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Weathering Weather Jokes

Feb 5, 2014|

Channel 2's Kevin O'Connell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know irregular weather forecast and you know that Buffalo's preeminent weather forecaster is listening New York every word you could get a little nervous. So I felt run I was don't know whether minute ago -- -- -- that channel two's main man when it comes to weather forecasting. The honorable Kevin O'Connell was listening hi Kevin I do on this morning. I am doing fine you guys based -- because the honorable. All my good that's what's the next step calling -- -- but I don't know. I don't know on the -- Do you know Susan alive for the most part we have nothing to worry about a few people recognize -- were on the radio but you I mean you can't hide. I mean the -- -- I mean my hair is the same color is that -- -- so I can just kind of. And I will be a run for cover like when you go to a restaurant or public -- because people in the milieu about the weather. In wealthy you know it's funny Caroline came down and we had suffered because apparently -- we haven't seen each other. Get -- make a regular basis or schedule a minor kind of north south so we get. And yet that was the main question coming in a few of the customers were we. I'm glad I came out wanted to get a quick update on today's the kids -- with of their it was a family and they are gone. You know mr. -- we gonna have off tomorrow night. Broke on the bed -- that I did I doubted seriously but -- you get that balance that I -- you know here's the funny part about it Johnson who did the does the systems. We're getting like today this is normal possible winter. You know the stuff we hit with the incredible wind chills they had twenty and thirty below stuff. That's the one that really can rupture world debt. That is not typical for buffalo in and so I think debt that we were talking about what this -- it was going to be like. We've -- went in the late fall what it was looking like. It was going to be a much colder than normal but not necessarily just know your -- so far it's kinda played out but I think. What we're experiencing today is may be much more normal that you guys and -- that we deal with at a regular basis. -- there you go again looking at the bright side of things kind of -- up telling us that hey at least it's not twenty below with the wind chill. Think that at least that's not New York to Boston I mean they are getting hammered this is the second of three. -- or eastern storms in the -- names by the way we don't. That's -- use in my room and every once in awhile but like hurricanes. Winter storms hit names the one last week was called Maximus. They go alphabetically this one they were dealing with today I think it's called Nina and Mika. And then the next one is call or write him in -- the one that's going to be coming up probably -- Sunday going into Monday -- along the Atlantic coast it's maybe -- to give us a little bit of self but I think. Mainly it's going to be Boston. Philadelphia and New England kind of event New York. Washington kind of area. -- All askew at least occasionally why are you always alarming you know through these warnings. Watches and advisories because some of them don't pan out -- about it. -- I get it just saying yes I think this time around we get a little bit less than debt. Than normal I should say only because. In history and and I think we -- we've been dealing with something that's far more dangerous. That is no fault that those wind chills of a couple of weeks ago. I think in you know in a nice way. Silenced some of the people. That are always screaming their world alarmist this is buffalo we're used to this stuff OK I get it I get it work. Where the -- people that ever ever walked the planet but you know in a real world. You can't put it about this you can't put an adult. It's certainly a senior citizens in harm's way in -- Kind of what I was trying to convey this and I think a lot of superintendents of schools in owners of business got its. They weren't complaining they were trying to listen to it at what point. Does you know minus something become really dangerous system minus ten minus fifteen. That's what we re dealing with Genesis of these incredible. Conditions they're not so much. Impeding you can get from point a to point B but even being out in point -- and that's what I I think this year it's. Silenced a few of -- of the date they are screaming that you know we'd like to say about Pappas soap boxes that make everybody. You know scared to stay inside I wanted everybody to stay inside a week or so -- because being outside. Who would've been a very dangerous. Kevin good to channel we lose one Wendell -- well it's my pleasure thank you build it will be two dozen cookies since. You're on. You know have a good they've -- -- YouTube channel two other men Telecom.