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2-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBBM. And he would rate. Hold to. An end. -- Well look. It up. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. It's -- yeah. -- -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. About our brilliant move him from doing that -- These -- and I'm thirty. I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. -- don't have lots of two and a five month. As our lady's radio thirty WB and welcome to the program I'm here that we might have a little bit of fun with contents today. I had this feeling it tomorrow is going to be all traffic all weather all day I hope I'm wrong. -- -- were geared up for that we do. I've got a -- wingers -- kind of a vehicle that will give him from African Antarctica where he lives to the radio station. And you know that's we we just for the city beach. Well if you think about it folks. All of the people here have vehicles that are almost guaranteed to get used to work in the snow and John Sherman. -- -- -- Excuse boy no excuse my boy meet Marco. Through to not be here tomorrow because -- my neighbor and you can always -- with Tom real well. John -- ministers I didn't even know until a few weeks ago now. -- in jail. I want to do something that is very important to me and I hope it is important to you. Because we can't call you last lost week or the week before. About our education system and how they do a better in Europe in the -- we do here in the United States. And I went off on it. Actually it was a controlled -- liquor control over at the US Forest Service might be engages department larger -- But. Ladies and Joseph let me just explain. The American educational system. And why it's arts. We pretend. That are. In this country. Has equal abilities at all things. And we tried to make a one size fits all educational. Scheme. Ladies and gentlemen. Life isn't like that. Now you have heard me and -- -- what I have got to sing the praises of Williams all schools. And it and I -- -- I will start to cry if I think about this too much. They have something. Through which Alex rice went after which my -- went into which. Alternative instructional. Model. Game. Four kids is the public schools like south just. It's just they just were cut at Vegas were -- The aim program. It will -- schools. My son flourished. In. Because it was designed for more creative thinkers Alex was a creative thinker. My son is a creative thinker. He read Hamlet once. He wrote an. Essay on it that was so good they put it through a statistical analysis that to figure out whether or not plagiarized which he. He he does an op -- an end and that's on Hamlet that is better after one reading everything I could written on him. And the alternative instructional model at the way of -- schools. I owe you a debt of gratitude. That I can never fully -- So they are exempt from my criticism of our educational system because they -- They get it. Now. I wonder how many have you. Were told in school. That because you didn't quite fit into the one size fits all educational model. That you would be a failure. Anybody out there. -- players on the I was. Elementary school. It is just the stupidest things your -- life right. I. Will never forget. Being told by a gym teacher. That because I couldn't to a single poll up in the third grade. That I was going to be some kind of a failure in life. Because I couldn't do a single -- Because I couldn't jump -- I didn't have the coordination at that point it didn't have the motor skills to jump rope what he wanted to say. I will never. Let that go. Not because of myself. Because. Well. I don't have that in me to hold bitterness. I pay people to express my editors but what I was gonna say is better. I don't hold bitterness. And what -- -- guys though is. Too many children. Are told at young ages. Forced. Dozens. That they are going to be in years. You couldn't get through geometry. Our failure to understand the future belongs to the math in the sciences. You'll or failure. Wants you can't do it for economic. -- an -- you're going to fail. And that of course there -- people -- say you can't write a simple paragraph in English. What's wrong with if it can't. You're going to affairs. Ladies and gentlemen. I got a place. For as much good as is done by or schoolteachers. And I think. I've expressed myself and my love of many of my teachers over the years you know I'm not somebody who. I'm considered -- nice to have them with an active teachers unions this isn't about that. OK I have a track record of praising my teachers. Only two teachers I ran into bad. I thought and still believe had no business teaching little kids. Okay. But. When I think about all of the waste of the talent listening to my show. And this radio station. Wasted talent because you bought into the lot. Somebody else told about you. It makes me wanna puke. I wonder how many of you felt defeated before he even got the junior high -- middle school. I wonder how many if you lost interest in school. And high school. Because you were told well you don't do this well -- sock you might as well just -- yourself because you can't do calculus. I'm using a hyperbolic example. I'm really interested in knowing if that is you. Because I want to argue that the -- but for the grace of god it could have been me. I always had that thing inside myself. And IE to this day I don't know from. We're okay. And it was this inner belief in destiny. It was this inner belief in confidence it was this inner belief in my abilities in certain areas. And I always know even in junior high school. I was never gonna be an engineer. I was never going to be a scientist I would not be working NASA designing space shuttles the blow up I would never be doing anything like that. I knew at an early age that I would not be doing those things. Therefore why waste my time and effort on them. Do you how many shows have done in thirty years on -- monitoring. Then how about nine. And zero it's irrelevant to me. Now it may not be irrelevant to fuel and I'm not bashing you if it is relevant to you. Just not relevant. And as -- told you guys a zillion times the irony for me. And and again it's irony yet it also makes its. Surprisingly. Advanced statistics. And UB I kicked us. Now I just ponder the irony of this -- And -- this is not a show about me. I'm setting it up this way for a reason. Do you realize I quit. Mr. Frederick's geometry class. Because I sucked it geometry and I knew I was wasting my time. Wasn't her fault. I just wasn't equipment that's what I think is not my bat really. And at -- in order to graduate. -- the -- advance the district's. Social researching methods. And I don't wanna brag. But. -- devastated those courses. You know life. How about because they -- all relevant. They've got something. Because if you are going to do a talk show. -- you're going to be involved in the media if you're going to be -- all the advertising or any of the related fields. You have to be able to understand holes that come. You have to be able to have a grasp of random samples. And how you construct a social research project you have to know that otherwise you're you're gonna get. You're gonna get lied to and deceived by what your rebate. And I'm indebted to my. -- Indian and Chinese statistics and social research methods teachers that you. Are telling him that -- right. And this is going outlook I gotta relate this to you because this is not the top autobiography. That would be kind of boring. Actually would be rather license used to. But I can't go there now. -- 030930. Is the poll numbers start 930 and 180616. WB EM how -- sake can't you present but. I'll say that word for different. Right now let's go to traffic at a man hoosiers got a save your energy for tomorrow and I got a preview it like a big bag -- trail mix what is -- 869 Apollo no wegmans anyway. My whole oil you're gonna need it tomorrow my friend. And you know I just that feeling that somebody's gonna do something stupid soon so if you -- up yet other than my show. But if you see a major major major traffic situation one that turns into a genuine Mongolian clusters. Which you wanna do is caller traffic hotline at 80303218030321. That's for major traffic stuff only. Now we have a significant winter storm on the way for tonight and tomorrow. The snow comes about 10 o'clock tonight and overnight the temperatures will be in the twenties tomorrow is when we get all the fun for the drive him and probably for right now is well anywhere from six to twelve inches so. LP of -- and it's just guys -- at least now it's not the end of the world south African apocalypse but it's just another sort of snowstorm on top of what we already have. And it's 24 degrees at news radio 930 WB yet. By the way I need to pick -- the radio station a little bit because we here at WB yen there's a reason why we're successful in addition to me and sandy beach. The the reason is because we keep in touch with you guys on the important stuff. Now you've got a cell phone right. Do you want traffic alerts the minute the poop hits the fan do you want news alerts the minute something breaks do you want. Weather alerts the minute something happens here's all you have to do. Just send three texts to its 3930. That's 3930. One text should say news. Sent then sent us another text traffic. Then send us one more text whether. And every time relevant news breaks. You are gonna get a pretty much the second I get. And that saved a lot of people a lot of aggravation. And it saved my bacon a few times that I work year. So the number to taxed 3930. Thirty 930. And by the way we don't Sanjay irrelevant stuff we're very cognizant of the fact that dead -- -- you've got busy lives and we don't wanna be the boy -- cries wolf. So while. Did mention it to seem like good time. All right folks. My question you issues. Were you -- the square peg they tried putting in the round hole. And how. Did you overcome. The stupidity. Of the one size fits all American educational. System. Because I respect people. -- know at an early age where there abilities are and where they ain't. And a lot of -- up. Some of the most successful people and our reunions for -- or east class in 1981. Are the people you least would have expected. Sir if they had talents. They just didn't learn in school. Aren't I can't wait to hear your phone calls I need inspiration don't US. Richard you are calling -- now 8030930. Its hourly a WB Ian. It's. Okay. The. All right memo to local bands can we play and have all the little less of the predictable scattered song gimme three steps and a little more songs like -- on the or perhaps working for MCA. I have just one simple requests. And that has to have sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their foreheads. I also have another request you guys need to learn some more scattered. Are right -- for 34 news radio 930 WB -- -- my body -- Bieber is a master controls and John Sherman. My body to John and my neighbor John German is our call screener. And the fact that there were neighbors had zero to do with his getting the job the fact of the matter is I don't recommend people for jobs unless they -- competent the I like that. I mean you know you can be my kid and I would recommend you if you -- competent and -- it like right right. Our Sola in John you got the jet I had nothing to do with you getting that I recommended. End of story. Now it is -- -- and Chelsea by the way she's pursuing perjury which is alternative music so it's win win forever now. It is hourly with you. And we're talking about. How the American educational system I happen to think is screwed up. Because it pretends that everybody. Is equal in all things and I wonder how many folks listening to be right now who believe bad. Well this system what you now. Because some more and teacher along the way and I love teachers please understand I'm not the one of the station it's always bashing teachers OK I'd love. Most of my teachers. So understand. But there are some. Who have no business teacher. And to tell somebody that they're going to be a failure in life. Because they can't teleport. Or jump world. Or because they drop out geometry. Really. I don't know what planet they live on but it -- planet real. We all and here's the point I wanna make and here's where I want your import and your inspiration. Folks. Call me -- I've been called a lot worse especially lately but call me naive. But I happen to believe. That each and every one of -- listening to me right now on the radio. Has -- talent. And ability and interest a lot of passion. That can make your life a million times better and one that you can turn into cash and profit and have a helmet I'm doing. That's what I believe. In some weird way I hate to say it goes this makes me sound -- it. I always knew what my destiny was going to be I always knew I'd be doing something like this relive. Always always there. Some people. Maybe it takes a little longer. -- 03 on my thirty start I'm 3180616. WB EN. Letting go to locate the yen at buffalo Katie tell me your story. -- -- -- -- -- Let's put up the -- tell -- your story. Relatable story I -- I I -- basically. Our. Tiny. Very -- and you know. The -- in order. 08. You know everybody. In. LA -- right. I hear it. -- I hate to interrupt you I -- after you're you're using Bluetooth archer. I hit it -- error that much that. Area you can used a phone speaker is going to be a lot better I have told you how much I deplore Bluetooth. -- artsy you you've basically found yourself in the situation where you felt like a failure he didn't know where you were going and I'll pick up the story from there. Right on how I had that I thought that I would actually Geithner -- -- ADHD. Bridge. Ali you know that gave me an act. Education is not you know fifteen are very -- -- -- and I think -- this -- and get back. Our children aren't all that day. -- It helped me out if you do this and think like at that I would dare create that I was very good at art. I it's chilly -- -- I'm a crap to me GB on the year. And beat her. Yeah I'm kind of running short on time I need to ask you one very distinct question and it is -- Where in the did you realize your destiny and what is it. It's great. But I was going to be -- -- and I will be graduating that would agree wit and not thought out. I can't think -- And realize this and fifth grade and let me guess life husband and children got in the way. I not I eighty I and try get married in July. All are and me -- home and I am doing very well -- -- out doing internship. And going to school and I've been saying that. I'll I'll -- and look at 88 very strong interest at children's educational. And I think that. Katie Katie and I. Maybe I'm a much I I got to go to traffic and I'd I'd I'd sometimes I wanna take the makers of Bluetooth and put across my knee and slap them in the nannies. But. I understand most of what you said. And your story is in fact inspirational to me because you found your desk and think about that. You know your destiny and so only people go through lives. And they gave up when they were thirteen years. Would you do it you're gonna break out. You want. You don't want -- parents argued I've we gotta get these hand signals -- editor. Let's go to because it would be impossible to have a switch that would just you know here is. I get a hand signal region has this one. And -- -- are here is that it was built on WP. IWB and Kim you are on hello. After -- -- -- -- -- That until every day at Iowa and calm you are so inspirational. And we have a lot and what I -- it stabilized. I would want other ones like he's saying that square peg that they tried to put through the round circle in Denmark for me I grow up and away you go there -- highlights. I like to Italy's. There was -- a program when I was younger which I -- their lives. I can tell you that as a middle aged 1 and now I am a successful businesswoman and I don't sound business apps are 22 years. Eleven I'm my own at my husband passed away. And I had two children my children and provide to each other -- to a bomb went to -- in the and I can't speak highly enough about -- -- wish that it went in there for me. IA and -- that people -- Smart but I'm very street Smart. But I always think to myself how likely that sword and I can't education behind me I'll regret. By like you say about everybody doesn't learn the same and I would one of those that didn't learn like everybody out secure uprisings student. You know they were right behind you ready to push you wouldn't did you go in but it can add things that are holding it back they -- you you thought that it cracked. Yes. OK now I just I have a question for when he graduated high school. Did you get your -- eventually. Well well look I'm look no judgment here -- I over the past few years I've become a whole lot less judgmental of people my job. And for obvious reasons but anyway. Well -- supported. They look up support of people when nobody else would and I'm frankly glad that I have. But let me just ask you this at what point did you have your -- and at what point did you realize what you -- destiny was. And did you say screw all you teachers who told me I was never going to amount to anything this is my destiny and this is what I'm gonna pursue and I'm gonna be successful. I don't play that. Dropped my life everything that I've gone through I -- made me for me made me stronger. And when I got that -- -- my first band. And some of the -- and he gave me telling me things like well you know somebody to ever happen to me you can run -- that's which kind of what he did pass. -- ran through my mind I can do that site and that was probably people thought I mean I was like at least likely to six -- you know I think south. I am just learning listening having a foundation was probably one of the biggest thing that I had some of the -- Family that you -- and I am about Italian heritage. And. -- had family just so were cleared to store clerk. UN family that when you were Richard darkest moments actually stood behind you and did not turn their backs on you and and and yet translated who's up and -- -- I had a wonderful what that at a wonderful foundation and an uncertain how that. My camera -- self employed so I got to learn how to deal with people particularly you know decrypt it all becomes the ball. I think what you say yeah I have Tanzania was. Probably. Understanding gaining confidence that I can do it. And I think when people understand that. You know they can do whatever they put their heart to and they have to have a drive and determination that deal at -- -- will do it. Passion you gotta have the passion. You have to have the fire. Act you have their desire and that's that's an absolutely. Bomb a lot. Kim -- I know that we've we've never met but I would extend a big hug and love to you. You know get it and are exactly the kind of story -- Are doing because I don't care what anybody says about -- pop some well. You're yeah I know you personally but just from listening to you and your passion. I wish there were more people like god it was their market that are faster and not stand up and yell and scream at about what's going on in our government. And you know what I'm talking about. Well I know one thing I've never doubted is the one thing I've ever doubted at least for very long is is myself. Or implied. Corporate I've never doubted expect government -- -- that. I'm amber series remembering -- call it's up for 46 at news radio 930 WBBM. Folks I'll reset the table if I need to but. Basically I have an issue -- educational system it came up and call a few days ago few shows back. Where we try to protect everybody's the same. Everybody learns the same way and everybody has equal abilities at all things I wonder how many tragic stories there are. May be people listening to my voice right now you're in your middle age and you've never even lived. Because you're counted yourself out of the game. Because of what some. Bush day teacher told -- back in 1975. 8030 -- there. There are ready gang there hopefully drive home continues to go well for you about these. Gray clouds and steal the winters not to be confused with Steely Dan here's Alan Harris. The pipes Mandy they will break -- three days at the most inopportune times. AccuWeather for a small the National Weather Service says that significant winter storm -- On the way for tonight and tomorrow yup it's a warning it's flying and nervous I was gonna hit tonight about 10 o'clock. And by the time everything is said and done anywhere from six to twelve inches depending on where you war. The high 26 tomorrow the overnight low tonight in the twenties still 24 degrees -- news radio 930. WB EN it is hourly with you on the radio and you know. Believe it or not. I I got a lot of inspiration. From callers. And I want to hear from those -- you. Who went through the school system may be public maybe private out well and basically you were counted out of the game. Before even had a chance to grow up you were poll -- you're going up say -- you're going to be on user. And you showed. How do you show and what did you realize you're destined. And if you're gonna have a destiny you've got to be passionate about it because if you cannot be passionate about something you cannot succeed at it. Let's go to. Susan in -- for next up on WBM hello Susan. Hang out I'm I've got to land to -- panel land back at school and her guidance counselor had told her. And he was counted material states he should get it -- eight. And he had kids. When was this 1888. She's gonna should you've taken a job on the Erie Canal loading lumber at the doctoral. Yeah I asked. Act he worked for a couple of years and he announced he says -- I'm going to be -- she didn't know anybody. She kept up with that how little you trail on Matt Painter -- -- cat he worked. And he eventually went to George Washington University. She ended up with a very successful business. And he. -- facts ma'am I've always wanted to take my W two informants like I didn't tank -- an -- if he makes the six figure income like I do. I she -- If the guys still alive she should. He'd probably get bank now concede at at a school 37. Thirty some years. Yeah because some. -- I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but when I bought my brief first high end German sports car I did parking outside my old gym teacher's house -- -- more often -- drive off. I had it was something I had that I I had to do it. Like he everything told that this is likely to pay what it -- counselor told Sadler. In week couldn't get her to -- talent -- Okay and she's not college material she graduates from George Washington university and may I. -- in general terms the business in which she found her passed. He bad lay out -- major -- -- -- all the magazines together they ever on the agriculture -- pictured -- -- like that can make things. Now given the state of the magazine industry has she also changed into a more digitally platform. Or -- more digital platform. Yeah yeah well good because you gotta do it otherwise you know magazines Thursday's. It in the -- keep explaining at least they're -- perhaps going to an independent. Then to do it and how. Congratulate your daughter for us. I do every day that we -- yeah. I'm so proud of for a number matter I'm sure but this. Again these are exactly the stories I want. Because I really think that this show in this topic today can change lives and really really believe that. And I'm not but. I don't -- I don't wanna make this more that it is it's a really New. York stories. Communicated to the right people were indeed of the inspiration right now. I hope will change lives for the better. I can know what you -- don't have to do you react if parents who are encouraging you. We can all my ground you can be anything you whack you may have to work hard for -- that you can do. And Nate. -- I'll done. They've all been very successful in their businesses. Well a good job mom and I'm sure we'll talk to you again soon give your best give my best to your daughter. All right again folks this is what it's all about. How did you show on that you really want a failure. In school. That you did have a destiny. At the teachers. Actually misjudged. On WB yeah.

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