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2-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward region governor a sandy beach given mine has spent. Five years and Wisconsin and everybody was constant love the Packers the Packers are the only ones. That have of this kind of a deal. You can buy stock and they make it available every once in awhile. In the Green Bay Packers but for that stock you gave you get a certificate that says it's not voting stock you have no sand. In how they run the team but that way of the Packers are guaranteed. That -- never leave the community because of the community basically owns the team but as I said you get nothing more than a certificate. But the NFL won't allow that -- any other team that was grandfathered in in that stays there but can happen anywhere else I think to be great to have it. All across the UN all across the US. Assembly because then they hometown fans would all my hometown Damon and that I think we're better for all of us. But the the folks of who wanna keep the bills in buffalo which we all do I don't know anybody who wants some believe. The they have an alliance and they've come up with the idea. The name of the alliance is policy. He's CEO of the buffalo fan alliance Bryant's in the -- And they're talking about -- getting a war chest of between now 100000000 and 170 million dollars. From people like you -- me. At maybe a hundred dollars a pop they haven't said. What the -- -- the nominations -- -- but that's a number they throw out there and in this article India buffalo knows. From yesterday. It says let's say the bills will be sold for 870. Million the new buyers could put up 470. Million. Borrow another 300 million a market interest rates and take the remaining hundred million had no interest from the fans fund. The hundred million might be repaid over twenty years. To the fund but not to the individual donors so -- fun to be like a slash one. The fund would be there and if they knew all are needed at that could tap into it. And that the money could be paid back over a period of time going back into the fund but it would never come back to you Aaron. Raising 10270. Million is the goal in return the ownership group would have to guarantee keeping the bills in buffalo for a certain specified amount of time. To those of scoff at roughly 810 minute million dollar annual saving for multimillionaires. The fund creators say -- equivalent of an entire season of some teams luxury suite revenue those. In the bill's case it would by the equivalent of a 173000. Additional tickets for a season. The fund organize organizes -- seeking tax deductible status for these donations. But whether they could get down -- -- it is unclear. So all bills fans here OK let's let's take a vote it would Tony interest first of all Tony. Would you oil would you take up an -- the piggy bank and take a hundred dollars and send it to this fund known OK I wanna. I have better things to do with my money. -- -- already out. If you buy a Jersey your contribute yeah I buy jerseys what John TV contributing Uga Uga you about a bottle water you go to a game you're contributing what more they want exactly okay. What about your -- -- and had a chance and we -- to contribute to with their taxes done big time yes we don't know. And you have to remember that in the taxes whether they come directly from Albany or they stop offered county hall. But there it's our money now. And so yeah I I wouldn't either are really wouldn't I'd like to see the team's stay here I hope they do stay here. But I think putting a 170 million bucks and to a slush fund. Doesn't seem a good idea enemy now I think it's it's a waste and you know if it was stocks yes may be I've actually -- the dollar -- yes yeah I mean imagine this. I don't love that knows we love to watch -- all of blah blah blah blah blah but imagine any other thing imagine McDonald's. Man imagine McDonald's say BO pay you like our big Macs and you like these get emails or whatever. But processor and buffalo you're gonna have to come up way of a 170 million dollars are women have to leave. You would say well leave I mean nobody would even think about that but because the bills are sole entity that is not alternatives to the bills. If you wanna see professional football you have to go to Cleveland or Boston or someplace like that. And that we have a certain pride in our hometown ownership. But I think there's a difference between that and just suckers that I think this will be a suckers bet because you have no say -- to get a discount. You're gonna pay the same prices everybody else pays. You gonna have no say in the management the next time they signed there the next version of Rob Johnson for. Eighty million dollars part of might be your money and we've been so long without with so little success. I mean basically since the Kelly era. It's been though lean mean time for a us. And no we see we see our money being used for other things I don't know like food and mortgages in gasoline and -- and taxes. So now I would neither provides an overview at 8030930. 18061692. Through six and -- 930 so that's a lot of money first of -- 170 million dollars. -- a 100000270. Million and think well -- -- The the metro here is just short of of a million so if they were figuring a hundred dollars a person be hundred million. It's actually 950 somewhere around there. That's probably when I got the number -- -- with a hundred dollars came from. So it essentially them the but the metro counts everybody. So it is that he got a family for -- gonna send 400 dollars I don't think so now some people might send more because there are people who just feel that. That they have some. Alliance with the professional football that they don't have with any other business think about it no other business. Would you would you be thinking about kicking in and having a slush fund. For now it would be different if indeed. It was acme flange. And -- flange -- 20000 workers. And as somebody was trying to -- acme plans -- way in which rose 20000 jobs which would severely. Hurt the economy of the area but it's not that at all it's a private business. Bad as some -- tiger does not at a lot to the economy I know that they don't want to think that but it's true. And and you I've heard all kinds of people say. It is so exaggerated. The impact of a professional team and -- in a community it's ridiculous. What it is important for is is what's -- between carriers are psychological thing. Where in the big time. We have other big time businesses here but they're not high profile like that. They're not on national television you don't Wear their jerseys. You don't have the hall of fame ceremonies like underage hey congratulations that's under Graham -- and he certainly deserves. So that's the difference. A -- basically there's no he is the bills don't employ a huge number of people. They really don't and a lot of people employer who play four of them Tony little -- in the offseason. So what I'm saying is it's not like it's an investment in the business is an investment in our psyche. And if we lost it would be a blow to our psyche it wouldn't kill us financially but psychologically. It would hurt. Because we think we're no longer in the big time Howard Gary Indiana and -- believe me you don't wanna be Gerry India. We'll be back tomorrow Abidjan company got maligned tell us if you would kick in your hundred dollars a adultery on Montreal 106 on 69236. -- and I'm -- Today -- never call me a moron he column because I did not announced that word IE I've seen that word but he says it's pronounced Coogan. It's they have delicacy of the pastry -- is a cool I'm not sure about that but he says that I am a moron because I'm mispronounce that. Days and that he has no experience with some of the nicest things in a bakery I've never seen him with a tart have you oh no no no definitely not a cookie. Now I'm not a cooking endeavor only numbing cream so I'm just telling you not pretty huge here. And now. Well. Maybe a long time to Kuwait -- Back remember. KP does remember let me. But anyways so thank you Dan if and -- now he could be giving me a faults pronunciation as for just so that every time I read -- people ago. The matter with him they won't know they never gave me the wrong pronunciation of the -- -- what he'd do a thing like as well as a Hollywood. As I would do -- I ever told a story. When I was in Manchester, New Hampshire this this is where you have to read your copy at a time. Idea I room with another guy because -- they -- and you know just starting our careers -- have no money. And because I worked in the afternoon and then he worked at night he followed me on the air W mafia. So I used to prepare. His first newscast for him while I was on the year so I would go off the -- And he would come on the air and he would come on the air reading the news that I prepared now he never looked at his stuff ahead of time ever. And I knew that. But if you know how we do things our eyes are always ahead of what we actually say so we're looking ahead looking okay am and then we say the words that we've already looked. So I decide to write a funny story imploded in his newscast. Because he'll look at he'll see -- ahead of time of course it well and then he'll start to laugh and I'll break a -- this will be really funny. As luck would have it. There was actually a bank robbery in in Manchester that day. And we had a legitimate story but I decided to put a fake story in there to break a mob right so I've put a fake story about. The bank for rob which was the Manchester savings bank of I'm not mistaken this legitimate on State Street which was a -- to program. But in the copy I wrote that the in Manchester -- savings bank on State Street was robbed by a masked man okay. That was all true but then I added. Who was seen riding away on a white stallion -- Indian companion. Now of course I'm talking about the Lone Ranger and -- all right so. Now I give the stuff my last songs or whatever I go on the carcass like and hardware to hear this I'm going I'm going home a winner here -- break up live. He read it. He read it like that he said the Manchester savings bank was held on stage -- was held up by a -- a masked man who was seen galloping away on a great white stallion within Indian companion -- Right. It can't. It oh came right through all now I'm sweating bullets. Only my second radio job I'm thinking this is my -- -- your job it's going to be my last rate your job. When I got an apartment that we ran in my phone was ringing. It was the program director Heath that I'd like to see you tomorrow morning before she -- of. The wonder I survived -- I managed to weasel my way out of it. But see here is supposed to read at seven had had -- and I noticed that it would pronounces it a Coogan as. Who get it here here's Obama do with the viewers. Get the Columbia. Also lends -- cameras take Coogan and scratchy right now. Okay they have code ends but I don't expect me to tell you about it anymore after this I'm just trying to find -- says Coogan. Look at -- has come sour -- cherry sour cream. And taking Coogan output goodies. Leo okay so if you go -- they do have Goldman's blood. I'm an only say goodies -- otherwise tonight I'll be awakened -- -- -- going. My gonna say that right it never it never punk me. He giving the wrong pronunciation that I won't know how and everybody who knows about -- reasonable lap that -- so there are change. Thank you that's all solves all problems. Yeah -- he actually read it he escaped on a great white stallion masked man. -- -- -- -- companion the only thing I left out what he's at Ohio so. You can imagine. Obvious. 83 on 9301 and under its -- 692 through six -- 930 would you pick and money. To the Buffalo Bills preservation fund they wanna raise. A 10270. Million dollars. -- it was a hundred dollars would you kick and a need to do more I guess if you wanted to but would you kick in money. Let's go to. WB again. If this Coogan OK thank user -- never threw stones. At the well -- like I at least admitted that I did not burn until it would you fork over a hundred bucks Kelly what do you think. Have now I am proving that I kept hearing you guys they like what they get out of it we don't know returned. We get everything out of that at that point that I think Jack. I'm gonna let -- stop. I mean I know people that have money that would do little more than a hundred box -- -- built here. It just means so much to. Actually right now we -- political. Noting improper and it's just. Be kind at that price they added that don't they're just I don't know I would be governed it would -- my hat Fernando. Well I don't break my heart to I went on a CNN I think as a psychological. -- hit ours our psychology would take a hit however I can't get be on the fact that they're worth about a billion dollars. And the thinking that we've support among all these years we have one of the largest stadiums in the country constantly being upgraded. And and although although this is -- a bills drive directly it benefits them and I just have vote. A problem writing a check for a hundred bucks to a billion. Man I -- to but the problem isn't that. Yeah should be concerned about it but I would -- I think he would weigh in rob well the guy is not -- whatever happened. Not -- not care and -- about. Well I whoever buys. Buys is gonna buy it for as a business venture even if it was somebody local they have to think of it as a business. Whether the business model is here and who knows we have enough population there especially with the Toronto in the surrounding communities and we have a big enough stadium. Matter of making your work so -- -- a hundred bucks there's checks in the mail Kelli thank you thank you very much. -- -- -- Our -- are now I know how to pronounce it is -- and so Kelly says her hundred boxes. If you can combat. And I wanna know if you would kick and say a hundred dollars they're talking about a hundred million to a 170. Millions are you willing to kick in say a hundred dollars. Two essentially what it is. It will be a slush one. A slush fund to lend to a prospective owner at virtually no interest and help keep the team here they were deciding to do that. Eight Austria on 301061692. Visits -- thirty but you get a nice certificate for framing. I'll tell you -- -- the 700 dollars and I'll send you to certificates for framing will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Sony's is a cruel things on line regarding the Broncos because they didn't give much of a fight yesterday -- you have that one of via the classic iconic bronco pictures thousand of -- one of those -- With Jim Carrey. And as our Ace Ventura now and he's got the 221 or whatever that teensy thing is now at three point stance and says. Broncos defense -- you also don't want to -- a very the OJ Simpson bronco yes is the last 1990 for the life has great run by a -- call me. Rhonda Rowland on highway 8309301061692. Through six -- -- who would you pick and to this to this fund. To this preservation fund -- have a slush fund of a 10270. Million dollars ready. So that indeed. When -- time comes whoever decides to buy at. There might be an incentive to help with the financing. The money would never return to you it would -- it could be payback to the slush fund. And that would be a constant it does not say felicity I guess beating -- they left. And Libya but the only reason you'd get the money back. Let's go to Rome weighing in Lancaster Wayne you're on WB and here we signed you up for a contribution airline. Now it's time yeah it is want to buy season tickets to ensure that are purchased. I basically. Do it this way you artwork for property it was altering. The employees. We agency to me later that and a lot of money invested it in altering a bullet until we can say this company but we need. Your spirits aren't going -- actually ever page we conducted in the probably. For our investment we're stock options what rewind -- or stock -- whatever. -- -- survive I -- a lot deeper knowledge he's still alive today. Employees were there eating pork and a little light up now to apply. Our side. Yes and provide you wanna invest you wanna invest your money you -- wanted to be a gift I understand that. Check right and I'm the same token arm I would die hard bills and sabres fan but I saw -- stricker noted at this sure you'll follows hole made bombers figures as bold goals and take the sabres would. Okay thank you very much Joseph thanks when I appreciate it yes it is the right idea. They always tell you -- invest in something you know if you're working for that company and these the scenario he just gave you. I'm OK you know you pony topic can you keep the company alive keeps your job alive. OK so that you have the ability to provide food for your own family this thing now a hundred dollars. Under most circumstances not going to bankrupt your house but the bottom line is the concept of of having it in Albanians. For a billionaire buyer whoever. Ever buys a franchise now in the National Football League is basically a billionaire. Most of them are gonna go for close to it or some even more than a billion dollars. So you're telling me. That I have to shell out my hundred dollars along with -- all of my friends and neighbors whatever. To try and convince the guy or woman I guess would be possible woman but usually -- is guy. That they can have this money this that this long money. And a pay it back over a period of time but it doesn't come back to me to try and help finance that. I don't know first of all -- that iffy on financing to buy it you know we're gonna hear next -- The size of our market and how we can't compete in the free market for a prize a draft picks are rookies or young backup as a as a going here all the time. To me that's such a bogus argument I'll tell you why. Because videos of the television money is split equally in the national football. So Jerry Jones gets the same size checkers Ralph Wilson plain and simple all right. We have one of the largest stadiums in the country our ticket prices are reasonable. But I think they've done enough research to find out it's probably about as high as people are going to be willing to pay. But we feel we give them a good cash flow a good good revenue. And the games are pretty well attended his every once sold out probably not. But the bottom line is we haven't had a product here in what thirteen years have been thirteen years instrument of laughs I mean think about that. What you think about that so if somebody comes in and their finances are so shaky they have to go into this fund. It tells me that I don't have a lot of operating capital. And Adobe Adobe further requests made of -- the fans and me and and Tony and Chris. As as fans like I I love the bills I wanna stay here forever and ever and ever true but they are a business. They are a big business -- one of the biggest businesses we have here they operate and a very successful league. There is revenue galore and to think that we have to win the peasants. Have to put our shekels together and have a little slush fund and and please don't don't even consider leaving here take our money please. Is just ridiculous the but I don't know we've had a woman say yeah she ponying up Alaska said no he would not. It's let's see what Bob says and I -- more Bobby on WB hand. Either -- the -- tired. As not only -- citizens lose fair and mystery no. -- where they're gonna stop implement. What about the prophet he's making. Putting unit has a trial. Welcome national awful always I've been sort of a game and our resort kid's been -- -- or. And I'm able to Orchard Park what are regular stop this. Yeah no this is some behest of a group of fans. Who have put together an alliance to try and head off any kind of a problem this is not a request from the bills themselves. However why as I just mentioned that if the finances of a new owner -- that shaky. I don't I would not want to believe that. The fan money would it would make them the owners and how they got operated they don't have enough money to operate. Does not a good idea because you can't be competitive. Here Donald ever stuff are. Now a special assessment I guess it now I hear it loud and clear -- you say no thank you Bob. So so far -- mostly know the three of us are known don't know. Two out of three calls we've taken are no no yes it's only one yes so far as it. Because just remember this. It's one thing. When you read and see these things but it's another -- money just remember when business backs the bills. Remember that bush were they were on all the radio all the television because we had to have those of those suites renovated it means forever and though. At the end of the day. The drive was successful. But every penny. That was raised in that drive every penny. Went to Rob Johnson. And think about it like that just -- five million bucks it all went to Rob Johnson. A hook or not. Now I don't know why you go out Wellington -- additive fork over -- for for Rob Johnson or anybody else like that. It's a business you provide me with a product I'll buy a ticket. Maybe I'll buy refreshments maybe I'll park there maybe I'll buy out -- our Jersey who knows what blah blah blah blah blah but it's a business and should be operated. And somebody comes and their finances is open it probably wouldn't get approved by the National Football League anyway. I'm right with -- break we'll be back after this okay now we've got another pronunciation. We decided ago rights of a source we yeah. Our Chris contacted all -- and Chris all of those themselves out of -- -- that pastry -- an ounce of cocaine kokin. Okay that's what you got to do if you're gonna eat at a gruesome -- and Jeffrey cook first in the kitchen yes many hours -- so I started by saying question that was wrong. Never Collins said it's Coogan and that was wrong. And brandy because that is Google and I've heard of Google. And I guess it's Google might be the same but it might not be the same as. Pin so it's Coke and I'm just gonna get Crandall's lot easier to pronounce it don't forget back in the seventies it cool goal which was any chocolate peanut butter spread. That's right there we had though let's see we had -- what are those. -- like wide things that you wouldn't boiling while those new rules not Google's right there are no rules aren't would get a straight. But it what I -- when -- go to Olson's because of stuff that I don't know how to pronounce -- -- point. I'd like one of those pointed right exactly and -- they don't have by the way I was there Saturday they do have the cook no only. -- company that you were talking about. Awful sounds -- -- all man and it's pronounced cupcake. Yeah. -- Much easier does it get than that -- I don't leave I'm always cop -- but I did like a -- plays thank you. All right we're asking if you would kick and a hundred dollars and that's the the number. Here's a little little laws of the survey here on these Sunday buffalo and those Howell works on the Green Bay Packers actually sell stock. And they're the only team allowed to do this it was grandfather and and and if you bought stock from the Packers. You've got a certificate and yours stockholder you're technically are but you had Null set you had no -- voting right issue. You could. Say whatever you wanna do -- guard him you managed in the way they manage its name. But at least you felt like you're an investor in the team. So that of the Green Bay Packers bank owns the Green Bay Packers. And a -- dowry is about 67 million dollars this bill's financing slam put on by this outside group was not the bills by the way. Would be there was a hundred million dollars so you had to donate a hundred million dollars. And you would not own the team it was a slush funds are trying keep the team here for a prospective owner. And that's and that's that would I don't know that this is the way and first of all. Like Chris you're talking a hundred to 170. Million dollars by anybody's standards a lot of money. Okay do you have a group that oversees that. We have a group that has the authority to write checks I mean who is in charge of this hundred to 170 million dollars because this is a bake sale. We get 83 dollars a split up this is a 170 million dollars you would have to have an infrastructure overseeing the money. That'd be lawyers' fees. There'd be accounting fees -- VI RS clearances. Be a lot of stuff -- it isn't just hey we got a big -- -- -- with money. And hope that the we can keep the bills that are. Let's go to edit in Cheektowaga Edgar on WB yen. It. I don't care or eight. My father's side would all pure matter. As we used to wait. Because. I grabbed our earth would get up there aren't rewarded. And it didn't bite them way over for true. And it is -- and -- Soon. -- You know. And our war yup -- -- you know words do. Well I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes. What about money you would you would you fork over any money -- for a slush fund to keep the bills. Yeah air via air that there. Laid off already because. -- -- You know until. I don't ever -- well. That's because you've been spending too much money on Coke and. The right. Yeah hogs aren't here that. He's the and I moved here in. Let's go they've done thanks says I appreciate you give me the correct pronunciation so we have a confirmation it's called him. It is Coke and that's sort of a caller from now on if I -- that at all see his there's no way this is set up this model. If you -- say a hundred million dollars aren't. The say somebody comes -- -- -- the Buffalo Bills the rest the estimated the price of the Buffalo Bills. Is 850 million and and these are just numbers were throwing out there I'm sorry 870 million. Here's -- -- breaking -- ago equity somebody comes in with -- money 470. Million other debt figure borrow 300 million. And then the fan funds there be another hundred million that they could tap. Now this money could be paid back over a period of time but it's not gonna come to you. Unless it's if -- team raises the team lays on the money comes back deal but I got asked the question. Even with today's interest rates. What kind of interest is earned you on which are much. What kind of interest rates are would be earned on -- 10270. Million dollars plus if you have hundreds of 170 million dollars. You just let us sit in a copy canned. You'd wanna invest that you are on the money to be be full party to have a 170 million dollars sitting around. You know -- that would know earning potential so -- overseas that. Are there commissions paid on the only think of all this stuff. I'd trust bill -- on myself because I gave him 859. Minorities or. But well I mean if you had a 170 million like this group wants the yet. You would want to invest it. Then you have to hire somebody would -- -- fees on this of course who's going to oversee it is that in in trust. There's a lot of legal questions and IRS questions regarding that kinda money. So it's not just let's put it in and I shall box here and if they need that will bring them a shoebox. I don't know if they thought this out you know as wanting to be a rabid fan it's quite -- I'm going to be channeling a -- money that large. So I'd like to thought about it 170 million is zone almost 20% of what the cause of the bills would be so it's considerable. They don't trailed Montreal 106 on 692 through six and -- and -- thirty I'd like to know -- I don't think it's a great idea. I'd like to know if you think it's a great idea would you -- and of a slush fund to help convince. Any new -- that the bill should stay in buffalo. We'll talk to a comeback on news radio 930 we are the official -- can station. WV yet.

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