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Dissecting Super Bowl Ads

Feb 3, 2014|

Bill Collins; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are reviewing Super Bowl ads with Bill Collins from Travers talents great to have you here now thanks. You know Trevor Kallis did its own super poll -- that we can we keep referring to the USA today and and meter and so forth but. What are they results it was a thumbs up thumbs down kind of thing. We're we're yes thumbs up thumbs down we're in and we're still running at. Be a -- spot. There would be diversity in a racial a family. -- -- spiders so narrowly beating the Budweiser poppy. So we'll see what today happens as we go through today. The Hyundai spot with a dad's sixth sense is also was scoring very well and the tough for rounded up by the Volkswagen wings commercial. You know bill I know I'm beating a dead horse here because I -- the same question every year but I'm an Ascot again anyway and you probably know what it is. Why can't commercials all yearlong radio and television be as creative as the ones we see -- on the super. Because -- the advertisers are spending four million dollars for the spot and it really is the once in a year opportunity. To. You know really. Give brand sizzle and and and set it apart and these spots. You know have to generate water cooler chitchat. You know there are very expensive. You know and they they really have to have some kind of a selfless they do on social media the idea is to get people talking about these commercials at a time. During the game after the game. And if done well for instance we've talked a lot about RadioShack that radio shacks and had a reintroduced into the American conversation. And I guarantee you today people are going to be talking about that brand. Four for awhile now it you know it with with one really great spot. They've -- that brand back into our consciousness. But he Budweiser always seems to place probably in the top five that would take this sand is resonating with with folks after the super -- -- He's come -- mustache tarmac. Does this Budweiser by. That was -- there was there RadioShack. Budweiser Randy referring to is the -- soldier coming home from Afghanistan in the they did an online contest. And in the VFW in Winter Park Florida. Won the contest and they greeted this soldier returning home with with a parade in. And there's a great documentary that way -- on the Internet before the Super Bowl about the making up the spot and we know what was what it was all about but. You know again another example of how old their advertisers are really hitting their cord going right to your heart. Patriotic themes and and who doesn't get. Tears in their eyes so watching these family reunions of missiles is coming back from Afghanistan. In that commercial there in the documentary very touching how Vietnam veterans talked about how in tears how when they came home. Nobody wanted even talks. One thing we didn't talk about this morning our local commercial -- Super Bowl and I happen to save Paul William bills. The personal injury law firm and I saw Martin Chevrolet. Item in arcade and did that caught my because Denny -- who want dealership was my neighbor. Now possibilities local people score of these Super Bowl -- to -- -- pay more for the avail. Yes the the -- -- DF local fox station had you know a certain amount of of minutes to sell. During the game and they are priced higher than they normally would be but got an outrageously. I as as opposed to the Super Bowl we're paying. Four million dollars for a 32 spot. And I'm sure -- is I don't know the exact dollars but probably quite a premium on them Mosul spot. You know but you say useless it take for example -- and and like Bob Dylan selling Chrysler last night I -- -- people remember you know what I'm gonna go buy Chrysler because I like that -- -- man. Good question I think the Detroit thing has been kind of played out I thought last year when you know the auto industry was coming back kind of bail out. And Eminem did the did the spot I think I thought there was sort of Chrysler. -- guesses right right for Chrysler and it was good timing I thought last year I think. I think the the idea of of Detroit is is. -- -- Yeah and it really is Bob Dylan really -- a. Lately and yeah. Everywhere -- very clear. Anyway it just it just pin and I do people really you know remember that and say yeah now or like the Dover Cha Dover while line you have to. And weird dog last night to be remembered. Audi I'm gonna go in and -- -- because of that. It'll be its team to see what would in in the aftermath of the research shows and I'm sure. I'm sure of is that you know they do they got a good result out of it. -- been fun thanks is thanks for coming -- appreciate it. As always and that's Bill Collins from Travers Collins and they've been doing their own super -- to and then you can check it out and vote. And their site is well.