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Winter Storm WARNING For All of WNY

Feb 4, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now from the National Weather Service buffalo -- report office meteorologist Jon Hitchcock good morning John. Morning before we get into those specifics tell us about the warning that's posted for Western New York. If we do winter storm warning now for all Western New York that goes into effect the late this evening. And runs through a couple different times tomorrow -- late afternoon for the southern tier and 3 evening for the Niagara frontier. This one sounds -- it really means business. Well -- get to know it is a warning but it's a very low and warning if you look at our criteria. We're expecting -- told those seven attendance as a threat -- the bottom and of warning criteria so. It's going to be funny now that he's very difficult travel but not -- storm. Explain the difference now on the forecast for the south towns in southern tier. Illinois -- Well the amount can be fairly similar respect. Of the tenets is total. But the coverage here is gonna get there -- no earlier on in the arm for example tonight. We expect just a few inches from buffalo northward by the time you wake up in the morning but for discovered here four to six inches overnight tonight. Then sold it brought down and -- kuril earlier tomorrow. -- from buffalo north we expect a brief period of lake enhancement off Lake Ontario. During the late afternoon and evening that's what a warning -- longer there. Is this going to be. All snow any mixed precipitation went as far as. -- be optional for us that -- principals stay in central and southern Pennsylvania so. And also that for a. The drive home from Perkins school of this afternoon should be a fairly clear sailing. Yeah will be derived through evening it looks like this snow develop. After 9 or 10 o'clock this evening will be just fine through the evening commute they go beyond that. But the worst travel time tomorrow for the buffalo metro area would be when. Well the more intense snow is gonna come in. A couple of different. -- and I think the morning commute will be very very Turkey. There's not to be a lot of snow yet on the ground but if you which is enough to make it very slow and -- morning drive and -- the afternoon drive. As a lake enhancement devolved from buffalo northward it going to be slow as well. What about the -- and so winds are pretty calm right now. He'll be called today the wind will pick up by the northeast. Later tonight tomorrow probably fifteen to twenty miles an hour so not as strong as we've seen the last few weeks but. Strong enough to produce a little bit blowing eager to excel and open areas. John thank you for the update bureau. Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock with the National Weather Service.