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2-4 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello it is reaching governing obscenity reaches its like for me to buy some furniture in Houston. I'd like to you by the furniture with a deal that if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl I get my money back. I lost seven million dollars I was surprised it into a book he's doing and lay -- barter -- Hillary would minimize his exposure. Oh that's the way it goes sometimes. If if our guys there was a furniture start guessing Houston. And at a promotional minutes said that today if you Bob more than 6000 dollars worth of furniture in a certain time. And in this case it happened be the Seahawks and see if the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I am pardon me you would dump because you furniture for free you get your money back. And -- they lost seven 1000000 dollars but I am surprised because that's what book he's the book is way off they have an overlay on one over the other. They'll lay it off -- to try and get and -- close -- even as possible. If it's even they're gonna make money no matter one's really but when there's a lopsided. Overlay. They go layoff part of it otherwise it can take -- close now aren't you surprised that they didn't do. Yes audio. I AM in last maybe they did they're not telling us is to make it sound sounds a little bit -- on that story next year they'll sell even more furniture. And there. Oh Chris and Tony and I were talking about this before the show started there's insurance for all that stuff. There's you know when you try and a score of hockey goal into a small little circle. Communists and -- swear or you're trying to shoot -- half court shot or any of that stuff. You can buy insurance from them Lloyd's of London sells insurance we'd try and throw the football through the tire. But that's that's a winning proposition if you throw footballs who -- whether you win anything and not. Because women notice that. -- he threw a football through the Tyre we know what that means I've put coffee and eggs. And I it's another thing here see just -- lot of Smart stuff. Simply because I don't pay enough attention to some of the TV commercials. They had an ED drug up there and here's how big guy. Was attracted to his wife we assume it's his -- okay. They were painting furniture. -- and some of their pain this looks really nice sizzle of good on the sun room and that's. They look up at each other. They put the -- down in -- knows what happens but it starts by painting -- I can't tell you how many times in my life I got a lot of painting stuff. Ice hire a trainer now maybe the -- got lucky but I certainly didn't. And let -- -- that I hated all these years that's and it would probably be gardening you know you gotta stay in your hand and you're big enough. In the garden and on -- dot -- and Alison look overlook. Whoa what are we in this world we could be doing that you know they throw that today what you're doing at all. Any kind of gardening and you know wholeness and houses and shovel and rake I'm I'm using all the gardening tools like and Blanco with. But it's -- commercial that they are there painting furniture minding our business and suddenly. They look at each other and it's amazing how they can tell with -- one locked door -- Detroit that's on just one. It looked at each other and no pain in time was over now it's time for a little -- So that's that's that guys maybe looked at -- says okay it's kicked and hit it. And she said -- add rather do that and pain anyway. We'll be back to me doesn't. Mean the town red. As well as other things the big mistake though that they made. I'm -- these spots and I've said it before and it doesn't matter what it is all the way I gotta tell you this. There's a show called a buying Hawaii. Where they. They actually bring people were looking for houses and Hawaii. And they -- in different houses in the and the people pick out first balls very expensive. The starter houses that they that they show wore a million. Okay that it is very expensive depending how closure of the water. But one about one. Houses because. The way there on on a couple of the islands there. Is year round whether you can do this they have outdoor kitchens. Outdoor bathrooms whatever. I'm not making this up last night. One of the houses had side by side bathtubs. I'm not a right out of -- Dallas commercial because idea. I haven't thought hey just make that up I bet if you looked in the entire country you couldn't find side by side bathtub. Well I was wrong -- camp at that house in Hawaii. And it's out it was outdoors outdoor side by side -- overlooking the the ocean. So that's pretty cool to me it's such a waste you know wide -- a -- jobs and it's not a millionaire and a bit but the mistake make an easy. Is -- OK the guy takes the takes the easy pill whatever some aren't. Then after he takes the -- they do all kinds of other stuff. Errors are paying their Paraguay getting there a got a couldn't knowing that there are building a house vote by habitat for humanity I mean. They do all this. I mean how they have -- that take take advantage of what they took the -- for maybe it takes awhile for to kick and how long does it take. OK I was requests. I have a trial and -- bank you had. It does. I tried laid the trap out there and Tony -- at the -- Stepped into it. -- let's see if 45 year old guy and Lincoln Nebraska. Was pulled over by the bullies and this is like right out of an episode of cops. Well -- of police stopped them and they and they could smell like a smell pot than the police have -- that's one reason maybe I would've made a good cop. My sense of smell is gone I mean really as I don't know why but it's gone. But Salt -- they smell marijuana instantly okay. So they have they stop them I suspect that he's got marijuana. And they checked the car and their right. So they arrest them. The reason they know they were right is there was 476. Pounds of Merrill. It was correct reaction exactly just for personal yes. 476. Pounds of marijuana. Oddities with the guy pleaded guilty of bank. A more than a pound so big below the judge of the eight. The market is a pound OK if you have more than a pound -- 476. Pounds. Now I don't know -- 176 pounds looked like but I don't a bale of hey it looks like going to be a lot of marijuana yeah. So and so he's he's -- I think he'd hired a Tommy One oh. Or one of the top defense that he's gonna need somebody's in the -- a bevy of lawyers. Okay big auto shows starts on Thursday. -- the highlights of the winter season here in buffalo. I was look forward to talking about the auto show and we have a four pack of tickets to the buffalo auto show it's Thursday through Sunday of the buffalo Niagara center. The value was 36 dollars 6449875. Call now and if they like your voice if you sound. Nice. And Chris will give you the prize and if you don't he probably. Walt but but if you call now 644 nights of my take -- -- a general confidence rules applied c.'s special events every day including Reggie Jackson. On Saturday. And buffalo football legend on Sunday buffalo football isn't it I thought of I heard Maria. A -- -- -- you told me about having Reggie Witherspoon on your high school show. Does a great name for like a rich guy. You know in a comic like Reggie Witherspoon with -- right sound like he's reaching a money. Or does reek of class on when these you know that's great hit a lot of good things I've heard about him but I just think that that's a name everybody would like to have as you know. US -- Harry what's your name I'm Reggie Witherspoon low. It's demand pay attention. I hit the out classmate grown up at -- leading one last name was -- -- I was when my favorites. I mean it's a great name -- if it exit its class and exudes. Money money money with it will be back what would be to company. On his radio and I -- this is WB yeah. Listen George Maria guys know about them by humorous I do hear him wanted to Roland in the morning and I'm just enough records just enough or 510 minutes is about enough -- -- I I got -- -- -- -- quarter five aren't. I wake up a little earlier than that -- a quarter five and I put the radio on and a -- yen as the -- Susan rose gets there safely on a day like tomorrow that's okay. And I listen to John -- and first or knows aren't. But when I get a quarter five. You know here are some people that are very strange out there every one today and I. How nor does that children. A guys as -- -- And my girlfriend way it was watch in the rerun of Gilligan's Island -- immediately. You're you're you're you're ready for a great story and he says. Right in the middle of it. We at this coffee table has about a twenty pound ashtray on it now I don't argue I've never seen -- -- punished for a twenty pound ashtray. Probably it sounds sound a little unlikely OK so there watching reruns of Gilligan's Island -- got to twenty on ashtray. Well what's the point of the stories that title of Gilligan's Island the cash rate got up and come home. Well now against a little more is that okay. So Benny says me in my cobra went out on the porch to talk about it. Now as if you in the room and a twenty -- ashtray was flying around the room wouldn't stay in the room. Why would you go outside to talk about it but -- get. So they went outside and they talked about the twenty -- -- flying around the home is that my neighbor came over and said what are you talking about. Now I don't know about you know I've never had a neighbor come over and inquire what I'm discussing with somebody else in my porch you know. Ever happen but you know isn't there is a fabulous -- And Israel -- logic gilligan's reported on ashtray come fly around her final. College -- -- -- cure and the guy says don't you know and this is that this is the story right here. The original but just before you bought that house. Two people were murdered. And that was his story. Now getting. OK suppose you don't believe in ghosts. Or spirits coming back on Julie and everybody has a right to believe what they want -- -- about anyway. So if you believe in that. And you had the power to come back after you've died. Thank you do you would discuss that -- another goal since they want -- That's a pretty heavy -- for what it's like throwing around the rule. Ashtray between each other that be fun it's like when they find. I'm not trying to make fun of it. I'm just trying to point out -- like when they find the image of the virgin Mary on a piece of post. You know and then suddenly the tour buses are coming in and people are flocking from all around all around the world to see the image of the virgin -- on -- house. And I am -- If virgin Mary and you want to make your image known would you pick a piece of top post. -- more prominent place to do it. Rather than -- -- of piece of toast it just doesn't make any sense to me but that's what brownish -- story was fabulous. And and Ari did what -- usually does and says it's fascinating as Chris pointed that out there that's fascinating. I would love to see. A -- at a live cam in the studio. -- when they have these people on I'd like to see what the crew and Georgia are kind of communicating with each. Have a feeling that doing yeah this one have round the circle here like this war. Law. But it's uninteresting show. I I wish I should talk -- -- Winger -- it would workers are at least run that show once during the daytime. Because I think would be fascinating to hear that show. When the sun's out and and you will. You imagine if your Georgia in the present are going to work in here that's. No no thank you so. -- -- I'd like to know what's going on channel so I -- channel true. A few months ago they announced that -- that Melissa Holmes -- very nice very professional does a great job was pregnant. And we're watching her -- on the early morning. OK so Melissa Holmes is pregnant and growing and she's gonna have the baby should -- to -- sports writer Jay was Thursday Thursday. And a big they're big -- have the baby in March so what's next month but watching this happened okay now over the weekend. Jennifer Stan Jonas but the other person on the weekend -- the weather people on the again says in ten minutes I'm going to have an announcement. So I'm waiting with bated breath guess what guess what she announced she is pregnant. Nobody can fool you don't donate. Right at -- -- Chris that rape your right mind that this is there she's not only pregnant. She's not only pregnant she's pregnant with twins wall and us and you got. Melissa Holmes was about to have one. And somewhere down the line Jennifer Somalis who is about the have to I'm just hoping. And you know it's good for ratings and is hoping Kevin O'Connell -- -- Because he could have triplets you know. I mean I haven't thought out story that would be -- if you can open because it's having a spaghetti part of it as always as dominate local media thing it didn't. Like imagine twins while running in different direction that was my biggest fear feeding times -- -- Rand dollar accounts though all they're good luck yet to both of those ladies. I don't know we don't want him strangely enough. But they're good -- to a Melissa Block Jan. And I think and the water in the water child. That's that people flocked there in buses to drink the water and our channel to see sewerage and water exactly. Fertility drinks ten cents. -- we come back we're gonna talk about. We went -- big fans of the government. And most of the time sometimes we understand the necessity -- equipment a lot of times were not. But we're also. -- also realistic enough to know that sometimes the government provides -- needed some rest something that is -- -- -- really -- should be available. And New York State if a certain bill passes and becomes law. -- that he -- 142 when he thirteen sponsored by a Democrat from the Bronx it would change pandering as we know it. In New York State and this is worth talking about hopefully. Otherwise we'll be dancing. For the next two hours on news but I tell you about the ashtray. In my mouth what's strange because I don't smoke suddenly suddenly out cigarettes will across the room there was nobody in the room mate. We'll be back it was a woman she was gardening and her husband looked better and next thing you know there was cigarette smoke. Coming out of a TV I don't -- forget that one out we'll be back after this. -- Tom Bauerle weekdays three -- seven that. News radio 9:30 AM. WPA and. Now back -- -- the -- -- -- M sandy beach in the Niagara gazette on the 29 of January there is an op Ed piece by Bob con for. We vote use several. His. Columns over the years because I think he writes about compelling things -- my -- are like his take on things and Tony alerted me to this article. -- by Bob comfort so if you're looking into it check it out he has a gas for residents vice president of copper plastics and -- And he writes for the Niagara gazette from time to time. And be line column my I actually cart's own anxiety. He suggested that I look at it madame. So this is what we're talking about today's state bill. Would mandate. Parenting classes. Now as soon as I read the title Arum via the headline. I immediately it was conflicted. I'd -- state bill mandating I'm okay I'm not very happy about the state mandating more things in our lives. But -- as a -- -- classes. How many times -- we said. People the people on -- in the classes to procreate. That kind of comes along naturally. But as parents some some parents leave a lot to be desired. Things that you would think would be instinctive things you would think would be normal the -- think would be yeah it's just the right thing to do. Often escape parents and so. But shouldn't the shouldn't be mandated that you have to go to a -- class on parenting and how could that be in full force one would have to ask. I would hope you would ask that because of all I. Amid big trouble let me quote some of the things from from the commentary. Three weeks ago bill was submitted to of his State's senate education committee. On parental rights it's as 142 -- 2013. Sponsored by Ruben Diaz. A Democrat from the bronze. It would require persons. In parental relationship with children of elementary school age to attend parent support programs and complete for workshops. So if you if you are indeed every relationship with a child of the elementary school age. You would have to go to four workshops -- say why would have to do that. One of which would be are related to physical emotional and sexual abuse of children. In the bill as the penalty for non compliance for what the lawmakers would consider the reward for compliance. They chiles advancement of -- seventh grade is contingent on the parents completion of these courses. So what they're saying is if your kid is -- in the sixth grade. He can't or she can't get to a seventh grade until you complete this course -- heavy handed. Idea I would think that they would have to have something in there in order drew to have you comply if it was mandated. But now I'm you know getting all nervous about this with a good government saying. In lush and -- should take this cause you cannot -- Because I just finished. An online course. Last week. OK and we weren't quite rides and is correct you judge Bridget Democrats I did -- -- -- -- -- -- we ultimately we all passed that. A bit of US that's one thing -- course now we couldn't tell you or what it was -- what it was about or what it has to -- -- our job. Or what it has to do about anything. So it's one thing to mandate -- course it's another to have somebody attended and is quite another to have somebody attending get anything of it. So just attendance alone I mean what if you flunk this mandated course. India did it again. What if you can never pass it -- they take your kid away from I don't know. That I -- deal we get to take it again. So a lot of questions unanswered. Not that that course that I took this past weekend wasn't totally enriching. I mean I was so emerged and it that I. I wish I could take it again but unfortunately I IA statement maybe they'll be another one this month that I can look forward to taking. But anyway that's -- back it's as it says that. I chiles advancement to the seventh grade is contingent on the parents completion of these courses the bill is the first of its kind would dictate. -- to parents how to do their job regardless if they're good parents or bad parents. Now say that would you could be Ozzie and Harriet. Reference to clean cut all American hold some parents that that that lived and kind of represented. What Americans considered the do you all parents Ozzie and Harriet you guys gotta take this guards. You can be mother Theresa and you have if you if you over you know if you had a jurisdiction over John did it take its course. That's just the way it goes it assumes there is a standard one size fits all approach to parenting that all households should conform to. Now we're getting nervous there. There's more than one way to get to a destination. Some parents can go with tough love some can -- with the not so tough love. Some can -- with the being a part of their kid's life a very active some can be. More permissive and others and it's up to the -- apparent with the individual -- I don't think there's. One way to parent. There's a lot of that -- apparent neglect is probably the worst. Getting back to about comfort. Not only is the build a a disappointing and insulting assault on -- despite its alleged intentions. The impact on the empire state education infrastructure and taxpayers would be. Unfathomable. So OK here's something that hasn't -- a vote of an idea. Which sounds good but suddenly the heavy -- state gets involved doesn't sound so good. And now Bob is telling us that move was gonna have to do it who's gonna have to enforce it. The bill is constructed in such a way that the classes offered to parents could not be presented by the typical places where they might now voluntarily. Seek out ideas. And assistance churches parental support groups. County social services -- -- instead the state education commissioner. And board of regents are charged to develop a dozen workshops and institute them throughout our existing school systems. Like the border regions. And the education commissioner don't have enough on their plate now right here. -- I mean I like the fact that they're trying to raise standards I always like that I like Bob Bennett -- I'm not one of these and people say -- again. -- John is never going to be an adult. But no but that putting more on their plate on this. To put a perspective there approximately three million public school students in the state. And spending on education is already 73%. Higher than it is nationally seventy. 3%. Higher than it is nationally and what do we mean my money we don't have enough money. New York property owners will have the should shoulder the greatest of burden of school taxes. Now here again here again and how does this work. A lot of these parents. Certainly can you know it was a parenting course. Who's gonna pay for people who. Long houses people alone property they're -- -- are the reason I know is. I just. I just kind of scope out my school tax bill and my town tax bill in my insurance because. After all these years -- finally paid off my house. And you realize that where I -- the school tax bill was nearly twice the town -- okay already. All ready. So you wanna add to that I'm not really sure. There are thousands of bills put before the legislature every year most of them -- never pass lets hope this bill was one of them so those are the words of Bob conference so we're asking. The state. Does demanding parenting classes otherwise your kid can't get past seventh grade. And is this a good idea is this a bad idea is disarmingly should go move forward on is this something we should forget. Now while we come back. Tony has eight child and we'll have a second child in the school system my daughter's already. The graduated and out of the school system so it Tony's opinion. But we're all taxpayers here and so it like to know if this sounds like a rational reasonable approach for better better parenting. Or is this just an all those feel good did it and kind of deals will be back after this so we're asking this this senate bill. SO 14201 to thirteen presented by there Ruben Diaz who's a Democrat from the Bronx says that. This is would mandate parenting classes. If you had a child in school. Your child would not be able to go into the seventh grade without you pass saying these are classes. Well first of all the do you understand the biggest hole in that bill already. The biggest the biggest problem with -- bill already. Bombardment. If it says that -- -- your child will not be owed on the seventh grade until you pass that that means that your child is in sixth grade. Let me just say this about that. It's probably let's see six read only about twelve result. If you don't have parenting skills and you don't have some kind of relation with your child by the age of twelve. You're never going to its way to wait. It is way too late teacher -- in class for kids that are twelve years old. At twelve years old already into the next phase. You have the little toddler stage in a little bit more and they they're discovering. The world stage and then there there it looked like little miniature adults and then they get a little love but a wild and crazy at the age of twelve. And then from then on it it depends on there individual growth but the bottom line is it's too late if you wait until seventh grade. So I'm asking a deal like this idea of mandated state parenting classes because I adult. I don't think the state has any more idea how to raise a kid than you do. Look at how they conduct their own business. And look at the equality of people we send Albany sometimes I'm the last thing in the world you wanted to do -- is supplying you are parenting skills with bears. So no I don't think it's a good idea but we are asking about parenting tips things that maybe if you had a childhood. That's had some problems. Things that could have been different. Or some suggestions on how to make it as good as it can get -- but mine is always going to be. As it is gonna conflict. I mean and I think it it almost mirrors. The animal kingdom if you part I'm not I'm not saying the animals are exactly like humans. But some animals are excellent parents they protect the children -- their -- some time. You've seen enough nature films other parents like alliance male lions will kill him their offspring. So the female lions have to keep the male lions away. So open nature doesn't give us a clue on that. Good parents good parents bad parents are bad parents and I just have to wonder how sitting in a classroom watching some presentation on how to be a better parent. Is going through is gonna work for you. I like the idea of better parenting I'm not sure this is the way to go so tips we were my tips because some other things that are obvious. I mean I guarantee you will then. Two week period. You'll see a story similar to of this some young baby will will be murdered. By home. By its father. When it's mother is off to work and father has the baby sit the child has no parenting skills at all probably doesn't care about the child the child starts crying and they end the young. A male parent can't deal with it can't get -- baby's not -- the baby ends up gone. I we've seen that it happens all the time. Whereas. Combine a mother's trying to you know she gave birth of the baby. She's trying to work to have some money to raise the baby and the the father who has no skills at all. Decides that he can't put up with some crying and kills the baby how many times it was seen that. But that doesn't happen when you're twelve. That happens when you're young -- a newborn you know off to a year or two years. And so what I'm saying is this bill may have. May have some good intentions as them. -- comfort says but it's way too and I I doubt if but he I'd go for would be successful. Go to John in buffalo John -- on WB again. By -- I mean I want well. Who are not but somebody couldn't that they did not. -- it or where. Physically get out. You know whatever. And out -- -- a great. I liked her because. And it -- armed might out it is it. That's a good that's a good point of first of all I would assume that the state knows more about parenting than you do. Are what you and your and your wife learned from your parents. So let's not make that assumption but this is a one size fits all bill even if you're the best Arab world he could -- parent of the year award you still have to go. Otherwise you're cutting your kid can't go to seventh grade and you bring up a good point -- look at the problems we have are here. Otherwise there's so -- of -- don't even speak English and he's going to be about multi lingual courses. There's there's so many questions that are aren't answered so far in this bill. -- or not I doubt it's in -- you know. So what happened. -- bizarre there are you got a lot of questions John obviously yours doubting as I am about the about the effectiveness of a bill like this. All like being mandated it you know art you know. What they think drop on. Yeah especially since there's so many ways this is a one size fits all this is like a driving test. There are many different methods many different ways to raise a child successfully and for the state to think that. You have to pass the course approved by -- I think is pretentious and arrogance that thank you thank you John. Yeah -- idea of my parents have a great job my sisters and myself. And what I believe that Massachusetts could raise this better than my parents now millionaires. But it wouldn't matter. If it was New York because you have to take the course. And what happens if you don't pass that. To your kid you could stand six great forever. Here's here's my son he's 43 but he still on the sixth grade you know we -- they said that years ago but I come here at home with -- president. We watch Star Trek reruns and and putting we have it on the card table on the base. We'll be back -- more would be to income.

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