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2-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- -- -- Holes to pick up. Any. -- Well. Look. It up and no one ponds with an assault rifle. No -- -- Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to that. Can't recoup. Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. Does our brilliant -- ten million marks each. The news -- 930. I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded yeah. -- -- into the -- longest break -- -- wait for the opportunity to do it I think with a big baseball game was basketball hockey. One of those sports yesterday I -- that today would be a great day to do. Here's tomorrow I've just have a feeling it is going to be a weather today. Do you have a hero. And my only -- got news. Nobody religions. Okay because I just assume that whatever your -- The leader of that pay the spiritual father of that date would be here. Now my hero. Is Ulysses grant. And a -- briefly. He was all -- from Illinois. He went to West Point did -- do particularly well he graduated. Serve with honor and distinction in the Mexican American war and then the army sent -- way out west. Which at that point was that Yuri Pennsylvania now it includes further west than that. But the long and the short of the issues. He got hooked on the bottle. He became an alcoholic. Went back to his hometown of Galena Illinois as the black sheep of the family. The outbreak of the civil war. Put Joseph. Ulysses S. Grant back into uniform as he recruiting officer. To make a long story short. The union army in the civil war in the early battles was led by a bunch of absolute. Top and it's. These were West Point guys. Who were supposed to be the cream of the crop. I mean that was supposed to be able put together a health care website medical. -- ups -- -- cream of the crop they are supposed to be able fight anybody at any time because they went to West Point. Well guess what. The southerners also had guys who went to West Point. The interesting -- news. I need to look this up but I'm pretty sure. That this south ended up with the West Point graduates who tended not to have graduated very high in the at West Point as a rule. The north got the Crandall -- -- But when it came -- the real world of combat. Guess who won the battles early yes so anyway. Here's what happens. That a recount this is briefly as I can't because I -- -- -- like this -- my hero because I wanna know your girl happens to be. You had guys like Ambrose -- side. Robert McClellan. And -- halt. -- other. Federal. Generals and leaders. -- As a fictitious character once said it couldn't empty you're an out of the boat with -- instructions written on the bottom. Along comes a guy named grant. The laughingstock. Of Galena Illinois. The black sheep of the family. And he wins. What was -- pretty insignificant. Battle but he actually want. Which is something the union had a real hard time doing the first couple years of the American civil or the first battle Manassas bull run the greats. Battle that -- hit the north's but. And had the south pursued the federal and Washington the war would have been over. But I'm getting ahead of myself. General grant rose through the ranks very very quickly you know why does he want. General grant and his good friend William Tecumseh Sherman understood the concept of total war. They understand that if you're gonna win a war you've got to win a war and -- got to do some really bad things to win the war. And they came up with the strategy of Sherman's march to the C eventually. Which cut a swath through the south. That for many many many years caused bitterness divisive this damage and destruction. By the end of the civil war ladies and gentlemen. Within four years. I mean to me this is one of the greatest stories in American history within four years are guys who was an alcoholic. Bum. Laughingstock. -- family. Black sheep. Is a national hero. Because at the end of the day after thousands of lives lost -- disease. And combat. It was general grant. Lieutenant general grant. In his dusty crappy uniform. Accepting the surrender. Of that noble gentleman Robert. And at the end of the day general -- and not ask for nor did generally offer his sword as a token of surrender. So even. With all. General grant had gone through in his life. Did he say he showed great class. In his respect. For the bank -- Robert. Made sure that the southern soldiers once the treaty at -- medics was signed. The terms of surrender were a worse time he made sure that the confederate got a good I got a good deal. And eventually the confederate and the northerners mixed and they were Brothers again. Now. I don't think in the annals of American history. You are going to find a better example. Of somebody who went from zero to hero. In such a short period of time. Now very very briefly in less than thirty seconds. General grant eventually became president of the United States. And just to show you how ephemeral fame is and how fickle public debate. Pay the end of his second term. He was once again a laughingstock. And by the end of his life was broke. And a gentleman named mark twice helped general Brent Wright his memoirs. So his family can afford to -- There are so many lessons in that story and you know what they are right I needn't repeat. But I put a picture -- general grant on my idea. FaceBook page. To me that poll news. Is a it's like James Dean in the leather jacket with the cigarette. That -- and I'm gonna use this word is iconic. Look at that face. I put another picture up on my FaceBook page. Of some black guys. But not just like black guys this is a picture with which I grew up. Black men from buffalo. Who fought for the United States in World War I. Look at the individual faces you'll see the exact same resolution in the air bases -- in general grants. These my friends were men. Hoosier hero. Here at Rochester WB yeah did you. Good afternoon I'm my hero is they have buffalo native the late John hunt of W -- -- He was my hero because is -- knowledge. Of jazz music as well as his consummate professionalism. Which you displayed right up to the unfortunate. Early termination of his life. Worked while he was sick. Didn't take sick days or -- thing and fought through -- about a week before his past. He's -- Yeah I shouldn't jump -- believe it or not. Are not well but I -- want my president just starting out of business and worked over there were interned over there and he was a good guy. Our job hunt is your hero. In the entire pantheon of American history it -- jobs and I'm I'm I'm not judging your understood that if that your hero that is your hero. -- as far as the pantheon of my history. And that's well we're talking about you and your hero so you can have named Bugs Bunny and I think it's it's -- it it he's a man. All right that thank you very much. Java hut yeah you is basically the guy was he kept jazz alive in the buffalo Airways for many many years he knew his stuff. Absolute genius and a real credit to the profession. Let's go to whose next day in buffalo at WBM hi -- Daytime hours of the day always great. I would say one thing I mean nicer rivalries like the emperor Marcus generally it's the Roman empire. But to -- getting back to grant in an article my -- -- do believe was in the book battle cry of freedom by James McPherson. You -- earlier this child said to some of the commanders of the Southern Command he said there's one minute opener rickets who has its work obedient divorced. And they go -- And perhaps they were he's how his style of play 81 and it was at its time but fortunately for themselves. Well I was let's streak and it basically what grant wanted to do heaped port overwhelming numbers of men in -- basically the meat grinder. But you know what the compared to the other general -- he had lowest casualty -- believe there. I didn't know that actually but that does surprise. So. Get back to the first guy you mentioned the Roman emperor markers a real leaders and I want it and and again you're gonna have to tell me why because. Height I don't know enough about my Roman emperor so -- hold on hold -- -- another hero though if you want it to the Romans a woman who fought against the Romans. Her name was -- Now back was a woman let's find out about traffic right now and see if it is a -- here's Alan Harris. Our thanks Alan winter storm well. Sorry I always feel the need to be drama queen. South of the city. Winter storm watch. This city and that is for a well tomorrow. Overnight tonight though were gonna get back into the is bitterly cold temperatures were salt doesn't even work. So intelligent a pound salt you say I can't it's too old anywhere from four to ten and then tomorrow. Johnny -- -- out the official weather statement from the National Weather Service that appreciate that I know we're gonna kill retrieve that you know that they're just intercom we'll just have to deal with that. Expense son is gonna give way to clouds in the snow tomorrow and of high temperature 28. Are -- it is at 22 minutes after four let -- go back to. -- -- the guy I asked the hole on the novel is correct. The guy who's gonna tell us all about markets -- really is he's gone. He was Jeff Rochester all right well if you if you didn't care at all I'm not gonna bother talking about it. But I really do wanna know more about markets are really used but if you ever want to see a story read about a story of walk courage. You must read about. -- Bordick. I'll tell you the story later if I've got time. A woman who led her tribe and neighboring tribes. Two blood -- victories over the Romans. Until the Romans. Finally overcame over. Our let's go to whose next. Two in buffalo on WB yen little -- do you have a hero in the entire pantheon of the world somebody a -- we have all hurt. Yes I'm thinking about Richard winters on the top 101 airborne from like the movie eat and Brothers. That is not my must see -- the box that at some point. You. Like a tree. Here probable we'll go to took me until now just a unit of boardwalk empire. Awhile. Longer. -- -- got really why change it well and Richard winters was a real guy. Yeah. Yes he was a real right -- where it was like two years old they actually built up a memorial which branch. Well I mean they were added there were some -- out people they work. Companies are under first airport there -- -- I mean -- Enough force that fastball and -- -- -- nowhere no ammunition no food. A winter clothes and ship there and refused to give up the ground -- was off. You know what I'm writing that down Richard winters. World War II. Band of Brothers -- they want other World War II hero that a lot of people in this era have forgotten all about Saudi Murphy. Okay that would help don't -- -- partisan about the Europe but I must break or Joseph will turn me into -- on WB Ian. Or thirty poll or news radio I'm thirty WB and it is hourly on the radio on Monday and an alleged euros costs and mortgages through the latest winter storm which is forecast for tomorrow. That that a flag is flying from the National Weather Service in buffalo eight. I hope that that your loved ones finally got back from the new Yorker Philadelphia metro area news the East Coast at some snow yesterday just in time for after the super the big game. It was baseball right and I get that sporadic okay. Well the guy I was gonna speak with the earlier. Hung up so I will not go into my. Lecture that I was gonna deliver. I want a New York hero I have been to do this year and this has all of the makings of about hourly instant classic. And I can repeat the whole story. But. My hero. Look I've got a lot of them but I I think the guy who most embodies. So many lessons in life. Use. Ulysses. S. Grant. The winning general in the civil war. And a failed president of the United States. Seriously. There're so many lessons. My favorite lesson -- the story of grant ears in four years. He went from a laughingstock. Alcoholic. Black sheep of the family yeah. Are. You walk by in the streets of Galena Illinois people make little L on their forehead. They don't even back then right. Now probably not. But in four years the guys in national hero. All these leaks. Of the united states army. Have their butts handed to them -- theater arts. Fought every battle by the confederate it's an even MTV -- -- spurred. They're that was only a marginal victory at best and by the way those of -- who see the movie glory that's where that is the battle. Of which I speak emptied the first Batman at the first battle that movie. And those who remember history know that sure all. Matthew Broderick went on to. Beat the top dog of an all black regiment and it turns out by the end of the civil war 10% of the union army Blackmon. And Frederick Douglass -- play again talk about Europe's. Expand your reach a little bit. Fredrick Douglass you your read some of the stuff he said and the way in which he said. He would have been held a talk show host -- let's go to rule who's next by the way you do not have to keep things to the civil war. Seriously there a lot of heroes in life lots of mine just happens to be a guy from that particular era. Here is our rich in the -- -- on WB enrich. I planned my week here is. A high yes luck is luck and that tells me otherwise. Mainly because -- seen pursuit history. He'd do anything. To be and not to conform. And he became. A real success. Just finding what you believed. The people who were the real successes in the real sources of legend in history are the people who broke the mold. The people work the -- the people who did not go along to get along has ever struck. All right I'm sure if you pick the climb. On the statue at Niagara Falls. To sit in -- statuary -- -- and our climbed out am I bet I bet you read the entire statue and I've also are. I think this -- across the -- Canadian side -- even better. I've been getting a lot of those generators. -- the actually -- you've ever by the way of the Tesla memorial society of New York. Now so give me one invention or one idea that you got from mr. Tesla bet you believe makes him hero worthy. Well the liberal who knows how I wish he could be that both. As well as we mentioned for me was Libya's top four or else he's glad the -- You could generate electricity and they can actually light and I would -- -- away what our annual liars -- is introduction into radio and that's how you start developing. That technology. Again you know what did you talk about a guy who broke the old and yeah. You have to think outside of the box. Work you can be -- shape. If you do you have the potential of then. If you if you don't. Do what is achievable and you know try and an excellent yourself for your beliefs -- your confidence in Q. Well you're right and I think -- local people. That knows and how. And he'd -- what you -- -- the deal now unfortunately he thinks you're a game and all the credit that he deserves. What the history -- god you know let frustration get home. Well. Nikola Tesla where is one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever produced. And anybody who wants to read more about him go to my FaceBook page. And I try to put links up to everybody people call in to mention or the people that I happen to mention. On the spur of the moment during the show like -- it. Or but anyway hey thanks for the Tesla vote I'm really glad you called him. -- and thank you for barber -- we're usually up his name comes up two or three times a year. Because it also estimate the greatest -- double time and people big actual lot this is about our instant classic program I knew it was going to be heading into it. Who is your greatest hero you know I've noticed. Where the women. Where are my women. Don't be -- Thought maybe because I'm beautiful. 8030 my thirtieth the phone number start I'm 3180616. WB EN a heads up on the weather. Adds up on the weather. National Weather Service in buffalo is issued a winter storm warning for heavy snow in effect from 10 o'clock tomorrow row. To 4 PM. Wet Wednesday pro western portions of the southern tier as well as Wyoming and southern Erie county so. Bottom line make real simple essentially stop the buffalo we've got a winter storm warning. A winter storm watch. In effect from a Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening. For the Niagara frontier including the buffalo metro possible moderate to heavy snow may be four to eight inches will keep you posted that's what we do. Hear news radio 930 WB I need to break when we come back more phone calls who'll. In New York hero -- General. -- lieutenant general actually and later president of the United States Ulysses grant. And there's also another lesson in his story which is as fast as the public and fall in love with you Republican turned against. President grant was a military hero. However his administration especially the second term was plagued by scandal. Eruption and -- And the public lost faith in their civil war hero. -- you heard about the faults. The phony snowstorm of Atlanta. Yeah I know it's just paranoid and delusional we're gonna tour coming up on WB and I don't know all that much about it but it's it's -- free. It. I was in Atlanta I don't have any other -- I don't know but something weird. Happened in Atlanta. I'm convinced of what it is why it was. I don't know but right now we're talking about Europe hero. Do you have an all time hero. 8030930. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB. -- and well who would be next our hall Janet in Eden on WB and hello Janet yeah. I'm I'm I want you to all always great. What great mind to go here you -- and would be queen Elizabeth the tipping point -- she was then around one in Iran from -- And she worked real well and you are you a politician. You want a camera. England and everything. And every odd -- urged strength went toward keeping England. Growling and she managed to do -- a spectacular way. And let's not forget that Elizabeth. The first was the daughter of Henry the eighth and the bowl win and she was a Protestant who followed up please don't read -- Dealt. We please just -- now -- to bring in the she was the daughter of Henry the eighth and an and and Boland is chief followed bloody Mary who was her Catholic. Sisters work half sister Actuate. And queen Elizabeth the first -- a lot of bad things. And late inner life I think she lost her mind -- that you have alzheimer's but she -- England together and let us not forget. That she was in charge when the are mod that came from Spain to try to reclaim. England it in the name of the Catholic Church now a -- back up and talk to me. And mine and -- -- Oprah. All OK I'm just cut you off about I can't do it now -- Can't do it. Now sorry you should ask you should stop -- Elizabeth -- Please. Sorry almighty judge. Now just want just one hero did just not -- please. Don't give me a problem man. 803 on I'm thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE and the let's find out what traffic is doing and I'll Monday drive already here is mr. Alan Harris. And AccuWeather forward today I don't you all all the giant debt of gratitude for not letting the woman go on and on about Oprah just say an LP PG it's going to be a hundred bucks to be very helpful. What do storm warning National Weather Service in buffalo has it out for at least know what effect from 10 o'clock tomorrow night until 4 o'clock. Wednesday afternoon. For parts of the southern tier one ailment and southern Erie -- and men -- Niagara frontier including buffalo metro. Maybe four to eight inches of snow it is a winter storm watch overnight tonight it's gonna be one of those really really cold once again. Anywhere from ten downtown to four. Away from elect. And that tomorrow early sun and clouds twenty high and that we will have more coming up about the weather during the news at five with mr. Tom pocket. All right the other FaceBook -- justice is that obnoxious thing work I. I put something up all I didn't hit the post button for whatever reasons not accepting because there's a great speech that was given by Elizabeth the first. During the Spanish. Attempts at invasion by the arm bobbed -- where anything that could float was sent from Spain to try to regain England. For a Catholic -- Now let's get back to the calls on WB -- here's another wonderful lady who is not going to say anything nice about Oprah Winfrey Elizabeth you're on WB -- well. The. -- yeah I just I don't wanna hear the name anymore. -- publish -- Anyway you've got I hero. Yes -- yeah. Paul Revere & the Raiders were a decent group of the 1960s I presume that is the Paul Revere when -- -- Now -- Bowen you know. Said the British -- British Marines. Well tell me why he is you were here. I -- into it and called it. I -- -- teacher -- at all. Relative it's a book about somebody's life it's a biography of -- written by that person that's called an autobiography. Which is also known as a bunch of self serving crap. That's what I would call. -- Am -- like all the lies saying is wait mechanic treaty. And and. But look -- I mean first of all. I don't know anything about Paul workers home life but. But I do know number one there's nothing funny about melanomas number two I -- -- That Paul Revere was a great artist Paul Revere was a tin Smith any silver Smith of great renowned and he was also a -- nominal American patriot. It -- I I have nothing against mental -- I. I can't consider Mandalay. His whole thing as claim -- to pad or whatever you want. Idealists. Manic depressive disorder and July. No I you know that. Can't -- having had mental illness and and having. Stock went where all those years in Chile guy. Who. Can speak you'll Elaine. Well -- you know that's beautiful part of Paul Revere that you know what I often say that I learned as much -- you guys is hopefully you learn from me and I had no idea. I never gave Paul -- personal like a second thought. So it. I guess I guess for Don thank you very much 8030930. Look that up and Paul Revere the British are coming the British are coming to British are coming and do you realize the personal peril at at which he put himself. You do now. That he had to lie his way through a whole bunch of British -- to get the word out that the British were on their way. He was a real figure in American history one courageous acts. Here is. Robbery. In water report on WB and hello Robby. Yeah. -- And I mentioned he surrendered apple medics before and general grant -- you like to tell us about Eli Parker's role in that. What most general grants secretary. Do you actually surrender terms of the surrender. And I loaded up for grant's signature. Edition are live pictures keep -- in grant and morality into the. And that there's one huh. Other items you forgot about mr. Parker what was that. It was. It was from our reservation. Is not. Is there Akron that is the tunnel on the reservation. And he's buried where. Cemetery. -- Parker. Was an amazing man and and he is -- -- And all if you've got more to say enough so far nobody is held on to tell me more about the hero and we'll see if you break the rule on WB yet.

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