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Super Bowl Recap

Feb 3, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to new York and CBS's Steve -- -- man who covered the game last night. -- the revelations -- Steve good morning thanks for joining us. Great to be what you thank goodness it was yesterday because there are snowballing here. New York City today and we have been trusting the seats probably would have dealt became a bit defensive they rapidly yesterday. Now we know you're sitting out in the stands with the fans and you were up in the press spikes and all that comfort. What were some of these fans saying about the again especially that first map that. One over the head of. -- man out. Personally I think that sort of set the tone for the entire game you do they scored in the first. Why even though it they're preparing -- usual -- there have been state he obviously and admiral district that never one like that. They -- up -- a couple of -- -- all of that and a couple of touchdowns all of that which we're both the result but. Eight interceptions. -- -- -- -- -- -- You broke the game was most likely overall obviously teens can come back from 842. Point deficit. They're not usually member -- Super Bowl but they have come back if well maybe it may compile a miracle. It was not his miracle day yesterday. Steve how did New York in New Jersey due in hosting an an economist the first ever. Public transit super ball. I think it fairly well there were some congestion problem that the train station which is -- actually center this stadium they were simply too many people. And that there were some. Long lines and especially after the game. People were bit frustrated by a waits of up to an hour maybe a bit longer at the train station. At this stadium itself to go to other stations and then go from there. Beyond that I think everything went well again. Thank you to the weather gods -- -- Greeted have been yesterday and that the weather was Arctic. -- -- It was 49 or even remember that year we had a couple weeks. Or like good -- this should rule will be played in entirely freezing weather ever happen. Steve good to chat with -- -- warning with thank you for your time. CBS's Steve thought of them live from the York.

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