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2-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I wore us down -- the he would rate this thing. And a whole movement. -- is that you can just broke any. The law the -- And upload it. That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is it. But that's not my responsibility in the if you got helped your already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. There really isn't -- nothing much to shorten. -- -- -- didn't do well eyewitness. He's revealed 930 you've seen the new layout is in -- It's not. Looking at the union people. One more time yeah I think I ever have any kind of shape. Are -- it it is our -- Israel might hurt -- WB. And I don't see I come up with a quotes Joseph tracked him down. And the brilliance you know we know we are we're like a you know our judges figured it out. We have the Lennon and McCartney. Of copyright violation anyway it is 610 and is ready at 930 WBE. 200 Ireland anyway a warrior. Eaten. It's Monday. Are you ready for the storm tomorrow. Tomorrow to -- it -- -- -- it's going to be Magnum is so we've been talking today at boot heroes. And York bureau. Not expand the topics here and -- just a few minutes. And promising you the story out. Here all. Take -- many people over the years and called my show. And groups. Or rather asked. George show on chem trails. And I've tried most people that I don't believe in country deals. I don't believe that jet engine exhaust. Is being manipulated by the government to do everything. -- trails in this guy as long as I've been watching this guy. Robert -- -- one of my favorite things that I -- where's the -- -- a telescope. BMI date back in the back yard. And look for one of those trails of paper trail and see how big I could make the jet through the Politburo. Well. I had no friends anyway. That's what you do when you have no friends you amuse yourself. So. -- start out of Atlanta. And basically some people think. That the snowstorm Atlanta just head. Was a false flag whether manipulation. Or massive social experiment. In -- hub. Dot com. Our recent snowstorm that blanked. That should be blanket. In Atlanta and parts of Virginia. Sending thousands of residents into turmoil. May have been a false flag operation or beta test carried out by Diane Pollock actions of the US government. Now. They go on. In this article to ponder whether the snow was real snow -- made of a synthetic. Material I put a link up to this story -- and a my FaceBook page. That someone weird stories. You -- the judge whether it's via the weather's not. But he's been at this for audience that. FO RT EAM fourteen yet. Because. If I -- quote somebody. There is more in heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt of in your philosophy. And and if you -- problem with that you're probably better off not listening to. -- no -- you know what. When you recite the nice seeing -- And you talk about things seen and unseen. Or what the hell do you think -- On the sure it's way. There are things on this thing. The Euro faith tells you there -- things unseen doesn't make them any -- -- So all our stores along you'd be the judge. I just don't happen to believe in chem trails. Mean that these paper trails we see in the sky are somehow some like chemical expert and on the populace. If the government -- dumb down people with TV. A ligament. It is thirteen minutes. After sexy news radio nine WBE. But it's like huge put these stories up when you think that. -- Do you have a hero. And I want to. -- forgot to put up thirty flip the ball people. We've got everybody from Larry Flynt -- bothered Nelson baker and in between. I want to I want to reach out to you with one more question. That I have been saying that do. And that is hurts. What issues. The 1 o'clock. That is a must read. For freedom lovers in fact I say book what is the one document. That is a must read it for freedom lovers. So who is your hero and why it's gotta be somebody about whom we've all heard. But please don't religious figures. And by religious I believe in Jesus Mohamed. And the reason is pretty simple. Because I'm guessing that most of my audience is Christians. Most of oil as well and everything is gonna say Jesus then that would just be. It would be repetitive like that's also why I'm asking for no more civil war guys because it just gets repetitive after a while a page. All right let's go to. Jim was an idea here is -- To all on WB ST. -- -- -- That's. The local students -- what's going on here. Isn't the my recording now into his voicemail. -- -- -- -- It's the -- -- -- -- -- I don't think this -- voicemail now all right well it was a nice thought anyway. Let's go to legitimate assault on on WB and Jim -- Why is this how does. -- -- -- German and by the way better than yours oh. You know what I said. -- Now that I speak a little bit of German but today we're gonna keep it in only English. Because of the well actually because -- Coca-Cola -- Our Coca-Cola demonstrating is not like white people because not a -- one of those languages -- that commercial came from Sweden Finland Latvia Estonia Lithuania Hungary Czechoslovakia. And I didn't even your worded German. Russian sports that. Applies not friends. Exactly I mentioned that before. Yes I'd like to teach -- go ahead. Well my hero is. And -- local call actually. From around the turn this country more and Mitchell mark. They started the first police feeder and Ellicott square building no one has to -- -- -- which could put out by Edison. All right this I'm gonna have to look up because if there's a little local history that I don't know I need to know. And obviously the delegates worked building now is ever call is that the nation's first skyscraper. That's killers in tennis it's our of these guys -- by any standard of today. Now don't like Carl Paladino these days and leave. New York lottery has offices here Paladino has offices -- maybe you'll let me live in the closet there I don't know. But I give the names again -- marks M a RX. -- -- our MA RKS. And -- are here why are these heroes I mean I mean you're you're giving -- trivia Richard I have to explain why the beat euros to. Well -- his adult size and the ball forward in a tradition and now I'm Ahmanson theatre and cinema a lot. I'm -- Bob Bob would probably recognize the names -- -- -- What they actually took it and am exhibitionist. And that's where -- -- very popular -- that it turned into below street forgot about it people to -- this. Fifteen theaters one in our New York City which is very promptly -- downforce. But -- not vote for them over and it's turned into our modern cinema that we don't out. -- looking at some interesting stuff on line about there's actually. And lobby of the they had a big party on October 23 2011. The bite his scope theatre 150. Birthday party at the delegates quarter. It. And I guess you must have been there. Otherwise how did you get turned on to this and I love buffalo history but I gotta be honest with you I -- this was something that for whatever reason I have over looked. Because it's I'm starting to -- -- I'm trying to get into a business on the start and to protect the leader. Are more combined only in stage together. I think thirty tried that it was called the cut premium Bailey avenue. Europe has yet assigned this little card it's -- -- for scientific or educational purpose. Done. Yes. -- output up to you by this golf hall in Buffalo, New York link okay. I I have to just tell it dude you do realize what you're getting into. As one of the biggest failure rates of any business including restaurants right. Well the difference is it's going to be a new form of art I'm not so much propagating -- yeah -- visual arts. As did our part combining elements here together and one. Performance for people. OK but. Have to explain to me how this works your concept because I love the fact that you thinking outside of the box but I don't like the fact that your thinking. Outside of the box and you might be heading right into the frying pan into the fire. So I'd want it walk through the your idea -- -- comparable ripped through the traffic OK so let don't don't hang up on me right. Don't be don't be a winner let's go to traffic right now and -- yours Alan Harris. Good -- if you -- this Monday drive whole Lotta people are going to be anybody upset. On winter storm. Goes into effect tomorrow -- -- actually tomorrow night 10 o'clock tomorrow night the 4 o'clock that Wednesday. That will be worthy now basically the southern part of the buffalo listening area winter storm watch for ball low and north. Now you later on -- walking up to well bad this far from actually met a lot can change. I joked that Tim players earlier today how much you wanna bet. That what's gonna happen is the DM warning zone logo northward. It will be story here broadcasting 24 step. He invited -- is amusing is not. Are right now 24 degrees it's gonna be bitterly cold that night so do not dogs out all like to acknowledge that they all night. Even by terrorist cat is going to be sleeping in the house tonight. She can now she's she cannot be. Set now known -- kill the other. -- let's get back to the calls on -- WB Yamon. It and it is. Again and end -- Jim you were -- Talking about this new concept this -- merger between movies. Inundated. Theater. Now given the fact that we already have such an abundant. Theater community in this area including some miserable we see twenty people sitting down to watch some really outstanding actors and actresses and we certainly a movie theaters -- wives do. How can you possibly even expect to be viable. All this and it's only new concepts into art form. What we uses invisible screen. Every project. Four KM high definition potential leader art cinema onto the screen. Play Ortiz script is actually broken -- between the show dramatic actor though the film actor. And the the -- performance. And now from their you can you can do all sorts different trumped up. From -- real science fiction and so like on the actual content from stage -- the in this format. On its storied brand new what I like to do was probably our first pro checkbook but not the fault because it does have a large. -- and factor on when people here. Well I usually up there. I mean I wish the best weather and I hope I'm wrong and I hope you succeed beyond your wildest expectations. And when you do. You can call and and you can tell me talk to yourself. Honest to goodness I will not accept them and I do not a lot at this point so. I appreciate the offer but I'm gonna have to press. -- -- thank you elaborate much idea my primary. -- my primary. Mission in light rain sleet that's number one. So basically a -- commitment to speak to some veterans later on this month and after that I've been to be living in seclusion. I'd be in my men gave the -- men -- things in my man came by myself. In turn -- corpus Christie in excess of 24 WB. Our -- And -- way guys. Many of you remember Alex writes the young lady was struck in the old. While boarding one night. -- There were telling your ABBA song I always think Alex and -- whatever wrist bands on. I don't Wear it all the time I Wear it every now again -- those days are wearing it because as -- to achieve. Has never let my mind jeweler relieved my mind she is a part of it. And when I play. Us on I always like to think of Alex because she. Was huge. Man except the only thing is hurt us on. Lives. In its inquiry which probably my least favorite -- sought. It's called the shots. Sorry Alex. You're gonna have to -- -- my office elections. And I don't -- visas -- Indian Richard parents. Are just as -- retire. The ballots that were part from my mind. Now. One of the reasons that played. As the difference that the well. -- -- but. The -- call -- from yesterday and the mobile. -- -- -- Coca-Cola have against people. -- -- -- -- I feel. Discriminated against. Frankly. Because. I saw it and I I do not mean please understand this folks. If it was a racist. Who almost used the I don't use the Volcker term for certain extra Torre -- You know. If I was a racist you'd see it. As I've said before. Hard when senators. I hate forty white liberals. With. Question. I hate them. And what it because it's it's gonna try. Anybody who thinks they need a token black friend. And a token Jewish friend -- a token Muslim friend for a piece of phony. -- -- before. Mean this got people's attention. Joseph during the Beckett on the -- and I don't like black people. Now my black isn't exactly what. Don't doubt that they have explained. That when you come on the air and you say. People. Damaged it out of my chances coming on the here and think -- -- people. I like all people. Unless. At its. Restaurants. Some of the people like black. Some of the people like why some like like it departments. Take people as people as individuals. That's what I don't. And there's a real simple reason for that too. Because if you are a member of a minority group any minority. You know when somebody is talking down to you you know. You know when somebody's a ball and you know when somebody speaks truth. And I know that my minority audience -- the Hispanic or black or whatever wherever -- are. Mean you know I speak from -- heart and I don't BS. And I don't try to be somebody I'm not just tell you where -- I am and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I have to. -- -- -- -- From the makers Coca-Cola. That's it for hours wanted to clear we're talking about Coca-Cola here. Because I've got to concern of these were Coke. You know search warrant my office. So let's. -- the Coca-Cola. Expansions. And includes this I'm paying and therapies. Whom. And so. -- -- -- Okay. As saying so I am the. -- -- -- -- -- Synergies. Yeah. You know -- I realize that most of the world does not look the way I work. But what exactly does Coca-Cola hand against northern Europeans. Or Europeans in general. Does this did you hear any. Because I didn't pick up any Italian and -- -- did anybody. Did anything that anybody pick up any French. You -- if anybody -- company Norwegian. Now. Did anybody pick -- -- Lithuania Latvia Estonia Russia and checked polish all. German all I I they're Arabic German. -- In its attempt to show how cool it is in terms of branding. Coca-Cola. To me managed to offend. Most of Europe. Except respect. Well I just call like I say what you want me to say. Now I got four. That was put the shoe on the other footer for. Coca-Cola had run an -- Of all European dunks. Aren't what if every. Well with the German. Hungarian. Finish. Which by the way the closest the Hungarian Hungarian language all unto itself the closest cousin is finished. But you've got you know Czech polish. Severe cash. Image in German French -- -- beyond the. If Coca go ahead run and an. Focusing only on European cultures. -- you -- frenzy of the left. Can you imagine. The condemnation. Coca-Cola would base. -- they were trying to be diverse. And they managed to the Fed off. It tongue in cheek but you know damn right. Well I'm correct. If they get left out. Shall we say people you know different skin tone. My Brothers and sisters and your Brothers and sisters of blacks get hurt and skinned. There would be outrage among the Arabs well now lives stop saying net the progressive slash Communists. Jesse Jackson would probably be knocking on our. Demanding that. They apologized or give him a check for ten million to make the whole thing go away. Satellite Carmine -- policy. Of the civil rights movement. So. I just you know I just find it really interest. But. Take it for what it's worth. Now. Forget the call -- a delegate and sleep or anything over the weekend because it certainly got enough. The winter storm warning kicks in tomorrow night at ten. The winter storm watch tomorrow evening through Wednesday evening for buffalo and north essentially. The warning buffalo and sell them is the southern part of your audience. Essentially. But I can all change in the vote goes around here. You know it's gonna end up happening right the north and get pelted the south will be enough and how much you wanna bet. All right yeah three -- at thirty if people. Now I have been asking you. Today to name some heroes. Preferably no more civil war heroes please. Not that I'm not end the civil war. Quite the opposite. But I also like a little bit of variety. Now. That look Bieber. Get me luck. So there's one thing -- -- ask you guys and I've been guided to their show. Tell me a must read that for freedom lovers. Must read it for freedom lovers. Let me name what I. The first ten amendments to the constitution of the United States collectively known as the bill of rights. Will start with that. And I'd like to build out of that list today as well. See part of this is experimental. If I wanna see if I can bring you expect tomorrow for a longer version. And everybody anybody's named as a hero today I put up on FaceBook already are except Larry Flynt. It's somewhere I think there's a picture of Larry -- and your humble host together. But I waited like 230 pounds then and I really even if I could find it would. Now that a modern you know one of its -- 643 out on WB and a need to take a quick break. And then let David -- back get small -- about a show. On news radio 930 WB yen should I speak Swahili just to kind of even things out a little bit. -- -- expert actually performed it's what he -- the you get a -- -- Cliffs Notes Joseph 640 trillion WB yeah. -- variety. It's about our WB and a couple of things -- do you have a hero. Rule and why. He or she a hero number one number two. What is a must read for freedom -- And -- a quickie at the end the year just give us a variety. I spent a lot of time thinking about this over the weekend. And both my heart in my head Tellme Donald Trump is just -- workers. I'll play a -- real simple answer. If Donald Trump runs against this -- -- from Westchester County executive. Truck is gonna destroy him and he's going to be the candidate. And it took me all trump saying well unless the Republican Party unifies behind me I'm not gonna run. -- Politics doesn't work that. I told them that about the Republican Convention in 1868. And the Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Campaign. He really think that every other politician. Is just going to be at a bend over position. That's how things are. Vote your primary so a lot. You're gonna win the primary. Adobe Lazio in -- So -- -- to me this is just BS. The more I think about it the more I think Donald Trump is just jerking us around. And what really sucks about it. It is well end up with four more years of -- normal. So. I'm very much in the camp. That ball and let let's put it this way if both my heart. In my head tell me -- it -- My conclusion is he right. Because if he wanted to run he'd run. Seriously folks do you really think that some county executive. Is gonna beat Donald trump state wide. It ain't gonna happen. Donald Trump is it got around because he doesn't want to drop. The primary thing is just who -- Sorry. But that's where I -- a hell -- -- speech. But. It may happen. And the sooner he says he can't run on the better the better it is for the Republicans. Because then they can plan their losing strategy similar. Let's get back to the calls here is -- and sit there and met on WB and hello -- I don't -- anybody here or a book but when I thought the commercial with slightly blood pressure went through the roof. I needed to look at people taken to what's behind Iowa and I -- I'm not under any of them but I'm only usually will. And I wondered if when we go to Russia next week if they'll -- the Russian anthem in English so we can sing along. -- -- com and desperate money. Don't understand it only goes one way. Don't understand that when people from other countries come here we're supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate them. But if we were to move to Russia. Or if we were to move to on Doris we would be expected and I think -- the right thing to -- to learn the language of those countries. My -- came over of the book with a filly and she didn't turn a formal over and it wasn't written in Italian few earning less. She read it she worked here and -- -- Look the -- goal of -- immigrant to America on Hillary why would you call it about Hillary. -- it anyway. Take your political. How I was sorry about that outlook -- -- call ahead of -- of by the person to whom I was speaking. Guys don't waste like wall streeters did Jon -- just. But you don't have to explain to everybody just -- -- -- and I -- but he just. Take the calls that they were gonna need and then the rest of the people don't don't bother getting -- arguments I can see your faces just lighting up. And an end and I don't call people off the year. Agree you when you call in -- equality come on the here or don't call. And I'm trying to Kirk Agassi can possibly by the time to call people back. I just kept it there I don't have enough time there are too many people. Who. Call. And say hey can he called me after the show actually I can't. Because I'm a decompression -- that. Asked. My cup when I was in the morning show. Tim player could get very little ought to be after the show because everything I've got in me I put it out there -- -- during the program. And if I'm not exhausted and drained by the time -- undo my show I haven't done a good job. So all series. My email Tom at WB EN dot com the best way to get in touch with me and I'm not trying to be a jerk I I don't even talked to my friends on the fault. I hate telephones. I've always -- telephones -- -- -- about. Seriously. As born in the wrong era there. You go -- on -- thirty is via phone number now John you needn't argue with people that might. If they're off topic to see your off topic click -- You don't that you -- nobody an apology. I've clearly outlined the topics. At a people wanna get off topic. This kind of problem. Is not my problem. Now Donald -- What you think about there's. -- at two minutes so hardly have time to take any more phone call. Are Donald Trump. Folks. Again how can I make this any clear for people. If you really want a job. You want a job. If you really want it to be a radio talk show us. You would do anything to be your radio talk show strike. You would in turn for nothing. You would work for minimum wage. You would do anything -- possibly could to get behind that microphone and do your thing. If you are really wanted to do it. And people like Sean Hannity and frankly you're humble host here and sandy beach. -- do you think that we all started out. Where we are now yeah. So for Donald Trump. And I'm not trying to step in our. I thought this was -- about the other primaries. For I like Donald Trump to come from nowhere. And say it out. All of that is me. Everybody else just out of my way I'm not going to run net. I think that's presumptuous I think it is highly indicative of the fact he does not want to run and he will not run. Both my heart in my head say this is a giant jerk around. And the -- he gets out of the way the better. Again the Republicans should just nominate Rick Lazio well because we're used to him not winning. Our guys at that -- through. My FaceBook page is always combat -- -- -- thank you to Joseph Bieber and thank you to mr. juncture and and leave you with following words.

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