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2-4 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tobacco -- governor Bob Kopper wrote and op Ed piece for the Niagara gazette on the 29 of January talking about S 142 there's 2013 units this senate bill. Sponsored by Ruben Diaz a Democrat from abroad. What it is is it would mandate. Parenting courses. For all parents in a State of New York if you did not complete the of four. Four program of four meetings aren't. Four meetings of four workshops. One of which must be related to physical emotional and sexual abuse of children your child could not go into the seventh grade. Now there again it does not specify what they would do if you just weren't able to pass it. More than once you keep in the sixth grade forever that doesn't make much sense. What if you disagree what if you did not think that the things at these workshops were good parenting skills. And you didn't -- follow them does not mean your -- is it just means you have a different idea and moderate Georgia and California. Real one couple raising their child that this excellence they agree that letting the child make that decision what sex wannabe. That's California council not as far as I'm concerned. But the bottom line is I'd like to know from you if you think this is a good idea. I do not I like the idea of the informed parents certainly. But I'm with -- for on this one. The fact that the State of New York thinks that they can parent better weekend makes me laugh to be honest with you. But I am asking for parenting tips to things that either you have warrant as a parent. Are you saw your parents did. And and now that would be beneficial cable in my one of the biggest flaws of this bill I think right away is it's too late. Your kids twelve years old by the time -- get the sixth grade so in order to get to the into the seventh -- I mean maybe -- take it. A win they were younger and them by the time they got the seventh grade they just went into the seventh grade. But if you waited if they mandated that made it every every jump from sixth -- down. Sixth grade fifth grade fourth grade twelve years old way too late the something like this there already and next phase of their development good or bad. So I'm sure I think this is a great idea in fact I'm sure right -- isn't. But I I'd like some tips. Parenting tips OK not that I'm the greatest Arab world because I'm not. But I'd you know I'd just have my I did my idea is the way you do I think my parents were fabulous parents and and IE I thank god every day for them because they did everything they -- for me and my two sisters. The first thing I would list. Under the tips parental tips it and this is so important and it's a catchall. Patients. You have to have patience if you're impatient person. It's going to be very tough for you to be a really good parent because kids on operating the same timetable the same speed as you do. The ride in the platform or not moving at the same street you're talking about a child. Who was processing information totally different than you do does not have the knowledge that you have does not understand everything you want them to do so. I'm thinking the overall catch ultimately would be patients once you have that child make sure your patient enough as a parent and that'll help you if not. Terrible things can happen if you're impatient. Of the examples I use of of young father's beating their children to death because they want a stop crying. Something as simple as that -- that they won't stop crying. If you've got to have patience OK that is my first tipped a Tony first thought you said that before your son was born you had to see a couple of video. Yes we handle a little course that we had to take. And it was video on shaken baby syndrome -- and in which you're describing with the crying -- in the other was CPR. But I mean now that's a good idea sure I had no problem with either I think education is important certainly I think that I just information out there is important. Especially with a two things you're talking about have excellent idea and you think those -- statement yes I call genie during the break in she said yet they were statement and good idea a good idea let's not make an assumption that because. You can procreate you know all of apparently. No it's a whole different a whole different atmosphere. Now Chris. Things that you would suggest maybe you learned when your parents are raising your things you've seen other people do or whatever you may have parenting tip. Our honesty even if you're dealing with somebody -- very young. Kids at least I had. Knack for kind of remembering everything. And when I'd look back and realize that I mean a big stuff now I sent but de LA. You know. If you're gonna tell a kid or or or ask him not to do something just be honest and wise not to do something because later -- -- found out that you might have made -- a reason president elect explaining -- they might -- little but I've seen that over the years. And Webb honestly goes if you promising kids something has to be a little older kids not a baby obviously. Deliver deliver if for some. Reason you can't deliver make sure they know exactly why. Because circumstances may change you may have promised something that suddenly is not within your realm to do. They have to understand that. So you know it would not doctor rose -- when I'm John Rosemont. But kids do understand that they understand they take the word of their parents. They understand that the parents you know are -- closest relatives and they they feel comfortable they feel nurtured if you promise them something. Deliver. Big time because if you don't they may not understand it. And if you can't. Describe it to them and may be substitute something and its place. Because they're not gonna sit around rationally. And development and contemplate why it didn't happen all don't know is it didn't happen plain and simple. A so so far we've got on a state. And patience I think those are two good good ideas obviously and raising a child but I'm not sure New York State can raise your child any better. Then you can raise your child in fact I don't think New York State should be substituted. On suddenly being the mall. On how to raise a child what what gives them any kind of moral authority or even practical experience in doing that. Yeah I mean they have a lot of crybaby governors and attorneys general but outside of that. He's funny that you you mention moral you're talking about the same people who take pictures of their pride is that sleep with interns -- now. Do this that you know and then they're gonna tell. Now you tell you how to raise your child or parenting classes and you find there's a difference I mean -- this isn't exactly a duplicate but. When my wife and I went to pre K Dana conference's. I disagreed with -- one thing that was being -- there about whether you should take in your elderly parents one or both. If they really needed it even though you -- no leeway and no I disagreed with the church's position on. Now if we're the same thing -- apparent course and I disagreed with the position in the parenting course. Does that mean I wouldn't pass that does that mean my kid couldn't get in the seventh grade you might have a better idea -- many people teaching the courses and how to be a good parent. So New York State you gotta be kidding me. New York State teaching you how to be a better parent. I know a lot of people could yield was parenting classes but I'm thinking they're better people teach from the New York's what are the dumb -- come from the New York City area Long Island and now zero resort city half I think -- Felix is next going you know he came up -- via text lingo which I do like like. By many try to go up passing you couldn't text while walking across the street in New York City remember that that didn't pass. I think he should allow one note texting while. -- One more. Viewed at times were not meant for that you know I'm talking about you lose your thumbs for something else except texting. We'll be back after this you Bob a contrary wrote an op Ed piece for the Niagara gazette. On the twenty neither general like copper -- book quoted several of his columns because he seems to have a good handle on things. And he's are commenting on a state bill that would mandate parenting classes now we certainly can understand in the -- parenting classes. But the mandate -- gets me nervous and they're hooked on this is your child cannot advance of the seventh grade. Without you completing these courses there will be four courses one of which you must be related to physical emotional and sexual abuse of children. Now they obviously need a starting point what I'm saying as. Six grade would probably around twelve years old twelve years old and way too late. To start obviously you could start younger and then when they got those six grade they would go on the seventh grade because you've completed the course. But I -- I I think it's I'd like to see what's in the course I have no confidence in New York State. Has a better idea how to love how to raise your child when you do there are some and this is one size result. If this isn't just people have had complaints lodged against them this is everybody. Because you know line. You know why it's like that because people would complain they're being discriminated against you could you could oh yeah how we didn't include the mom of the year. To take these classes out we know she donated a kidney. And then this and works oh win over the floor all over the world and -- though she still has to take the course. Because you don't want to discriminate. I -- I can I have as they did it. But now my my thought is. I don't have confidence as they could do a better than you can. And any parenting tips Crist suggests honestly absolutely right even if the kids are young they understand. Do you may have said something make sure it's right make sure you follow up when your promises. I said patients. You've got to have patience. And like Jennifer's and bonuses are going to have twins from channel so. She's gonna rarely -- -- I can tell you that their kids who is a dagger elected you examine them though. But we want some parenting tips from you may be things you learned well when your parents that would be your kids or your parents when their parent and you. Let's go to Darryl Darryl you're on WB and. I. Oh what I'm doing fine so far there are what do you think of this idea this senate bill. Possibly out that you -- think they have all the work because forests. Well. I'm a driver. Not -- have cause you have much spot. Among non custodial. And our own mother. Has all custody of my son Isaiah. I am a professional driver. Solely in the first grade. You. Kong and probably isn't so it's grade. It's already -- a while before you get certain journals if I'd say the tests. She -- on a call up com. Or not gone back. That's a good question because it is not spelled out here and I don't have the bill in parliament. I would I would I would like to know the devil is in the details -- -- -- right you'll I'd be better area inclined to take that test than your wife and if you do what you are not the custodial parent would they accept that good good good question -- I don't know the answer. You know -- darker sitting on or don't embark on a roll song okay. And mom how is it -- will not turn out not make no money. That's a good point they're going to be four classes I don't know how many how they'd be spread out and how many times you have to go to each class. But you're absolutely right you're trying to make a living you could be the greatest apparent in the world. And it has to fit and make it reasonable and rational for you to take those tests. Right now before our goal off now. It is it is the it what you discuss what the date. What would be our web site today. It probably. It probably won't and it must have passes there right now it's it's a bill. Analysts have became law I don't think we were put it on there but it is if if you wanna look at up its S 142. Dashed when he thirteen it was submitted last year so it's as 142. And there you might get information on that on your computer with the bill says that directly good luck to you and good luck on the road -- thank you. It's good point he's trying to make a living he doesn't have you know all all kinds of free time when -- on the role bully male watch my father to a for 32 years. And -- maybe the maybe if the mom completes the course it's enough. Maybe if he completes it might not be if he's a non custodial parent so who knows I don't know the answer to these questions. But there's a lot of holes in this bill already. The seventh I guess they had to pick some grade to start -- because remember you're gonna start at a certain level. But -- it if for those of you who do have kids assays became law. Say it was enacted now and it was law and you have kids in the sixth grade. Tell me they're already twelve years old tell me what you're gonna learn at your parenting class. That's going to be applicable to a twelve year old and one of the differs from things that you always thought or right. That you're willing to try. You have to give meg a mixed messages there is -- going to be a new awakening. Now I'm not confident I I don't imagine sitting in that class. With somebody lecturing or somebody or giving information you know suddenly a light bulb goes on over your head you know. I never thought of that large -- are great idea. Most video most parents that are going to -- -- of being dragged into it. And it's only because they said your kid who couldn't get in the seventh grade in Russia went. So suddenly you're gonna feel like we feel taking these tests every once in awhile what we have to take online note you know we think it was a waste of time. And basically you might feel the same thing you might -- emigrate parent my parents were great parents. And my kids are happy and they're successful and they're doing while in school why the hell do I have to take these classes. The states as we conjured up that's it. Or juniors days and sixth grade -- is that funny I mean rarely is that's all we could come up where it is you can't get in the seventh grade unless your parents passed the class. And I'd like to know who's gonna teach these classes. What's going to be and what what are they're teaching things. Bid directly conflict with the way you firmly believe in parenting. Not everybody parents the same way some are home schooled. As -- some are more liberal some more conservative -- strict summer summer not. I'd I don't get it I mean unless there's abuse in. You know and view I don't think we've there. State has a right to just jump in there and kind of dictate what you have to sit through in order to get your kid in the seventh grade we'll be back up service. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Matt good Beijing governor from an ever present on the 29 in January an op Ed piece by Bob com for oil we use some of his writings is I think he's right on most of the time and and talks about interest things subsidies -- talking about the affected. A senate bill would mandate parenting classes and New York State. And it's interesting because it's is that regarding. Why you have to do it. The reward for for compliance a chiles advancement. To the seventh grade is contingent on the parents completion of the courses -- more of them. Now you'll notice this -- completion. It doesn't -- passes. So one would one term suppose you just go there and check in which your fingers interiors and bone manner and -- -- and I can hear you but your -- -- And then you sign out. Does that mean then you dated for four classes that means that you're better parent. It doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything it just means that you were forced a gold area there does not reference passing so I don't know exactly what they mean there. Also. Our conference said there are thousands of bills put before the legislature every year let's hope. That are never pass that lets hope this is one of them and then he brings are very important thing in and I think visit this sticks with -- all of us. In recent years we've seen our government has taken it upon itself through the schools to act as apparent. Dictating to children what they can and cannot eat. How to view of the world. How to treat others and what constitutes good character all facets of physical mental and emotional held more rightly managed by parents. But even without this bill parental rights are sloping away one bit at a time and that's worry about is called slippery slope. The the -- wanna take care of your kids of from the womb of its home. You know we've got the pre K now also they get a real young four years old. Freedom reckless. Feed them lunch now -- groups wants the freedom. Dinner. Feed them on the weekend and now before there even. -- -- old enough to make any decisions on their own make sure that you know the period of people who guide them. Make sure that you know what New York State thinks is the proper way to ranger -- so I'm would come from this one. There's one negatives and positives let's go to dawn in Amherst diner on WB yen. And he. The enjoy your show thanks and I just in -- That first of all we get the more. That would come up with than any state nonsense like this. And it's it's really doesn't -- there destruction because it is such that disgusting stupid. Again any state nonsensical. Bunch of crap. But you missed the worst point of this during the worst point is that the U -- and their well. The worst point is. Apparent apparently doesn't pass the course who gets punished. The parent the -- Yeah that makes no sense. Whatsoever. But it didn't intimidate. So kind of nanny state baloney. That might make sure that makes sense what so. Imagine a twelve year old kid telling the other twelve year old kid his friend. Yeah I can't go to seventh grade would you because my parents didn't complete a course a mandated by the state. Yeah I don't but it's I'm no longer there so. The people completely stupid I would pay these legislators. Don't know what they're getting right now just pay. Any moral lives. I think they should take that. I think. Don they should take the hippocratic all of which says first do no harm. They. That big red eye view on this -- what basis they think they're any better Paris and you are no idea I give him. A government some I was ambivalent not good parents but I -- I don't think this kind of thing is gonna help. This is totally. I'm. Is just it's sort it. It's such we're talking about it it's that bad but we have to because it's such crap. Well we have to -- -- we'll follow it's it's -- process make sure it doesn't become -- law thank you thank you Don I'm with him. A nanny state -- somebody brought that up this is the ultimate nanny state as far as I conceit. From the warmth of its own we talked about what they wanna do they wanna grab those kids at the four years old now. With universal pre K time babysitting you know and I know. There's no evidence and in Cuomo last time I was in Saudi talk about. Greater funding for universal pre K that just means hiring more teachers to be babysitters you know if you do that Google -- universal -- -- at least be honest about it and just hire babysitters. Don't hire teachers to be babysitters he got it. I mean really if you just want somebody to look after your four year old because a you don't either don't want to or you can't. Then just -- babies that are. That says let's not pretend as part of a learning process. I'm nobody's ever been able to convince me nor have I ever seen any any evidence at all. That says that kids that go to universal pre K and up any smarter anymore successful any brighter than. Anybody else they don't it's just somebody else is looking after him and the taxpayers are paying -- That's what it's like we would like -- an overview of -- Vick is a good idea I don't think it's good idea at all. They do -- say in on in this -- in this article exactly. How will be taught it would go to of the to the educational. Side of government. For them to conduct these classes the state education commissioner in charge of them like they don't have enough to do now. And -- -- Fink on the guys and if you think that its interest thing now with what's going on with the state Education Department. -- -- of the various. Tilting back and forth. As to how would teaching teachers should be evaluated. And how kids should be evaluated. -- this takes effect if it ever becomes the law. Can you imagine this. Somebody who. -- whose parents may have been great parents and they love their kids and they're good parents and they're doing everything that's supposed to be going told that they still have to ago. -- you know it's like it's like all of us having to go to driving school. Even if you have no no offenses you know we're not stating you never had an accident but you still got to go to driving school. Wallace's and doing hair if you it's it's one size result nobody escapes. You have to go to these classes of a becomes a law which is wrong. I think that if there are cases where there's a suggestion. A that there might be some problem problems with the children that might be. Might be actionable that's a different story. But if you're a good normal law abiding citizen you shouldn't be forced to take these we'll take a break we'll be back Lamar with beach -- company. Actually. I wish they'd teach these classes I'm not trying to shock you here. I'd that is what I do believe that -- okay it's not not not much soccer interest. But I really wish that they would teach these classes if they are insistent on giving these classes. I wish they teach these classes to kids before they had their first sexual experience. And outside allies say that. Because I think that many kids. Venture into -- -- sexual journey without thinking of any consequences. And if you saw what was involved. The the complexity of raising a child. I don't know if it would work or not but it might give them something to think about. Maybe give him a glimpse into parental responsibility. And how it changes everything changes your life. Instead we wait till after the fact when an obviously. Many people are going to as -- become parents uh oh unplanned. Or become parents because they have a false view of what parent would -- -- that'll get him out of their own house. And they'll live in little house with a picket fence and you know that doesn't work that way usually. But I think this kind of program could be beneficial. To people at that -- stage rather than wait till they have a kid. And then say you're doing it all wrong. I don't know I don't office would be effective or not I doubt it. It Altria and -- -- wanted to be six on six and I threw for six 930 we also asked form. Tips I suggested patients very very much important very important. You got to have patience if you're gonna have a child and Chris suggested honesty which is true even at a young age. They can sense honestly. And as they get a little bit older make sure you deliver running into problems are also here's one thing. That is so important people just don't think about it okay is is so important and it's something you can't make up. Time. All right you've got to have some time. Because what happens is oftentimes if you get married too early. And you know has settled in your jobs are you don't have careers you spend all your time trying to make a living. -- got -- you got to have time to raise a child takes time and patience for sure. So you got to think about all that stuff. You can't manufacture twenty hours a day that's the way it's always been -- -- and always will be there's no such thing is 25 hours today you wish that war. But there is. Let's go to bottom line who should be a good call this is settled in -- also on WB -- Good morning CNN Dallas. I am listening to this subject. He is a retired professional. And my job was to pull out thanks to father's. Unborn or born children who are applying for public assistance and or others who need to find and track down parents of their unborn children. -- -- -- -- Now right there -- tell us. It's given many advice. You're not allowed to do yet. It can't tell them to close pathetic it would put -- points to fatal or what their two children. I really don't like to tell you really care about that your children. But. This is dad have you really I thought you. I don't taxpayers got. However. It's I think that -- the Social Security number or at least in name. So you you'll Hume A you are not allowed in in the position you're -- to give advice and yet this program that's what is this would be -- four classes of advice on how to parent going. -- however I want to collecting the child support and going out trying to find them trying to collect money trying to find out who hit a court order. If this child -- will from -- to be to see this -- How important the -- any -- key to -- -- three times. For one child in the system because somebody like at trial they didn't want to take care of they don't have to go to parenting classes is of course as being eligible for public the president. They. Can go after they do something in the child taken in the court ordered its parent of a deal to get their child they. But it's not part of the deal. To get the Medicaid to get the -- -- and to get the ability which I would never -- an unborn child or child. When a woman a certain number of weeks pregnant public assistance. We're not penalize their child if there's been sanctioned bout -- for me to cool operator. Has I don't know what is it doesn't. The actress who can be removed. I'm child that -- respect. It's amazing to me assume. Or de -- legislators. Before they proposed bills ever meet with the people like you -- in the field and and get your advice on. Legislation. I am stating that would be so wonderful it would make much sense it would mean it would be government. I know people there right now we're the reactors nineteen or fifteen vacancies in each approach represent 2000 cases of people who he has. Assistants that they're adding. As we need to catch up both cannot be caught up and Portland never be able to be trying to and it's somebody lack of a deal with but it as thousands I would like at 30000 cases that don't get worked. 25% of which are duplicates the things that have already been pending that never got addressed the system is completely collapsing at the scenes. So this seems to me like a band aid approach on this last 140 to a bill that does not seem like it would cure any of that. No load that system has to be completely. Revamped there's too much bureaucracy. There actually can get it like for example. I could not give information from a child. Protection case even -- yet. The appearance or they abuse the parent or whoever. Get my you know in my case -- to try to -- can't support. You know and say god that's. The little record in her communication want -- the end of that with the other is doing there's no cohesive -- that other than emergency calls between court. Child support child protection from what I was up in what they know about it I mean it can help out. Well I mean as somebody doing a job like you do a conscientious person that's going to be have exasperation. And. We lacked effective I don't play the stories in the -- with gas canisters. They have -- the total of at least ten to fifteen people to play this year called -- each at least 25 to thirty years experience. Because of many who couldn't take anymore -- I'm stressed related illness. Daily problems because of the -- it's unworkable and attacks against -- It is the most frustrating thing in the world because you don't get that out of line we can give -- union they didn't have a union. Are they do -- in union. Use but the very -- tell by. It's it's the union and their league and they have many vacancies on the bad -- many wonderful people are highly educated and motivated. But what's it been motivated by. Are you hear -- Your suggestion is this is the ground -- rebuild this is a no and no one builds. -- -- that the people would play the subject in particular. The child support enforcement built and the Social Security to its main mandate to. Welcome person. Many many many many millions of dollars involved there. While I'm sorry you're not still doing it because you seem like -- out passion per cent a principled person and. And -- without. Oh yeah that's the only got thirteen -- -- in Tibet it all man and I mean that debris in the public housing and well. Thank you sir thanks so bad that insight we appreciated by you very much wow wow. Madam well I've I thought it was a band aid approach before that I really do now will be back governess.

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