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Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

Feb 3, 2014|

Jack Garner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going to talk now about the death the presumably have a heroin overdose of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Our guest on the live line is Jack garner from Rochester jacket is a former film critic. With the Rochester Democrat and chronicle mr. garner good morning thank you for joining us. Target mortgages whose broad. This is saboteurs have been over well restore credit to talk about so little bit. -- you know boy we never saw this coming did you know mr. Hoffman personally. Yes I do that I. We for years the budget and Rochester -- you'll still part about when he was sixteen years old -- -- really low but an icicle. Which one of the great seeing clear collateral. And apparently even that he was great -- was and ebersol that was around to a Broadway a couple of years ago but. -- -- got -- -- -- the stage is no longer history and that I of course but many felt what you know I interviewed him professionally but I felt there was that we really really well as Mulder and I was all over the last four -- court judge Ronald O'Connor. The brother Gordon is Larry is screenwriters -- that's what they're really accomplished fairway had about. Just the guys who ought to pay income level course a little -- so so we'll put. Rory registering guy integrated you know you're through the good government out of every -- you'll meet a lot of personal stuff -- shore up the opening reverend Al below purely. He was used much more about the craft into the world community -- reduced our hero tribute trapping him a star. Yesterday though Jack Kennedy. Just kind of strange for anyone from Rochester because. Yeah on the day of the Super Bowl it's the city's most famous daughter missing in the National Anthem and then city's most famous some guys and heroin overdose. No and I could even see he was. I'll bid the whatever you would even bit at the game that you local big sports guy that he -- wanted to be big toll wrenched his shoulder and I was going to cited better quarterback -- By just. You know any now it was extra -- -- -- -- about your little brother on one here and on the other hand. There's the party of it was mostly done in number and I knew about his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's also very very saddened me you know I did when I hear these kinds -- -- royal roads you know they're so or. John Belushi or her hero somebody other people are just like that culmination of really really sad really really bad I'm not mad at them a matter of the hole. Thing that can call this stuff happened justice. We're talking it would Jack garner Jack as a former film critic for the Rochester Democrat and chronicle were talking about. The untimely death over the weekend of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman it's our understanding now you mentioned his mom. And his brother but that's our understanding he was married his wife and three children. -- -- -- his wife of a member of matter and -- -- Not -- exactly sure tactically they were murderer was to partner kind of scenario but they do have three kids she was should be of the custom design are believed to have sort of the year stage. And and there are duel with kids -- younger. And there are dark times you're going to be people -- -- Took pictures of the middle ballgame especially was a news wallow in the street particular school and all that sort of stoppers. A very sort of everything a lot of ways he was everywhere he was there every day paradise. Got a bit -- a bit shy because he didn't want you didn't like to do a lot of media stuff because you have like but I needs of people and carry into the Phelps it. You know much about bill. So you believe the character you weren't sailors fault but who last week was -- -- Hollywood whatever you see the doctor you have to care about these players. But it gets very purposeful as part. What will he be best known -- -- Well obviously the one -- artist Carrie you know what you do editors that that adjective Oscar winning you know and as you and you -- that for sure and -- -- for Capote. And yet through a roller towards the other nominations. And he. Although I think it's those very important for all the people logged Bjork appeared reluctant department. But he was you know such great actor and you're marketed in both in the beer and in the film we also supported independence but he wasn't always about and are hardly ever up -- paycheck. You know he did the really small films of the release small always plays but he occasionally do the big stuff to argue that helps pay the bills but even -- opposed to with great integrity should be given don't want and Mission Impossible three here. The character of the games are. One of the car was created characters they didn't know it didn't work it was a great. What do you suppose is gonna happen to the Hunger Games character. You got a little I know you don't know how far along they -- is also continued to do was editing and things search engine supply line. The question is whether you have a key. Narrative -- points and that we have to get through that he never got to you know yeah I don't know how much was done and how much was left to be done. So that's obviously an -- and -- above look I don't read the first book editor of the -- -- spot and even Null. What Becker drugged up doing it or whether he would be in the next -- after the sort of orders -- -- you don't nobody has those questions but as far as you're going to be intrigued -- about. We do have two other problems coming to independent vote party which is the Sunday of last week talking about so there's remorse. Built up through that of course the other great thing about the -- -- an actor or musician. Sizes that we do have the evidence a retreat to -- -- was -- it's important. Jack we're -- you -- join us this morning -- thanks. Jack garner Jack as a former film critic for the Rochester Democrat and chronicle also a good friend. Of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who died over the weekend.