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Astorino Bids For GOP Governor Nod

Feb 5, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Republican Party strategist Karl calabrese is on the WBM live line we're going to talk about a new development. In the race for governor of New York -- good morning Carl. Good morning John prices and. Ron mastering you know the Westchester County executive is announcing his forming an exploratory committee. To look into the possibility. Of running for governor explain to our listeners exactly what this committee is going to do. Well that the exploratory committee is is the first step in running for governor style of official campaign committee. But it it does certainly -- among on the path to deciding a final decision whether or not he's gonna run out they would it really does. I'm Donald Trump -- been very clear that. What will get him out of running for governor and seeking the Republican endorsement is any type of contest the ball -- initially everyone thought that meant a primary. He's gone even want the others have no. I will not run. For the nomination. If someone even attempts to put their name in nomination on the floor of the convention. In an effort to get 25% of the vote which going to chew on the ballot in a primary automatically without circulate petitions so. He's been very clear if rob history or anyone else. You -- put his name into nomination at the convention and seeks delegate votes that would. Not hold -- so they thought that kind of I'm not surprised at all that means they get real here is really testing called and say OK I if that's good pitching a lot of the race I'm declaring now that I intend to go to the convention. And fight on the order get 25% of the vote will seek out with this -- -- -- but after that point his line has been very clear. If if you halt to -- This would get caught out so I'm not surprised that derailed the distance to test the Donald. Yeah I mean this couldn't do relics from campaign. Like soon. Because if -- -- you know that's what he says this is true with Donald Trump's visit from that would derail it because he said he has no intention of trying to woo delegates on the floor of the convention. And obviously -- at this point looks like he's gonna be going to court. But it Karl let us speculate now what do you as a Republican strategist suppose. The mr. history knows exploratory committee. Is going to find. Why I don't go to find anything we don't already know we mean Seattle poll just came out -- very detailed numbers on. And from situation in the state -- mr. -- situation on the governor's situation in terms of popularity of and views of the voters. Again I think that's what one of Israel's biggest problems John is he's really unknown outside of Westchester County were these county executive. Obviously today across the state radio shows like yours and newspapers like Arizona's top. I have article that -- Israel has begun this first step in deciding to run for. Governor sole right there he's accomplished a major goal to name mister hill is now on radio and television and television stations in the newspapers across the state. This is what he's got to do because. There's no way I don't think he's going to be able compete with the governor or shut governor now sitting -- 33 million dollars of campaign -- history -- got a million. He's gonna need every opportunity to different media to get people to know who -- is -- going to be serious contender. Colonel we gotcha thank you. Republican Party strategist -- calories.