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2-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down the he would -- -- for. -- and a whole -- -- -- Well the and upload it. That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is in it. But that's not my responsibility but if you got -- -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. There really is nothing like a short time violently. Excuse me while I witnessed. -- -- -- -- They -- way -- is inevitable. That's not. -- of the union people. -- -- time it can't get our -- guy that every -- game. Well but oh well about. 01 vertical. And we whoever and once they -- genius of Joseph -- It is hourly with you on Monday news radio 930 WB -- we are very winters well now that are -- -- -- storm. And it winter storm watch for the northern part of the listening area it's a warning for the southern part of the listening area -- who live in the Western New York by the way if you liked the show. Tell everybody about. Lanka to my FaceBook page your FaceBook page split the world. Well spread throughout the world. And if you don't like oh -- -- Anyway Joseph gamers that master control -- Job. Is our call screeners he's the man now he issues the call screener that's not going to change this is his full time job now. Welcome aboard John welcome aboard. You're the man. All right so I've been talking about euros. Wanna challenge you. Sounds like public radio. That we have to challenge her aunt. And give little spots. Florida. I want you to get outside your comfort zone just a little bit. Now look you know all that I have a affinity toward the civil war period. Because let's face history didn't really begin until people started taking photographs of it but anyway if I what I. Are there are no other American heroes other than civil war guidance. And I'm sorry -- you -- Parker. It like -- -- all I mean did. He was with. But it would be all like. I mean look it's your hero I accept that. If the jury hero -- -- To grant. It as a hero general grant later president grant because of that I went from laughingstock. Alcoholic. She definitely. -- national hero in four years. Heat more than any other American of his time. Capped the union together for good or for help. Heat did what other union generals could not -- beat this. Of course it didn't hurt bad. The south lost. Stonewall Jackson. Shot by his own man. Just before Gettysburg when he would have been of great value to Robert. But that's another story I -- it let's get your comfort zone here. And it just remains. Give -- reasons. Why these heroes resonate with you. I wanna know why. They need the military people. No one named Oprah by the we're. Not sorry I -- model that's I have to draw the line. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBM. Who is your hero. And why. Frankly I think my explanation of -- selection of US grant is my hero was. I think it was erudite. I think it was precise. Accurate to the point in quite computer. Back when I listen to the replay official that I I shall say. This -- on the radio is marvelous original marvel at my own work where it is it gonna be best to -- -- best beach. Probably got to -- each parent. Anyway it is. Thirteen live news radio 930 WB yet let us go back to the call -- week. All I want to get your comfort zone are putting civil war people to the end of the list. Because I want people out of their comfort zone. Mine happens to be a civil war guy. Words might -- -- American revolutionary. Yours might have been up pilgrim. Pilgrims. Might be John -- Our let's go back to the calls on WB at 8030 that -- Start at thirty and 180616. WB EM a -- goats are off Michael in that Niagara Falls. And if -- you sir welcome. Now while I was on hold that out of my comfort or yes soldier well streeters. Which were like -- Well you know what may make your case actually did tell me who is your hero well are your heroes and what makes -- -- -- I love about grant is his humanity and his demonstration about how to turn failure into success. And also his demonstration of the Peter principle rising to the level of your incompetence. Well them by all means army. To -- short lists. Guys served in the navy during extreme war it is -- I had a principal -- mine he believed in the current situation emerged states. And -- parlay that into an empire his own personal risks. And his own personal health. And he stood up and believed in him. Erected jail you know the story. That plays. If the current judicial protectors scumbag like me what will it do for you. Our vision not in my occasionally and I'm very literate kids I'm fifty years old I admire their work shirt. Larry Flynt. -- Hustler Magazine. It I'd why would you these are good -- that I think it's a very interesting selection and without making further comments or allusions I can easily go to two. I certainly is thinking outside the box. Well you know I mettler -- that ever -- about time I met Larry Flynt. No sir I I could imagine though that I understand Europe. Well the funny thing is I actually -- him with stories but let what I meant. -- for well okay Larry Flynt is a he's -- -- he's whopper -- turf rigid. Basically. Some idiot shot him when he was running for president many years ago. And I forgot about peripheral and peripheral neuropathy being -- issue with people with spinal injuries. And I have kind of a firm handshake as my hands are kind of strong from years of massage. And I hurt Larry -- I felt horrible the entire night I really did and it's -- I told his body guards would his leaving the party I said guys would you please tell mr. -- I'm really sorry. I just have a strong handshake and I didn't really mean any disrespect. And that I looked at him and I said you know what felt for the carpal tunnel he's given me over the years just turnaround fair play and accounted -- had a smile. You're you're certainly I ask the first question -- thought about. Sent to do -- your Mandarin. Sure. You are afraid at all about the Benjamin's right yes. Slum dog millionaire movie if you're familiar -- are. I know the movie I have zero interest in seeing the movie. While there's just one point and section where a blind -- in India. Can explain to grant who have never seen a 100 dollar bills. That it is fair or under a bill based on the fact that argument right and I'm. And that's only there were. Built ship. Now appointed as -- -- day. You know the blanket who -- -- -- didn't say. Oh he was. Well what trees used in the lifestyle. Out there he looked like a girl. Look like in Euro. And here. And it was a great president. Who met Matt Light on the money. Well he's -- veteran frank -- was never president of the United States. -- So -- president being on the money being blunt say someone had to make a decision back in the fifties to put Ulysses as grant -- fifty. And -- right there -- hundreds. No in their local impact everybody is I don't know who these two guys are -- throughout Washington Lincoln Harold and all victory jerks themselves to the -- -- -- OK I have an issue to their currency because Lincoln as a company and on the spot. Okay Jefferson. Forget about it as did it doesn't. My question if you -- yes it's -- my dual vote greater yes how did that grant a permit it bill -- up. Job. Honestly I don't know that the denomination. Has anything to do with the respect afforded to people let's put it this way. In 1909 in the introduced the leak in the -- not the Lincoln silver dollar or twenty dollar gold -- There's I don't think it needs help a lot of the nomination. I don't know it short either but the fact that most six people. From Washington -- -- get -- the paper currency. Is a note they're gonna go out worldwide. Shuttle wanted to hit these epidemic registers. So you that's very you know what you were weren't funny fourteen right now and the real question is not. Who is on our funny money that we -- by the bushel -- the real question is what's in your -- There's -- plastic that's the real question I gotta go my friend interesting question but I think I've answered it sufficiently. I just -- that the nomination has anything to do with respect. Because Lincoln that put him on the and and they put -- gardens imaginary portrayal of an Indian on the ten dollar royalties. The peace dollar. Sick August 20 dollar gold pieces. Do we turn into the coin collecting our I'm sorry guys it's an interesting question though. If you are interested in India. I've had no interest in seeing slum dog millionaire. But the movie I did see about India with which I fell in love and actually referred my mom Tennessee. The best exotic merry old hotel. One of those movies it's not that it's an eastern males account that went grudgingly. Fell in love with the -- awesome strongly recommend. Takes an interest in turns. Very interest in turns. And I love unpredictability. It's 520 and news radio 930 WBBM. I'm thinking to myself just as they go to traffic I say I love unpredictability. And here's -- heiress. And AccuWeather says. Mail it's 44 degrees right now. And don't or -- overnight it's gonna be bitterly cold again anywhere from four degrees to ten degrees. And I really -- a snowball in the driveway last week is now everything's ice and I'm gonna break my neck. -- If so do anything for it -- it anyway what are storm warning for tomorrow. That will take place at 10 o'clock tomorrow evening at. For areas south of the city and the city and north and western city of buffalo north winter storm watch and will be here warrior I've got a Jeep. This people go through any. I mean it would drive over quick exit to get here to WB we've got quick -- around here. The Alabama swaps believe it or not. Police somebody told me that once so must be true. Here is. Let's get -- day in the sun. Because he was on before I ask people think outside the box and it's every immediately said Larry -- you're WB -- hello. -- you'll hear me you know arrest people. Well it's like you're just like Barack Obama once famously said it's that time for the Republicans to ride in the back of the box. Well there it is you and me and well your girl so well I just don't like white people they let your mind. And well in all. While waiting -- I just truly form between. A little bit well being a bit. And and real city art or animal well I mean how can you -- all -- to -- -- -- or world people. -- you know the important nation at that yeah approved yet. It is to an individual OK you are the -- Our -- with that blow. I'd agree with the local boy commander of the 48. Went the old man ever received a battlefield commission. From our president went. And he did. Parker -- -- Stevens. When -- earlier vote anymore pounding he was chemistry. Or Washington. And the search core was able to get up there along with the eight and -- ninety core. Don't go to the DL -- -- that opportunity killed honest -- I love the civil war and you lose in the you bore the hell out of me. Also are about that nobody it was -- need to see it pretty and he would give it a bigger animal. Then when we get one true leader aren't that extra year in April's sixty should be by. Are because it was such -- they were -- although both well. And I gotta tell you what not dwell on what if you gripe -- Bidwell -- -- one such named -- double. And I put up a -- so people may read more about did well by the way I like Chamberlain. More but I don't have time to get it to bring Mansour area. Thank you on WB it. -- off. I really want fell but unfortunately. That was not going to be in the cards owing to -- Dominican situations. That people could understand. It is -- 534 news ready at 930 WB EM. College what is it going to be go to a concert you've got a guy every -- minutes. Inconveniencing people around me. That room. I mean I could have been really -- not gotten up every two minutes. That would have been an assault on the olfactory senses of everybody. Anyway it is by the report WB EMR. Right we're talking about heroes. And if you're just joining us I will not desk pants on my hero. Who is president. US grants you thought of -- the president Barack Obama. I was not smoking crack over the weekends are anyway. What I love about grant is a couple of things number one he went from zero to hero. Number two he demonstrated that sometimes it's best to get out of the game on top and -- stay ahead of the game. He was -- hero in the civil war. And went on to become. Eight discredited hero -- when he was president of the United States thus demonstrating. Not only upward mobility. But now word ball go. As the embodiment of that Peter principle rising to the level of ones and competence. And they also showed. He also showed human failures. And human shortcomings. Along the way. And a Christian ethic someone else that. There's always touched me about president grant. He only succeeded in two things in his whole life. Number one was war. And number two. Was his marriage. And it's almost impossible to mention general president grant. Without. Throw some props to his wife Julie at that. You know what no matter what happens with her husband. She stood by him. She wasn't just their for the good times. She stayed with a with a bad times. She wasn't just a fair weather friend a fair weather wise. She believed in her -- If she never ever ever stopped loving him. And when you grant's tomb. In New York City. I've been there a couple of times. I -- I get choked up. Thinking about all those things I just mentioned. In particular. Beloved she -- for him. And the loyalty and dedication she had for him. What a complex story. The light of general president grant. Shows opens are let's get back to the call -- -- 00000. -- real real real quickly. I've also put on my FaceBook page which have been updating with I think I think all caught up with -- government. Everybody suggestions for their heroes. I put up Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain the hero of the second day of the battle of Gettysburg. For his defensive little -- -- along with the twentieth main. Along with regiments from new York and Pennsylvania I'm not a bore you with all the details but suffice it to say. Many people believed he single handedly saved the union. Let's go back to the calls on WB a vote that I -- no religious figures guys that I imagine that yeah sorry guys. -- let's go to. Last night on WB -- idea. Saudi. -- OK you know I -- -- a long time ago it you know hero and I can't come up. I don't want to -- Blurted out. Actually in about an hour. I hit it hard. And low side are among. You know what it. Because a couple of things are you speaker voters up that are Bluetooth. Hands that's why I don't even bother hook mine up OK let's start with John Candy. John Candy. A hero and I want to tell me why and I'm not gonna judge you because. You didn't say it all for you said John can. Well. She can. Come. Out there. -- -- -- -- And -- political. -- -- I'm not an Asian culture. Like it all out there. And well. Should quite -- you. Are. On your own I -- unbelievable. In the and our. Well all before the Bob Newhart. Herself about John Candy that I wanna mention. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie. Operatives but Oliver Stone JFK if now you know -- just what -- taiba a little bit about the media. You know when the mass media start to bash a movie before it even comes out. There's got to be some truth in it and because they're already try to discredit them will be. Number one. Number two John Kennedy played in New Orleans attorney named dean Andrews in that movie and do you know. Because I've listened Oliver Stone in the director's cut. You know that John Candy was scared out of his mind having to play a serious roll after all of the comedic stunts and comedic characters he portrayed. That announced -- -- -- because I want you to ponder that right now to a man who -- And we were -- -- -- -- I'm sorry about it I thought you did this Joseph I'm sorry -- impacted Albert I'm sorry overnight there was a -- putting you on hole like I thought I got a message but. Might mice -- sign language is apparently -- it used to be here as this one joke. -- -- So anyway that's what John Candy he sweated bullets heading of the play in the -- groups. This Saturday night -- on Saturday night. -- -- I don't know what just happened. I'm talking to a guy and the goal suddenly a -- Saturday night fever. I I'm lost. All right Dan are you know what the air here are bigger wires got crossed a mature but. Bob Newhart a hero of yours. I'm an involvement. -- And an -- from other. People like reacting to that. You know there is little. That -- -- the economy hard and but you know. -- it will accept. Content of the so these important. And a world will be a little bit. It all work and -- eagle on the term -- makes them -- cute but -- It. I -- -- it sir your your phone news. A -- to the makers of Bluetooth. -- fat. Thank you. I've never heard of Bluetooth it's counted at least for radio purposes. Seriously. We are freaking -- a year. 803 on 930. Start I'm thirty. 180616. WB EN will never know precisely why Bob Newhart was that guys hero -- -- Bluetooth. Well. Art it's 542 news radio 930 WB EF a we'll return with more of your heroes president on the buy -- show Joseph beavers -- master control anything that I say that sounds really stupid. Anything I say. That doesn't cut it right it's Joe's fault and then jolt will in turn sent it down helping John Sherman the new guys. Because gravity takes the pool and sends it downhill to the lowest man on the totem pole on the show. In this case John Sherman brand new to the crew he's yet to pay -- -- Poll would you well. All right -- and -- haven't heard and this winter drags on every week we're getting older folks tomorrow in the evening winter storm warning for south of the city winter storm watch for north of this week and even it's going to be a single digits. Or to take place. Anyway life about life is like OK let's go to. Camp or might. I need a hero for you and I want people start thinking outside their comfort zone which in my case seems to be the civil war. I'm. And you're always I don't know banker. And I know you a couple of your religious figures and indeed out of your religious figure but -- a leader. He. Won't -- wanna. Any agreement. You know what I -- religious people that like. Like Jesus if you're Christian. I just presumed that Jesus is your hero if you're Muslim presume Mohammed Hoosier hero summit is that it does go through that over and over again. I decided I just have a bunch of guys calling in with some work anyway please -- other. Nelson -- A war hero. Robert Baker actually won in the civil war is a soldier in the seventh regiment -- bomb you know the ball or law. Here -- just stick with to stick with the other stuff even. Getting sick and about the civil war. -- Robert Baker once the Cold War soldier and after the civil war came up well. Established a very hopeful that yet -- on grainy and only sure. Any actually would've been very well you know -- of the -- been very. Table at the -- and all over the world record and became. And the thing that I mean if you go back corner bloc want to work but so what is normal the group orphanage spare. They're very cold war on went markers they're in their home where there's a hospital that are nursing school where -- -- And we had -- -- called it war in America you and I want to bring everybody together. Ever done more. I'm gonna look you know out of that invented. The -- but post -- out like old school on these forward -- Well well all right we'll have to me that's not something that put in his favor I would -- and prevent. Yeah up but then and we agree what what have been in that same note of the hours. War -- children. But now I mean it would now with email everyday I would the Nigerian lottery. You know we just like the same. All. That but if I -- to pay -- kind of the precursor of that and believe me every he -- went to -- charities and end he had. You know he never turned away and -- you'd have to be up like. Armed is -- thousand upon our mothers took involvement of children work in. You know help them out of court so they're gigantic the -- where there aren't a quarter results are encouraged. Like on our. Over you know what -- you are so spellbinding. I lost track of the time and actually I love your choice of -- baker I just so you know. And your your recounting of his life I'm planning estimating. I shouldn't so the -- Obama will get back to you on WB Ian let's go to traffic and Alan terrorists. Eroded the weather -- -- -- -- point recounting it other than you with 24 degrees and it's gonna be bitterly cold tonight anywhere from four degrees and above. So. The campus or right it is at 551. Link. Are you serious. Again he does say a giant pissed off from today's show you guys call and with these heroes and apparently these heroes are important enough for you to wait thirty seconds. To add more to the biography. Nobody ever asked the whole -- help -- -- just hangs up. So why should I care way old TV he's back. All right what did you think we're gonna put a -- after the if that wasn't my intention at all you could have put them up on the screen guys advocates. Is still -- -- this -- -- equipped quick. Let's get back to Mike who. Talked about that father baker the basilica the -- for unwed mothers the orphanage. And to his discredit the inventor of the postal pleas for money we'll get -- that some different today. But. Obviously Mike you've done a lot of Reading about -- baker and there's this tremendous movement under way to have him as -- saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Quite an honor for boy it was more of a German boot from other and it Irish Catholic -- Absolutely correct count on you just an incredible human being. In reading about a mile realized that he was one of the -- or aggregate patient as spectrum probably never once been awful. And -- early thirties. He actually went to the bishop of fob falcon -- -- it will look guilty African American members of the community in its congregation. I mean of course part of that goal with it will increase the membership of the output church of I. Funny how -- I hope that they were equal and should be included in and that I won't all of God's children. All about -- you know it was before. The deepest congregation. Well most of the American. Most of the blacks who migrated to buffalo during that era in as southerners attended should be more Baptist that any thing. And I know that the Roman Catholic Church detritus of outreach. But the Catholic Church is seen tremendous growth in the past fifty years in on the African continent. Absolutely. But I would bet that -- that all of these incredible isn't it but what I -- -- -- work of -- You know it's unprecedented in the very I mean just all look at coincide that. We have the greatest of mercurial. And an amazing thing that he felt good but -- -- when he would they have 88. It would -- for a debate it was dedicated. Which it's amazing. Now that's because there wasn't government project that it you have to go to our appeased the mob that if -- gets cut Tony Soprano was able to get out of the picture so -- it was. Yeah up by the -- great choice I have to played great -- a father baker. And a great way to tell the story to -- I learned more about Bob Baker at five minutes from Butte and I've read them in a lifetime of hearing about it through the media. Well thank you very much and thanks for at least calling actives. That's in the that's been the Bane and word would have showed -- people call it is great passion about the heroes -- can't wait thirty seconds. Now what it. Unexpectedly low. Owner. Well must've been used because I've never made single mistake in my life so. Hard. Are right. -- I just wondering. Did you just joining us I dare say though this has been one of those instant classic she -- And I wanna go through some of the people that have been named as heroes I think I have put everybody on my FaceBook each. With whom were about whom people called him. -- I didn't realize how many people got to my FaceBook page could because that's all I gotta scroll held down to expect to find out all my goodness. I've I've very average that you guys are responding to this question on line unfortunately. President's order responses I can't find -- don't. I don't question. But you will have more time because your -- try to speak and look jumping up I've really tried I think I've missed a single person. When people have called it would -- your hero I've put something up on their hero on line in case you want to learn more about those individuals. The story about the epic Atlantis coming up a judgment on this probably even chem trails never. Some people -- whatever. 556 WB.

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