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Sagging Sabres Play Pittsburgh

Feb 5, 2014|

Mike Robitaille

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    John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcasting with us this morning and you know John the the jets are one in six but they played well against the patriots last week the New York might be a tougher team than their record might suggest. Yeah I do it but there probably is dangers of one and sixteen which you'll ever see basically pretty woes is sitting at patriots and and days between game that was. A week ago or yesterday with the last time they played. Out you know they basically couldn't really tough teams to get to one point six bill complacent ought to welcome. I would just simply to cut scenes they ran the ball well against patriots 200. Yards on the ground. Other data Percy Harvey and penetrate with you know Seattle just that last Friday so they've ever. A new dynamic playmaker they're all they're desperate. Yeah there's a lot of reasons why they're much better than there was a church in Iraq that would indicate. And are this is the bills first game without Fred Jackson. And CJ Spiller you confident that Bryce brown and booby Dixon going to be able to carry the load at running back. Battle ahead Barton statement and maybe get him in the ball. Eight gave but I. But about those guys at that what they've bought and wore green and being picked up really well and act like. A bit. More dynamic it at that little bit more as diet and not go to get it from you yet. Going back Allen's suspected. Bit down at gonna say we're gonna stop backing it up and got the edge and it made it about it. Bart out but I mean I want to bring in one out and probably LB LB but all of them all up. Well. Humor of the jets defense very solid as mark to set against Iran but they have had some problems with pass coverage is that something Kyle Orton on the offense will have to take advantage of for the bills to win. Don't think so bill to do a better job throwing the ball now with or a quarterback in the world news she's human EJ respect there and I think they're they're showing. Willingness to throw the ball more than they do you know before there. You know ritual well runs to passes. Used to be pretty heavily tilt towards the wrong that the last couple games since it's going in the other direction. And you know the front seven jet to sell the prep or especially. And the best and little bit suspect in teams of ransoms except. You know brought to bear against some sort certainly it's going to be part of both we'll check out of the. Mark for the second straight week the bills are playing a team with a young mobile quarterback will the plan to stop geno Smith on defense be similar to last week. But I bet big debt get up and they. Think really a product development but I cured or not you are out. People are apt that at bat I don't know what their pot it. I don't really in boys. Don't back out in the pocket. Not quite a Adobe air as it would be like to get the upper. An early bet it might don't want caught the ball. But it act. Engine or jet but but he called building involved but he can end that I think there are OJ and our act together and got up and I. I think bill and I bet you bet your but I but I think I've got. But the ball pretty hard at white balance spending and cut that back at what would give up or that a problem. Or not gonna bring it back out in and then I'd like work but I'm. Yep that are are quite admirable that fire is about or other than you'd have a struggle not yet we botnet while yet all right and think he should demand that capacity at the Bob Hope and pray that. In. I didn't expect her to quit early here while Whitman but let up we got about why it but I think he brought. Right mostly in that Obama and about that. And John looks so nice to hear that to a Bill Polian as the finalist for next year's hall of fame class. What are the chances of they can get sent. Not pretty but I figured out who won the electors. Provide Clark judge who was actually on the committee for contributors that made him a finalist and put the arm basically they got a pretty good shot this year and there are along with Ron Wolf was finalist it was a long time. General manager of green bay Packers and I think that there is pretty good setup and among the electors that polling belongs in there with the work he did in buffalo and Carolina and Indianapolis and a I think the suspect suspect in this it is favorites so that they get that league it's 80% of the vote. Next January when they develop open I think that it looks pretty good for bill. Okay John Mark will I listen for use on top with a again Monday morning. Are you have a great day great weekend that's John Murphy mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team from WGR Sports Radio 550.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Micro that ties here. Savers analyst for MSG brought to this one by -- stance in New York artisan cheese did you get here OK Mike. If you went just flying in your book five miles an hour now and Holloway about. You know on a trapeze has moved along with very slow and it is a bulls look at there's a bigger -- you know people give themselves a little room -- -- -- -- He breaks we're hosting Pittsburgh tonight Buffalo's been struggling lately and what I have to do it and hang with the tough team like Pittsburgh. Well a lot and we have a lot of firepower offensively and is difficult to get into a track meet with them and try to shoot them and out score them him. This kind of controlled the game offensively is very difficult to do so. Things at me like. -- the logical thing to do is play really good defense. And certainly work enough offense and -- could be dangerous but really play well defensively and try to frustrate him -- Much as possible keep those shooters on the outside don't -- America. All the sweet spots where they can score from because as a movie gunning for reform so it's your responsibility take those. Spots away from a. Knows -- -- -- -- his been his positions been changed you know Julius center tonight he's been on the wing. This a good fit at center for him. I I mean I like him so much -- -- goal as far as going to it's an improvement he's popular lake area I think you'll find a way to. Complete their workload. I think he's. More than capable of being a good cinnamon -- disposition may have to fill in a position they have to fill with a player with authority. And certainly he numbering Mets so they're really it would really be a nice our break for buffalo priest stepped in vets and -- position and become. Really talk much senator takes care a lot of damage from the. Ryan Miller is going to be back in net tonight for both he and unicenter -- struggled lately if you noticed anything different their game that's causing -- some problems. Well certainly. I would think -- with a lot of high shots news in some problem and cross ice passes and so on timing was off somewhat but that. That's been hit missile -- went for a couple of games throwing two -- many came back to strong in many. -- back to an average game and so he's just trying to find his way right now and you'll find his way tonight of course via. His coach in the Olympics will be having a very close look at. He -- -- district head coach. And Dan -- -- is -- head duck coach of team USA is this a showcase game for Miller tonight. Well I think. You know a lot of that work has been done and I think mirror pretty comparable with they have -- goal. But tonight are really strong performance by yeah. Ryan Miller would you know carry on an awful long way. Certainly going to an Olympics if he wants to be the starting goaltender. And so it's an absolute must for him and also he just. For results he just needs a good really strong game against a strong team right now and tonight would be the -- I look at. This game tonight -- earlier -- game for him as he moves forward here in the Olympics. All right Mike great debt talking hunt you do -- it's always good talk and argue will catch up next week Jim the -- will be out. Let's hope -- get married that's micro but I sabres analyst for MSG.

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