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Christie and Trump Talk

Feb 4, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is on the WB in -- -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity according days. -- written more documents more questions for New Jersey governor Chris Christie where's this going. Specific to continuing could be. Bad news for and then here is crying because the the -- presidential run in 26 team its political circuit that are rising so high over the past many months. And yet this is just something he can not be right now so expect there for the next many months potentially at its presidential ambitions. I really -- real are going to be put on hold any major major way. He tried to clear his name while he tries to beat the scalable which just doesn't seem like it's gonna go living concepts. They late last week code Donald Trump came to buffalo for a Republican no fund raiser -- more than 600 people there. But he blurted out -- live interview here on WB AM the day before there's really nothing going on buffalo you said that. At a time when the development around here is boiling and prospects for more are excellent. Things like this going to come back to haunt him these guys should do some research before they speak. Or get a terrible but anyway it's a run for governor go to go to the city had not perhaps consult the people like in this city if there is so what's going on with that. I gotta wonder what really -- out with he's got to run for governor is a good run for president. Is that -- the seventh -- -- -- -- that he has suggested that he's gonna run well. Higher up but the offense in the end itself. I would what color myself very skeptical right now. He has any political future is going to dive in anyway it's eight. He could do you certainly have the money that he wanted to make a splash either at big gubernatorial level or even the presidential level at least sixteen. He has the financial capability to do itself is that it's not in question at. The real question as whether this is just the sideshow but what is this just bumper hammer is if you ever as. Any serious elements anything that he's ever -- are running for higher office that you got to remember it's gotten it's been doing has. I -- for years but a couple of that it's going back and it never got the. Dave what was the buzz where you are. After the real smack down on Super Bowl Sunday between Obama and O'Reilly. And it you don't -- is based in the capital. Wonderful back and forth that they are engaged in this is not the first -- remember that. They have together for an interview there's a couple -- that they've -- -- And bury -- high profile venue is and and nothing gets more high profile. And Super Bowl Sunday itself other fact that they here number one made some news. And number Q did it in the first place is an indication that Obama wants to reach out it was part of our audience to. If you possibly can. And -- you know Riley and he he he really put it speaks for the fighter and then got the president that came down. One issue in particular which is the Keystone Pipeline. And there are effectively saying what you know there's there's not that bad that should be standing in the way. Why are you in the press and probably didn't go as far as to say all right this thing done deal. It's itself waiting for John Kerry to come back and give me his final recommendation. To go forward -- that it was an indication. This instead he looking forward and now that the president. Providing that are all the boats -- -- since -- that this is something that happily -- happen effort long long long so it's. Dave nice to talk -- did this morning thanks. -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.