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2014 Buffalo Auto Show Preview

Feb 5, 2014|

NFADA's Paul Stasiak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to start drooling. They buffalo auto show is opening to the public tomorrow tonight the preview gala. And Niagara frontier automobile dealers association chairman policies -- in studio hey Paul how early morning. Boys this speak here for Kevin fever watch. We hope I mean there was going to be perfect for an auto show after today so. Good reason to come downtown and have some fun again. Count the that the cars there's so immaculate. -- it now if you just did you want it literally -- as you walk through there huh. -- dealers in America like my wife and and all of us that -- like -- While we can go get some fast cars as uncle cars are looking for the clean lines you're right -- -- when you look at my -- to confront front in the war that. Let loose change to. You'll see that -- dealers are gonna be represented about the shoveling all come yet we don't want your new Yorker who were fortunate John we've got to earn 34 dealers here almost Binghamton. From all end up you know someone sent representatives in most cases at least for a couple hours of the show and -- you know see what's up there and and and get a Paulson -- -- -- -- people can -- to. We were hearing this morning in our reports that it takes days to get all these cars in their. Moving in on Thursday but we bring the cars and on Saturday the lower level of the convention center has its that are unique to get in there but. You know that the Balkan occurs commend Monday afternoon yesterday we got a few more stragglers government. This morning to help. Okay I'm out the car -- I say boy I love this car on the make a deal right now can you do that -- show. Night technically cannot sell on the showroom floor it's it's it's against a lot of sales violations -- but. What happens there's a lot of information gathering. You know a lot of meet and greets in in in all probability February march will be. Terrific months in -- New Yorkers -- -- of -- relationship or maybe gain the confidence summer in Florida. And using you know what they see is what they get type mentality in many cases. What are some of the highlights imminent and no it's hard to kind of -- what's going on here this week but. Some of the the big the big things you wanted to draw people in four. Well we're impressed I mean I don't get -- the -- will have more turn tables more displays no more manufacturers involvement than ever before. You know the F fifteens 2015. Are gonna have the CPS fifteen must think pre production. Sting rays got their own wall display they're bringing in a special group of engineers. Thursday night to do a walk through young engineers so. A we've got to Kia that's cattle archery car. You know we got to mas or audio Lotus the 83 and the body. You know those those are cars that people get a chance of fantasize a little bit about they mean acting -- and drive away -- it. I think those are the going to be showcase cars and Buffalo's core community so we're gonna have those umbrellas and sources in the cameras are we drive every day we've been hearing a couple of legendary names in buffalo professional sports. We're going to be up to -- potential and sandy beach and he's a legend so. Yeah we'll have Reggie Jackson on Saturday Ernie. And then on Sunday's football Sunday will bring all the electric company. -- -- -- -- open. -- than a nice job helping us bring him back and we think people have a passion for pro football football right now hasn't been. Enthusiastic -- hoping for some good crowds I mean did you set a record of the Detroit show. We do it's it's I think it's a sign of the times and in the academy's many people -- ready for car. The manufactures are gonna build it for about sixteen million industries so they'll have cars available and I think you're going to be great incentives this year while Detroit's on the -- I think the whole industry's animals and I'm glad to CD straight in -- insurgents. Look we got to the news came yesterday to -- got excited about it Chrysler 200. -- and seen it I mean. A dealer get excited about Chrysler 200 I mean it was mind boggling. There are common it and but it would be a nice car from buffalo we hold its price right. What are the hours for the show we're 1010 every day but Sunday that -- tennis we've expanded the hours a little bit because we -- Wednesday for the public. Somebody get a little bit better chance to see -- in the evening and early morning. For its great -- look forward to seeing their thanks thank you think Herman show that's. Paul stays -- he's chairman of the Niagara frontier automobile dealers association.