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2-3 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back glare of the beach and governor come pardon me I'm sandy beach and front page of the bubble and it was yesterday. Can France help keep bills here it's an article by -- Warner. And -- he quotes a -- and Nellie who's CEO of the buffalo fan alliance. And what they wanna do and and I'm page too by the way. Very misleading. It's the headlines as donations compared to stock quote unquote in Green Bay. Now Green Bay -- legitimate stock in Green Bay when they when they offered for the Packers. You actually do get stock. But there's no there's no dividend -- common stock and that is not a voting share you are. You are contributing money directly to the Packers and they operate the Packers the way they operate the Packers and you have no say what you are contributing directly to them. In this case this would be a -- of the best way to describe it. Is and and usually don't wanna use these words because. Companies aren't -- they have these things cost slush funds. Where you dip and they're here for this -- you dip in the -- for that and I want to think about this if they're talking about a hundred to 170 million dollars. That's large number that's a big a -- money there are foundations in this town. That that are funded would like six or seven or eight million dollars so I'd like to know if they thought this through if it was successful. Who would manage this money. Because the money was sit in limbo until somebody and so was needed. And the bottom line is you'd have to have somebody overseas that somebody overseeing the investment. Is that making money you know wanted to just sit there -- Italy without earning any money. There's a lot of questions will be answered this is just a group of rabid fans who have their. Their chest pain -- red white and blue one carries a deal one carries offense and they think let's kick our money together and keep the bills here this is a major undertaking. This is not for amateurs by the way I don't know of any of the people in this alliance have. Financial backgrounds but this will be a big deal I'm in a lot of money involved so. I don't know their Hartmann every right place I would like to see either run their paperwork. Let's go to John and buffalo -- John's not in favor of us. I'm not really no I don't build what I. About street yeah that's that. -- can bring. So this is this Coke and good. Apple now both Coke and -- everybody's. So we're not gonna get a check from John for a underdogs. Are you built my first it was noted is rookie year at the war memorial I mean I've been through to the W agree about it and -- -- video of the bills. A lot but it should and I don't think -- watch on those described as morally blackmail bribery. Where I would say. We do think that there that the film and learn from Latin you know it's still don't have a team in Los Angeles which is -- -- market. And -- Adam you know loyal and masonry and and there are so. They've got they had two teams are one time it. It seems like it's been a long time without an NFL franchise and they would want to therefore not only having a franchise but their television markets a huge television number three television markets though. Yet you know we -- you you really rule in the brain injuries you know I mean that they've learned I think in Cleveland that was a little different situation that would happen here. But I think it would ever really -- pushed shoved in their talk about trial for the bill look removed -- -- you pay us. I think try to -- a move immediately to bring our goes here. Well. I did you John Ocala whip up a batch of -- conforming next time you call. By -- and thank you very much. I'd -- out -- Notre -- and LA. It's going to be a reason for that there have been people who made an attempt but suck so far nothing and what they're finding us. I don't think you should confused today with a a couple of decades ago where if an owner sneezed -- be twenty people there representing different communities trying to lure them there since then. Yeah if you're seeing communities take votes on. Even a small tax increase to help offset new stadium costs and things like that. There's usually revolts in those communities I think -- Singapore and -- it's a great entertainment venue is our number one sport but it's owned by billionaires. And they've they've what do they do nine billion dollars a year in the national football. Nine. Billion. Dollars a year. And I don't know Obama sit down write my -- 400 dollars to help them with that I want the bills to stay here. I think the bills are very important psychologically. To our community. I don't think they have that big an impact financially I really don't and I think most financial experts will tell you that. But we -- what our hearts and there are guys and and we want him to stay here no question about that. But it's it wouldn't be the end of the financial world with -- laugh but it would be a deep psychological law. Now while Russ Brandon says in this article -- water. We're not aware of the plan and do not I do not know anything about his potential viability. Those the words of presidency you know Russ Brandon. I will offer that it's the tremendous passion of fans like this the fires us up every day and spotlights the greater purpose. And everybody in the organization bullies and it's nice representative Brian Higgins. Says he believes the idea deserves full consideration. But I would like to see what -- what they're thinking of as the management of that money. A 10270. Million dollars sitting there. Hopefully earning something wallets sitting there and who oversees it what kind of investments would be made -- that. Would they be re investments in in things that are paying back immediately would there be pressure to invest in the community. They have a really discussed much service. They think it's a good idea because there'd be more cash available to a prospective owner but that they haven't gotten down to the nuts and bolts. And yet they want it to happen I'm saying. I'd like the bills as they are but I'm not writing -- for for a hundred dollars. Simply wanted to go to bill's game I'll buy a ticket. I want to drink bills water all by a bottle on a park -- -- -- a parking bill's partner that's fine. I'll watch them on TV and I hope what their TV revenue which is same as every other there comes the same as every other -- market. Whether it's the biggest whether it's New York whether it's -- So that's my contribution to the bills and my contribution also comes via tax dollars. They're gonna start when they're probably already have started renovating again. And that's fine. Our tax dollars already gave at the office is the expression we use the a one now. None of us none of the three of us say we would pony up the money so far we've only had a couple of people with that they award most people said they wouldn't. -- a -- on the waiver means that we don't think it's a good idea. Will be back after this where are working from -- -- article. About this. This group of a super fans. For the Buffalo Bills that I they were -- -- friends with this group -- -- further. And the words of Bryant's and alleys and CEO of the buffalo fan alliance. We all feel so helpless none of us are millionaires none of us have a seat at the table. This gives us a chance to do something about keeping the team here what they're talking about is building a slush fund as the best way to describe it. Because it is it's a multi purpose slush fund designed to help financing. On a new owner. Who might tone try to by the Buffalo Bills and and consider removing them make it more attractive to keep it here. And I have no problem with a concept but asking for donations we have about 950000. People in our metro. And they want to India and hundreds. Dollars a I mean a hundred dollars is the number of agents throughout. But they're looking to raise a 10270. Million books. Which is not chump change. It is that it will be a major endowment I'd like to know who would oversee it Howell would be invested who who got the write the checks Rehman. Does a lot of unanswered questions. Keep in mind now some people think. In this article says in a sense these -- alliance members wanna become a 24 team version. Of the old business backs the bills committee comprised of community business leaders who help the team sell luxury boxes and premium seats back in the ninety's not at all. Now they were selling. Luxury boxes and premium seats. Which meant when you wrote your check you got a luxury box or you got a premium seat this is send in your contributions will put it in the -- The whole different ball game there. And remember as I said I don't -- rain on your parade. But all of that money that herky can override in the others raise. Every penny of it went to Rob Johnson. And UCL wild that paid off -- -- Chris we've got a lot of entries on FaceBook police. We do this one comes from our friends -- Hamilton he says let the Buffalo Bills team members and alumni the bar owners and politicians who were invited to the box seats in the clubhouse kick in the money. Yeah I like that are Canada's -- is Everyman. So is Tony so is Chris own mind we are every man worth thinking like you see. Men especially are told to think what our head and not other body parts you gotta think like that too when you're talking about. The Buffalo Bills we love the team they give us a sense of identity. We're in the big leagues when we have a team even if they're not successful. The successful teams come here well we see -- superstars where I'm Manny OK so we know it's important for that. It's not that important financially force but it's very important psychologically. So we should do what we can for. But -- just blindly contribute money to a slush fund to lend us some unknown buyer who might want to move the team. And is that -- on financing. And sounds a little too -- for me and other police. This is from -- -- says absolutely not the bills are multi million dollar operation and the NFL as a multi billion dollar industry. Are these big corporations gonna kick back to Austin give us some money when we need it. That's a good point and first of all -- dollars and nine billion dollar a year. A year nine billion a year enterprise the Buffalo Bills books they don't -- with they -- but I'm assuming they don't lose money. Let's just make that assumption. And when it -- says. That -- the headline rampaged through donations compared to stock agreement now compare all the stock agreement is not a all the same. The stock agreement is old German stock which you can buy. It's not a voting stock and is no dividend but it is stock you're investing in the team. This is a what's the of the slush fund is the best way to describe it says it's a slush fund. Who knows by the way if the money you learned in this slush fund. This homeowner we don't know the owners expertise in running a team or keeping its head above water and if he doesn't have enough operating capital. At the time of purchasing. The team what would make you think that will be a good investment I mean the NFL is execs very successful Lee. And they do well they split the TV revenue equally but there's always a lot of expenses involved that -- that they're -- limitations on so just the 470. Million dollars and America -- -- good idea another please this is from Brian he says have no problem giving him money if the team was publicly only it is angry -- otherwise it's you know point what are we getting out of that's exactly I wish. Congress always. Tries to win when when they want to get tough. They always try and present legal obstacles to any any sports. Sports leagues like the antitrust exemptions and stuff like that. I wish congress would just I mean I wish congress would just push the NFL to allow. To allow stock to be sold to individuals. From individual teams. I'll tell you that if there was stock and the Buffalo Bills I'd -- Absolutely I've -- if there was available today I'd buy it today and I'm not big on the stock market. But I would by Buffalo Bills the market instantly. Because I know how beloved they are on here and I know that he wanted to have a lousy team that they get pretty good support when they have a decent in the your great support. But yeah that's not the same thing at all but if they didn't make it available I think it would be it was stabilize ownership. And it would make it though I think good long term financially. Because right now it's owned by a group of -- of ultra wealthy people. Some of them have been editor -- very long time and they make individual decisions that only have to be approved by other ultra wealthy people. No one thing that I would wary Mir actually does worry me. Is it seems like the direction the NFL is going in with Roger Goodell and all the -- to stop that there eventually gonna. Turn the game of football and they're gonna turn people off to a in the NFL I mean nothing -- forever -- there are maybe the NFL could be your headed towards its peak in. We could be looking -- a down. Fall that there's no question I think it's about his over produces is ever going to be. I think it is over -- as is ever going to be and they still do piggy stuff not by not even allowing a local pizzeria Tennessee it's -- Super Bowl pizza deal. -- -- -- -- So I think that in many ways the NFL's very arrogant but that's the reason they time with charities and stuff like that kind of gives them. A little armory in case something goes up against them you know there. They were all paying one month and then the next month they have little children there and that's why they do they do it to insulate themselves from criticism. As as far as I as far as that's my opinion. The and then we see documentaries of how RJR operate with -- Remember the one that we saw on the can cautions we -- -- nasty Mike Webster and whatnot. And we saw how dirty NFL laws. It's I don't wanna mix my sports but it's hardball and the NFL don't think it is. So I'm saying -- of the team yeah we want the team to stay here but this preservation fund not so sure of idea I'm telling you of somebody -- -- came up dealers said. We know we have to bat businesses that are here we wanna make sure they don't leave because they're being courted by Cleveland. Boston whoever so it's gonna have an empty fun we'd like you to contribute to -- total 170 million dollars. And that was somebody comes in and wants to say by acme flange which is that we love back replant your buffalo. They won't be typically because they can by our money. From our fund if they keep acme plans here you probably wouldn't even think twice about doing you wouldn't go okay. Because the Buffalo Bills -- football team what makes them any different. Really nothing it's a business. The regulated business big business is a huge business and your support of you already support from where your tax dollars you -- automotive patronage dollars and now. They're not asking about a group on -- on their behalf harassing let's just kick in a few bucks each to make sure they stay here. How much is a few -- 170 million. More than a few will be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. -- calls are free and start nine toll free line is -- 806169236. Solid Elliott Abrams -- not not not not on I just got a cold or something of the most. You that a frog one -- -- -- -- the -- it is a -- governor said he beat George talking about the article by Jane Warner. From page yesterday's buffalo and those who may -- read it before the big a Super Bowl game. And Asia they're glad it's not the bills directly it is a group of bills fans. And they're Kolb in buffalo -- alliance. It's -- people who -- super fans of buffalo want to make sure that team stays here. Which we all do we all want the team to stay here nobody wants to go -- or on the same page there. But what they're what they wanna do is put together a 170 million dollar slush fund which they would offer him. Interest. And very favorable interest or no interest. Rates as somebody buying that team. To help incentivize. Keeping the team here now. I think the -- -- -- through some heavy lifting to Poland and and cell with the condition that the team not to move. Which they could do it certainly could do if they wanna do but I don't know if they're gonna do that because it might not get top dollar because make no mistake about it. Okay no matter how you feel. If the bill gets old economy sell assault for that last possible any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're gonna try to Max it out now if they if they -- -- -- on him there in the year agreement that the team -- remote. It would be less of a transaction that it would be if the team could be moved anywhere. Which would have to be approved by the NFL and so what I'm saying is the bills are particularly. Looking out for the community. Unless they did that. But here we have these community activists who love the team as we all do who wanna make sure that they make it as easy as possible for somebody buying the team. To stay here the concept is okay. But the thought of having a -- 170 million dollar slush fund to help. -- somebody not to move the team. I don't know I don't know. That's it was worth about 870. Million dollars so let's round it off and say a billion in Utah about a billion dollar transaction. I I don't know if we should be a big part of that or not. Chris another room another posting please. This is from -- he says is an Erie county taxpayer -- already contributed more than enough in voluntarily met Wednesday a little bit more often I'd be more open -- I'm Mike yes that's under the subnet and we gave at the office. Let's go to camp on a cell phone can you're on W be -- ready to write that check out -- Anyway oh leave well at number 1 I am so. Many. Things that I refusal to collect from the built. I mean what do graceful do. At the bills leave with my autograph templates so -- ball. And I just Flutie flakes there. It's a result of putting out so particular that 170 million troops record sales figure them before as well. Might have been -- they have interior -- apples see here I mean a dollar and -- an open your -- That the build your view. And so they haven't worried about the bills leave it about two no. Later than this or work. Because even though it's not overt it's always underlying it's always an undertow what's gonna happen when Ralph goes about a great stadium in the sky. And though we haven't seen any lines in succession that were aware of every once in awhile solid as somebody you know he could leave the team goes wife and then there wouldn't be these tax implications but he says he's not gonna do that's -- I don't know what's gonna happen. And it is we talked about -- achieve leaving. But again it would what about going to brings -- downtown so I don't know where we're what's going all completely. All in this slush fund by the way the money would be available in -- keep the team here or with current management. For you Busch Stadium upgrades or a new stadium so the current management could say we are gonna stay here but we need a new stadium. And they could tap that 170 million dollars as part of itself. Then they got -- the kind of got their of their bases covered. Of the ultimate goal is to keep them here which I think we all want. But that's a lot of money 170 million I wanna know how it's gonna be invested who's -- overseer who can write checks against that. And what the repayment plan would be a lot of unanswered questions that again. Another one Chris that was posted please this is from -- -- she says I can't afford -- -- house payments car payments and utility bills Oliver is far more important the wasting a hundred dollars and meaningless certificate. Got and then put a hundred dollars out there. It could be anything. You I assume occurred it might be a minimum I don't know for paperwork purposes. I I think -- probably do a minimum but they might have different donations but to me this is. Yes. It's the wrong -- you know how sometimes you feel really good about something. There's too many is too many unanswered questions of course and just throwing this out now you know the old expression thrown against the walls it was next. I think that's what they're doing here this isn't a bills' request. This is a request from this group of fans. And it's nice to have super fans original wanna be super soccer -- -- on a -- about because you still have to pay your way as nice as you are you can remove a foreign from the Buffalo Bills -- but you're gonna have to pay the same right to get in the stadium in the same. The same rules would no backpack in this and that -- water five bucks a bottle in the parking point five dollars. And as everybody else -- get any benefits from it at all. And I'm thinking if if the world legitimate stock transaction. -- five absolutely out no question about it. But not this this is just -- donation. And as far as I know and -- they've got something we don't know it's not tax rate. It's -- it's just. And bucket. You want the team to stare at that hundred dollar bill on the market and I think people around here have more uses for their money than that. You might get a yeah I think you know maybe the band will form a giant hundred dollar bill at -- We'll be back with more after this in this deal and there is a slush fund -- -- us the best way to describe it. They trying compared to a stock in the Green Bay Packers it's not comparable at all. All right you out of the community does only your Green Bay Packers. But their stock. You have has no monetary value pays no dividends -- be resold you do not have voting rights. It is does not have a tax deduction it is just your contribution to help the team -- their capital expenses and whatever. This is a slush fund. And the difference is the stock on the Green Bay Packers Mazen backers are gonna go anywhere this is a slush funds are trying convince them not to go anywhere. If the team is sold. And that that money up to a 170 million would be lent or given. To the other team had no interest rates free money up 270 million. If there were paid back it would be paid back to the fund it would not come back to you unless the team -- all right then it would come back view but if the team -- That's that now say that -- management we have now. At the passing Ralph Wilson decides that the team's gonna stay here. They can use the money for a stadium upgrades or they could use the money. For a new stadium. Who goes toward a new stadium but guess what this 170. Million where they want a new stadium what do you think the rest of the -- come from. -- from your other pocket. -- He probably got a very Borger. They're really seriously now this is not a bills project this is a group project. To benefit. The bills ownership now and in the future but if they wanted to new stadium. OK they have -- of this money and the rest -- would come from you want so you can pay a lot of this pocket your bailout have -- about bully me you're the one's memory bank. Plus if you go to visit your investment you pay for that too. Let's just say you're not gonna get a discount you're not gonna get anything special. The cheerleaders and are gonna come to your house for your birthday -- you're just going to be like every other issue. While going to the bills game in paying the bills rates even though you're throwing your money toward this 170 million bucks. Chris a couple more from office -- please this is from penny she says I'd be fine giving up the money to bills bring a lot of revenue into this area I don't think would be good thing if they left out the biggest misconception. Of wall. Is that that they bring a lot of money into the area amendment put Obama on a plane and goes the Ralph. He reminded the bills do not have a huge economic impact I know you're looking at it Welch -- the restaurants are busy. At that so shortsighted. Come on please. They are not they do not have a huge economic impact anybody will tell you that anybody with a rational. A sense will tell you that know they don't know they had a lot psychologically but not monetary they don't have a big a payroll that that lives here. They that the Buffalo Bills themselves if you limit of -- most the most somewhere else. And so it's it's a small contribution coming back we've we pay money for upkeep on -- idea -- stadium. We also pay I think three million bucks a year that was the last number anyway. There goes the Ralph every every year just because he's a nice guy. So -- and we get no revenue from any stadium related expenses regarding outside activities. So if if suddenly. You know Springsteen was there one week and in Madonna the next week and whoever Bruno Mars. Was there we wouldn't -- -- of that. That's there's OK so you see the video via. If -- is so before you start oh Welling up with tears thinking what hardship case they're going to be that are going to be wringing their cattle with a bell anytime soon. -- the NFL has nine billion. Dollars a year. It's divided up among the team's nine billion and the biggest market New York. The owner of via of the giants and the jets they get the same money Ralph Wilson it's divided equally another -- -- This one comes from Linda she says I need my 100 dollars a lot more than the bills do they wanna leave let him go of people really wanna get a hundred dollars of their money to charity which of international charity that helps people out not a big football team worth millions -- yeah I agree that worth probably -- close to a billion dollars 887. These something like that changes all the time. But it's a billion used to be the template now it's even higher. And it's the same thing was stadiums you're a member. Not that long ago when they were talking about the of the new lease -- would -- -- somebody were floating around the idea of a new stadium to. And we came to the conclusion that it's better to upgrade this stadium. As very serviceable. The -- came through very well the county the state. And those municipalities that that are affected by the bills. You know everybody kicks in you'll kick in as a customer. But not much comes back out just so -- get that straight not much of it comes back out to the taxpayer. In a lot of it goes but not much comes out. Another really stress this is from company says it will reduce and I like this one only asked the players to donate to an image millions of dollars and a hundred box -- be nothing -- -- -- I -- That I like that invest in your own a -- Because that that is what's done in Green Bay. But -- Green Bay has a U policy than dominant about 67 million dollars that's Tony eleven and 2012. This would be a hundred and up to a 170. Million dollars and the way it would work is suppose somebody came in and paid -- sticker for the bills. Which should be 800 and what it -- seventy something like that okay. For seventy would be equity that be something they have to have right there behaviors for seventy. OK other debt 300 million so they find ways to borrow 300 million. This is another hundred million up 270 million that they can get interest free from this slush fund. But I'm saying why would you start like that. Now these are huge numbers for us but if somebody has enough -- or evolve to be able to buy an -- NFL franchise what you want them. To have their own money. Why are you willing to kick and up to 170 million tax rate. To do that I don't get that you want a deep -- owner not one who's going to be crying the blues what size market we are. Now you never you know you don't hear. Try to -- what -- market they are Green Bay. They don't and they are smaller than we are got so I mean that's what they've always done we can't be competitive. Because -- too small mark via we have one of the -- -- And we have a good fan base and when they have a decent product they get a good turnout when they have a better than decent product they get an excellent turn. So give us a good product will give -- the money in return -- get equal love money from television. And India what they do they siphon away game up to Toronto. They claimants though we only get aid anyway so home games and one goes up there. And they claimants to broaden the base right and then there's this that's not an astronomically successful series of -- would you guys agree with that has been a -- And as anything else it's tough to tougher than the give odds to get tickets for the pre season game is impossible and give the tickets away for. And -- it's more expensive and the Canadian fans don't seem like if they can't tailgate updated rather come down here from Canada and have a game of their own backyard. That's what I've heard one when their interview that's that's exactly true so the bottom line is it's no automatic slam dunk on how they're dying to get an NFL team up there in Toronto. They have the -- of sells -- their but yeah they'd rather come here and do the kind of things here. Well although -- senator can't tailgate at all as you pointed out tailgating is a big part of the action the the experience. Is not just a game. It's an experience the NFL experience. You know just the game could be in as no vomiting. I'm no urinating on the ground by myself I -- I mean that's just football. Is to a game just to see. Football you want to hold. Experience fans -- from the -- and exactly onto other fans. And now we have a fan fault free zone to pay extra next year. Political. A little mesh plate over your head you don't -- they give you a helmet to Wear during the game in case that a large -- falls on your. So what I'm saying as although this is not -- and I direct. Offset of of the bells this is a a group of fervent fans. I applaud them for wanted to keep the team there as we all do but I don't think in this. This is not -- thought through is as much as I'd like or at least they're not the economics giving us as much information. As we would like would that kind of a money 10270. Million dollars I wanna know. Who's overseeing. How it's invested who has access to it who doesn't. Oh while monitors. The money what kind of public proclamations are made as the Watson there what's been spent what hasn't been spent. As a lot of stuff when you're dealing with -- kind of money I mean there are foundations of buffalo that. That are that do very well and then to give grants and everything else there eight or nine million dollars. Period. That's what they're worth this -- 170 million got to be kidding me. And Europe other opportunities where people come and go into the city and use their own money man mentioned. The senators. Have their original plan was 330 million dollars of buffalo of their own money. Okay. Don't think Ralph we're joined the Seneca nation. Well probably not anyway. We'll see you tomorrow. I won't be as depressed as I was there is video Broncos have done I'm done with football until kickoff up next year we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine. We never dreamed could be --

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