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Frmr EC GOP Chair Bob Davis & Calls on Donald Trump

Feb 2, 2014|

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But what you need. If you need leadership. You need unity you need victory you can win if you want to it's not going to be easy. It's a state that's very very hard. Presidential candidates Republicans don't even -- campaign here. But you can win because there's so many things that are being done so badly. So with that I want to thank darn now I want to thank -- I want to thank everybody. This is really been an amazing evening and a great experience for me thank you thank you -- And so now that you've heard the speech what do you think let's open up the phone -- 8030930. There are a lot of people of that room obviously that's a heat is the man that quote end of beating Andrew Cuomo. But I think if you talk to folks on the street to the certainly amongst those who think Cuomo is is praiseworthy. There's the sentiment that today he's filed for bankruptcy -- -- times we don't need that kind of fiscal arrangement. And then I have actually talked to a couple of Republicans to die hard Republicans. Who just don't like the man personally if you look at issues they say yes absolutely he's the guy. But he's also in some circles seen as a bully. In some circles he's seen is just this obnoxious guy. And then there's the factor that some people say he has -- hole -- with the public too often. He has said he would run before and he never did for the president so there's a lot to kick around here 8030930s. Number. Where do you fall in coming -- after the news break. Will bring in Bob Davis the former chair of the Erie county Republican Party. I was standing next to him during the -- speech and there -- several times -- -- to look at that see that indicates maybe he's running or theater Bob would say things like. And this is no direct quote -- what's in things like see that see that. He is serious about this what you think 8030930s. In the number let's kick it off with John in Rochester high thanks for calling it. They gave you know I gotta say Donald Trump he's got my blood. Blood -- it greatly I think this could this is what. The Republicans and I'm not a Republican but we need to take down this self fraud. Whether they Bill -- Andrew Cuomo and his father was true but Andrew Cuomo was a fraud he comes across -- trying to hit the play -- former Carl Paladino. And yet CEO left -- Well radical actually policies and a more -- economics. Trump would call him out in the year rational about it he would sit directly to Mitt Romney and not John McCain and probably around mr. -- I am so I am so glad John you mentioned. Mitt Romney because let's look back at the race against President Obama. And I think that left was a very. Pleased to -- and very readily demonized Romney because of his connections to big business because he was the top 2%. I charge that they can certainly level against prompt you see them as weakness. Well not all I don't because. Our tropic thunder come out. Likable and a China shop and can be any opportunities that bring up supply side economics there Reagan used it was very successful -- During his country around and he could -- he's gonna bring out of fraud that the Cuomo is. And the other guitarist -- goes. He did not go after our President Obama because. Pinch hit Marxist connections a young man and -- connections with the marxists they didn't know what. Radical left wing of the Democratic Party were capital right up until today it really all right time to try -- could have gone on the attack. All right John thanks for the call stand in righteous you don't think he's gonna run do you. No -- -- I'll tell you why is -- smarter next first of all he didn't want to get into Republican primary. Because. They would do to him but the conservatives did in two grammys have been up. Dog pile on them rip them apart bring up -- pants just can't see how he made his mind is why it is that. And you know can he doesn't mean you know he'll run if you don't have to get to go up in a primary. That he can get beat up -- outside Houston and actually in a few runs and a Democrat but is that conservatives dog pile on. Forget that he couldn't take intent. Now that there is -- theory out there are a lot of the state chairman if you -- the county chairman throughout the state have said that they would support at a convention the idea of no primary. Typically I mean you look at the Paladino Lazio that was not the way it usually is typically Republicans go to convention and agree not to have a primary. So if if that's the condition on whether or not he runs I don't know if you can just completely discount him running. Because he says there will be no primary he runs the idea of him. Not having a primary is something that could happen at in buffalo high what do you think. If somebody he's -- Warner on Iran cannot tell you lie. To make a statement about cabinet in -- state. Dave what about jets in this country going to and historically. I think made this country know we want to know why don't look good for the cheapest labor wage passable. If he had -- in this country they're spending 2100 top kill list we sure. -- -- -- yet -- -- rewarding and Japanese content but think about it. He had actually detect about your paycheck federal to build -- Social Security by about black. Then. People are expected to take cheap foreign imports -- of problem you're gonna pretend that drives -- our brat brat brat. But -- municipalities. Give these people. Look at data located did China. Get -- and practice that come back here. And you think that's an issue that trump could use effectively against governor do you see it as a liability. Paid any practices continue to have picked Republican Democrat I don't like to wire this country is hurting terribly. This -- people to -- more than disparate services economy. All right Ed Ed Ed we are -- the break gotta gotta catch up you're not because of what you're saying it's -- that Iraq. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this -- -- We're taking your calls about Donald Trump after his big fundraising speech in buffalo on Friday. Do you think he's going to run for governor are you one of those that thinks he should run for governor. And at this -- we'd -- to take your calls appear on the other side of that fence to there are a lot of people who say a that Cuomo might necessarily win even if trump runs. Siena poll certainly says that. And there are some Republicans I've talked to that just don't like the guy I'm personality. I think you have to admit even if if you think you can be Cuomo that he's got sort of that Howard Cosell love him or hate him quality. 8030930s. The number couple calls on hold will be getting to Erie county's former Republican Party chair Bob Davis in just a moment or two also. Let's bring in Patrick in Hamburg hi you're on the air. It -- on the local Republicans are all no room Christmas be. And tortured gear com Donald tortured -- called trump you better call mr. trump because that's what he requires. It's embarrassing. This they wouldn't. Agree with any of this policies they just want his money so money -- finance and then he can also -- the local Republican coffers of the they can use trump money. To spend on the local candidates for assembly and senate. While they they certainly raise some money with his appearance on Friday. But -- a few years you're making a broader point that you think the Republicans are turning to him out of dare I say desperation. What desperation and then and just spewing it. It makes them look pathetic to me I mean c'mon look at the way they'll all over and it's very telling that every one. About David's book about it. Prove me wrong by column Donald or something but every one balls and mr. twelve let them -- holes you had better call me. Mr. trump in public it's -- ever. Call me anything other than mr. trump mr. trump so plate that dictates what all these local Republican politicians always go. Mr. trump they never talk about another camps it by Coleman mr. of this mr. of that but this guy you'd better do it or else. So for use a personality thing let's bring Bob and already on to chat with you little bit Bob Davis lit it up all right. All right Bob Davis is a former chairman of the Erie county Republican Party. Bob I was standing next to you at the speech on Friday and there are a couple times when you look up and you'd say wow that looks like maybe he's running board or he really hit the nail right there. -- talked to Patrick contention that the Republicans. Are in in the place of desperation. Well first Patrick got a call me Bob anytime it wants well that's good thank you for Imus is an idea if you got half a decade ago. I mean idea. It was their. On behalf of a channel seven as a political analysts I was standing in the back room with you David men and -- -- media upon people that fund people right and you know on the other side now and you know I've never been enamored with mr. trump. But. He talked for over thirty minutes with no notes and it was obvious to me was pretty buttoned up on the issues and he sounded like somebody that's really seriously considering this run. What about what Patrick says Republicans are turning to him. President desperate because -- restaurant you can do well you know -- very well known rob since 2006 he's done a great job as a county executive in Westchester County. By early in the blue county as well. Anyone with over 65% of the vote this past November so in aroused at the ability to to convert Democrats to vote. For him is strictly and is counting the -- rob Scott is The Beatles and outside that area downstate and Mario Cuomo sitting on 33 million dollars in his campaign. War chest -- Her again I don't Dido time I do Andrew and I am so -- -- shocked me 33 million dollars a lot of money. Rob mr. Reno can't raise thirty million dollars I don't think -- Israel can raise twenty million dollars. Donald Trump doesn't need to raise any money can self financed so from the Republicans perspective I believe on the leadership of the parties looking. Some of the leadership of the party is looking at. Donald Trump because he's got the ability to finance his campaign and be competitive on and a financial footing with Andrew Cuomo where I don't think there's any other Republican state can do it. Let me think back a moment to -- and Chris -- left congress at congressional races may be different -- governor race but when when Chris -- left congress. Capping local emerged on the democratic side and a lot of people at that point I think pick Jane Corwin to challenge her because Jane could sell fund. Because the Republican Party looked at this lady who was a treasurer at the time. Of the statewide committee and said money money money money money and does how I don't mean -- the -- here but does money trump everything else. Or do you need someone who can hit all the right. Notes on the issues can be charismatic be those other things that you need you need the money. You don't need 33 -- I think that frankly is overkill. Competition you know you're you're a state were New York City is. The major component of the media market in television on stations in New York City is extremely expensive. Most expensive in the nation for that matter. So you need to -- -- you need to get your message out there you need to be on television whether -- in New York or buffalo or Rochester Syracuse -- Al -- you need to be on television. And how many media need to need money go to public right now I was Andrews or -- 33 million -- 8030930. Larry in Cheektowaga high. I -- Dual thing that gives me set everything right the right things inept but does he realize that if -- were -- to senate and assembly years he's going to be like. President Obama and just an executive order everything and that with the people's representatives. I think he's he's got to realize got to work with the state legislature I think. That was part of Eliot Spitzer problem you know it was his way or no way and obviously that open space. But that's how it's -- Donald Trump like it's going to be I I did this I did this I did this cheaper I did this. If they have the senate and assembly -- abilities and if they like to do which persona which are built and then I got a feeling that this guy is going to be. Lately President Obama needs could dictate everything what he wants done in this state and it's going to be yet and we're not gonna have any representation from the senators and. Well you know I think in -- almost shown that he's done that to -- western look back at last year the first week of January. Within the the first two days of the year stay legislative session the assembly in the senate he jammed through the -- effect bill. You know while. What you went through the senate and assembly any different this guy seems to be a doing that little thing like like the president is where we can certainly -- an executive order for New York State. The governor. There -- while easily could says he'll probably -- that Daniel as the senate and assembly. And we're going to be stuck with a governor it's going to be just like our president mention things through that people don't want. Larry before we had to break -- when asked the same question of both UN Bob. Do you think that going his own way kind of mentality. Was a problem perhaps for Carl Paladino people saw him as a strong businessman the kind of guy who would just. Tell the assembly of the senate. My way let's get going. Yes I think he was forceful also yes I think he wasn't going in there and it was. He was thinking I'm gonna do it this way this is the right way to do it well it is my husband might be right which you have to go to his senate and assembly. You're representing how many millions of people here in New York State. And you you have to kind of get together with these people and say let's do this thing let's try this you guys got the idea. Seems to be right battle trumpeted type event which is gonna say it's my way or the highway and I critical about you and you guys let the occasion I'll sign an executive order that's going to be it now haven't done. Bob at what point does a forceful personality. Become a liability is the good thing to have a campaigner who isn't wishy -- who is like Donald Trump. Or is there a point after which it becomes a personality trait that people don't want to well I've always defined politics is the earth compromised so you know you've got to be able to do that. But you know the other the other point is you need to have somebody in that office that is -- leadership ability strong leadership abilities to get to a point we're say. Is he leading Jersey forcing NFC I don't have something that tailored look I will. Was not you know a trump fan -- say. Prior to my elicited Yuma Friday night but he impressed that you -- really impressed me the couple times where I could see were excited death. The crowd was absolutely excited before we go to break let's listen to some of the people that ended up but talking a little bit about that. Here's a few of the fans that come up with WBN's Brian as a rescue. Think Donald Trump is there. Our best -- to -- New York State get kids -- -- great kids would like to see them prosper. Like we have and it's not gonna happen with who we have an albeit this time I think Donald demand. I'm excited says Andrew Cuomo you falcon. -- for governor quite fourteen. -- basically. You know the way the state has that run under quote is more important while. The fact that he is you violate all the constitution in my opinion. The Second Amendment is huge. But it is it goes beyond that all the constitution I'm one of the people that you know. I've march on Washington -- -- these rallies here and I believe that you know slowly. You know all of our constitutional right to be deteriorated. But here it is -- trump I think guy he's in that direction that this state needs to -- if that candidate has -- the core values that I believe the state -- I think I think we've we've lost our way you know -- with our values. And I think -- -- somebody else was running who. Who who had the same values and agendas that that most of the people do of this sect members equipment example. You know pretty much it was like 58 counties. Voted against it yet you know we're pushed ahead on this and you know. We don't need -- -- like that -- -- somebody who was that the people and does what is best for the State of New York. So yeah well I would -- I would be here for somebody else death. They had the same agenda that -- does. You know he doesn't his name doesn't mean much to me as you know. The way these things that I would I would I would be here. All right so what you think 8030930. Donald Trump running for governor is that something you wanna see or are you one of those that maybe things his personality could be an issue as well. Either way we'd love to have you on board Bob Davis is here to take couple -- calls. Former chair of the Erie county Republican Party. We give you a chance to dash the phones to him and get everything lined up force 8030930. More after this it's hard -- on news radio 930 WB and it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this is de -- we're talking about Donald Trump's speech the one he gave in buffalo on Friday. Probably with this speech tonight and you'll come out tomorrow. And two things number one don't get married because you know a lot of people don't like so I hope his girlfriend says we thank you letter and number two we'll come out in favor of fracking and going down and let's get some oil and some money and jobs. Another thing they spoke about any set this a lot of interviews before this too. He's talked about the idea that he would love to challenge Andrew Cuomo but only. If there is no state Republican primary. If the party -- unified. Where there if they can't unified I have other things that you. Bob Davis is here former chair of the Erie county Republican Party these days a political analyst and commentator for channel seven WK BW. Bob how would this play out. There is a convention in May before a primary. Does Donald Trump line up delegates now to to pledge that there won't be a primary. What has to happen in order for him to get what he wants about the no primaries scenario. If I heard Donald Trump correctly on Friday night and in. Previous news reports. He's looking for the state party chairman to put the leadership forward. To avoid. Any fight on the convention floor mean Donald Trump I think at the end of the day he wants a 100% consensus that he's a horse and you start running against Andrew Cuomo today. Vs waiting to the end of may at the convention or there's a primary. In the middle of September which only isn't six to seven weeks until Election Day so what I've talked at Cox the chair the state party says we've got a process. Rob -- Reno must go through it Donald Trump has to go through it. He kinda watch a primary. Our are the trump supporters and is -- able to short circuit at cops. And somehow do things that will line up enough votes. To not have a primary I think that remains to be seen in and again how would it why I mean I I don't it does happen what what has to happen. Well first of all I don't think the Republican Party. Who enrollment in this state is down by three to four million in voters to the Democrats can afford a primary. Both from a financial perspective in -- time that it's gonna take fuel to run against a fellow Republican know Ronald Reagan's -- -- don't really bad about a Republican your fellow Republicans. I believe the new in New York State Republicans can't. Afford a primary if they're if they have any chance whatsoever to beat Andrew Cuomo. They got to start contrasting themselves today to get on the ballot any candidate at the convention needs 25% of the vote. Correct it trump is able to button up pledges for. Let's round 76%. That would mean and asked Reno only just when he foreigners on the back and really get on the ballot is -- Carl Paladino got a ballot for years you've got -- -- get the middle numbers signatures on petitions which is of which is a very difficult process if you don't get the 25 if you don't get 25 so we've got to believe then. If he's serious here that trump is trying to line up 76%. Yeah I would say that makes sense but again I think Donald Trump at the end of the day doesn't doesn't wanna have to go around with a 62 county chairman. In line them up one at a time. Mean right now he's got the financial wherewithal personally. To him to match up against Andrew Cuomo's political war chest -- mystery over -- -- -- 2006 great guy doing an awesome job is -- secular west sister. Rob history has not gonna raise thirty million dollars all right still -- squeeze you in here go ahead you're on the air. Hello hello hi quick comment from you got to rely on what you have. How. -- do think ill. Yeah I write -- If I'm not. I'm going to vote forum for two reasons. Why. I want them say he's capable. And I want you think -- he can do -- -- ruin it and two I want to see him put to. Money whereas most. I'm -- -- and if you wrote I'm definitely going to vote for. All right pledge chimed in let's bring in this is an interest and call someone from Canada says they've got a Canadian view. I'm Donald Trump is at your door behind. Yes it is. It's an outside view I -- first of all concerned about your country being on the wrong track. And Donald Trump -- anybody else like him but right now Donald Trump. He's the guy you -- in the air because. First the ball is not timid he's got the right agenda. And he's a leader. You can just tell -- And nothing -- commanders. It -- too busy with for all his so there's there's -- Thing he's got staff that we're all you have to do is give direct. Now -- you do what you want you -- let the -- in a country that has a certain mayor in a large metropolis north of here. Who has a very strong personality or did you hit. I'd like you'd like rob Ford. IQ. Can you tell me why is it the personality factor -- think. Because he got -- them and and the black. From the -- it's -- simple as that. So for you again and I hate to use the pond. Issues -- personality but a strong forceful kind of guy like rob port like around like Donald Trump. Works for you. Well I don't know how you can. -- particular to get it here because. First double Donald Trump. You know doesn't have any personal attacks against them I don't think he's. -- like that to me the similarities only in the outspoken us in the strength of personality. First of all you need a leader and I have to say. We haven't had one -- what Obama even though you might think he's a leader he's a dictator and he's on the wrong path. All right closing comments Bob Davis. Others that it is a discussion -- great commentary from your your callers. You know the event was Friday night it's two days later I think there's a lot to be seen and heard. In the upcoming month or -- all right very good that's about all we have time for now off to Washington and Meet the Press. NBC news.