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2-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- How he would rate the benefit. -- and a whole movement. And yeah -- The wrong. And upload it. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- why can't really feel stupid but apple people in carriage. Practice. I'm not only I don't know what this. But it. Kind of evicted people know. I'm very. Easily be playing dirty you know partner one simple request and come back. -- have sharks went. But didn't make -- let them. -- Here's the artist that has just head. Big difference anyway did spot early on the radio 930 WB yen and that just what the winter storm warning remains in effect but just. Well audience. At the end of the world. -- -- -- Okay fine. And if you. Nicole. How can not be cool. All right you wake up tomorrow. You're gonna put jobs -- and Susan -- The listeners and EB. If it's really really really bad maybe it will preempt Rush Limbaugh I doubt it then you've got me three to seven. And that -- have to -- all with local talk. So we've got you -- -- the company through all. So it's all. Wrecked what we are. So you know we've. Let me -- recently to say -- my first rodeo. And that's from number three gold member. Just thought -- mention. Prop up your gas tank guided mine last night -- a to a lot of driving at a three -- at least in my -- I was entitled to 36000 miles -- miles from the Jeep. Fewer than 141000. I'm gonna have to circumnavigate the globe just to make it worthwhile. Anyway. He said circumnavigate. Anyway up -- of the folks this program today. I'm very proud of and I think this may be some of the most important radio I've ever done I'd say -- It might make a lot of important shows. Ago. This is a program. But I hope is inspiring to some people. Maybe Europe -- and listening into driving home and suddenly you're. Eyes have been opened to the potential of your son or your daughter. Pool you've been just you know get off your hearts you know put your future -- that. Maybe approach just needs to be changed. And -- one more time I'd just say there's that. The most important part of the show I think we need to remember news. That education ought to be a one size fits all thing. Because we are not all born with equal abilities at all things. And let's put this. If you do what you were intended to do if you live your destiny. You will be much happier society will be much better off and you'll have a bigger W two at the end of the year. But you gotta find that best. And I am putting this time aside to take phone calls from people who were told medium high school or whatever. You took up here. -- going to be a new user. I was told at third that's going to be a loser. Gym teacher because I couldn't do a single poll. And I couldn't jump rope. -- brunt of the janitor to laugh at. So personally. Yeah you know what left a mark obviously. I guess I'd be lying if I said he didn't. And I brought it up enough that clearly -- But I like to reflect on that. When I looked at in the past you know 4243. Years of my life. Just basically it'd. Do some choice words. But I trying to boulders. Italy July. Anyway I don't thrilled to get back to Luke and a -- port. In addition to enjoy the liberation of saying who can block port. We also value Luke's multiply fast -- career the guy knows his way around each BAC. He knows his way around where a journeyman electrician said. And you've also you're also a pilot you can. Take off land even across -- administered and -- -- you've done a lot of things what do you think your destiny is what what what is your lesson to the people listening right now who are inspired by this year. Pursue your dreams. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do that. You don't see you don't have the potential to do it you can do it absolutely you can do it. I mean time you -- our contemporaries a couple years younger -- but not by much but nonetheless. You can do this. And I'd much what you hope. I am divorced recently over the summer and guess what I told my ex wife that I was gonna buy a convertible German car. By the time I'm fifty. And this -- -- did it. And you know what it was all because of my cash for aviation. And -- work now. And I must tell you I am enjoying the hell -- of my convertible into anybody could do what ever they want to do. You don't have to be told by a guidance counselor. That all you're not -- amount to anything you're not going to be -- thing -- because I know so many people don't want to college. Great colleges. And universities in you know what they don't know what to do themselves -- -- funded jobs they have no cool they don't know. What to do with their family -- lobster trap now following your passion. And your passion -- YouTube brought up a lot of different things -- Luke and I got it's been great speaking with you but. What have you settled upon or have you simply set upon having a multi -- did the I -- -- like career. No I need to work full array of local airline there is being here. For about fourteen years and I'm very proud of the work form and they've given me all the tools to succeed. And they are wonderful am. You know not to break but. They they afforded me the fact that. I was able to purchase a house built the house and I don't have a mortgage. OK so if UK and for somebody that was told in high school you're not amount to anything. You know I'm not gonna doing -- Marshall because I'm not into that that's nonsense. While the report authored the money -- Follow your dream. But you know what this is not infomercial -- this real -- world. Erica if you don't hit a second chance there's no reset button if you cannot find a way to be happy in this life. It's gonna get away from it before you know what you're gonna be forty years old -- day of -- -- know. Now it happens with some of -- simply get better as we get older but not -- but I'm -- I'm glad you called -- and I hope that you and your wife I hope that you and your ex wife reported on good terms. Because I have to tell -- of and here's were -- choked up in this is and other show that I wanna do. Without my ex wife in my life as a friend. IA would be lost. And you know what I'm I'm I'm gonna agree with you on that point and I'm also gonna say one of the -- leader Jim mentioned earlier. I pulled this guy that I'm talking a roof I'm right now. I pulled this car and to my former guidance counselors Powell's. In his driveway -- don't warrant with the tapped on this summer and told him he was number one and two another teacher I did the same thing. You know what I can't argue because I did the same thing with my old gym teacher. I mean what -- you -- -- letter what you want to say I did it and I'm not proud of it but it had to be done it was a demon that had to be exercised and I exercised. I broke no laws are the only that once there was not stalking or harass. Thank you very much a legend -- Why do what I had to do in. Have you have a good night. All right I I shall and I love the story. C'mon at least I'm -- I'm not the only one -- did. What. What you put yourself in the position to be an eight or nine years -- And being told you're never gonna amount to a damn thing simply because it hit the hole. Or because you can't jump -- in such a spaz -- that he brings in the janitor to Lafayette. Really. Kind of a slight -- that kind of stuff. So it's way. -- But the funny thing is by the time I was in sixth grade like the strongest in the school. That I mean that's that's the most hilarious thing ever. What is okay what's the joke in there Sherman a very week's all is that your goal at that. Because there's a kid in school was the school's best -- every every school had the best fighters. Instant respect came my way. When this kid. He knew I was strong you set a that you can't pick me up I pick them up I twirled it around and I'm noticing everybody's looking at me. After that. -- as well and John got it was a great feeling. We were we we did in good fun it was and it was an ending violence -- But people were like. -- -- -- We're gonna tell them the secret. It would involve terms -- -- OK let's go to bury him burst on WB in Mary have you inspirational story. What we should also do vengeance stories -- -- yes Europe WB and hello. -- I never really happy for her and I don't care. I don't have a inspirational -- I -- -- -- great. Maybe don't wanna hear. Well I know but you know what you're gonna do it. I need to go to traffic but the hardest part of this phone call is over free because like come back and I talked after traffic. Which you're gonna do during the break you can take -- -- -- water America bacteria and that we're just gonna have a conversation okay. -- don't go anywhere purchase tickets or water the hardest -- over that introductory sentence. Let's find out about traffic right massive heart as part the FB drive is -- water main breaks -- -- Apparently ever be tried flushing new drugs at the same time anyway AccuWeather for today. Look it was there was low hanging fruit it had to be said. I significant winter storm on the way for tonight and tomorrow winter storm warning is in effect. And we could get six to twelve inches overall and you know what will deal with it because it's what we do. Were 24 degrees still 24 at news radio 930 WB you know let's get back -- buried in Amherst. Mary Beth and this is your first call ever to a radio station and said it was going to be said. But we can also learn from sadness and though -- you tell us about finding or not finding your destiny here. OK if my -- is Stephanie. I gather. Went to a private club as a child needs -- an apprentice. He went to. I don't -- the name of the school. Yeah I do not want names and -- work. That flight into that bucket comes in my other daughter. My daughter -- is eight years difference though there was that it went to a private public school and clean up. And without saying he had gotten home schooled. And my husband and I said that we would never send our other dire their weaker deprive the score up. And went to private school. Ali ears and down. The line to get to a private high school. What you won't mean -- and down they would not letter and -- felt I was forced to put -- to. The public schools -- neverland may step my other daughter came from the home school didn't Boleyn. -- -- -- -- They have a home schooled and now my daughter is in that corner right now dealing with. But don't look back. It however your your daughter's big -- lead now at school she's attending. -- bully know my other daughter was split right hey -- a quote. So we had no one sentence and that's all my other daughter. Q so what exactly I've got about a minute here before got to break what exactly is the problem -- you're losing. And. Now my daughter why he would accept it to a private or they would not except for the private school -- different grades. And now my daughter and this public school they had to -- her and feel. What was the same school my haven't gotten one until it is totally. If he's not doing good in all -- is -- and -- -- -- -- that being. Okay this is at a private school. In in Williamsburg. Okay I'm gonna give -- some advice. You need to talk to the principle about the -- program alternative. Instructional. Model. Because I've been in your position and if it was not for the game. Program alternative instructional model my son would never have graduated. Just remember game. Okay. And I wanted to talk to the principle about the -- program and where your daughter is a good candidate for that and would you get back with the through email hopefully -- -- WB EN dot com and let me know. But -- the time I just I'm pumped a lot of time 644 WB. -- Hope they bring Jersey boys back soon like to see you again reminds me and that. Is that 634 news radio 930 WB and it's hourly with the high and -- once again I. I want to thank you guys seriously for the bond that we have because it does go both ways really. It really means a lot to. It truly theirs and I didn't quite realize how deeply it went until the past few weeks. And seriously -- you don't love. The respect. And I've felt from you guys has been it's been palpable and I want thank you for. It really does go both ways and don't ever think that I take for granted because I don't. And I'm so glad that about three or four years ago right started to change aware wasn't public. Because. I wasn't really nice. You know I didn't really realize that all people really wanted lose justice say hi and checked my hand and all that stuff. And how do expect to a lot of people and you guys forgave me for years ago so thank you I'd real. I'm probably you know on the most honest guy you're gonna hear the radio. And it really have made a concerted effort to be a better person overall. Does that mean imperfect dollar long way to go. But the minute you stop trying to improve yourself you might as will be debt and that goes for every but it goes for you. Our truth be told. It is a fundamental shyness that I have off -- when I'm not perform that's what it -- People mistake shyness for arrogance and it's actually your shyness. Plus there's usually about two drunken guys every year wanna fight. It's like really dude seriously. All right it is -- 636 that news radio 930 WBT have met. Man that if you liked the program I encourage you to spread it like a virus. Throughout the Internet. Because there's no reason we should not have a million likes on my FaceBook page. Except that I may be delusional when it comes about but. We should have a million lights. Really. Sure. I don't think that's too much to us. Now one of the things you're gonna find in retirement get right to anybody but one of the things you'll find if your new listener. Is. The relationship that I that I've got with the folks who listening is absolutely. Unique. You mustn't ever buy in to the media narrative. That conservatives or conservative Terry and -- hate filled minority. Loathing -- Idiots. Because nothing could be further from the truth. I like people in general. I especially like people with the. I don't care what you look like work when it's your family came. How dark your skin is I couldn't hear these things are so immaterial to me like you're about. Doctor King said the contents of your characters. You know it's like you're about. Your ability to be circumspect. And non judgmental. About people. Who are quite the way you are. Or people who take amidst. And over the past few years I've also tried to be held a lot less judgmental about people. Some say it's because you don't have any moral compass. Well. I didn't exactly wake up this morning wondering how you felt about my moral compass it's just fine thank you very much. -- -- master control. Johnny Sherman juncture my neighbor is our calls regarding the upper right to -- out of the deep apology. What do you think. You might have to do I think yes -- my driveway for me. You know lot of -- -- the end of the driveway dude it's like ice seriously. Are let's get back to the calls folks this if you're just joining us. Too much wasted -- human potential in Western New York. I've heard so many inspirational stories today that you have to race in Cheektowaga. On WB and hello rich. I'd -- how -- -- this is a great show. And it's nothing new for you and I'm glad did you finally realizing that allowed your listeners are ready to stand with -- You know lot. I gotta tell you something I'm very intuitive and perceptive person. And I am not BS and you when I tell you that I felt -- I still feel below it has been. The strangest. Feeling and it means everything -- -- here. Now would you like to send me a thousand dollars. About how. What's that you wanna tell us a story about how you follow -- your destiny. Yes well you may have noticed that in many of the stories that you're here today. The bad news was first delivered between young -- by high school guidance -- Well when I was in high school they -- -- whole battery of you know aptitude tests and everything but -- what. Who here -- best suited for and I got called under the guidance counselors office and that there is kind of scratching his -- predictable you know -- Robin civil. I'd let you know when we run the numbers -- Occupation you're you're -- that is that -- war would be a high school guidance counselor. Well because I guess this is that a lot of people who fit into the act. Not were not well received -- a court. So of course is that in order for a long time you know -- counters that his reputation like it you don't like what those two -- -- -- and I just nervous. So why a lot out of an office and I was just -- has -- my rear end off and and I was not going to you know fall into that. They -- my high school guidance. Could occur about every story and happy ending. You know. I have to disagree rich I mean and believe me being part Asian I know a thing or two about happy endings now. As a high school guidance counselor do you think that somehow that is not a noble profession. If if if if if the what would you take the strong Campbell vocational inventory. -- -- -- -- and it's okay. So if that. -- -- Bet you had a lot in common with people who were happy being guidance counselors. What is there to be ashamed of or what is near to not like about your destiny. Well. You know. And you are most of the sky generated. And -- right now with putting these days peculiar position because what I am ashamed about it. Apple stories yes and I just told accused of try to get to the last. Well. I am generally this is serious and -- up the guidance counselor. All right -- you have a serious story about your destiny. I do because in high school. I was indeed told by many teachers including a guidance counselor. That I was incredible amount to much because. I graduated are ranked 225. -- -- 230 students and I was basically the -- -- died a little bit or Carl Custer words strong customer our roster with out of the equestrian abilities and and I had you. And probably without the sartorial splendor general Custer. And exactly. I. Try and try to -- in flowery language -- it is just punch and be right distance spots oh so what so what you. It up with with what that. Well I ended up with a very good job. Because basically my father believed in me and and pushed me along. I couldn't call your show the other day about -- because that's who he was to me and at -- very common thing but they act you have. Eight and great family a (%expletive) and I love every day and I can even go to high school reunion pin and hold my head high up. And I think you know. I think that -- it's important and I think this is a really good show that you. Well you know what are written it really does mean that really does mean a lot to me and I seriously am glad that you followed that your destiny and you sound. So happy. And so chipper here we are at 6:43 in the evening with a winter storm coming. And you work and you -- -- -- -- just completely at peace with himself and his life and -- -- -- Popular -- Well. In the words of not keep from boardwalk empire somebody said that I was looking forward to meeting you when he responds. Most people are until they do. Thank you very much and -- -- A -- thank you. He met with the guidance counselor so I can't really put it guidance counselors now either Ben Franklin or camp or used. Because. Everything they told me say they -- the people this is going to be a loser. -- -- -- The strong Campbell vocational inventory. And a I've not even sure they still administered after they still call it that. But it's said that the three top careers for your humble host. And they all give up pretty much equally number one radio station manager. Well I have no. Ability or desire to be a manager but radio station I do a lot of things you're -- -- could be considered management has on the show. And I thought it might act because it is that the Richard Baker to sell the other what was lawyer. I I would love to go to law school not to be a lawyer but just to no. End of a third one was. What was that all politicians. I guess gigolo sounds a lot better than sixth well he's you know exactly what you're getting 645. News radio 930 WB yen. I gotta tell this spokes I think this has been a hourly instant classic still plan to hear from you 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EM. It's 650 news radio I'm thirty WB -- and that -- early winter storm warning and starting at about 10 o'clock tonight the snow is gonna start flying. And you're gonna wanna keep it here to news radio 930 WB -- because tomorrow morning. The -- back and Susan rose morning show a couple of early news will be on the year with -- everything you need to know news traffic weather and then sandy beach nine to noon and will continue to keep up today. I doubt will preempt rush. Unless absolutely necessary but then I -- industry brings up from three until seven average and if we do will go live and local all -- to more. Because that's because that's what we do baby is what we do. From one quick thing I was going to mention and they seem to have forgotten exactly about that is. Him. Was gonna -- I hate that is alzheimer's really that. Is just might sometimes goes in a million different directions all at the saint. Alt crop. Was. A lot of dedicate this show. To my dear friends Darcy. And -- Dear ladies. And yes they are and yes they are conservative. And that they lost they're dear cat rock the other day. And if you think pet loss does not cause grief. You have no heart they're really broken up about it. And I just wanted to dedicate the ratio to -- And Darcy Darcy and -- haven't they can you guys all day long and have been thinking about rocked the cap. Especially since my cat Atlanta. Well I was asleep decided to dump an entire box of family history documents all down -- players in the middle of the night and to make matters worse I didn't even hear fall. I was just in deep Rem sleep -- -- a -- on WBBM ideal. -- and let me put that on day I had in high school teachers to light it can't. Went -- -- you want to be an auto mechanic. And -- -- he would be out sane and lucky lot college. And apparent that school I for their kids -- want -- is just terrible. He is not a mechanic it's a very good mechanic and he's making a living for himself. And teacher realized that -- -- out there at that kids to do people aren't going to do that we need to. They'll tell it and it's a college educated and and secondly. I don't doubt you ever elected to -- an education and I'm. I'm going into ninth grade. They invited it to its stock in where they're going subjects they -- And don't need. Mechanic taking -- in chemistry and biology. Up -- that that was they went. Debate the call that was the input this for the show I brought that up the the German educational system and how they wisely. Don't pretend that that everybody is born with equal abilities because we are not. It -- and it's amazing and that's what we can't try and emulate here and maybe their kids would stay cool. And the intricate and they want want to do now what that teacher that I didn't count trick or telling them to get. You know what really alarms me -- about your phone call. Is the idea that eight guidance counselor or teachers actually looked down. Upon somebody with skills -- fixing automobiles. I actually sat in a guidance to bounce it off at one might sound at first it looked like on the navy man and chip and and you're circle on the paper on it what you wanna do go round and round and round in the middle the ocean doing a lot. -- And key at a future -- -- but that it should not have to fight your kids to do what they want. I'm in -- everybody's got you know -- job out there you've got service people -- extra starter rich supply route drivers. The mechanic. You need that. Yeah right we do. These what these. Guidance counselors like that when their car breaks down just anybody coming off the street and do it and -- gonna leave you with one thought talking about different abilities -- I. -- all due respect you know I'm pretty damn good at Shakespeare. And a pretty good at relating Shakespeare to modern life. And comparing Shakespeare in Hamlet two Michael Corleone in the godfather -- I wouldn't have a clue how to fix your car. Your son. May not know anything about Shakespeare but together we make the world a better place because he's got his abilities I've got -- And he's got -- was a month. Well I'm out of time on. Our IQ. All right folks I think -- this as an honest to goodness -- This show is inspired me. You guys have inspired me -- soul land we did this as a topic and I hope we re run over the weekend. Well thank Joseph Bieber after control and John Sherman call screener. And I'm gonna leave you with two words of advice. That really should resonate with you today. No yourself. --

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