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Another Winter Storm Watch Posted

Feb 3, 2014|

NWS Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live to the National Weather Service -- report weather station where meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock extended by the talk with -- morning John Gloria. Good morning not doing well good -- Super Bowl last night. I did release it first happened and I decided to take a nap -- -- -- -- it is such a boring game OK well that you routinely the most important thing. I didn't really matter to me which team won so okay well we we understand. John is seeking a boring that's anything but our weather this week -- Yeah it will be a little boring the first few days -- to have a little light note today and -- -- tomorrow but it would get much more exciting Tuesday night into Wednesday we winter storm watch up from. Late Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening. For which areas. That's for all western new York and we expect an area of low pressure to develop. In the southern -- -- -- -- through the Ohio valley and into the northeast. And that will spreads over the area starting late Tuesday evening. Is this going to be a lake effect snow or generals know. Two dollars to the widespread general know it's gonna affect the very large part of the country actually. This -- begin in the central plains and tractor Missouri. And to the Ohio valley and -- -- New York State in the northeast eventually. What kind of accumulation -- -- looking at for us. Well we have to give a pretty wide range there's still few days off the rain for going with right now by the tenant to. And keep in mind the low pressure that's gonna bring the snow has even developed yet. And a piece of energy that will develop it is still over Southern California there's still quite a bit of wiggle room either up or down on the snowfall amounts. We'll get right not a storm watch for that likely could change right. Could eventually but again we're still few days away so it's gonna be awhile before we. Haven't entirely and down but at the booklet pretty high likelihood of accumulating snow. Late Tuesday night through one then I think that is they'll be late fees and late Wednesday morning who looks like the Wednesday morning commute will be the worst of it. Still probably slippery for the afternoon drive it's well on Wednesday. OK but the Tuesday afternoon tomorrow afternoon drive home from work and school much -- -- okay. -- because -- along develop until late Tuesday evening. -- right John thanks for joining us this morning. That's meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the airport weather station.