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WNY Has A Heroin Problem

Feb 4, 2014|

Dick Gallagher; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big Gallagher is with us -- frequent guest on our show is former and illustrator of an alcohol and drug addiction treatment agency here in Erie county. You know -- of course we're all focused on Philip Seymour Hoffman and his death this past weekend heroin. Only because he was known around the world and accomplished award winning actor but we also lost. Several pressures. People here in Erie county three deaths in just one day these are all young people several other deaths that. Can attributed. To what's now being called heroin abuse epidemic. Can we don't know who these people really were they may have had promising futures who's to blame for these people dying. Well I don't know if you can put the blame. I think that's deep you can look at some of the parents who are basically. Not doing the right thing you have. The ability to make a decision if you if you think your child regardless of DH he's using drugs are getting into Britain no problems. But what some parents are doing the Suzuki gets in trouble and might even into trouble with most system. They hire a lawyer get might he get miked up I don't want him gone and treatment I don't -- I'm going to jail. Will that have the self destruction can also lead to the cemetery in apparent tonight to a many do justice but their son -- -- apparent. Not want their child to go to treatment while because. They don't want to hurt their credibility their integrity the name there is a statement that's. To drug addiction whatever and audience to do is talk that some counselors or in any outpatient clinic. In any inpatient rehab facility and see how many problems sometimes -- spring to the program bring to the counselors. Because I'm not supporting what the counselors on the agencies are trying to do. They're just seeing it well Johnny's just experimenting we know what. The experimentation as -- mentioned can lead to -- self destruction and you need to be able to stop enabling the parents not did not need to enabling kids. Took further. Reduce further. It damaged aired their bodies their brains etc. because they don't want them to get into treatment treatment is the only way that you're going to be able to turn that around. In the other asset is to drug courts in Western New York which then what if kids into what's on the for example if your child to stealing. Yeah and you're distilling it from you when you know that have the child arrested because -- controlled or nothing game. In and they go on to drug court guess what it's done well mom and dad anymore it is about the judge he's at the leverage. Then a lot of times then all of a sudden you get that space that you need to get -- in the treatment. And then you can proceed and miracles can happen while and one of the things can happen. You have -- DW I. Look a -- firms would be utilized and call this number call this number. And guess what. What the people that are listening. If they are connect with this problem they need as soon as -- child. Is that they know that they are using drugs are hanging around the wrong people need to -- -- -- to treatment they need to call. Renaissance house -- 210391. They treat chemically dependent adolescents and young adults from twelve to -- our horizon. In health and human services 83118100. They've run. Operated a number of outpatient clinics plus inpatient residential services. That's what -- they need to do it's not dull wait it is and get get popular but. Make the call because that caucus save your child's life. You know when you look at what's going on in the numbers in the epidemic. It's not just related to perilous as a -- of prescription drugs is related to all drugs in the parents have to do much more due diligence. In monitoring their kids mansion and children as well as making sure they can help the children when necessary. And I think the parents may be or they can while we can take care of -- ourselves we can keep this contain a set their own house. But it's this addiction is bigger than anybody. In addition it's a disease there's got to calls -- drug addiction and you have to take the proper steps to get treated. And you have to make sure that you. I'm going to counseling and you're. Intervening you're doing interventions. In not allowing your child's illness addiction. To progress to the point where they're lined up on the street that lined up and hospital and resuscitate her. -- to give the power of the drug the impact that people just don't understand. You have someone eighteen years old they overdosed they've gone to a hospital -- resuscitate her they're very fortunate to be alive. They spent three or four days in the hospital lately. Two hours after they leave they will be using heroin are another drug why. Because they're addicts why because they have this tremendous craving. You need to be able to stop the cycle you need to be able to get the mop the street he need to get the meant to inpatient treatment you need to be able to. She you know outpatient treatment whatever the the the proper motive treatment. And it's up to the parent to take the initiative you can't have a fifth fourteen year old a fifteen year old dinner a nineteen year old kid. Control in your life making all the decisions about someone who's totally out of control former quick question for you. Mr. Gallagher the so called war on drugs. I mean excusing expression but we're getting killed. There's never been a war on drugs is -- -- it would get a war you're gonna have the goal and they said -- soldiers to win the war that's ever been the case. And what you -- wind when you take a look at it and Edmondson is before they're gonna show a little while ago. It takes you six months of development -- a Dollar General on the Dollar General it takes is six and nine months that it are a year to build a hotel. It takes you three to five years to build. An addiction treatment facilities to treat chemically dependent adolescents and young adults are adults. Why do well because it bureaucracy. -- that bureaucracy is supported by elected officials in everyone else because it's not help an adult. We need more facilities in more programs in that is one of the reasons why. So many overdose are happening because people can't get in the programs designed not available affordable or accessible Dick thank you for coming in this morning we're break around the time. The Gallagher is a former alcohol and the drug addiction culture here on the recount.