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2-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon you would rate. For. Us and a whole movement. -- -- -- -- The law the and upload it. -- we have to pass the bills so that you can you know. Find out what is in it about yeah oh well it's not my responsibility. But if you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready if nothing -- -- short on the island. Didn't do well -- witness. He's -- 930 you've seen. -- new layout is inevitable. It's much. He -- he needed one more time if ever our game guy evidently. Going to say. Joe's gotta I've got a daughter anybody I know is that the same goal for the past month and -- I guess -- Garros it is worth the huge huge net so. And complain too much alike that it's. Of something year old girls this will not so good. Then. I thank you thank you -- you now. Every now and again folks. -- please understand your new listener to the show and you're expecting a normal talk show didn't. You come to the wrong colors. None and because there's a school of thought that. If you're doing a talk show every topic have got to be political because people will lift the don't talk radio all they want to politics. I have never believe that and I will never believe that. Politics is a huge part. Of life. But not the only part of life. And if you become model a model maniacal about anything. And if you look at overly focused on one thing is gonna ensure legal. So I try to branch out and do life stuff I'd say lifestyle stuff. But. I won't be Jamaica for a few weeks so anyway we're talking about. Joseph -- are gonna say that it tries to hide it but I received start the smirk but anyway. Here's the deal folks we coal. A few weeks ago I don't even know when it came. Time to be it is just like a bowler sometimes. And we started talking about the American educational system and I went into my desk hand. Great word by the way Richard the third Shakespeare. Opening scene scene one act one that's camp anyway. Went in to. My little spiel about the American education system. And please understand I'm not bashing teachers I'm not that hopes. -- For the most part head phenomenal teachers in the Canton school district and UB for that -- Couple of people who had no business teaching but not better shots. And it dawned on me during a conversation about. One size fits all education and what a stupid concept that is. It it dawned on the many of you who are in your twenties and thirties or forties or fifties how leaving your sixties. You may be living your life. Without ever. Realize. Your destiny and I mean realizing both in the cognitive cents and in the do we cents. And I happen to believe. And maybe I'm naive. That's fine have been called worse. By better I happen to believe. That each of us. Has some. Purpose. That we have some. Value. That we have some destined. That we are to fulfill. I really thank. That many lives have been squandered it and wasted. Because. People gave up after school. After they were told what -- failure they would be. Because they drop out of geometry. Or trigger an archery or calculus. Were English. I would love to find out. What you were epiphany waters -- did you realize if you're one of people. Who was supposed to be a failure. Or or your child ones. When they realize that that wasn't the case. That they have something to offer. That they could bring passion dissent. That they could make their own way in the world and all positive difference to put some good dollars in their pockets or purses. I think every one of us can do that. But you can't buy in to other people's narratives other view that you are going to fail. You know in my case I was supposed to fatal because in the third grade I couldn't do a poll up. Like that's the worst thing in the world right. That I couldn't jump rope because my motor skills weren't developed I was gonna be a failure in life. -- Lift the stay. Off the mark. But it'll also blocked there's a reason that happened. There's a reason I was holed that in elementary school. So that 45 years later I can come on the radio and say don't listen to people like that. Because there's something wrong would then there's the wrong with the -- All of you listening to my voice right now. Have a talent. Have an ability. And have a passion. And just a brief personal sought. And it is let's. I always knew that I would be doing something like Venus. Always when when I was three years old. I knew I'd be doing something like this. We're -- I didn't know much it suck at it but I would be. I don't know why. I just did it. Not everybody is our guest says in tune. If you will. And if you're not there's no judgment here folks. We all come to different places at different times in our lives. -- we make that change. -- -- It'll thrilled -- thirty. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yen and that might -- going to be next but before I go back to buy it I just I need to say something. Couple of people of mention the Williams -- schools and the -- program alternative instructional. Model. Both my son. And that Alex rice went beer. Both of them absolutely brilliant. I mean seriously Alex you know you know or is the victim. You don't realize how how driven she was with a passion for design and our. You don't realize how Smart she won a talker few times on the fall she is a brilliant young girl. My son wrote a paper on Hamlet. They actually statistically analyze deceiving plagiarized and he didn't. Here -- Taylor wants and he wrote -- -- better than anything -- a year written about it what under Shakespeare expert. But that's that that was the beauty of Williams bill alternative instructional model my son was -- up big time at Williams also. He went to -- it was like his whole world changed around for the better. So kudos to the way -- is -- schools I gotta tell you I know is a radio talk show host I'm supposed to hate the public schools but I can't. Mike get all my -- up. Almighty. That's unfortunate you're gonna be next. All right let me hear your call 8030930. I want you to inspire. Your fellow listeners we've had some great calls today. And you know what are the things to about knowing your destiny early -- for having a sense for your destiny. I just don't remember getting a letter from -- or east. Complaining about how sake I was geometry. And I remember my father opening it it was a Saturday before we let the tents. And -- -- yell at me because I didn't do well at geometry. I was doing and half. And I should that you don't get it. Geometry means nothing to me it is not relevant to my life and what I'm going to -- Well that was a good answer for him. Believe it wasn't a good answer for him. But I or is gonna -- Act like now in development WB and hello Michael thank you for holding through my monologue. There -- certain fixed. Just sit short story I have Tucson medical. Atwater guess you have her old order and higher than the other. But. Beyond this one was basically street border -- school. And he took a lot of grief for his teacher. They treated terrible. In. What has happened wars. Four months before graduation he actually quit school he just couldn't take it anymore. So -- out after the -- Lawrence. I'm listening yes that don't be alarmed by the clicking -- it does that every time we take a new call and it has for the last ten years but they'll fix it someday. They aren't so well. Settled for a couple months. Contrary to figure out what you gonna do -- there's life in the -- days that we did visitor recorder or crawl. And sure a couple -- -- -- darker recesses of this table that was 84. And four months later he was in the -- -- And he's a staff sergeant. Even a career out of the army. Yes she did it yes she did in April all of what percent higher than the other but that little guy. He just made me so proud because. I mean being. -- over saint like I do skateboarders. And that he would come in this school campus skateboarding. And long here this and the teacher has more work. Humiliated. That's that my first thought when you said he quit high school for months before graduation. Sometimes kids are afraid to grow up. Colleges see this a lot just before somebody's gonna get a degree suddenly they go off the deep end and they never end -- getting the degree it's almost like a year of growing up or a fear of seeing that light at the end of the tunnel and having to assume the full cloak and mantle of a ball. But then when it's -- that your son joins the united states army. I. That definitely was not that uphold affirmative Mike because my question do you know what you think about this during traffic -- late whether real quick. My question you news. Why did he not finish high school yet he was ready to be grown enough to join the army ponder that and I want an answer when I come back from -- Harris and traffic at twenty minutes after five -- Our I have a friend thank you very much and as far as AccuWeather is concerned it. Here's the deal all make it quick as promised. A significant winter storm. Honest way tonight it'll hit about 10 o'clock and we'll go through tomorrow so set your alarm about an hour early. And that -- be ready to shovel things out. 24 degrees at WB -- let me get back to Mike in adult and new York and Mike. Do you have any theories as to why your son. You know didn't wanna get his high school. Diploma yet. Shortly after declining to graduate. He joined in the arm because usually the excuse is people are ready to grow up that's not the case in your son's situation. On actually semi ballistic and run it -- waiter talked about it during the breaks are. Throughout the course of the year. As great city teachers. Are at war with teachers and they did -- -- work in Seoul is great. Throughout the year. At a certain point. Key regional hole but he couldn't get how he worked -- credit to -- -- I'm sure that he would payroll in his mind. What are failure. Did what orders or another year. So it's almost like if I may if I may take a presumption with where this is going it's almost like for him joining the army was like being able to hit the restart button on his wife with a clean slate and look what he studies of staff sergeant who's made a career of defending our country. Yes sir and -- It quite good earlier that year they had a panel of advantage in school. And he -- her stall so. She start play in the -- -- all your role play that you want me here where anything on the drops. History after the battle of the pitch -- -- -- -- Metallica's aren't actually. And that's during that battle of the payers everything what good city where it became an. But you got about ten seconds ten seconds. Okay here's teachers stood up. Or at what is what is teachers stood up and they're all out -- never realized it. My car or drop out of my check sort and count me richest. In all sorts it was great. My all I can say. -- -- I just listening to the pride in your voice I'm -- your son and please I give a firm handshake and a manly hug and a solid thank you from the entire Bauerle audience for wearing the uniform very much appreciated. You're hearing WB. You last time. This black children and sleep do. -- we get green. Yeah. There -- Okay. You know I'm new. Playing. A. Me. It's. On me it's hard news and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neither of them wannabe governor of New York State. Hello. It's 535. And -- 930 WBE. And we are doing inspirational. Radio today because. It is about time. Because I believe. Very strongly. Russia's alluded to this from time to remember ever doing it -- -- Devoted to others but. Wasted it humanly. Potential. People. Who do not understand. Their destiny into why isn't too. Teachers. And others telling them they would be nothing but abject failures. Because they didn't get algebra. Or geometry or they couldn't write a good essay in English class. Folks. Never let others define you. Don't allow them to. And for that. You need to find strength within yourself. And hopefully a supportive -- Let's get back to the calls on WB -- this is Maggie in beautiful barker New York -- Have you had an epiphany and have you found or deaths Indy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of the same thing but that aren't well. Better get your mouth -- there where you speak to the microphone and this term as speaker LA. I like your topic. And thank you for taking my pop. As a teenager in high school I attic I can count where -- I actually told me -- are mean that I was back art and not to go to college. And I chose the -- going to I don't panic -- about. -- did expect to hear and they -- airport. And I was -- for forty years. When I was a little girl I really wanted to be hurt my Matt street tire Wear and I don't want that -- to be like her. But that required how it and move and I looked Hollywood there -- -- -- -- I did not. And right away. Have probably. Had about eight hill and I fight for her book for new York and I got it dead. And from the air. I turned turned and under a banner and her tiny ear. And after that crabby about eight or later I went back her -- Actually army is degree I greatly that point eight average. And the other -- -- I agree and I went I -- city. And I graduated at the right at the center. And an answer and as well he's still here and I'm 40 am and now there are at hand out. -- up to that how it's and make it as Andrea went straight and enhance current. And -- -- -- greener. And I graduated again at the app but my -- And with a four point and that was the line -- young people they structural. You don't sound Asian. And our heads at -- have a little fun little ethnic joke which I am allowed to tell. Problem -- the thought and the dream and the vision. Then at some point maybe even with your master's degree in nursing the opportunity may just very well present itself. For -- the command as -- patient. And for you to have the chance to do eight this impact but without -- You know lack I was actually -- -- -- kind of general nurse practitioner. And one who might Berry burst. A gap that I had was in and black art and let the countered that told me that. Quite a bit golfing buddies turned out to be one of my Asia. And just in general campers face and I told him I went Eric Parker high school and he told me that it is the city as well as I think I didn't counter that and tell you that the yeah I expect it and I said you know -- you tell I don't appreciate. Not all -- names because I don't feel like dealing with -- anymore lawyers and I've dealt with over the past couple of months. Snow -- it -- all the right that we are bigger ball and bodies you know lack. Market generic earnings of something and I've got my master's degree you know the whole thing and and I went through its school with my beautiful children out of work and make answered my 23 -- and I did well in airports and two spot fires that little new -- -- at all. And I could have done it without the work out and -- they've. Well you know what would you think about your life though are at 47 years old you surge in the United States here force you have degrees out the union. And it. You're happy with what you do and had a chance to basically tell. The old guidance counselor vicariously through his golfing buddy that he was a -- It doesn't get better than that. Well actually it does if you would have to install a -- -- catheter into him at some point but that would be wrong. All right I gotta go thank you. Exactly what I'm looking for folks exactly looking for. -- the goal here. This almost makes me sound like a liberal. The goal here is there have to be people listening to my -- right now. And it is late teenagers 20s30s 40s60s. We're looking for their destiny. Who've always wanted to live their destiny once they find. Maybe that's you. And maybe some of these stories you've got to think it about. Where you wanna be. And how you're gonna get there. It's your life you don't get. A second chance. You do not get a sect you can't hit the restart button on your life. Time is a cruel and relentless driver. And it's gonna go alone. Whether you're happy you're -- Let's go back to the calls on the WB yen. As say hello to Brian in buffalo -- on the -- Want to do it when I was in green school. A lottery right now because. When you feature. -- and but. I want to. Wait are we talking about post. Oh my gosh -- -- -- Jimi Hendrix LL. Yeah. I know that. Future goals. Well they're going after you know learning what. It is that that. -- former -- regret that today. Never really tried I answered all our bottom lefty. Never play guitar. -- do is I really hope. That your -- today. It is nature of the mine my two girls from China. Featured topic in these kids. That your neighbors are furcal to order. Some some man which would say year year and next you know. He entered Munich over -- -- no wonder. Why it becomes law. Quote should not -- I am so glad you brought that up -- mental illness has always been one of my pet causes going back to the 1980s. And I think about the people and I'll -- -- few people who have been through anorexia and believe India and other eating disorders. And to say that it is sheer hell not only for the young women because it's generally women but their families is understated. And what is -- tragedy is when these young women turned into their thirties in the -- are losing T. Because of the stomach acid in the corrosive effect in the enamel and but. I'm so glad you brought that up man -- and as far as -- teacher telling you that you never be a left handed guitar player. If only -- just retorted with -- you could have said -- Samuel L. Jackson and all major reports. Paul McCartney Jimi Hendrix. -- know all of them. No no you know you're dumb you just didn't know you're ignorant and there's a difference between dumb and ignorant. I'm ignorant about a lot of stuff on -- -- Neither are user are you. Great call thank you so much in and really thanks for bringing up what coaches say about -- not the right body type because seriously. Eating disorders -- Yet they have my sister in Washington former Miss America. And bothered me well. Let's just let's just leave that alone -- and that's a little more information my generally would like to hear on such a private issue but the thank you very much. Alright -- note thank you and you know it's kind of funny because back in may. When my brother and I were inducted into the -- performing arts hall of fame one of the guys with whom we were inducted was Lou we're -- a great music teachers. And my brother had always told the story about how mr. variety told him. Told my brother -- that -- had absolutely. Zero. Musical aptitude. And of course you -- but some of my brother made it into the buffalo music hall of fame has a song in the movie space balls. And has played in more bands and is eight guitar virtuoso but. And that's that's not a slam undisturbed or Rudy it was not there when my brother said it from the stage was done and in good -- -- good spirit and another ship. -- it is out. Which is more than I would have mustered a failure and it is 546 and who's ready at 930 WB yep I hope that you guys are finding the show is valuable as inspirational. As I am. Because I have to tell -- something. I think we've got something here and I think that we've had to -- -- instant classics in a row yesterday and today and I'm gonna keep this going. Because I think this might be some of the most important radio I've ever freaking done on WB yeah. I've got the event pushed long coming out ever -- -- -- -- candidates. Does that count -- speaking a second language. And that without going into great -- hail it as you know we have -- Coming our way and the first flights ought to start -- the minute I shake my dandruff but then after that about 10 o'clock tonight. We should get the first snowflakes and anywhere from six inches to twelve pages and of course we here at WB -- we're here to help panic. At that you know we're here to help get you through the store we've got a gazillion times you've got -- second Susan rose in the morning you get sandy beach nine -- -- I you've got your humble host. Three until seven if we have to we'll put people -- overnight I mean we've got this thing down to a science now the one thing we get to advise you to do. Is. Top up your gas tank to a tonight one less thing you got to do tomorrow. Austin and make sure you get gloves in your car make sure -- -- -- out of -- prepared I guess is what Wednesday. And what that what you need to do. Take your cell phone and you're gonna send -- three texts one of them will simply say the word news. One of them will simply say the word whether. One of them will simply say the word traffic. Three separate texts sent those words to 39303930. And then you essentially get news the second week yet. It's via text alert system from WB Ian dot com and it has been enormously big -- -- you guys and were frankly very happy that you like it so much because. We put a lot of work into it. I didn't wearing your -- that's like. Let's get back to the calls on WB here is. In -- port. -- have you a story of inspiration. For us after being told that you were gonna be nothing but you injure. Yes sir I do and Tom big -- first time caller. However. I was told in data by -- guidance counselor -- in the early eighties that while you really not that proficient in math. You're not really good -- -- model that can to a community college or oppose these programs. Are okay. Not set well as it turned out. I am now a pilot. Sport pilot but I have. Mobley ratings but I'm a diabetic so I can't fly other. Whether it's about product when you say sport pilot. You're one of these guys who get into those souped up planes like 500 horse power and does those amazing feats in the year. We now know I don't know I don't know. That -- I can fly with one passenger. That's I can't fly commercially or anything else you -- -- instrument rating multi underwriting and and so wanted to. All of that's awesome -- -- JFK junior as you know I mean he had more airplane that he can handle. Well and didn't work out it worked worked out of that as well as a trip to Dallas for his dead but too soon aren't. What do you do but anyways. IE I learned a lot of trades. Through my years and I become. Position and -- trip I've become proficient and wanting to was journeyman electrician. And are almost always in skydiver. And a -- plane pilot. And for everybody that said you can understand mat -- don't get it very well. Well you know as well but I do that becoming a pilot may have is a big part of what you do. And understanding where you are how to compute things. On the run. Well I will add though in fear in him in all honesty I do not have my pilot's license I'm still in that learning phase I was waiting for my kids to be old enough so at least if I bought it in a crash they'd at least be rich. Well -- ago but you know. Something else to set -- what the talk forty but I need to get to my I effect don't go anywhere I want talk you more could you sound like quite the -- -- WB yeah.

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