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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

2-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. That. He would rate. -- to -- point to the end. -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. About our brilliant move him from doing that -- Sweetie and I'm thirty. And I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded yeah. Holiday evening before I don't say that he felt while we. -- -- -- We've -- I have. Anyway Monday hourly and the majority of my thirty W being mean and and -- beavers master control our new cause greater is John Sherman he got the job -- is pursuing your career in the alternative music radio and we wish her always the best. And John Sherman is my new target and he is. Basically. He's got he's the man he is John German. And I'm not and we a lot of things out today to -- that was -- football or something yesterday I slept. And apparently soda guy. Apparently showed -- -- -- the obvious line but. What city is the yet. Woke up and outline it. Stressed out. Law in other the only kind of -- Internet while the other and you if you try to -- a little cracks in your body. And I go on line and -- -- side and I'm I'm looking at this Coca-Cola. I have to say Coca-Cola because if I say Coke. I'm likely to have mr. towards her so anyway Coca-Cola. Here's what it's that. -- okay aces and lose this I'm. Be seen. And so. Okay I'm -- And I guess. I. -- -- -- -- The OS -- H. -- Really pissed off about this. Is the edge. Where what it's not that. Well. Coca-Cola. -- are racist yes -- racist. But seriously folks. Well it's all about promoting diversity. Outlook I recognize some other languages and -- -- one word of German was -- -- that. You realize the German Americans are the single largest ethnic group in America the you know that if you were to do a little bit more people would German blood in -- than any other group of Americans. I I think but then again what did you pull that out of my nether regions anybody -- -- It. Did anybody -- European in the Greek. I didn't agree. -- Turkish. With a rush of iPod and it was. Was there well it is a Swedish. Because I didn't hear anybody saying knowing you know he knew I had an era where did you at all. Relations at Coke. Coca-Cola does not like white people. Coca-Cola -- like people. But people -- Older -- and including John. Much. -- very. Slightly content area of polish Americans. Like buffalo Chicago. Milwaukee. These are little Poland's. In America. Did I hear one word of polish. Did you hear one word of polish your assurance -- -- Anybody here Jack. I'm very. The Hungarian. I heard postponing. The millennium Latvian and then -- Ukrainian I heard. Let's just Hillary won because others aren't just like certain. But what this Coca-Cola have against white people. Earners pay anxious and -- this. You please. And so. -- Okay. -- the new witness. On an -- Yeah. Men yeah. Yeah. There quietly -- it -- -- you know I it here. And -- well a -- kind of facetious about Coca-Cola not liking white people. But let folks if -- -- -- that I guess is supposed to represent the diversity of America. -- real diversity. It wasn't for German American Swedish Americans -- Italian Americans. Russian American air America's Czechoslovakian Americans African Americans. Where this country. We're in this country be -- by the way not all African Americans or black Teresa Heinz Kerry is white. Just -- your thought I slipped up. I just don't get. Out. What are -- country. At least the -- I was talking maybe you were up this ways. This country's melting pot. This country was supposed to be -- melting pot. Or -- office. International. What is our national slogan. It's Latin. Pay attention Maria. Adolescent and Maria Williams who is what it official Latin checker fixtures that -- Latin. What. Is our national slogan. David Gloria -- home at what does that it. A horrible it's up what that means. It means out of many. Doesn't mean that. Out of many many. It means out of many. Is that the deadliest number. That that meant that at one. Why. -- There are some people -- and who are expecting here is white I already know. -- -- -- Over an ad on the Super Bowl. I'm not going blank over an ad on the Super Bowl. I'm going blank. Because this country has lost its way. Because what ever happened of the content that. Of all of us making a contribution to America and having a simple common culture. Baseball. Football. Apple pie -- or what ever happen that idea. Seriously. What is this mess. That we embrace now of multi cultural zone. You wanna be multi cultural so multi cultural year old. Right. I've dated people that didn't speak a word of English until they went in the kindergarten through story. And he was cute little I thought I'd throw that in their just -- rumors going. But. The great injury. Excuse me folks is the gold -- Yeah well why did you have to punk history you can just get hot. And catcher it's me again but -- -- Eight anyway but we called jail cell where it all better get their almost. But what ever -- the concept. Everybody. Coming together. And having a common culture. And haven't what country they pull us. -- -- -- Not out of many many. It's -- real simple concept. And it's a beautiful concept. America represents the ultimate all star team. At least it sure. Well maybe I'm just dreaming now. Did I miss a language in there I -- -- a language it was in there that I missed. Folks. I'm gonna say this once and I'm gonna say it real simply. You cannot name a nation. That has long lived. As they multi cultural nation you know why. 'cause it's never Frick and that's why it. That's the whole purpose of America. That was the intention. Of our national motto. -- -- -- -- And it also has one more time. If you -- and many western New Yorkers do this. To keep your all of ethnic traditions alive from the old country. Whether it's Irish dancing whether it's Ukrainian dancing where many the other great cultural groups we have here in Western New York. That's magnificent. I applaud bet. I I wish I wish my father -- continued to speak German I knew more German that he ever did he grew up with. I wish my family continue to speak French but it didn't. Everybody their family learn English. When they came over. It is -- twenty minutes after three. And considered as they ran it by the way. -- these reports area -- winter storm warning. For the southern part of our listening area in Western New York. And he winter storm watch in effect. This is four to borrow enough to worry about today but for tomorrow we'll put our worries in there and then tomorrow. Is going to be OK so stand by for that today's high. Well Ken -- I go to tonight's low. The overnight low tonight is going to be anywhere from four to -- -- Yeah. So anyway. The -- that we saw. I found it. Analysts say this delicately. I found it disturbing. Because it is. Why. Because we're supposed to be eight people and he'll land. That comes together. Just give an example here folks. You have a heart attack. They take you to the hospital. One doctor speaks -- to. -- big Russian the other is fluent Arabic the one speaks Spanish and that's what this makes English. How in the hell are they -- communicate with -- each. To save your life beyond a terrific. We need a common language. On a national level. Individuals are one thing to blessing to be bilingual. -- love languages. Don't ever call it language fault but because actually -- -- -- -- file. Look at a guy if I'm the country really speaks Spanish. I try my darnedest. To speak Spanish. As much as I can't even though my Spanish is -- by the end of the week it gets pretty cut. I've got about where people start asking me things that I don't know what they're asking. Because they think more fluid but I really yeah. But I'll tell you why would I do respect. Even in the Dominican Republic. Part of the Dominican Republicans don't let me. I spoke Spanish out of out of respect for the for the people. These rude American you know all she wrote Americans believe FC. All right so. I -- -- -- becoming. A brilliant quote we've gotten into before. By former governor of Colorado Richard away. About this whole. Catastrophe. Multi cultural -- And here's the important thing you have to remember. I'm not bashing anybody sculpture. There's why. How could any sane person bash anybody else's culture. How could any reasonable person you can't. But America was meant to be one out of many. Not many out of many. Ponder that for just a moment. -- -- The economic -- -- ounces of water today emanated a hundred more after that went to war here palace. Or did you has -- coming up on 324. News radio 930 WB yet we have a winter storm. Warning now for the southern part of it listening area and they watch for the northern part of -- -- an area overnight tonight. Anywhere from fourth to -- about yeah I was. I knew this was coming. It's great. Okay. My dad put a little. -- -- -- -- Now I think that Dick cavett show. That's why performance if you ever have a chance to see the video. It was like it was over. -- it was like the bills in the last three Super Bowls which they took part in the fourth quarter. -- I should put up YIO. Makes -- sent. It's because you can see the faster than magical club it was all at all. All right now. -- think a lot of us I see the liberal trolls on my FaceBook page of my fans would like to handle them knock about. Time. But anyway. Liberals they're they're progressive Communists have no issue with the liberals. But other Patrick I'll images like these these nicknames and immediately cancel the account. I know that former talk show host here which candlelight and you know smiles to your page and edit. Williams. Off. Now. This one -- -- just part of a speech. By governor man in the former governor of the state Colorado -- Asia. Makes the point with far greater here you'd bishop -- I can make it here so I'll steal his words. First this is -- destroy America. First turn America into a body. Label -- multi lingual and bi cultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension conflict and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is up lasting. For an individual to be bilingual amen amen amen amen however. It is a curse for society to be bilingual amen amen amen. Via historical scholars who were left to put it this histories of bilingual and bi cultural societies that do not assimilate. Our histories of turmoil tension tragedy. Canada Belgium Malaysia Lebanon all these crises of national existence in which minorities pressed for autonomy if not independents. You know what we sit right here in the United States you know what we sit right behind the -- ladies and gentlemen. -- have you listen this was not governor -- speech. How many of you listening are sick and tired. Of being in the same state. As New York City. And downstate. -- calls like take and they show from people saying we need to have a new state of upstate New York. Why because we have no common culture. I don't even have to go back to roll or the Greeks. To make my points. If you don't have common goal and we speak the same language as they do in New York City but as far as culturally. There isn't she. Figuratively not literally but figuratively. So think about it this way -- If there is that much tension in one state where we -- Between upstate and downstate and we all even speak the same language. Hi all it would be mr. By multi cultural. And by everybody want their own country their own state their own region. I believe the point there because I think you guys they've played about others. But that is -- -- -- epic is that this is very important to me because I love languages. Mean it if you are from another country. We're we're anguish was not your first language. I don't mean to make sure your children learn as many languages as they possibly can't. That is a blessing. Are you can't. But in the United States. Can we just. Say English is our national language in the Donald. More Americans speak English that any other language. Majority rules write the -- -- Obama in the White House. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- agrifuels traders what about a hundred but he didn't say that -- -- Olympics. At 338 news radio 930 W Ian does something to -- -- there to get that big it is going. Now if you are domesticated and let us I've moved to a topic that I've been dying to do this topic I've been waiting for the ideal opportunity. And it has arrived. Are people call -- the talk about the language thing at 8030 my thirty start I'm 3180616. W via. Wanna make a big deal but the more I started thinking about it it really got -- it's not. Obviously that makes me a racist. -- wanted to have one common culture so we can all get along is one big family in the United States. That makes me a racist yes. That's the new speaker so orwellian. Now. Here is. A topic. That is job it's eating me alive and I mean that a good way. Heroes. Now I'm gonna make a deal with. It. I do this topic. And -- the response is as I think it is going to be. You have to have a hero. Awful we have all hurt. It's gotta be somebody that I can Google. In case I haven't heard the name. Do and not to assume. Just so we don't get repetitive. I'm going to assume that if you Christian. Your hero is Jesus. I'm going to a civil if you or most of your hero is Mohammed. I will personal note that if your Scientologist you're Euro is Colorado -- where I will just make that assumption. -- -- I'm gonna leave the theology for a different show. Okay. I fight. It's really interest because I can -- heroes. In pretty much every religion. And pretty much every country who -- sources of inspiration to me maybe you can't think of Gandhi in in the I think of Dr. Martin Luther King in the United States. I think you have. John Lennon and in America they -- a lot of different heroes. I have mine you have yours. Is there a hero. Whose life for whatever reason. Has. Inspired you. Hey could be Philip Seymour Hoffman. Well -- don't know -- what exactly I don't. Know. No. Absolutely not. Would never. I wouldn't I it's why I would do such. I was several heard about. Just like I'm -- earlier about soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan where we should have been going from -- along time ago. Where you don't support our troops though I support of so much of one of the live to see their families gonna get their asses back hall. That's why. My hero happens to be a warrior. But not for the reason you might. Where is he going witness a whole. I think this is going to be a classic buy hourly show I truly do. Every now again we pull out a hourly instant classic this is going to be here. Who is your hero and why the only -- got. Wait Maria I realize that in Latin it would be -- out because the -- student at the letter V. So Maria no need to send me email but. Well let's -- -- but anyway back. Where was it's got to be somebody of wolf we've all hurt. -- I guess people call -- -- they want my dad my mom. I'd prefer that if somebody we can actually read up upon. Does that make sense to you guys at my mom as a hero to me -- dad was a hero to me of sorts. But. You can look up on Google and find anything about a any more than you'd find anything about. 803 on 530 start I had 31806. 606. WB and it's up hourly it's Monday and I'm here to make -- Monday just a little bit better but I also wanna be thought provoking sometimes funny. And always. Charmingly eccentric. All right it's -- -- -- the Super Bowl. I have that I did not watch a minute of the Super Bowl. Which officially makes me a member of al-Qaeda. Not because -- don't -- that I've I've said that if you don't want to Super Bowl you're an American and a member of al-Qaeda so if I'm going to be -- -- old that are I guess remember. Honestly I had zero interest in the Super Bowl. I watch boardwalk empire on HBO on demand and I slept. Doctors do it asleep you're here yourself you especially need to sleep. Two hours and I ain't gonna cut it. So that's right. It was beautiful it was conditions. But. I know that ought to have sports heroes. And you who usually. Those sports heroes. Set a Betty Betty Betty -- bad example. Because. There alleged. In fact most heroes. Will let you down. If you give them. Too much credibility. Now -- target. I'm trying to we everything together into a radio heirloom a masterpiece. Hand woven carpet. By the end of this topic. Okay. Because this is one of those shows which is gonna be many layered and the very perceptive in my audience will pick up ponders. Which have to explain it to me but yet you you will pick up. Let's find out what's going out of traffic that question a couple of cars off on the side I wonder it's the ice like unlike driveway this morning -- It's four degrees right now the overnight low tonight is going to be anywhere from four to ten degrees which means -- cat gets to be in house oh joy of joys. Terrorist act now the big news -- which urged. My job panic the public south of buffalo eight winter storm watch north of buffalo. Which in my book means you know that the winter storm warning is gonna creep north and screw up our commute tomorrow right it is now. I'm always hoping for is that these feelings but that will -- were here -- here with all the information you'll need as the latest winter storm descends upon our area here in Western New York now. I'll. Do a show on who is your hero. And why. And I want to keep jumping in mind. No matter whom -- you select. As your hero. There will be events in that person's life. That people could actually pick apart and say he's no hero. Let's get a quick example. Benjamin Franklin. You've heard of management Franklin right. The guy fly the -- the electric storm. The scientist the publisher scholar the politician the ambassador. One of the greatest men of America has ever produced. But. How many of you know that Ben Franklin. Was what we would today call. A swinger. He wants. He was -- -- What he wanted to say on carried out today he would be called he's in the lifestyle thank you for the correction. But anyway. Ben Franklin. Now here's a guy. Who is a hard in America. -- his flaws. -- short -- Some would say he lacked the moral compass I wouldn't but some people. I wanna take about my hero -- briefly. And he's my hero because. He faced. Insurmountable. Odds in his life. Like you wouldn't believe. Israel it was Hiram Ulysses grant. And when he was accepted to West Point. The congressman wrote the letter of recommendation. Mistakenly called the US grant Ulysses grant US grant. Very prophetic. As things were Terna let's -- a little bit about US. First of all in the Mexican American war. While fighting alongside guys who would later. Be fighting against grant. Grant was such a fine horsemen. That heat. Was able to execute tremendous act of valor bravery. And life saving deeds on his horse. During several battles including I believe the battle -- by -- pulpit. My Spanish is bad go to by mispronouncing. Now he went to a career in the military in the US for a bit. They -- about west. He was so -- That he allegedly turned into we raging alcoholic. -- the opening scene that Kevin Costner movie. Kevin Costner movie dances with walls. He was kind of like that guy now not Dances With Wolves back Kevin Costner but the guy who is in charge of the military post was drinking himself and then at the end. -- -- -- -- -- That was that was general -- was general -- but he the guy. His reputation in the army plot Michael. Didn't matter what -- done in the Mexican American war. His wife and he loved very deeply. With hundreds of miles away which back in those days was not just like popping up southwest in their twenties it's. Yet he did his duty. He went back to Galena Illinois. Where he became a laughing stock. He went for military hero. In the Mexican American war to laughingstock. Not just of his own towel. But in his own family. He was a black sheep. Of the grant family. He was the loser. He was the guy. Everybody joked. About how to get our name. But there is a rest of the story coming up which I'm going to feel it. Through this day folks. Ulysses grant Hiram Ulysses grant's. -- I could what is gonna call US grant to us who were complications and confusion. Remains one of my hero because the story gets so much better and then so much worse. On WB Ian.

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