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2-4 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why that last Thursday they've had they've got my attention because Amherst is right it's over my right shoulder -- -- is -- his -- that do that's where it is in there. A damn hard. Who would distinguish himself last time we -- interview room remember yeah December idea. I was interviewing Dan ward and I said. Are there are there any areas that you would like to blow the cover before we have to say goodbye. And he looked at me and said. Are you talking to me. He was the only one in here. Jargon mam I wanna -- caught in my ear to a music that was Joseph Pesci has been acknowledged but I like so the last story that people had was that. Dan -- artist suggested an ordinance or bill or law whatever it was. To prohibit. Unauthorized use of drones in Amherst. And -- -- heard that there were drones and -- then he said especially surveillance. I mean surveillance. Drones in Amherst. Gathering personal information wait a minute now. But being being Nostradamus. As I am able to see the future one could guess there's a future talk show in this in order I mean. -- aren't authorized surveillance drones and -- You can't make this stuff up. They're gonna look for that woman -- complain about the Paul was -- what our guy. This complain about the yes you -- gold plows plowing through mud yeah yeah she said that they were plowing ER she wrote to the cameras V remember under Arab news under the telephone section there. That -- -- complaining that the plows came down the street too many times. And I'm -- you or that's real problem -- and other people and after in the next edition of the cameras which is great a great. Okay we're talking about -- something that I'm glad we got back. -- from so because. Still kind of give us an inside view was that. One it's like -- I'm trying to get this thing under control. They hope parenting thing we got too many people having too many kids that too early an age. With no partner trying to. Trying to would do whatever they wanted to do we -- consequences and no responsibility. And then you find out that New York State says we need parenting classes. Four row of people but it's they who they they don't have the cards -- say people who need them. It's got to be everybody. Everybody one size fits all -- be mother Theresa overseeing. Stepchild. You could there be anybody won't matter you have stayed this course. And the course would be -- four sessions long. And that you would have to passive before your kid Google on the seventh grade. So right now if it became as it's a senate bill now it's them 142 as 142. If indeed. It happened that is suddenly became law the governor signed -- moment what took place instantly. I guess there would be some kids who would be up to sixth grade already. And you would not be able to get in the seventh grade until your parent or parents it's not clear. I completed this course there again pass the course or completed the -- complete a course judgment is that there and you may not have learned any thing. But you've completed the course and so your -- autism great. As opposed to pass the course now even pass the course has its own -- Does pass the course mean that you had to agree our answer correctly -- everything they've proposed. To be a good parent what if you have an honest disagreement does that mean you'll flunk the course does that mean your kids' days the grounded in sixth grade for the rest of his life. This too much here it's a bigger slippery slope. So I'm suggesting not a great idea. But we would like. Suggestions on parenting tips we talked about patient you've got to have patience we talked about time you're gonna have time. Time you can't make up. We gotta have honesty in the relationship between you and your child even though their little bitty kid they can still tell when you promise something wasn't delivered. Where you were not honest and I also think what's important if it's at all possible. And talking to. So this report a break makes it seem like -- perhaps it's not. It would be ideal if you and your partner whoever fathered this child and whoever gave birth of his child. Could be civil with each other and try and do it for the sake of the child but what happens and you know what happens as well as I do. The kids become collateral damage. First of all dad may have just been wanting to pollinate a flower that night he didn't have a family in mind. She thought it might be great to get out of the house environment she's in now is start her own family -- their own little house not realizing what's involved. But if you can get that two people that that made this child. A child's. And get a month to get along and work of for the betterment of the -- huge step forward. But I oftentimes they hate each other they don't talk village of avail supporting each other they as a cat like a ping pong ball not good not good. I don't see that changing times let's go to our Carol on a cell phone -- here on WB again. Hi thanks for taking my call honest. I'm as far as what you can do as a parent. A lot of people crown their child or take everything away and whatever. The thing of it is is it appearance should understand that they're grounding their child they should be grounded -- He can't -- Trout your edge at whatever age and then decide you're going out of town because you need a break. You know and right now and and it's important you know jerk super -- are. It's -- a nanny state I think what acts. I mean an -- people. Who are giving each course Shenzhen were made up these courses do they have children as they ever dealt with children are born. Because I went to a council wasn't hearing a lot from the right side. And it was a divorce situation uses a lot of control. And this woman sat there and told me she didn't understand why additional you know being a lot for children -- and and milk no money and never had children and he had this cushy job of equity -- that never had to worry about money. And then -- get myself. You're telling me how to handle my life. A point that's an excellent point I don't know who'll be teaching these they would come from a state board of education. Obviously. I wish if they ever do this I hope they don't but if they ever do I think they should use John Rosemont as a consultant because as a realistic view of raising your child and most of -- time it seems like something that -- would work. We don't know where this curriculums gonna come from who was the deciding factor on how to be a good parent. And how long are they gonna keep -- kid seventh grade yeah that's very. Eloquent but. I -- it you don't go to the courses that they going to take your child away from you. That's a good point -- because I think that would be but I I think the courts would have a big problem with that you might be -- -- -- suppose you're a good parent who isn't a good student and -- -- you don't learn what you're supposed to learn sitting in those four classes. And you don't you don't pass the the whatever you have to do to complete that course. Does that mean that the year about a fit parent now it just means that maybe there's a there's a different direction that they should give for you. Also -- -- mad men working -- three jobs just what I did for awhile drew hundreds of them hoping have a little you know a little bit how I should do. You know what you are demanded to do. I yeah I agree and also I can see you later records getting involved that you might have to take this course and so there's resentment. It's it's not it's not gonna work out I can tell you that right now I Carol thanks her -- -- Yeah I mean -- who is equipped to tell you underage or child there are certain parenting tips might make it easier for -- But knows that tell you when you get to your core value rose. Who's to tell you that you or wrong there right. In in order to pass these classes you have to conform to their values to what they say other may be some things. That are indisputable. You don't hit the child in all that kind of stuff but how do you go from that the spanking. I mean there's going to be a fine line as to what's acceptable what is it is spanking the child. Hitting the child is that abusive I think that issue or long would divide the class -- that right now. I don't -- a few times. But not often I also had a bar -- put in my mouth to -- a bad word that was by a general manager or form off I don't know I had no idea. And I was a kid and to this day hike in -- I can tell you that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today that's -- -- as the Brothers of war Chris did you ever have a -- blowing tomorrow I think my sister dated and I didn't Cairo are being very pleased about that it. Why I never you know it's funny. It is I was a kid when I did that and I was an adult. Really an adult for a long time before my mother ever heard me swear 'cause I just didn't swear front. One time I accidentally as an adult and I still feel guilty about it. Will be back for more after this that is of the -- nobody. Thanks to Bob copper riding an op Ed piece in the an irony is that. On the 29 of January. There is a proposal. It's S 142. From a downstate. Legislator. His name is Ruben Diaz he's a Democrat from the Bronx in the in the senate. And his bill would require persons and parental relationships. With a child and elementary school to attend. Parent support programs and complete -- workshops. One of which must be related to physical emotional and sexual abuse of children. OK I want to think about that says you have a perfectly lobbing. Home. And you've not had anything like that now there's no hint of it. As physical emotional sexual abuse you still have to take the course. And it doesn't matter if your parent of the year you still have to take the course and if you don't complete the course no it doesn't say you have to. You have to and answer questions correctly which you have to at least be there right yes and sign in and sign out. You know completed your kid cannot go on the seventh grade. Now if you're citizen vs -- might amenity right now but if -- -- and sixth grade. And it became law you have to you have to do they couldn't wanna celebrate so as as an earlier caller -- this is punishing the child that doesn't make any sense. So I'm asking if you think this is a good idea I certainly would think that a lot of parents could use parenting classes but this is not the way to do it. And also tips. Four parent and things you learned or you'll learn from your folks. So far suggests that the patients. Make sure you and your partner to work together for the good of a child time. And so important. Try and squeeze enough time to -- and with your child and the nurturing time is important. Your chances are you working maybe 122. Jobs long hours times always not available but you gotta make it available in all -- keep them honest relationship. Let's go to a built in north -- and a billion on WB yeah. The market share they hold. Patrick -- Scooting around here today. It's real simple. If you were -- Racially mr. mobile here be here and -- if you heard this that we do use that word bit. We don't. -- I think mr. formal doing here. The rest of the year in. They're too good to hear this they are in the air. Simple. It was through those who struggle -- -- strategy to get a picture. They use the usual you're. -- but. So this. Thing is telling you you're simplest. -- You have to conform. To what mr. although it -- it over certain penalties if -- doubt -- There are things that we can't -- this we -- because you don't they don't you hear -- -- goes. Cool and he isn't that great they're great and he did that -- have these. And it. That the state wants you area. In green in addition -- You're in deep trouble. Yeah -- you should be able to choose the path do you wanna raise your child and without interference from the government as long as there's no abuse involved. The government should -- its nose out of it. It I'm what do you know bill thank you very much. So the state to give you sit settlers and your partner previous syphilis if you're not careful those are put those two words together Bravo I'm I'm not a word Smith. -- I I have formal education the original yeah both learn and you wouldn't guess that -- listening to my show but I do. I know I had him in -- -- Bob -- hits that nail right on the -- at the end of his op Ed piece where he's talking about. He says we can never be too pessimistic about the fact that. You know the government so -- -- more control in recent years we've been we've seen a government has taken it upon itself through the schools. To act as a parent dictating to children what they can or cannot eat. How to view the world how to treat others and what constitutes good character all facets of physical mental and emotional health. More rightly managed by parents even without this bill parental rights are slipping away one bit of its time. And on the next step up from what Bob carper said. Is it okay if you get through school in New York. Then you go to college if you're you know if you are focused on college and what are you get there. You get liberal minded professors feeding me feeding their -- problem on what they believe. The government should look like and then what the -- should look like so you're being brainwashed essentially. Buy -- New York State and then by the of the powers that be later on in your educational process I'm saying that everybody. Should have the ability as long as it's not a young. -- not a not an atmosphere of a view those. But to be able -- child the way you want if you want a conventional childhood fine little bit different testifying to his engine on. Breaking the law and you know abusive it's not the government's way to tell you how to raise your child. Because believe me the government doesn't not a new government let alone raise your -- And from what I've seen -- government officials their parents didn't do a great job raising them. Maybe maybe you know if Mario Cuomo would stay home a little bit more Andrew Cuomo wouldn't be passing the same effect. Who knows we don't know how these things fallout one can only yes. We'll take a break we'll be back we wanna know from you state parenting classes mandatory. Of this bill becomes law that says 142. Do you think that's a good idea. Do you think that's a slippery slope do you think the idea Sox. It Austria and I'm 301806169236. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 and -- toll free -- -- 1806169236. -- back to Beijing on how did you guys. To come up with something for me to convince me. That I'm missing something okay I'm here I damn hard from hammers former councilman. Said that he's really concerned about drones surveillance. In Amherst okay drone surveillance that means -- drone over your property. We have a camera may be a microphone. Learning something about you that the government has no right to know now I'm just thinking. Right now and first -- -- -- against -- a government snooping and all that stuff but I think people put more stuff on their FaceBook than the government can ever learn about them. Governments are gonna tell you what it what you had for lunch yesterday everybody will want on their face -- -- but I'm just thinking if there was a drone. Hovering over your property at this very moment. What could it -- That would disturb what seat if that was a drone over my house Wednesday -- but it's no and the you know -- my motor home that's about it. Learn anything there are no secrets. And dastardly deeds -- are being committed to video are. What what are drone learn over your house I don't understand. The urgency of Dan wards. Comments well as you know seen the Amherst is a hotbed for crying. Out and it may gain violins in any must be put to an end. Now there might be gang bangers in your backyard waiting to break into your house and I mean really -- it's stupid -- what you think Chris any anything it was a drone over your house right now oh. What America gets in trouble I think they would find out did. Me as just like everybody else is pretty boring when there -- no I don't around too much TV do the laundry. I think there's a better chance if you going to be under surveillance the much better chance is gonna come through your computer. Or three are you being on line or maybe your cell phone. Is that your electronic thing than -- would buy something flying over your house I don't get that a dollar really don't understand it and what I don't understand somebody drive me crazy. Within a better confessed right now seeing these are drawn over my house know what their sticks in my backyard on the on the long in the drones might stick to their reaction is -- -- -- -- Graham. Another -- there's chicken bones and a middle. And charcoal era but your double worship. Knows the Blair idea is now. See what is goes memo to -- on it tomorrow. What event. I don't see I I because I can't see what's what's the big deal it is. I mean surveillance we understand and -- and all that other stuff. That's almost all electronic. What what a drone was gonna fly down your road. -- an open door and and and got to get some live action note. A video in an audio I don't get it -- -- -- speeding and thus we homey the nine year old backyard. Again. Maybe we should send a -- over themselves. And -- so intelligent life down there well that would be accurate reporting if it's over damn words though. It's code through. Taught in buffalo tiger on WB again. -- -- -- -- -- really. Were good kids that. We've -- there are there now but now. -- -- If you look. For the -- Yeah I I think I absolutely I think it it should reach out to people who haven't started these sexual journey had to kind of give them an idea of what might lie ahead I think that's a good suggestion. -- but I think. It. -- -- the days deep -- trying to hide the fact that he did. What they're trying to prevent kids from doing instead of being out of them so that think -- well -- urge unite its you know. You know you've got to your kids can -- it that way here I think Chris mentioned earlier and apparently Iran and light. Yeah yeah. You know there's more danger now than there was before -- this TDs and things like that that we didn't have. Hot and go we we I mean we took a different path but there's no one way to correctly raise a child is just doesn't work that way. Every every circumstance ever an altercation and and -- different consequence to it but you gotta take that you -- open. Yeah beat up yourself beyond your -- that the ideal. I'm when you know I think I think I don't know I think you're right -- that's the way it's a big thank you very much soil was I'm very pleased that. My parents that are are really good job raising my sister's. At a moderate job or raising may end and we love them and they loved us that we had things that we had to do and we weren't perfect kids and they weren't pervert parents but. The bond was there I think one of the things we've been talking about tips repairing. This you can do without help from the government talked about patience you've got to have patience I mean if you're a patient you -- -- -- If you and your partner if you're assuming that you're not together seek it from -- say this makes the assumption and I together unfortunately is too many that aren't together. You should work and of what's of for the best for the kid if that's possible time. Time is impossible to buy extra. You get X amount and that's sit and if you don't. A lot some time to the relationship is not gonna work. Honestly very very important also another suggestion. Obviously you heard did the expression knee jerk reaction. You here's something -- you immediately. Respond to it. I would suggest not to do that when raising a kid wait before reacting because the initial. Wave of information that you're processing is gonna say why are you saying about all these. Don't do that if you can help. Become. Reflect on what was said come up with a rational approach now that's easier said than done because I still can't do OK I still can't do that. I have a very short view is always out it's better now than it used to be I don't throw people's windows anymore but beyond that. You've got to be calm and and collected because first thought the kid knows they can push your buttons they will push your buttons so it's better respond are respond. Take a little time to respond properly. So that they know it's a well thought out thought process and then not going to be able push your buttons and that's important. So. -- weight before reacting -- -- so -- that goes along with patients. You gotta have been a patient. And you gotta have lots of patients are we gonna have a kid will be back after this I also heard them say. Earlier this morning -- the Johnson doesn't. That there could see a little burst of -- lake effect from Lake Ontario which would be your and I Tony. A openly ignored in the area of our listening. Map so a -- Ford and be ready for it that's -- to put it which means. Tonight on all the TV stations we can see people cleaning out the milk. The eggs. The toilet paper. And salad. -- I have to go shop being -- after its salads on the gas guess which one of the items I won't be getting to know you should buy salad because gonna sellout and then sell in the parking lot of profit. Hey that's today at The -- at -- greens here in Norman. It is what's how much is the consular in the greens fees audio there aren't there some roaming in the and I got some doubt about that them. Our guys -- kind of person being an asset. The idea why don't they wanted to tell the truth why don't they go to the snack I'll cadets will be going get the cold -- and -- -- our desire days is -- -- -- chocolate -- while gas -- out may be you know maybe some stuff -- -- by Christmas time to treat yourself. Yes I'm talking about them -- junk eggnog. Eggnog have a big sixteen ounce glass of eggnog you go on quite the -- That's a gala that Italy Hungary we love eggnog but we drink it and symbols. You know and -- like this debate because it's just too rich I didn't buy it this year in by it at all no but I didn't go to hi -- onetime head. Ignited painting the with a gun. Home a loving. If -- but I love -- little cinnamon you have cinema ever realism I certainly don't -- -- the -- usually serve and a glass this size about the size of a glass I. You can't you can't drink it in big you know not put it a big beer -- generally -- although I have goodness you're gonna do it myself get good stuff but anyway we'll keep -- formed -- Johnson -- starting tomorrow morning at five will be right in the middle of it. And we'll get your right to Vienna but I don't know of will be doing social -- depends on what's going on but we are asking you. If the estates. Bill becomes a law that would mandate. Parenting classes if you do not complete these your kid could not going to seventh grade. So they would start younger I guess you could take the classes at any time and then by the time they got the six -- date go to seventh grade of you probably don't but if not. If -- start somewhere the first year this was a law and your kid was in sixth grade. That's too late. As to -- -- twelve your result. So that's a little late to to learn new parenting skills I guess is never too late to earn about. One would say it's more effective the younger you start. Let's go to withstand in Rochester Stan Evans knocked in awhile what's going on. On little bitty house is and I couldn't be better personnel what you think at least parenting classes offered to low which state did that give you plan how to become a true and then when you become -- -- -- -- things you need is. Somebody. Can tell you what to do certain gas and if you came from an old retain. Opel. On your mother and it's it was we. Exact. -- -- -- -- -- -- god -- happily. It was a house at 10 o'clock at night while and you did it which is about. Let me just tell him he was on the street corner -- like the old negro would be optically would be screaming. Oh yeah and now times have changed not your mother's -- as soon as I find out who your father is where Italy gets home. You've got your -- and one listing of -- -- with the -- It's our preparation. Just like that -- and our hand which is probably may be -- a decade away. In your -- it to happen they can control and it's the machine is out there and like can take it one will go over your house maybe your name's. Why you know we have a chip in animals we've put a chip in them so we can find them so in case they get lost so one would guess that maybe we'll have many people to thank you very much. -- the -- I can't figure does drive me crazy. And you know I I'm not a fan of government surveillance but I'm thinking if the government -- or video you. The better chance is going to be through your computer or your cellphone or any or your ride pattern your iPod or anything electronic. Okay. A drone hovering over my house. With camera and good audio and video. I don't know what they would learn that would be a detrimental I I have no idea -- -- grow maybe growing your backyard. Maybe that might be some thing because you see the sheriff's. Helicopter always find those places those places where they try and Hyde Park where they're growing at Iowa they have helicopters for them they got there O'Neill drove home but that's about the only thing -- Got an illegal garden or something going on in a and then Dan -- seemed to be quite concerned about it. He's putting his garbage out to all -- -- -- Lana from twelve down Warren is put out to plastic bags one is. Dark colored the other -- through. One would guess than anything we might need to learn is in the dark bag pick up the dark bag and replace it with a identical dark -- okay. Now we've we've put out our -- our secret cameras. In a bit there you know big garbage man does not really your garbage man. It's one of our agents. He's gonna go through that dark bag to see what's in there okay they'll drop the -- accidentally. Analysts it'll fall to the ground and split open. While pretending to put it back in the truck -- look at every item. Especially empty milk cartons we caught beach years ago. Trying to hide zebra cake rappers in an empty. Milk containers so Cindy wouldn't see them we busted him on that I think I think we can get anybody we want those kinds of things. Don't mean to make light of it I don't mean amendment of what the hell are -- afraid of where that I don't want it particularly but I don't know I don't doubt. And I you guys can't -- -- -- -- -- nothing the only thing I can think of the thanks so far is if you're growing pot back that's -- up. As that what what what would -- -- for. I don't get it so I'm -- -- Dan Allard may have been at war on the show. It's always assimilating opportunity to have them because you say oh. If we do ever needed jeopardy contestant would be damn war. We called him. Because he would he would just stop the show -- yeah absolutely. It's a personality are right that about wraps it up -- -- so we'll keep you informed of that -- undock from the person. Personal I think the consensus today was. To the states leave us alone. We are capable of raising our own children the ones that aren't capable of raising of their own children probably are going to be part of this anyway. If you don't let the kid going to seventh grade because apparent hasn't completed the care of your classes yet the kid gets punished apparent doesn't. -- there are certainly enough parents who are bad parents or did you -- parenting classes but the difference of those who could use them. Indeed. Our -- are different. Different approach this would be mandatory. You would have to go one size fits all just like everybody taking an idea idea -- -- speeding class even though you've never been speeding. Because that way they can't say they discriminated against all I don't know people who have spent in the past. That's the way it goes in New York State so I don't think it's a great idea. I think you should be allowed to raise your child within the confines of -- lawful and you know obviously. But not abusive. You raise your child away -- operation job let's it was a bit about wraps up. John says and all kinds of information tomorrow starting bright and early with -- storm we'll keep you involved we'll see you tomorrow. At 9 AM on -- I'm thirty we RW via. Local and you wish they never -- music these.

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