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Super Bowl Ads; Flagging Market

Feb 3, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chills less injuries here CBS news senior business analysts and posted Jill on money Saturday's four until six on WB and Jill yes. What was -- bigger part of the the night last night always -- at 858 and know exactly what it was when -- turn -- the game and I turned on GAAP net. The best part a whole game for me I don't know that you guys I like this so boring -- I went every single commercial on YouTube and like people are so crazy about what about the -- able I thought I opened -- ice -- the -- people would be great but it's nothing compared to bear down even start with him he can't -- and but there is down at these Super Bowl indicator so that the only downside. Now you're thinking you were thinking about the Super Bowl lab to a promotion Saturday college. -- Yes I didn't afford a million dollars on hand but it was terrible I could've done it but you know what the ads are really interesting is on. We asked myself didn't really work. You know I just a business perspective you know. I'm Lester promoting a website where you really can like cool scenes follow clicks he hit those gorgeous and for Ford or for Budweiser and you say. There's some really go by for that reason I know I mean but but it's a lot of money is spent to not know the answer to that question and a when did you have a favorite aunt from those who doesn't love the poppies you know one cannot exactly and a child and I love those puppies and I played it five times on Friday so. That's set up a -- didn't make me wanna drink Budweiser that the that you are well maybe you wanna get a puppy. Now until. Going to the markets a little bit here are you among those who believe -- that because January's over -- as January goes so goes the year. I cannot let those people and I know that you know -- I think the map on it has a little bit sketchy but that that theory is that when you look back. The -- about three quarters of the time when January's down so as a whole year but. You know it's because you add January saying and it skews the results and when you really look at that data clean it doesn't really show you too much so. It was a bad month right that that was down five point 3% the broader S&P down three point 6% so not great month worst month since may 2012. But it some good news. All the people who own bonds who have been worried so much about the bond market they had a really good month. So again asset allocation works right your stocks went and bonds went up so hopefully didn't switch anything Iran -- not panic stricken. It's going to be more volatile this year that's that we know so far. I'm reading some investors see this downturn. As healthy. -- -- You know we go a long time without what we call a correction which is a 10%. Moved down forum the peak. And it because so long it's actually like two years since we've had that usually happens every year and a half percent so. Most people would like to see a correction at some point it will happen I don't know when. And immediately more than 10% it's healthy if your long term investor root for the stock market to go that way you can invest more money at lower levels right. And then it would be better for your 401K you're buying shares at low prices. -- you're thinking thank you very much. -- replace your finger -- and I can't wait and going right Jill Schlesinger with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of jail on money.