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WNY Dealing In Heroin Problem

Feb 4, 2014|

Alan Rozansky of Erie County Sheriff's Office

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been reading about and reporting on the heroin epidemic and Erie county several deaths have been reported this year already three deaths recently. In just one day on the WB and live -- Alan -- -- element is the senior detective with the narcotics bureau. At the Erie county sheriff's office. Detective good morning and thank you for joining us. And this is this is so sad a young people dying. Why is it happening is that mainly. Drug users getting tainted drugs is up one of the flu and one of the reasons. Well I think it it was about side by. That's virtually any you don't know what the purity is undetermined it's no -- they're not no way to regulate the postage. And these people don't know what they're buying yours at all. We used to get the quantitative as well op quality of a report from the -- echo the purchase drugs. In some of these drugs were. Get strip mine and they just don't know what's in the drugs and and I was reading a report that said. And the first two weeks of 2014. Police in -- these -- -- he's more heroine they did in the past ten years combine salt. Obviously on the up you know obviously there's so it's just raise -- -- -- people in this community now. Detective and what about Western New York how plentiful is here one around here the people be surprised at how easy it is to -- It is easy to attain cop unfortunately. When you talk to people -- central news service laboratory. They opt in they do presentations of Communist marijuana stove and number one drug committed to the lab. And that not be albeit. Pills and Andy heroin cocaine. So immediate shipment but yet they heroin is in it in that our community quite problem and a bit to see individuals from -- Suburbs going into the city taking what they believe everyone acts and we stop and arrest somebody actually a true friend and all that realize. It and now won a case one vacation days individuals taking heroin to know how committed to a caller and consult. Well two of them would have probably been that wasn't that much and -- You know unfortunately. He'd -- Laporte and we grip when he and it was able to use it but. If this is not just specific for the city and I've beaten only sprinkle the city of -- and actually our problem -- not it's not just isolated and the city. Detectives are some of our young people buying this stuff. The sight unseen and ready to use because they're so desperate they're willing to take a chance. Yeah I think that there they're mental and physical state decides that. They just grab the bag in and out like analyzing it and saying war what -- It really. You know avenue it testing that they take it and it in the end the consequences of their fate is so. That's enough problems and there are still other parents and sisters. You know the -- report. You know to pay for the stuff anymore and that meant and decoding herald in. Is a problem. You know from the sentencing you know sometimes you see these people topic on the street it's frustrating -- so. It's like going up and down escalator. A camp that wants that from our recent annual he carries -- you know working at Alex's but he can't give up that fight. And we don't make. We don't it would -- You know we do what's right what's the lot outside that you know so. Two police have a special drug with them to reverse heroin overdoses. There are. Do that and I think that they're dispensing that. But I think get first responders haven't. Well there is that -- out there at the news that -- that -- took my -- but there is struggling there that you got it in an individual and I. You know secondly as. Our patent enforcement officers we're trying to eradicate the actual drugs in our. People that do some of those particular things that you're referring -- But do it all police agencies Hamm -- or not. I'm not sure what other agencies I know that there's been talk about -- Cheney met. I'm not sure if we haven't and in what quantities of one of the law enforcement. You know agencies -- but there's been -- -- particular you have to have an immigrant. But I -- think you were joining us this morning. -- detective Allen rules and skew with the narcotics bureau in theory county sheriff's office.