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Heroin An Issue In WNY

Feb 4, 2014|

Dr. Gail Burstein; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about heroin addiction this morning compelling stuff and her in studio gases Jerry -- health commission -- -- bursting with magic could be in for this. And it just so people know especially parents you know what to look for I mean this drug heroin comes in many forms right. Right aching cumin powder farm. It's in you can be ingested -- in the -- the pill farm. -- smoke it snort it you know he again you know dissolving it you know suited up so. He comes in many different forms. Like you know again you know this isn't a huge problem and people can feel really overwhelmed. But there is something that parents can do. First of -- clean out your medicine cabinet if you have all prescriptions and there is no reason and you need to keep them in there. And there are places throughout Erie county Health Department. Has done many partnerships throughout the county where we've placed last. Especially in town halls throughout the count me. And so are these like mail boxes. And -- -- to safely dispose of your prescription narcotics and there sits like a mailbox it's just impossible to reach and then. He get what's what's on the bottom and it's blocked and -- to see if we -- expose also. It's important that parents talk to their kids about drug use. And you instantly know you know am no -- that's too young to start talking to kids about this. You appearance can can craft he each appropriately. And developmentally appropriate messages to their kids. And to start talking about drug use and substance use in the dangers and he knew that they care and we know from the great longitudinal data looking adolescent behaviors is that kids feel connected to their parents. And making -- their parents don't want them to engage in risky behavior in much less like eating eating behavior. So if the parent you know introduces the subject. And even if the kid. To says they don't really wanna talk about it now -- know that the parents ready to talk about it instantly when the child is ready to talk about it. They'll feel more comfortable coming parent. Her parents choose not to have that discussion. You know we parent the kids can get information. And many schools don't talk about this I was about to ask you why don't schools talk about if the if the information is not a tenable level one another in school. Well in -- you know school of develops their own curriculum and it's you know it's it's our incentives so much information. That the schools have to deliver today's students and even there being used to there being scored on -- students' students' test scores and is -- you know bigger decisions and often if to figure out you know what they can fit into their curriculum. Sell and also in many many. Of people teeny thing they vote that's this is not my problem is not something that. Is happening in our neighborhood. But it is happening in the name we're finding -- you -- -- Erie county on. Even all the suburbs these problems so he people cannot think that the immune to you know to exposure to this problem. And and when news sent in a look at your medicine -- people's and I don't have heroin in their. But it's the enact tax advice that's what leads you. To eventually go after the heroin and that's where it starts here is over and over and over again it's it's it's it's a classic story. What do we do. Well on ER again you know you're going out for -- it's got to be more than just talk in your children. Well I think talking to children is an important first -- I mean. On and talking to them about the in the midst of a drug -- and and you know how you know how can really prepare -- that is how they lose control of that there. You know -- we see notes in seeking -- hi there quick enough as elastic creating. Also these substances say you know cause the green remodeling be wiring so. -- of the year and they're addicted forever means you hear that phrase week in recovering addict I mean. And somebody who's addicted to tea opiate narcotics he never fully recovered CC fortunately. Many times you know through on. You know programs in -- hands he can stop furlong Perry time that there's never ever under the words. A daily struggle for for so many. Doctor perceived thank you so much for coming in this morning thank you for inviting me to talk about this Mary important we've learned a -- it's scary stuff that some good information doctor Gil -- -- county's health commissioner.

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