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2-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Armed man I hope I wake up voters Obama all starts I know this is a dream and this can't really be happening I mean I'm dreaming that -- name -- Declined people are supposed to when it landed and Payton man anxiety cant see other back biting averaging well. Autism problem -- I just hope I wake -- it was exploded under a little earlier when it the National Anthem is awful. -- it's not a dream Tony just. Pinch me that really happened almighty. And -- I want on nightmare. Yeah I'd tell you what I might mayor was watching the Super Bowl. I'd like Peyton Manning. Huge Broncos -- like pragmatic so I was rooting for them. And it was like I heard Chris say this earlier this morning and -- -- right. Everything that could have happened wrong happened everything I can't think of -- seriously shot being struck by lightning I can't think of anything worse. And they just got their clocks cleaned and that's the name that -- at least it wasn't a fluke play it was a sixty minute fluke. And that's -- not fluke I think there and it but that was -- I was really really depressed but when I woke up this morning. I said you know what I'm depressed but at least I'm not Floyd Mayweather. If you think you abreast Floyd web Mayweather according to many accounts. A bet ten point four million dollars on the bronco okay. And out and win off of it as a college degree -- like hey Floyd Mayweather house party. During the game -- as he's and have million on that. Now as luck would have it so you don't feel bad for Floyd. I have in my hand the DuPont registry. For February 2014 DuPont registry as a magazine I subscribe to that has high in cars and I just love these cards. The bit about the best cars on the planet are in this. And they have to do a story on Floyd Mayweather he's on the cover. And it's a Floyd Mayweather the money addition. Now the guy who lost a ten million bucks last night let's not you take of a collection form a sentence in government she's. Because them here on page 44. This is how loose he she is housed in the woods looks like a Presidential Palace and outside. Are his cars. Okay and this is just the cards for this house in Vegas he has several other houses and each house has their own -- -- but he is what's in his driveway. In Vegas. A Rolls Royce phantom 436000. A roller Rolls Royce drop -- -- 545000. A Bentley Musab -- he Le Mans additions 378000. A Bentley flying -- 248000. The -- -- Iran a 1000005. A Ferrari 458 Italian spider that's the -- -- like 4151000. Aberdeen -- -- -- Gainey have mentor. A 545000. And a little GP Ferrari 59090. TB. At 390000. That's just in Vegas one -- I mean. When I read this article when I got this a few weeks ago on home man. I mean it pays to get your head beat him in the ring if your Floyd Mayweather and he's been undefeated so I guess that no matter how much money a guy. When you lose ten point five million dollars that's a hit in the wallet but maybe it's less of a hit on him. Then we'll -- -- ball incredible. -- system. I don't know what to say I'm disappointed isn't the word it wasn't competitive. At first of all anybody had a poll. And that first that first those senator hiking up over his head. And in his safety involved there through everybody people off because normally don't want to. Nobody wants a tool. And then it went from that to a field -- went to a five. And usually -- five need to five touchdowns so that doesn't happen that often. So -- 2005 probably when they drove the numbers from. These numbers. But it turned out that they didn't now Tony you playing along and going crazy and having less fun that I was because I don't bedroom. A football yeah I was close and three quarters because I had the five and zero those those one of my numbers and you know what was -- the album. Champ Bailey gets burnt out of deep ball and then as Seattle. We're gonna very touched our feel also that and to me in the first quarter the second quarter Peyton throws an interception both times as a quarters were bitten down -- -- now. Both want reform and it's I think all. Please come on had a chance here and now forget it can you see my smile. Here's your pal center who said. If you if you watch your numbers Seacrest is Smart -- checks his numbers at the game is over so he can either enjoy or not enjoy the game just on that. And then he's either surprised or are you are either one yard and went. Right Chris that. And it's absolutely correct it is a matter of fact once I found out and and -- -- -- about it look at and our guys you -- able to us because you had hope. Yes I do have hope that even from the ashes of a terrible defeat that you could rake home ago. And it made it even worse. Yet you know the thing is I needed something to root for the game because I don't like either team like Peyton. Arlington what but that's about it -- we got a huge Broncos and I just like Peyton yeah so I wanted to -- patent -- just for him by. Outside that I needed some -- for well I you know I guess I'm not BOX -- I was listening to our sister station all night the night before and and they had a panel and one on the panel was Jim Brown. Who was perhaps acknowledges maybe the greatest runner in the history of football absolutely and he was talking about patent. And Jim Brown who can be a hard -- at times. Said that he would want his kids to behave like Peyton Manning. That that he exudes class so it's not just how good you are what you do but the content clashes yet. When there was no I didn't I couldn't bring myself to staying with a game. Three quarters I was out done three quarters I knew what was. What what's the sense in getting another quarter of budget so I went to bed did you guys make it -- the open docked at the Christian I didn't irons cons just after the fourth. Course you guys made a Smart decision it was a horrendous because you know using it at some point sales organized around it -- they never eased up it was a disaster from start to finish and after all that Peyton Manning did stay in the field afterwards jittery stand. Mean Tom Brady oftentimes -- him running right to the tunnel. Manning you know got his head handed to him for fourth quarter and up and and still stay on the field surgeries and class that it's easy to. Here's a class act and you that we expect miracles from him. But every here I was I was clinging to hope to -- they the two points okay now with a five points with two outs focused on their touchdown. And then when it went eight points and I don't care wallets -- out with a two point Immersion. But that it never close after that that was just depressing and because of that. It kind of color the way I look at the whole game I needed to commercials I was super critical of well they were terrible Bruno Mars I could care less about the commercials first of all was this make a statement today there everybody. But singing and multiple languages and that and various. That things like that it would making -- elevate ourselves is that what it was all about nobody is trying to sell anything. I don't know -- they were terrible before fusion spots. I didn't quite get here it's here is the format -- commercials they spent four million dollars for a 32 spot okay. They spend twenty seconds with some visual or some of verbiage and you didn't even know the commercials four. And in the lasted ten or fifteen seconds they would tell you what's more art they have to legalese it's going to be a sponsor idea that'll pay for. But the the bottom line is it was our message stuff I didn't need a message -- and completions. I needed a fumble on behalf of -- Seattle I didn't need a message and a messages here in the messages there. I'm telling you that it was the most depressing. Super Bowl I've ever seen the country who are still on the bills lost in a worst that wide right. Because wide right went -- and it into a low last until. It the Broncos weren't in it at all and then that there was a note and -- are you know that when John -- comes out and flips a coin before supposed to do. I'm in good catch by via official we got a millionaire -- -- going to -- a bit and you guys are right. You vote for details and and I said I want details because it always comes up -- but you guys -- tells our protests and wants that. I lost that it's is that a plus so Warren Sapp and Strahan. I guess we're not gonna see a fist fight. Warren -- said that Strahan did not deserve to be oh by the way congratulations. To wandering gas is about time he's had the numbers for a long time. And the larger the further -- ago I said. To myself that if if he gets rejected. Again this would be the eight time. I just to take my name it. OK but they didn't they finally acknowledges he certainly deserves to be in there. I'm glad he's in there now does that kind of wrap up the championship years everybody and that is supposed to be in there. Yeah I guess so I mean I would like to see task or may be Darryl Talley -- long blocked. No that's a long shot when you think Chris I think so I did you get the biggest names he got. Now our -- Cali got America Thurmond now all the names added that I think about when I think back at those teams are intently it was great cast was great to. The probably tasker at the total special teams like a punter kicked you out now while Red Sox finally got and that's true I was I was excesses that -- joke do you see if terminating. Buffalo wings know Imus -- they did a feature that send them. These CBS morning show on Saturday morning -- new show which is very lefty but very. Well. Says some guy -- and he was that the anchor bar Thurman was there. And though Lance diamond was there and some woman who are among familiar. And they were talking about wings and eating wings -- whatever and those interest that was of the Thurmond was their challenge nice few big wing -- I would imagine so you know is always the only one I know -- dozens are -- two -- in my life. That's it. Two -- Okay fine too much work -- in Iraq is about every chomping away and boom boom again more me here I don't want anything that needs 43 of against satisfied forget. It I'll take a break will be -- more aware of -- company under his right at 930 we are W -- Yeah and if so what what I didn't read until today for is on the -- shows up to to put the -- and -- is too early. The official grabs it out of -- and then he gives it back and that was what Boris Boston but he was interview before the game. And said he. They he said before game that he would not want his children to play football now. Because of the injury situation he had knee injuries a lot and he had had injuries and he said no way would he want his. Well of course his kids of the in the senior. Name of his seventy. So that America's kids around fifty OK I don't think there's any fifty girls playing in the National Football League but. We can change -- to grandchildren. And that's that so. Broadway Joseph said that. And also it was good for him didn't offered a kiss -- Colbert to issue wasn't there are wrong network but other than -- had -- mink coat on just check that ankle. Yes outlook friend Rick talk him and one of my guess that. Well that's gonna cause not quite as yup that's not really -- this is what he's known for that -- there's a famous picture -- -- sit on the bench of the jets game and he's got that cold -- In sunglasses and it just that was is. Well I thought some people bitch about it -- it was nice dog because the people look for stuff like yeah that's that meanwhile Lawrence app has apologized. Two of Michael Strahan now I used to watch warrants out chasing a rom Brett Favre. All the time in here Brad seemed to even though it was trying to kill -- they seem to have a pretty good relationship been -- seem to have a sense of humor and an eight and a I don't know I lost some respect form when he said Strahan didn't deserve to be in the football hall of fame. And that at one point they exchanged words back and forth and -- challenge Strahan to a spike. I think guy. That's -- now I'm getting for some reason. It's in my mind was bigger mystery than they were both ends right terrible apartments and tell us -- -- -- -- -- he seems BP year. He's fatter but they -- larger of -- well okay he's. He's apologized and they got together and they've made peace. Industry that was was elected to the hall is this year and is so that's about it it's it's. Pointless squirm for those kind of arguments that's a goof ball -- I always was but at least. He was kind of like a lovable blue blue ball when he was chasing Barbara as far as single like me even though it was near him being -- of the turf. A one thing I have to admit you know I'm a very honest on the show earlier. Thank you for the support after but the idea I really am. But as manly as I am and I am trick the manly. Arrived Harley's ride horses and shoot guns. I fear no man I feared death not at all and it appeared that there is my sick and scared you know what I mean. But as manly as I am I have to admit this. Yesterday. I watched the -- bull. On to open it. Where they have the kitten ball. Playing a game as best stern who was Howard Stern's wife was a hostess she's one hot -- I can tell you that I did watch it for her but you -- out of the -- -- -- ball is patterned after the probable public ball is first. But once you've seen the ball to -- the ball. They're not as active as they kittens. And it was it was fun but I had somebody had somebody come to the door ridership set -- that they would not know I was watching you and I'm not a bet you guys that want security ball now I began my wife -- -- -- it it's currently DVR. Of people time for -- I just think it's one of it and outline. Any time I'm feeling to testosterone loaded I'm gonna watch it again. It's fun and I'm literally as and they gave all the kittens that are cool names patterned after real football players. And so that's that that was fun that was that that. Meanwhile Punxsutawney Phil gonna -- aced out of the headlines because it was the same as the super ball so nobody was watching but. He cited shadow that means six more weeks a winner I'm telling him not good month ago. Think -- Tony would make greats do I think. Bring some vegetables. Or get a big pot and -- -- -- there they'll be cool. Now the animal rights people for those -- -- were offended contact Tony Caligiuri. I did not go along -- that. I have -- I have several. Several. -- ground -- yeah that's that they cut it's recipes and chemical hopeful. That who. -- -- -- What did strike -- well I -- back after this. WB GN 9:30 AM as buffalo as wings. Read that that. -- weird weird -- your house I'm just telling you got. This straight now you said Jeannie was sick right okay. She is sick and so she censure -- for food and she ordered. Chilly yes it was chilly when they're sick and -- what's the matter via date hopeful Alamo wasn't available not exactly spicy. -- isn't spicy out Wendy's well known. Urged. On this planet no secret really strange one here. Got lots of people have Chile when they're sick and has done exactly that well that's the problem. All our players banker. By the way out there if you like Chile when you're sick of snow all three men and threw it a okay resolve Renee Fleming all right. Governing plumbing I always have a -- -- book I have like -- 45 of her CDs and class class class. Hit all the notes as you would expect her to package it is one of the top sopranos in the war. And she's from the Rochester area and I was so happy when -- products who's gonna saying because -- the voice of an angels really does. And carries herself so well. And very very happy to see that the came up well got a lot of -- applaud there was some. I guess there was some criticism when they sign her up that the NFL didn't know there rob. -- their audience was who would know where you who she is I think people know beautiful voice when they hear the gap and she certainly has -- so congratulations Renee Fleming. And she's from the Rochester area that's a good nose also from the Rochester area of a bad noses Philip Seymour Hoffman are denied that bottom -- -- -- hanging out of his arm. I mean. What I felt so bad about that because I I think he's such a terrific actor. He can that he could do a whole bunch of different roles he was believable and everything I ever saw a man. And that's how guys you guys -- -- needling his arm. I'll I only wish that they would publish a picture of him with a needling -- -- -- his arm just a lot of people would -- again it's -- that. I don't know how good these guys are how how can they possibly be the -- throw everything away. For another time it's. -- you know I don't get it either and the thing about it he died in New York. On the morning of the Super Bowl some bulls right across the bridge there. I'm while happy birthday to warrant FedEx. And Kim Jones T a two of my favorite women -- fixes having a birthday today she's fix and they have a birthday today as those images he -- you see them. I wish them a very very happy birthday amid wild. The commercials which lots of lots of people oh while watched the Super Bowl and really look forward to commercials. I just felt like we're being preached at this year. Where everything was a message as I said the first twenty seconds of each 32 commercial didn't know what they were talking about. And then you know -- in the last part of a commercial the last ten seconds they tell us what was supposed to get from -- commercial. And a lot of interest in my Edward church and we're being preached do. There was one commercial that reminded -- -- you oddly enough stuff and it was with Laurence Fishburne any singing induce and our NASA doesn't go yes that's now I know I felt a sense in my it was -- -- was definitely him. Our guy that's -- that was Pavarotti he's favorite song and his signature song and everybody sings. It's a great song but yeah I love that there were also some others here. First of all we all knew that the Budweiser spot with the dogs a -- of the puppy and the and the horses. Would come out on top because they've they've put it out ahead of time though is always via publicity mill that was Q okay it was Cuba some of these left me. It I don't know some of my life I like Tim Tebow in the T-Mobile spot with still no contract. That's a pretty good sense of humor you know Tim Tebow -- your. You're you're no longer playing professional football annually and make a commercial like that and they have some some other good ones so but nothing that knock my socks up. And there was one -- cut apparently some people got their undies in a nod because it seems like. Coca-Cola this may have I'm not worked through there -- an inch. That is the story I have from Greg richter from new whose Max Coca-Cola. Bought more than a Super Bowl I wanted aired a commercial featuring America the beautiful song in various languages. He's also got a lot of controversy. For -- eight million dollars so they bought a 62 spot. This is Allen west a real ID Republican from Florida representative. On the house on his website. If we cannot be proud enough as a country to sing America the beautiful and English. In a commercial during the Super Bowl by a company as American as they come dog on are we on the road to perdition. He was not happy. He called -- -- a truly disturbing had. -- include only equaled by former president Teddy Roosevelt which ended we have room for about one language here. And that is the English language for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people. Are as Americans and American nationality. And not as dwellers in the polyglot boarding house. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that's loyalties the American people so I know when I saw I saw that spot. And I knew when I went -- heard it sung in different languages that there would be controversy about it because that's what that's what they're trying to do and other trying to yet. Trying to integrate it into existing spots it's also on the Vonage. The homeless guy anabolic -- month. He is speaking several languages to the people as he passes through the street. In his homeless condition so that's what good news you know whether you like it or not is up to you know. But the agency where the advertisers are going what they wanna do is they want to reach. People who speak a different language. Without offending those who speak English but that they are not going about it I think in a very successful way people listening enough light. Because pretty soon gonna get through. If you would like it in English press true. Aren't. Let's say what else is going on we have a giveaway here for something that I love as a buffalo auto show. We have a four pack of tickets of -- buffalo auto show. Which starts this Thursday through Sunday at the buffalo Niagara convention center of the value was 36 dollars general content rules apply. -- auto show I will not be broadcasting this year from the auto show because it's tough to do -- show -- closed. -- -- open after my shorts started. And so would minutia that did not work out this well this well but. Great to go down there from Thursday right through Sunday buffalo Niagara convention center c.'s special events every -- including Reggie Jackson on Saturday buffalo football legends on Sunday. Call now six were four minutes and five and a new winner four pack of tickets you know one of my favorite things the buffalo auto show OK we come back we're gonna see how. You can help. I need the National Football League team. On news radio I'm there anyway RW via we talk about the lock the New York area's getting -- today so they have the Super Bowl yesterday. It was so what forty degrees something like that like 43 now and those who got through the game I kind of wish they had had a blizzard maybe yeah. Maybe Denver what development back. -- -- regular but after one day. The snow is -- command and it is hitting the fan now but this is a difference on the target which is tomorrow night I'm until Wednesday night. See here's the difference between. What I am now what I used to be -- used to be a fanatic. Football fan I would be I would be so miserable today I can't tell you. Be like guy in a -- that adults in my stomach and feel like you know when I got over last night when I went to -- that it's over. And you know I'll start thinking men working about football will be what we kick off next year so I'm done I'm done. Instead of you know Bob Bob I don't do sports talk as -- we talk about that for four months now. And I did this soil here is. His reputation. And a blog today underestimated them the wrong scheme in the assistant coach that coaches us and they did they have the right vending I mean. That's what they'll vote for -- OK meet are more or at. It's like they thought it was in my -- it has been removed I can walk again look. And so that's that because you know it's a never ending source of conversation. Already taken about pitchers and catchers reporting an eleven day that's good see that's a positive 'cause you think of -- green grass nice weather and they're tossing the ball. The difference between Carlin has done many subjects like execute between baseball and and and football and camp football -- -- Terry each other's head off. In in spring training let me throw the ball to you did you catch it. Here let me -- nice grounder to scoop and throw it over the first baseman. I drank I -- accept the pitchers when they you know they take you out right to -- But beyond that it's kind of a gentleman's name as opposed the -- and then we have the ID tone 500 -- -- other spots for the Daytona. -- -- on NASCAR's the only sport that has their biggest biggest event at the beginning of the season and I can't forget that -- and -- Daytona is the biggest -- that -- and and it's the first race. And that's that and then after that that he they have a 143. Other -- Always different sponsors you know they have via. -- -- -- -- -- like yeah it's it was -- blood that there would have been. -- It's important to get a good sponsors in NASCAR that and they have to -- -- reflect -- -- -- you know -- it. It's the inaccuracies or Goosen spots on the dollar said -- it certainly is a sponsor of depends. Seraguso one of the top guys ever in the measurable Boller is selling depends I can't imagine. While I imagine a NASCAR being sponsored by depends and if they get him to crash they would prevent leaking. -- -- it depends Chevrolet really movement today. And on those easy things -- over several of them but I had a car you can tell which one that is what up. And and I don't win a race with a lot of different runs for over four -- -- -- Political warriors C a mechanic. Poland to look at. And they -- to put on a -- down. Sometimes they use duct tape that does not -- very useful in NASCAR because that's what they know you're on offenders it banged it out. There to put the dog table -- get back out there ratio was hopeful about the by Ricardo government paper in this yells at the left who backed a you have to have -- -- That's in the twin races. Are side by side. And one is that Danica Patrick well and the other is rookies -- now if they put together. Zelaya I took pretty mundane stuff -- and look comedy jam comedy night. -- that's it's a blow whatever it is what it stood now for the. And you can't get enough football you know all that there's a plan afoot. By the buffalo fan alliance. That says why don't we all chip in and give the Buffalo Bills some money. Who have. -- on the up front page. Of the bubble on those. February 2 which is yesterday's Sunday knows. And here it is. It's an article and a quotes Bryant's an -- of he's the CEO of the buffalo -- alliance is our super fans these are people who loved the Buffalo Bills and we all do. But this is an alliance of there they have even deeper commitment to the bill's been most of us do. And -- Horner wrote the article -- in this opera for rabid Buffalo Bills fan. For a nominal amount may be as low as a hundred dollars. He get a certificate that you can frame similar to a stock certificate. So that's the deal so far you send them a hundred dollars. Okay they give you a piece of paper. Which you can frame sounds good already does and it sounds really attempting committee. No you don't get any stock in the bills. Of course not nor did you have any say in the triple. And get repay only of your investment isn't you know who's on the team leagues buffalo. But for your hundred dollar investment to get something there could be considered priceless. The satisfaction that you helped keep the bills in buffalo which. Okay. The fact that I had to fill the seats in bio souvenirs and pay five dollars for Kosovo for bottled water and 125 dollars for parking has nothing to do what it does send this admissible -- at the grand. That's a simple explanation of the complicated new plan being unveiled by directors of the buffalo fan alliance. It's a crew of thirty something buffalo boosters that probably likely no well -- -- About Europe buffalo. Since he's seen any bridges up slightly now I don't think so. But these are fanatics these -- bills fanatics intent on finding a way to maximize the chances of the team staying here for the long term. Big goal was to raise between a hundred million and a 170 million dollars for a fund the buffalo franchise preservation fund. Like George -- hearing so far and it it and. -- PT Barnum where are you when -- major. The goal -- to raise a 10270. Million the money in the fund would be offered interest free to someone buying the bills and keeping the team here. It would also be used by the current bills ownership towards stadium renovation. Or even a new stadium. So it's it's not enough apparently that. The state. We -- alleged -- from the county. Kicks in all this money all this time. To a stadium that we get no revenue from basically. That if they have any event there they keep at all. That we do the upkeep that we send I think the last -- what three million dollars a year Ralph just because he's a nice guy. I guess that's not enough we should have a I'll find another fun and set aside two and a hundred and a 1000170. Million. Where you can kick and yes you can and by the way I have this flat where I'd like to say you're -- and the pancakes don't burn how what do you think whip up an omelet right here and and for a mile. On -- bills are worth almost a billion dollars that's. -- probably worth around 900 million okay. End we have a we have a team that's been here for a long time. And there is no screaming need from other markets that used to be not that long ago where as soon as as soon as as an owner said. And I. -- check out some other places off fifteen cities would be besiege them now I mean we still have a team and now. And remember LA used to have two games. I don't think area when you see what is needed to move or National Football League team. To a new city. And what the city fathers have to -- have to get the voters to a probe as far as. Stadiums. And the in the tax breaks and all the kind of stuff I don't think they're beating down the door of waiting for an an NFL franchise to become available. And you see what happens up in Toronto. Already talking about re looking at that that thing up there. It's not any great shakes them went wrong when they go up there no big deal in Toronto you know why. Says there's a lot the villains -- on all that's that's the reason why. But don't ask you if you would kick in a hundred dollars for the is preservation fund. The Buffalo Bills just in case future ownership gets it she. It's you movement needs it she movement please remember them they haven't had to hit a long time. We'll be back after service.

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