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Beginnings of Another Wintry Blast

Feb 5, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- now under the National Weather Service buffalo office at the airport meteorologist Jon Hitchcock on the live lines to anybody -- this morning John. Give us a snapshot of this storm how big is -- how much of an area this country is -- covering. Well it's governor very large part of the country started yesterday moving through this central Rockies and Colorado. And it's moved across the plains all the way from the eastern Colorado and Kansas. Into doing one out but it's picking up a very large pizza real -- We're seeing some light snow around here this morning to take us through the day what can we expect. Well we have some potentially good news for the morning commute through books like -- they'll continue through the morning drive. The period of heavy snow's been delayed by a couple of hours so I think the worst conditions will be for mid morning through mid afternoon that's when this -- may become heavy at times so. Through the morning drive. This flight though will be slippery just about everywhere. I think trouble conditions will be deteriorate during the mid to late morning. And that's when the worst driving it is civil Kurds could be -- -- current -- And unfortunately with a couple hour delay it looks like the afternoon drive might -- -- being worked. And what about the winds today John. All the went to pick up a little bit out of the northeast at fifteen to twenty miles per hour maybe you are God's will be a little bit blowing leader thinks don't open areas. Especially up near Lake Ontario will -- to be able stronger. When do you expect this to end and cannot push out here. Well spoken to continue through this evening as we pick up a little bit lake enhancement. With north and northeast winds off Lake Ontario. So that'll help with total linger especially from buffalo Batavia northward. Three beeping -- so travel could still be tricky right through at least 9 -- 10 o'clock this evening before it's fully wind down overnight. Yesterday we were learning about there may be another big storm behind this -- any update on that John. Well that's still very up in the air that are still a lot of mild disagreement with that one. And the trend over the last 24 hours have been weaker where that storm so it will look like there will be some though that Sunday Monday timeframe. But right now it doesn't look like QB get the deal. Okay one more time. The timing of when we might. Be hit by the full intensity of this weather pattern. Yeah I think the heaviest snow will be from mid morning through mid afternoon so. Up from around 9 or 10 o'clock this morning -- -- -- -- afternoon. Should be when -- heaviest snowfall and we spoke I expect totals to reach. These seven -- rain remote areas. Maybe he likely spot getting close to a -- John as always we're grateful for your time in your expertise thank you Iraq. A meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the buffalo airport weather station.