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Sochi Olympics Preview

Feb 5, 2014|

David Wallechinsky

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Olympic preview now from Sochi with David wallets Hinske Olympic historian CBS news consultant on the WB and lifeline from -- good morning David. Good morning or your great thanks for the time. We know you've been to many games first going to the Rome games back in 1960 now we've got a report on our air this morning. That says reporters covering the Sochi games. Are underwhelmed to say the least there are writing to find no TV no hot water don't phone a hearing similar things. Well yes -- -- -- a lot of stories like -- -- simply not ready. I can pretty lucky my only problem was that much power of the -- and and when I complained that they solved it by lowering the volume. Well it's not as much water would come out. But you know you just figure well -- at seven years to get ready. It's a little disturbing that at the last minute there's a -- link things together. We'll never -- is not gonna go down in history. As the only Olympic Games where they're having problems -- -- this -- happen and other cities before heading after the games both winter and summer right. Got absolutely true and unfortunately one of the worst examples with Atlanta in 1996. Would be this system collapsed. Computer system didn't work. The whole you know we can't. We can't just say -- that it's just the Russians fault that this has happened for that also happens a lot of problems. What about for the games themselves which get under way tomorrow. How are we ready for them. We've got the big questions are we really don't know it seems the event starts that's when we'll find out. You know one would -- that would be the top priority. We journalists are you know kind of low priority in the end. But oh you know where we won't find out only on the events start we're gonna have some are early figure skating the blueprint to change -- -- -- and you know you are I imagine it's going to be OK for the athletes. Whether the the media covering -- it's gonna have problems we won't know two meters computer systems start and so what. Has it been difficult. As a journalist and dealing with the Russians. Well in advance of these games to find out how where winning is going is everything on schedule. Whenever you ask anything everything's -- That is total what's on everyone's going to be okay. And if you ask a question like Michael tell I saw they had you know forty year TV stations on TV but only nine more. And so you know I ask you know there in what are the other one's going to be activated and don't worry about it we're working on. -- seems to be the common refrain we hear we're working on it just it'll be okay for. Wow that also are -- report yesterday said that any visitors whether it's athletes spectators or or media can expect to be hacked. That the -- from the moment they arrived cellphones tablets any device. Have you heard of them. -- -- -- -- week we were told not bring in Vietnam. Personal information and financial information. On our own on the computers in the battered home. And and go to that and it just assumed that got. Yeah we are not public anything we do it in the season we're not project is anything we do is being followed. And you know that. That's part of it and I think what's disturbing in a little way to -- eruption is that the it isn't just about fighting terrorism. They seem to be stopping. You know dissident pro democracy people from even -- He -- -- to consumer and got an alarming development. What you mention them terrorism David that was the disturbing element leading up and of these games. Where we stand there are things calming down. You know all. And that it just he can't put it straight for -- I'm always looking 360. And so whenever I go outside you know I. You know -- from you know the terrorist point of view I wouldn't come near here. I would look at the rest of the country. -- but you know this is a long going dispute goes back to 78. And so it's not like it's something that they're just gonna go well what it would exco so you know we we we got our eye opener all -- -- Security doesn't seem to be as massive that you were. They have before I let go of the weather how we're getting a significant winter storm here today and so is much of the northeast. How's the winter over there. Maybe we shouldn't want to apostle because here. I'm down below away in what's called the coastal cluster would be the convention taking place and -- Pretty nice in the forties so owners out there -- actually brought a plot to go to walk. Up in the mountains their trade in the bring in some snow but -- -- they have a big. I just know that they've. They've stockpiled a -- -- think that worried. Wow boy we could trade places that Libya there'd be well maybe I don't know that we take the weather but nothing but not much else face David. Hope we can check in with you again. No problem -- that sounds great and happy birthday. That's David wallets Penske he's an Olympic historian and a CBS news consultant covering the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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