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2-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE yeah. I wore us down upon you would rate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go wrong. And upload it. That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is in it. But it's not my responsibility but if you got -- your already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a there really isn't -- nothing like a short. -- -- -- Excuse me while I witnessed. -- -- 930 you've seen the new layout is inevitable. It's not. -- of the union people. Summertime he added I think I ever have any kind of shape. Yeah -- know if the drugs of any shell -- a girl but he says. The radio I'm happy. Today we're at a -- about her -- well at least for the first part of the -- -- I don't understand the star. I don't. Or who I was actually use up before McCracken note to be brutally and day out. Came out with a news conference today. Talking about drones. And wanted to make sure the drones were surveilling citizens of Everest. Now question -- is. We only talking about military drones or intelligence or are we talking about quad -- platforms that obvious. RC helicopters RC planes with cameras that you guys but those that your -- around. Usually one myself just of one exit giggles. -- -- -- Nothing to -- it was like the village bicycle every once and a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I was gonna ask you is. What kind of jurisdiction. Of the questions about what kind of jurisdiction as a college. Over the air space. At that is a big question and that's kind of a gray area it's almost like a separate part of the law. That would have to be I discovered if the town of Amherst. Enacted passed this law that Dan ward had. Proposed. It would be up for debates that would I think that's a fight that would go way past. Talent boards and even the county. Yeah because when you think of airplanes. The town of -- cannot ban an airplane from flying over the town. Where at what altitude does that change does it change at all you can take pictures from the sidewalk of somebody in public view. Our -- completely allowed. Are you in the public view if you're in the air. And those of the questions that have not really been answered and. It's kind of wasting my -- excuse me but my. My understanding is always -- this is a federal issue that the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration had all of the legal jurisdiction over all -- -- in the United States. -- Makes sense to me too I think what Dan ward is trying to bring out by drafting. And this a law. Is just to get this conversation going he doesn't see this as a problem today tomorrow next week. He sees this as something for the future to be prepared to bring this discussion. -- so that's. When Amazon is flying over your house in dropping packages when dominoes is delivering your pizza three drone. And they have cameras that they use to make sure that drone doesn't run into your power lines. That those images are used and stored somewhere in somebody's database for something else. All this discussion about who owns the airspace what can you actually police. Above ground. I think that is yet to be and when it comes to these drones. And it'll happen when more of these drones. One we see them from Amazon from all these other places I think he's just trying to kick start this discussion I had at times so. All -- -- inside a worthwhile discussion. I -- I just really wonder if this is discussion ought to edit the column level -- if it is in discussions that are ahead at the federal level. With such a brilliant people like Nancy Pelosi. I mean who. You can editorialize so. It seems to me this is a -- federally issued its feet I'll shoot it well -- -- even as a little kid and you're probably well. Because I did and but -- again as a little kid in the middle of your this and and what would he would be playing breaking this Albert didn't happen often but it did happen with some of the military planes that -- at least airspace. Am. -- -- once or twice. Having it happen when I was a little scared out of will be awake for sound slumber but a federal issue that was on the -- issue or to want to supervisory issue but let's. My guess is -- idea more -- up is because he's a former member of the board at the town of -- split. It is a little strange that he brings it up at the talent level. And not say. Even Erie county is something a little bit bigger. To have a bigger government kind of watch over this he did say that there are and I've yet to check exactly who. Or what towns what municipalities. There are places who have laws regarding drones in effect right now. -- smaller municipalities. Now what exactly those laws say. -- yet to be seen I've not really. Taken a look at to have Ted today I was actually down the auto show which you can listen to tomorrow morning when I was demeanor. But it's. Without drones flying around. Amazon dominoes these companies had talked about they're not yet it's using their drones. Without a whizzing around the year. I think these laws are kind of just a piece of paper sitting on a desk until they're able to be used. In the aviation community every day -- back -- both the aviation community in the hot is it. Every day you'll find little articles and comments about. The basically culture collections because the people who like -- single engine aircraft they wanna be safe from colliding with one of these things because. When you are -- the 2000 they -- -- got twenty tomahawk going through the wind screen. Director hold that. And if you're in particular grouping that you got to drone crashing through your wind screen back but also wrecked your holder. So if your obvious you love your hobby but if your obvious to George why -- small plane that also. You know basically electorate that reflects well. It does talk about pride that individuals in this kind of 21 draft of the law. I he says that under no circumstances shall private individual or entity. Operated drone except as authorized. By a valid private drone use license which he says. You -- Sony Whalen whether such -- cash -- We don't like her own unless you're willing to pay -- ever X number of dollars for the privilege. Of having. While he doesn't work for the town of Amber's mind you -- but -- do you do you do it used to but I mean I guess -- just unfair. This is all because technology the law is so far beyond technology right now. It's not even funny and the -- is gonna get exponentially larger as the technology increases. But you -- -- jurisdictional issue and many -- the issue well if network would have jurisdiction over the airspace because that's after days situation. Why would anybody want a camera for licensed operated drone because at worst would be selling something especially at all. How can be town of Amherst. Build a water tower at the big blue water tower that's that tall if they don't own. The airspace there has to be something where they own a certain amount there there are able to construct. Over a certain. Heights above the ground -- dead. They would have the law. They would have the ability. To make rules. Regarding. Up a certain heights above the ground it is in their municipality. And I'm guessing that dance with Tim Mort is hoping for that in that area. That's what he can effects with this and also maybe get that conversation going in other areas around Western New York. It's ever gonna catch up well obviously the law is never catch up with technology that that Porsche the ten years ago and how can it really were sitting here talking about hypotheticals. How can we really tell what these drones -- where these drones are going to be flying if there are going to be drones period it's all up in the air. Little pun on words there while the drones Brian. If we obvious -- a parking lot right now OK if people squat copter platform up about toward PP. You wouldn't -- He hit in the camera right into this one note if you wanted to know. And don't get a picture -- of our interview taking place why if he was obvious. OK now I understand the concerns about what do we were talking to each other note. Or what if we were a couple of injects somebody the news. I that I understand the concern but her a lot of issues that the recovered with -- There are and if that person was flying that drone with a camera. And using it to take pictures. What -- Ward wants is for that person to. Face a penalty a misdemeanor. Carrying a maximum penalty of up to a year in jail -- fine of up to a thousand dollars and that's per every day. That that drone is being -- every single day that that drone would fly it would be in new misdemeanor charge. All right I think you know they also Hugo I think you allow people to shoot these exit slide to him as they get fun let's have licenses for people to go drone hunting. Not put -- -- -- we're getting -- percent. Actually -- -- lawyer appeared that that you may find of interest and of course. Appropriate call -- look at sampling but anyway quad copter. Viewed the show. You move through in order to Google searcher are now. If you wanna see something really really cool. I'm gonna go to my -- FaceBook page year. Actually the one of trying to find naturally I was invited to get up here but who's your computer right now. Just -- search for -- copter. Neighborhood video. And you'll see. A personally own drone and what it can't do a lot of these drones now. They actually you can fly them that you could navigate by GPS through your computer you can navigate through. They even got a push a button so the thing comes home command on. Some of the higher end ones made it into drones. Are not typical what did you make -- Brian is drones are not just for the military. But obviously these squad copter you can buy a -- on a hobby shop in that document will launch a missile for. -- it productive it would kill bad judgment but he can't take pictures. And frankly I read his pictures from 203 report bothered me. That's it Tim Ward I think he's is mostly talking about those private individuals that you mentioned and also talking. Abouts. The town of Amherst it if the Amherst police department. Were to start using drones he is a little wary of what those drones might be used for the images caught. On those drones and things of that nature and police departments already have helicopters that they use there that they take pictures from I know -- There's helicopters -- certainly with the sheriff's department that they use for. Hole number order -- we spend that much -- -- a couple of -- every year -- -- taxpayer -- and what the differences -- the between now. What how -- could do with a man helicopter. Or an unmanned drone it's. As I said before a little up in the -- it's kind of a gray area. Are right now and that's what he wants to get situated. Or written down on the record in law so that's. I guess nobody turns he has had I I can't -- the end there or on this one because I think he's actually showing some some forward thinking unfortunately. The the other genie is out of the bottle horses out of the barn Elvis has left the building where it fascinating beaches tag line. Which we never. Pitched but in any event. The horse is already. I'll put up a video right now road runner sorry guys I can only type and talk -- leaders with so much facility. So -- diligence assays of the intelligent and won't -- it say something intelligent that's that's tough for me did you relevant to forget yours breaking up but then again you know render it is do you get used to it eventually now. I'll let OK here's where it. That it is more outrage and I'm gonna put a video up that I just with for you to. A homemade. Homemade but what these drones can do. Seat at -- thought about that but they're not -- paste and there is enough is enough is enough yeah. You're gonna see a brawl that is one of these hobby kit drones -- hobbyists to a friend was very much that's. He loves to take pictures of his neighborhood. And other places like Niagara Falls using. You know this it's grown hooked up to this very fancy HD camera that's it's obvious what he does it -- it doesn't hover over nude beaches in buffalo. Because we all know that we want a seat. Naked beautiful people you look at a beach like a lot. So we will the -- How will certainly keep posted on this story check out this video you gotta see it because. This is what it privately owned drone or squat -- in the neighborhood looks like and the kind of pictures get cute yet. I'll check out this video and I'm sure there's video somewhere of one of these -- counters having a propeller go down or something like dad and crashing. Who knows where and that's another thing they're a little bit worried about if there's drones flying around. Now what if one of them breaks a winning what if one of them breaks a propeller and falls down the middle of the street right on top your windshield. Which could happen but thank you very much Brian interesting discussion I don't where to think that discussion -- really don't. IE I -- roll offs I'm not sure if I can help you it is an interesting answer this morning in an interest in topic for. The future. All right well thank you captain Kirk I'll see you in the future. For you free yourself for thirty years in a big boy. Now with mr. -- worth just just my -- like Ted Williams are right or Walt Disney parent. We did that dissipate the feel -- complications and and freezing process. When mr. giggles were our government sent to a dozen hours lately OK okay you -- -- out there with your drones talked on WB. All right here. My entire. There's being. G emergency. Songs for beginners I know that was a Graham Nash album way to win. But that those who want to whip it out again behavioral guitar pick replaced this with Tom. Anyway yeah. It's amazing how so the most powerful music of all time does not involved. It's a minor seventh scored. Oh I mean it's just it's just basic rudimentary stuff. Anyway yeah -- look at the hormones. 20/20 24 hours ago outlaw of these dated. A part of the. It's. If you're just wants. Anyway are -- If hourly yeah electro. -- with you on the radio and in other drone thing. Say that affectionately and charmingly eccentric but. The thing I find interest. On so many different levels not one. -- -- -- But law moves like a slow. No I don't like better analogy at all the law moves like a slugger. Hot. Slugger is Hastings. It moves well. Asked to its deliberate here. Technology. Like a -- hit. The gulf between the law and technology. Has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and it's never gonna get close ever. Seriously. Those who see the future. Those who were prescient. You will anticipate. What the next big thing will be and you'll get ahead of the game. Richard ever going to be able totally closed the gap between the law and technology. Technology wins the wall -- Now look outline. Government drones flying over the United States. I don't want a little a military state I don't -- -- to police state. Anybody who does your country. Go to North Korea. Go to Cuba. If if fascism. At least one better weather is part of the deal. Not the North Korea well you'll lose weight North Korea. Guarantee that. You might be eaten in North Korea argument here a -- But. Seriously what a military country and I don't have a police there. And I -- laws in this country are passwords. We -- a country founded on liberty and freedom. Not a country founded upon let's regulate every little thing people. Pot plants we better get bad guy who can cares what somebody does in the privacy -- federal level. Seriously. What are here because you're -- -- after you know what you made a bad medical decision. A medical decision. Allegedly. -- -- top private matter to deal with with her positions as she sees it. Now if you're hooked -- here. And please don't think that heroin is gone it's back it's back with a horrible vengeance. That is some baggage tune. I've never touched it I never one to. Folks here's what you have to understand. The heroin. And look I'm I'm gonna be preaching to the choir here. But I -- what got her when users in the audience because guess what. Samir suburban Clarence housewives. Are hooked on on her. So earlier soccer moms and Amherst are heroin junkies. And you know what I don't say that would judgment I say that as a medical somebody who's concerned about your health. Aren't. The bad stuff now has fentanyl. All news. You don't inject. Its -- it will kill you. And you. Let let me just say this -- -- -- -- probably only talking to a fiber ten people order if you or loved one is hooked on heroin. There is not going to be a better time than right now the caller friends -- brylin. And get office stuff. Because right now the stuff that his -- -- Is not stuff you wanna be used its bad. I mean killer killer bad. I don't judge you. Absolutely do not judge. But by the way that's also one of the reasons I believe in legalization. Because with legalization we wouldn't have to worry about why because you know -- it. -- -- But probably just to be tough for the war on drugs. Call to free country you got the right to be stupid. I know is because the great American ought we -- academics have. Dared to be stupid. It is our right is Americans to be stupid. And the people. Who come into my FaceBook and it. I can't believe you're advocating the legalization of drugs. Don't look at their profile picture these 400 pound monsters. Like fruit. You're gonna start talking to people about -- Did you drop a few hundred pounds and -- talk. -- understand that -- I don't judge you for being -- You know what it's like. It's horrible. But it's a medical issue. I wouldn't throw you in jail because you eat cheeseburgers. So why would you wanna throw somebody in jail because they smoke a few -- down again it is our country so stupid it makes you wanna puke sometimes. We learned nothing from welcome Paul. We learned nothing from Tony Soprano we learned nothing from boardwalk empire we we learned nothing from Cosa Nostra or. Pablo Escobar we learned nothing. We learn nothing from Alpa chino and carpets. Here's the deal folks. People have always wanted to get a little blanked up. Some people prefer blank other people prefer blank and then some people for for black. The war on drugs. Has never worked. Will ever work because the demand is there. -- And it amazes me. That people claimed to be all about freedom I buttons which I happen to be one of those by the way. You're the first person to jump all over people who take alternative approach to the drug issue in America. I don't viewed as a criminal issue -- music like a health issue. But there's big money involved votes you can't forget that huge dollars are involved in minutes. And that's it for all of the brainwashing you've gotten over the year about don't. Tell the difference between now and 1978. And sheriff Mike Demeco. Saying. And has changed. Because guess what for every bad guy you put it Danica five more wanna take his place. At a Harlem heroin dried up when Lee Roy Barnes well off the president know just different players -- the market. You're talking about millions and millions and millions of dollars. At stake. People are willing to take the risk. And guess what if you think collegiate world does not benefit from having drugs illegal. And it escalated prices I don't know what planet -- eleven on but it sure appellate planet reality. One more example folks and look I'm not endorsing doing drugs please understand. What I'm saying is. The approach that it's a horror. People and put them off at eight. There. What keeps it about mr. Einstein. And his definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. LL. Since I was a little kid I have been here -- about Paris. And it never changes. It will never change because of the -- and all absurd that I just -- that I burst your bubble. Oh sorry did -- when you go to a hockey game. This game brought do you buy it error when you go to a football game this game brought you by. Error please drink responsibly. Drug and alcohol most abused drug in America. Let's call. Part of the culture. How many suburban housewives go home. Their little yuppie houses and wolf three or four glasses of wine every night. People like that. I'm sure you know people like that. Again I hate people have always wanted to be a little messed up. On something. Folks there's a great site. I'm online. Every time it -- my spiel. I wanna bring this up its law enforcement against prohibition. For those of who still trust cops or ex cops. Law enforcement against prohibition dot CC. Nobody will ever debate the cops and ex cops with LE eight CC. You know why. They don't want to look at they're gonna lose the debate. Peter -- who was a police captain in without Wanda. And a friend of mine. He will I'll debate anybody. On this subject any day of the week. -- is John Otto was. Peter -- slice and dice job well. In an interview John did with Peter toward the end of his career. It just destroyed -- every argument that would bring up Peter Chris would you do to look like watching a sushi -- I -- job but I -- Peter to. Have come out right it will just pretend it never sent. It's for 45 news radio 930 WB EN yeah so let's keep them throw people in prison because that's the answer. Ludicrous absolutely ludicrous. -- yeah it's my goodness gracious it is 350 news radio 930 WB EM drones. I want quad characters are cured but he says the -- big geek. -- let's go to traffic right now on a manager's -- warming up for tomorrow which should be interesting here is Allan Harris. -- -- just that you Brooklyn water skiing on Seneca lake tomorrow too -- The high temperature 26. A candidate -- Q -- this year it's 44 degrees and news radio 930 WB CNN. By the way them first regular not a water ski. You'll understand that. Water content to your body in the strangest places. It is 351 right now and or two people maybe it's okay. It. Introduce the topic here all before I get there before I go. How have you heard that Marc Stein today setting -- Rush Limbaugh how many. Now rush felt a little bit under the weather and that's why he was off. -- -- And Marc Stein as far as fill -- host ago. I love -- not. And he started talking about the Canadian National Anthem he started singing it in French. Mark. The ultimate the ultimate. Master. Of the Franco phone version. Of the Canadian National Anthem with a gentleman who used to say back of the building called the forum in Montreal Quebec Canada. He was a legend. Not even -- be well body. By its history yes my apparently did help -- Montreal. -- only speak a few words of French. Mostly learn from lady Marmol but. -- Marmol on whatever and anyway this ladies and gentlemen as a fellow by the name of a political. This ladies and gentlemen is -- Do sets the masters of the French version. And the English version of the Canadian National Anthem O Canada. And if this does not stir you. Check your -- because your your -- I. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. -- -- I ate dinner at large but that is as -- us. Spot. OJ -- set the French is used to start at the French and English. And somewhere there's a joke I could make but it we get in troubles like that's not. Anyway Marc Stein the next imagine. The Canadian national at them being sung in French you've got to play. -- who stepped and the forum in Montreal and for a whole generation around our age he was the freak him man when it came to the Canadian National Anthem in buffalo we head. -- Who was no slouch. But I we start -- deuce that was an -- of the zone. At 354. Birdie at 930 WB EN salt we're gonna go here one thing we're gonna have a lot of fun together repairs that we always do. All right you weren't there -- -- This is something I've been dying to do. Yeah I'm tempted and did do was -- on winter fatigue with -- I think today. I feel that is anybody -- that -- because I'm not. No wait till tomorrow but then again if I do that we're going to be probably in the middle of traffic nightmare this time tomorrow so maybe hold off. But. We had a call last week week before. That really moved me. It penetrated to the very depths of my heart and my soul. From somebody talking about the American educational system. And how badly screwed up it is. Am I positive. The notion. The question. As to how many lives. Have been destroyed. Because we here in America. Try to pretend that everybody's. Equally skilled. At the same stuff. I think that -- -- -- shortcomings of this country. You wanna talk about high drop -- rates. You wanna talk about people not showing up for school. Well if you're told that you're too stupid for. And don't have parents pushing you along the way. What would you do. Don't go anywhere. I want. I hole that the next hour or so is the most inspirational radio you will ever here and it's got to come from you can come from your humble host. On WB.

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