I'm -- much as I love little Debbie snack cakes you know. What I what I tattoo a picture of little Debbie. Snack cakes -- -- no obviously. As much as you'll -- something you wouldn't it but the people total time and so that's that says something is always have a Harley-Davidson. But how many people. Want to be buried with -- their motorcycle. -- gave me this story and thank you for that. But this bike term -- he's 82 years old. Ability Billy straddling -- mechanics burg Ohio. Five years ago on he had a special Kaufman. Made up no would who would it is partially made of glass. And he said he wanted to be buried -- -- 1967. Harley. And giant Plexiglas casket. And they managed to do it. It took several and bombers. First of all to get him ready for this because. Personally he wants he wanted to when they did they buried him sitting up in the motorcycle. Every tie wearing sitting up return any. You think you're one -- stretch your legs a little bit. Lying now and in the humble roots as little as best record of your career your -- -- and I think clay now the most ever wrote on my -- are getting up -- -- about a 150 miles I can't imagine an eternity. In that position but that's what they did his funeral arrangements were actually made eighteen years ago but they started the coffin. Five years ago at the David Vernon of David -- and funeral homes. He gave a lot of thought says David it was a unique man a man who spoke his mind it did things the way people the way he wanted to the people like it or not. And there's a picture of them lowering the casket and how big how big that is things that. And so they lowered his straight down and he's sitting up. I would assume it. Have to have dug a deeper hole than they usually do because the Plexiglas. Comes up over the top. In the areas and let's just hope it is a secure place and nobody goes and steals is 1967. Aren't -- -- helmets and that's that the settlement someone good to see there's a crash -- -- a lot of detectives. All can you imagine. If they ever had to exhume may be you know 100 years would look like. He probably be an ad for early in -- if you're at. We're at a skeleton or helmet right in -- -- I -- does infringe the -- watch out for the zombie look exactly. The right around so that's going on there now we're talking about the -- auto show. As though we usually do and I know you said. Gee I like to go to the buffalo auto show if only I had tickets and I say. Like that snapping my fingers as clear as good -- thank you very much. If you like to go call now 6449875. And or Chris will present you -- he feels like a paid a -- -- -- -- as I say that. Is going to be nice to -- You gotta say to Chris things like. Congress when he wearing she I'd like to go to the auto show for tickets. I have two other friends and you weaken all go to the other have a good time see that that might help you get the tickets six or born and -- and 54 -- it as a bubble auto show. It goes tomorrow through Sunday at the buffalo Niagara convention center general content rules apply. Special events every day including Reggie Jackson on Saturday. And the buffalo football legends on Sunday so lots of stuff. Going on. All right let's see and you're going to. Get down to a show I know your pick -- your favorite car but remember what I said the new brand that's going to be introduced. In buffalo has five letters I know that and the dealer it's gonna sell it has two words. See it's nice because I wish I thought this -- stays it was here. I know it but I call it didn't come to my memory and now I'm. I'm confident that cancer and kicking me like a little bit but what country this time it -- Well okay. Guess I could in the car will be coming from. I'm a dramatic -- like that England England. England swings like. One member. We'll take a break we'll be back with more aware of beach and come away. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or -- today's news Brady just use W. Dot com. Wildlife. That's Chris Johnson under our way to zone. Tony is ambling up -- Microsoft's it's that hot. Is well aware of it oh it's -- And it's nothing -- -- -- and about -- music if you -- music that people know as bumper music. It drives people crazy because just as you get into the hook. It's stops. I'm right there were taken up where you live it up before the lyrics. And does it's usually better to play bumper music people are not aware. I don't know what -- that was four for opening but. I was good that was new York city blues by the yard -- wish it was a little longer because it was good yeah -- and Tony -- figured out the them. Automobile brand that is coming to buffalo but he still does not know the -- here so but I do. I'm Paul stay -- post. He was my friend the unit and Brandon would he tell us no he gave little -- But he wouldn't -- are they gonna have like official notification. And have like big announcement. At the show maybe as he would not -- balls. He wouldn't divulge oh the dealers. But I know a bad it's announced tomorrow obviously to be you know Leo with the thing being opened and plus my guesses. They're coming to buffalo anytime soon there will be one room there at the Chicago. That's my guess I don't know that to be true. When I'm guessing that if you're starting a new brand new one on display at the sure. And it OK you'd you'd know that it's five letters yes you do and all of -- English right thing because -- right don't say it now you know offer those you're playing along at home. This brand a started because of their experts. In engineering. Today the man whose name that I won't tell you now could be too much of a boy who started this brand. New engineering is all about engineering. Ten ways to Sunday and it was power to weight ratio. In other words the wider the car. The less power you need to go fast right. Okay yeah heavier car obviously the more power. So that's that that's -- I'm gonna say but I agree on the back in my official program -- video that's gonna get a and I know it's right look at see the styling on this thing you know there. I almost blurted it out. And talked. Diets agree there should be a mole in it indoctrinated for -- -- suspicious cards and we talk about today were to. About this. There's a couple of things going on. One an Arizona. Ando. Won here in New York Tuesday. Which you wanna hear about first Arizona and New York Arizona Arizona okay in Arizona. A building for the Arizona lawmakers. This session. Will push to allow teachers to arm themselves in the classroom attorney general Tom -- And other supporters said the legislation would protect children and staff in the event of a mass shooting. Now whenever we talk about anything like this whether teachers should be armed in the classroom. You have the reactionaries who they react I'm sorry not just because it's not the way I would react with. They were in an ignorant fashion. An ignorant being derogatory just means they don't know. Are they assume that if anybody has -- gun. That you know it's it's bad for everybody no good no good can come of it. But I'm saying if the teachers or are willing to go through personal should be totally voluntary obviously. If they're willing to go through be your training sessions to have their licenses and their permits I I think it's a good idea and I'll tell you why. Because. If you hear of any of these school shootings there's a commonality which is very disturbing. Is that something happens. Word gets from a school in a hurry and what do they do to protect themselves if they don't have security on the grounds what do they do. They hide. They hide in hiding in closets they hide in places where they just hope. The gunman will not find them. And that does is so disturbing to me. That is the only method of protection they have is to hide and hope they don't get seen. And that's pathetic now if you have a teacher. That is armed and trained. I would rather have that so that that option you have more than one option you might still hide. But at least you have more of an option you have a better chance and any teacher that's willing to go through of the necessary requirements. And is willing to carry. I I think that they should be allowed to and that's what they're talking about it Arizona so my first question is. Should teachers under those circumstances nobody should be forced to obviously. Should teachers. Be allowed. Drew carry a firearm now -- for those who -- the knee jerk reaction said -- You don't trust the wives of your children to the same people I'm talking about. And and you give them less options so in other words you're willing to trust them to find a place to hide. But you're not willing to trust the fact that it would be a good idea if they had another option. And then who knows. Perhaps some wives can be saved perhaps all lives could be said. I mean to me that's a slam dunk that's that's a no question about it. You kind of a positive thing but there will be a lot of people along like it so my first question today is should Arizona. Make it available because that that's what they're talking about in this legislative session to allow teachers to arm themselves in the -- It 039301061692. Through six and star nine there and Tony you went and checked out because he guessed the brand correctly a new brand -- automobile accident coming or make. A lot of real snow in buffalo and you looked on line pretty equal cars -- Mike this week don't give -- now -- I'm not give away but I want one. They're rarely -- goal I -- -- nice cars and as -- has the power ratio is phenomenal on these things I want to see -- the price tag isn't some of these 'cause they're not super super expensive real phenomenon because -- really there there -- ms. -- As far as extra stuff extra stuff mixes up -- for the sporting person. And so they keep the weight down or to keep the weight down. I keep a lot of the you know they don't have the -- refrigerator and a bar you know -- step but there -- guard -- -- the styling is just off the hook them -- on the congress okay which then we'll go back to -- data we'll take you shopping. -- is that it. It's my first question because these kind of two go together. Arizona. -- should the teachers bailout and Arizona to arm themselves in the classroom and this is not an idle question. The bill is before the Arizona lawmakers this session. The attorney general said and other supporters said the legislation would protect children and staff in the event of a mass shooting -- you remind. You're you're trust your you trust your child's teacher to do a lot of things you'll put your safety and welfare of your child. In the hands of their teachers every day and that trusts could certainly be extended to people who were trained. And knowledgeable about fire arms who in the event of the unspeakable. At least -- would have some kind of defense and strategist hiding in a closet and cowering. And hoping that that the person who their trip there hiding from doesn't find them. That to me is horrendous. And came from had a lot of good teachers are ex military. So you would start off with the may be some kind of knowledge of firearms right then. I would bet a lot of teachers are hunters so he would know about firearms and a lot of -- already have permits for farms and may have been shooting all their lives I mean I've been shooting since. 65 basically -- And that's he's hold off the British shows are coming but but yeah so the bottom line as. You have people who already might be well familiar with firearms -- willing to do this if they're allowed to do it and I say they should be allowed to -- it. Usually the ones that are hysterical about it are the ones that don't know they just simply don't know. And its. If it's strange because you would think you did little homework and find while. Ago a gun is no more dangerous than a can opener -- -- fuel. Yeah it'll make -- do something that shouldn't be doing. -- the gun itself is not dangerous. But people do stupid things they do stupid things with. -- guns -- motorcycles with cars -- -- with almost anything. But the responsible people of the ones that would argument now on. If I had a kid going to Arizona school in this law passed I would -- I would feel good about -- relentless. Will we ever get in New York don't wait for that happened in New York although I do have -- -- Since the New York save act was enacted. The NRA's membership in this state now says that we are the number one NRA's state we have surpassed. Texas which I would have guessed was the number one and California we now have more members of the IRA in New York State. Than any other state we -- the number one NRA membership state and good for us good for us. Let me go over part of this article by Tom precious. I say to our precious without saying it like that is there a reason. If I said Tom precious doesn't sound right to do commercials where the commercials the word is supposed to sound like what it means. In a vice Tom precious. It just sounds -- that. -- -- is precious and I find Chris pressure continued to its own -- You -- any pressure yes that we're all Russians are we buy like precious jams. Tom precious says. As gun rights and gun control groups. Argue over the effects of New York save one consequence is clear that scholar consequence on -- A good opportunity in the other. Membership. Of the state affiliates of the National Rifle Association. -- soared since the law became. Since it became law a year ago Tom King president of the New York they rifle and pistol association. Said NRA headquarters in Washington recently informed him. The state affiliate now as surpass Texas and California to become the largest state chapter in the nation and that's us. That's dust we have more NRA members a bit and are remembered for a long long time. I was an NRA member for decades and a lot of laps and then won the Clinton administration game and idea I re -- and I intend to via a member and -- my last breath. The NRA affiliate us. So I was membership. Rise to 41000. Since the say facts so now we have the largest number. And that's the only thing -- can be attributed to. The head of the pistol association -- says. I think it sends a message to all the anti gun politicians. All the politicians sitting on the fence and yes if they thought -- were going to be quiet. And this would be going away without anyone paying any more attention to -- their flat out wrong. In addition he said members have donated 200000. Dollars. To the organization in the past year to help fund a legal challenge to the law to New -- say Second Amendment is alive and well in New York State he said. The growth has come from all geographic areas of new York and that's good because we know we hate this law now here. But do you know we hear over in New York City whatever that they they think it's a cool. City. I think it's there way of saying where here were growing and we're not going to give up this right. And if I were some of these New York State Republican senators who voted for this and haven't done anything about it since I'd be worried because as a lot of banks though there. And it's all pointed at them and that's exactly right so we -- though we -- the largest. A group membership of any state in the NRA now and congratulations to us. So basically my questions are. Arizona teen -- should they be allowed to arm themselves in the classroom that's going to be discussed by the legislature in this session. The NRA is that we -- now number one would New York State what does this say. About New York's what does that say now I know most of you out there against New York's -- -- -- have been from the beginning as Tom is. But some do you believe it's a helpful. So I'd like to hear from you know what does that say. About New York State are you still if you like the -- forty is still like -- if you didn't like it is the is still not like we like to hear from -- is only good guns in New York. We got possible guns in Arizona and we'd like to hear from you also in the -- power. It'll -- that is so wells. Wells that by Gary Huber. A Boston. It's incredible as it addresses the New York City. Was a letter to the editor and he about the elements will be back -- would be to go.

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