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Facebook Turns "10"

Feb 4, 2014|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

FaceBook is ten years old Bob Thompson director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse university's with us this morning. Bob what people do to communicate before FaceBook. Well and he got that people forget the there was actually a social network of sorts before FaceBook called MySpace I remember back -- -- that 2003 early 2004 people were wondering whether we were gonna call this. You know the MySpace generation like we used to call the the MTV generation before that. But FaceBook of course took that to that to a whole group replaced. Also would Facebook's idly and let everybody and as we all over call from watching the movie used to be for Harvard -- that for Ivy League students. All the newspapers were paying attention to would it would all the doors got opened the FaceBook. People signed up really really quickly. And then look what happened to MySpace. In the meantime the muscled us Bob a new Princeton University study makes a very bold prediction. That FaceBook could lose 80% of its users. Up to 952 million people in the next three years do you think that could happen. Well it might did you hear by the it would FaceBook respond to that being said the using the -- research methodology Princeton may not even existed ten yeah. Which I I think is that -- although there's going to be a person that the higher education public you can bet of that. I don't know about three years I mean there's a lot of things with FaceBook operatives. First public cooperate beckoned us. But 2012 that was a little bit rocky but it's. Fourth quarter results were good it seems to be imperfect we -- shape now. There was bad news that FaceBook was getting -- -- because more and more people be older generation were. Finding up -- that may be true but it's certainly. Serving an awful lot of people over a billion. Of all -- Bombed but you know it is hard to tell MySpace was the big -- -- and FaceBook came along and did it better and we changed things dramatically and I would hate to predict three years the futures certainly got and here's the future. Any of these. Technologically based companies simply because the technology is happening so quickly. Com I think it's possible someone else could probably do would FaceBook does better -- -- popped with FaceBook it's self made up -- -- dominate in this area. But I do not think it's possible. That the use of some kind of Internet based social networking is gonna go away in three years or ten years or ever. I mean what might be next is it already out there are probably now. Well it will probably not a need I think all of the basic territory has been saddled with a matter of do we get. Do we get better do you think about -- degree that was pretty important it's like FaceBook but is. The group. Bomb and that was really do. Idea it was just kind of a new wave music all the stuff up for something specific in this case felt -- Well FaceBook consisted reduced paper which is it's kind of news. Applications so it will be -- And -- think about it FaceBook was not that much different than MySpace -- just didn't -- ways that were more appealing to look. Of people better again okay. Well FaceBook probably. Rightly assumes. There's a lot of companies that are just looking at the company is so they're saying well ahead of the game right now by acquiring. In Seagram and they're saying well ahead of the pack so. Anybody who comes into the game now is a blow to catch up to do nothing right. Did and that that that's the the advantage of places like Google and stuff FaceBook is that they have kind of that's. They've established the territory and one of the ways in which they can remain dominant is too. Keep their eyes open for. Interest to new. Applications -- -- -- comes to worst by the. OK got nice talking with -- thanks. Bob -- director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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