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Thruway Prepared For Snow

Feb 5, 2014|

Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are going to check some road conditions this morning Tom Perry Jack is division director of an interesting clearly authorities with us on the WB and lifelike -- how good morning. More -- and power conditions on the throwing this morning. -- -- Depends on where you're traveling -- the -- westerns and from Pennsylvania toward black want to that's actually -- generational comfort. It primarily due to the lower right the traffic noise more traffic it's on the road I talked to -- reacting and it's not a break up. Tune in after the -- -- but it is partially snow covered and you know people should street to those conditions. You know it's not exactly. Peachy there we know that that is going to get worse but you know this is nothing out of the ordinary for your cruise. You're not anticipating any problems today Tom are you that could lead to an iconic closings. I at this point oh and I'm looking at any sort of preemptive closing. You know again dependent on you know Brittany entered -- -- out there you know major action we're bigger -- been the kept it quickly. But it's close but at this point. Or expecting just routine snowstorm and you know overnight real workers and -- out on the road and we don't expect any major problems. You know you guys seem a lot more proactive this when her time with regard to keeping drivers in the loop. Is this is this a strategy that you know is is not by accident. Actually it's intentional and you know the last year which kind of being more -- -- and -- working with -- You know the media to get the word out people. Again. And you know hopefully people and it seemed like this winter people -- listened to any warning him. You know the justice for travel and stay off the -- when possible. We've definitely noticed the difference. And we're glad you could check in with us and keep us posted. Well thank you that's Tom parent -- division director of the New York State thruway authority.