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Frmr GOP Gov. Candidate John Faso on Trump

Feb 2, 2014|

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Did you hear Donald Trump on Friday fundraisers speech in buffalo talking about maybe someday possibly running for governor of New York State. Beating. There people trump has said that he will not run if there is a primary if the Republican Party can get together enough so enough unity. That they unite behind the candidate presumably him he says that's when he'd go ahead with the race let's talk more about that aspect of at all. By the way we will be playing Trump's speech for the next half hour or so right after -- the first I might talk a little bit about the snow primaries scenario with John fast so. He was the guy that last ran for governor in 2006 when there was no primary he's a former state assemblyman former chair of the buffalo control board. Earlier I had a chance to chat with them about this entire no primary scenario. But it wouldn't -- anyone wants. I think it would just -- ships to. Make that commitment and one can point -- Do you think the party has shot itself in the foot in the past by having primaries well. Article what goes through nominations. Generally decided party convention. One guy -- ran for governor in 2006. Bill -- Certainly would not vote at the convention. Currency in a primary but he chose not to go forward and -- -- and I think the reason Martins that. -- difficult actually. Yeah yeah me. Good work -- -- motivated her -- rights but also hard when you're out. Strong democratic incumbent to complete the money or your primary effort Coke from. You know there will be no IPO primary and in 2010. Would -- They're -- an anomaly in this process historically generally speaking at Scripps decided. How -- economy and complex picture and good and open up in -- -- convention. Here on record saying you don't think Donald Trump will run does all the speculation about him running hurt the process. I don't know what it looked at Portland -- well there but. Don't know -- you want to include so that's what hurts. -- border war. Well governor and US senator as you go out about Obama's state people talk about your -- from what you -- important cook. You look at it won't date but it has many different regions that make good -- And the issues in the north country here on Long Island and what -- worker could come from Europe -- and why. And not have any issues early -- and they might be in public here. So I am looking any evidence that. Well -- people living without -- -- mister -- according -- well. Anything we couldn't certain income or do you think all the talk makes it harder for rob master -- But I don't know I don't think -- -- -- real permitting here are geared. In my music single bet -- -- -- in the Volcker in New York State and federal state law. Local wobble argued the couple. He. He. Couldn't -- -- -- -- he wouldn't Spanish. He's got a record in -- -- that. He could pollute reducing the second the government here I want. Some issues that were plaguing accountant from a year. And I think that bigotry shoot. -- -- it. Equally good a lot of action stated basically just walked right now -- -- in the country transit. Didn't find and book. Being from the property. But mandate that -- -- upon local government and school -- -- could relate a late call. And combat. And they don't want to -- preacher spoke. But it really -- -- work. Driving people away from New York State and keeping that from job growth down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good round job growth and economic development of the by the actions of government. And by the threatening a commitment that the -- companies. Up to -- -- and blown them competitive economy could. -- a point of view. The private sector create the wealth the government should. They waited -- market possible increase Google -- regulatory climate. -- -- record not to vote -- Cuba. -- want to grow and expand folks truly the classroom -- would get her point that you. Well once prevented a Democrat the other Republican oh. Shoot seems to meet incredible people as we go forward to 2014. Total. So it sound like you don't buy the idea that trump is the only one that could beat Cuomo. -- and and again. If he's willing could actually jump in the pool and become the candidate and companion the dog and I'm. Go in and the New York City and campaign on nutrients and we're treating my view but not seen one iota of evidence that suggests. He's a real candidate. That's John fast so the Republican who ran for governor back in 2006 the last time that wasn't a primary more about trump straight ahead it's hard line on news radio 930 WBM.