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1-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA and -- our. It. Just -- It take you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous if this phone calls. And equities -- opens -- cue. Boom. It is -- Wimbledon -- of charity and good way to separate the week to go about it but he is. It's cheaper and there aren't there but lost Jew. And then I walls down -- the U with great. Faith. India -- to attempt to end this broad any. -- The law. And -- up. No one -- with an assault rifle. No yeah. That's good. Until then. -- -- -- Are they these extreme conservatives. We walked right somebody. -- Perot assault weapon. Anti gay -- is that whom they are because that's who they are and if they -- -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. But that happened to that Gary -- To strong silent type. That was an American. Bow and brilliant move ten Myanmar to beat these greedy and dirty I like Q. You have close. I'd like a -- Products in Boston where there. You have -- I'd like. That that actually from team America world always worked. A comedy or younger generation. Of which I -- Our version of cucumber world police at nothing to do with world politics and everything did you go over with slapstick. Comedy dog in a way that was almost puppeteer like that movie you know outlook our game. Paul Newman who's with -- although when. -- on the -- All owns all of -- opens -- all slap shot. You cannot watch the movie slap shot if -- were ridiculous steamer the world police matches -- half meter putt up. Now. One allowed you to show especially by my eggs my existing listeners who have. Helped create the monster I -- today and also want to welcome the new people on board who were just two million. And I'm Donald Trump's new best friend by the -- don't let you know of his grip that -- kind of -- great mind an economy in impression I'm Donald Trump but it was -- impression of which is scheduled to buffalo. He's like why why why is he working at a local species like awesome. Well there's a lot of reasons for that that -- Americans my hometown and all its but. I was kind of luckily you know it's always get what you talked to somebody will dollars a -- -- board -- -- -- for -- -- We talked this but it does a lot of interviews Lotta people. And you make an impression on the person. Kind of if you good feeling of which you do for a living it I mean ultra c'mon everybody one of the pieces -- for a and I the beauty of -- -- folks news. Donald Trump is that the richest person with -- ever spoken. He's not I've I I've known personally billionaires. And that's why -- ovaries. I don't believe in class worker and a police believe in class and V. I don't believe in. The fact that because he has money he's even man these -- guys got to lifestyle was different than you and different than them and frankly if -- worth fifty million its Soviet hiker in Donald Trump's. And that's okay because you know most important things in life. And again this is going to be in my upcoming book. -- a little notes -- to racism. At it's it's true if money was everything. People in Hollywood would not be so messed up. On drugs. We have that cycle analysis were -- -- what happened at them as children and and that it wouldn't be so. -- engaged in activities that are harmful to. So. Just let that be a lesson money alone is and I love the usual -- on Saturdays or WB and I love it. -- play alive because they've got their priorities straight answer every time become an issue earlier I'm glad -- -- Kerry beat via. Between fun joke because every time they always says look. We know that money isn't everything it makes life a little easier but it isn't everything to me that is just -- that's all -- that's hitting out of the park that is. Look that is on line of every -- well wisdom. -- expressions ever been spoken of in terms of money whether it was a -- these. Or George Harrison. Agent George Harrison he was a member of The Beatles in a very spiritual beatle. He wrote a song that. Is give me great pleasure over the years Calder within you without your. And basically. It's a story about. I get a little choked up about this because I think there's something right. I think if you know people have great lives in perfect lives I think sometimes. It as much as you want and -- them I think sometimes that some of the best of yourself can come out during the deepest darkest moments of your soul. And you find out really what kind of person you war. And and this isn't this isn't like meantime -- -- I bet you anything that no matter how down you have been. In a matter how old it seemed like everything was going against -- Bad. In some way it opened up a portal to a different dimension of your ability to empathize with people. And -- your ability to actually feel what it is to have money but not too. That they have what you really want -- which is clear conscience. The peace of mind. Strong family and all of those things. Those important things in white folks. And and I know that it's. It might seem counterintuitive for guards -- Terry to say they expect the that this is about you and and I get very choked up thinking about you because. I know that some view. I don't itself would you want to Wear some -- -- the law. In our educational system were told. Your governor -- anything religious skipping down all your your your future is bleak it's it's grim mr. Bauer earlier. No woman -- ever watch your fat you can even do to pull ups your factor slow. You have no motor skills. And for the longest time I thought it was his dumb fat kid that it. What are how many have you. Learned lessons from those times. Because a -- one other. One of the things that I think is really lacking in our educational system we're gonna talk but Donald Trump. And by the count of slow maybe tortuous way of getting Donald Trump but if you hit five minutes with Donald -- the -- I could have five minutes ago -- but -- I'd rather be here review that with Donald Trump at this point. Doctor be plenty of time for me to hang out with Donald Trump and that's my best and you know it's just it's who we had a moment we had that we had to win a half hour ago on the -- He knows who I am he'll never forget my name. On the owners had balls during an interview with a that he appreciated it and also said the one thing even in Europe or whatever it was that he would come -- -- So well he is gonna remember me like little contact with the -- But how many have you. -- it breaks my heart thinking about Paris. -- you never have realize your potential. Because way back when some idiot teacher. So more on who had no business being a public schoolteacher and interacting with young delicate children. Even the biggest bully in first grade is a delicate child the down. What -- how many view. Thirty years old 35 years old you're thinking yourself -- -- -- on a failure because this is sort of set I was going to be Perot year. Mr. so and so said it becomes self fulfilling prophecy and it need be because I'll tell you something guys. And is this again goes in it's going to gonna go my book which is not really a book is much it is a collection of paragraphs and a series. Of the crap I've learned in life that has gotten me through some great times and some bad times. And the bad times have not been for the reasons you might suspect believed him. Now now the bad times. Britain and everything you know what there there there's nothing new under assignment. This too shall pass whether it's good or bad -- a couple of weeks ago when we talked about the ratings of the power ratio in the afternoon. Intense by the way the funny thing was my ratings went up. Over which sandy had in seeing these ratings went up or what I say what -- about a win win situation I mean seriously you talk about. Something that is counter intuitive. You know we've both gain audience by by moving time slot which I think is really cool in cities where a morning person anyway just to be out your ignorance -- He's got more time to finish the intercom 25 to thirty minute training session and IT's depth that we have nothing to do it anyway. Sent here we have an elevator calling me out today appreciate it but you called yourself out through city I don't know if you finish your Entercom. University test today I finished it before air time and when our boss called when -- player called said Tom. It's time for us to talk as it's now I can't document out right in the middle of a meaningless test this taking 25 minutes of my time with the information I will never use again kinda like like quick geometry and elapsed. City I I did it and I don't know what they're passing well passing grade width 80% I think I missed two questions so I passed but. Here here's the -- assured of folks and it is is this folks and a hope we get into this today if someone by the way to working and Donald Trump and the mix it. I just wonder how many -- you. Learned from school how not to be a purse a -- how many -- you learn at school. Hollow to succeed. By doing what you wanted to do. You know there is one kid in school -- market failure what is real name -- By it and use that with his his nickname was SCSI. It it was -- and the reason -- was -- -- words what many of us didn't know what time was used basically go to school. And is working with his big time restaurant downtown. Which he owns now by the way and it probably is worth about five million bucks minimum the restaurant alone mysteries were literature it's significant network. But in any of it we -- SCSI. You know up I'll tell you know -- -- Arizona say the name. I don't you know let's I have explicit permission to let me get straight he is a gentleman. Of the first order. I'll never forget the time and I think I was always nice to have to. And I was always really nice to everybody in the any more than you work. Back on their forget the time -- I took this young lady out for larger effort to for for an early morning snatched a early morning snack we waited snatch a week ago. But we we went to his restaurant and this guy. Talk about class cent over bottle line we did -- and asked for bottle once he sent over just. To be good -- And this was a kid that if he'd seen on high school. And some of the teachers in high school he was thought it was a welfare case not that there's anything wrong -- have some people need help from time but. You wouldn't have known that this kid was actually worth quite a bit of money already. He never flaunted her weight around to not drive a Corvette in the work he just there in school rather he just did his thing. And to class guy real class -- -- I just I love people who have a niche they go there niche they probably destiny and they lived or injury. And I wonder whether a public school systems. Just that destroyed. So many lives by. Just pretending we're all equal. That we all are equal talents and equal abilities and that we all should receive their four and equally based education in every. Speakers with it is not true we are not all created equal were not reminded of that every time I go into a song we are not created equal. You ladies you know as well we're not all created equal. Some analysts Eric and eat and eat and eat -- brigade around other people you look at cheeseburger in corporate your hips and life isn't fair that where. But I'll probably should supplement frenzy was issued today doctor -- 3025. Or fifty. You within yourself or something. To offer. Not just yourself and the ability to make money and pay your bills and live a decent lifestyle that you within your life you have the ability to. Excel at something you have an ability to leave your dream. Human ability to bring your family into position of prominence. If only you find out what that ability happens to be. And there are so many inspirational stories out there about people who were nothing's and then they were somebody's. And never lose sight of the fact folks you know at the end of the show every show I say know yourself. What the hell do you think you talk about every -- When every time I say that that's my reminder to use that you've got to know what you're good -- -- You've got to know where your passions car and he didn't know how to convert those passions in the cash but more importantly catch folks. Is making a contribution. To society but talk about being a bleeding heart liberal please don't get me -- are not that there's anything wrong with having a bleeding heart. -- there's there's anything wrong with being a classic American liberal. And I long for the days when we were just fight about your Serbia death penalty no there should not be a penalty if those debate seems so. Old now and so for us now is -- you got a guy like music you know what. I believe in the death penalty that only when you have absolutely. Irrefutable. Not even a shadow of a question but out of somebody's guilt what I inflict death -- at somebody because. Too many errors have been made too many people have been wrongly executed too many people been wrongly thrown in jail US care. With the Jack about that rescuers are all other you know what. You you wanna give up fifteen years twenty years your life because you've made some bad parenting decisions along the way her daughter and go to -- because it. Scott that she was -- And the story -- proposing. Those two cases really may be -- -- the total reexamination of my thoughts on capital punishment that the government or we the people do not have the right. The take somebody's life but. If you're gonna and the exit exact the ultimate punishment -- but he. To me -- need more than just beyond any reasonable doubt at the beauty beyond all at any doubt whatsoever. Says that that's my sermon that but just remember as we move along within yourself you've got something. That is worthwhile that you could make a better community. Just one person -- -- community even if it's just to your favorite assertive at the site is called guys. It was it started two weeks ago -- started going at the -- came back now up into the sinuses so you're stuck with what you -- ago I don't -- the Africa today. Three Tony for their news radio 930 WB yet it is hourly delighted to be review of course and a where talks have -- DTs coming up or authority about the leery of trends were talking about something that that may give you the shakes or may give you the efforts of Ecstasy Donald Trump for governor. -- -- Okay yeah. Did. -- tonight will be the largest Republican fundraiser in Erie county -- history -- GOP. And as some people. Myself about -- I don't use of the -- to Chicago full box office I don't use of the people's not rags there for the community I bring in my own border blanket right. And I get a Kleenex that's right you blow bullion. Ignore user wants them boardwalk empire -- -- now Donald Trump is a company town. -- -- And I -- via the pleasure speaking with ultra and please understand -- I think if you know anything about the I don't just walk over. Celebrity's. Just -- do it. I enjoyed our conversation. When I had with Donald Trump. Him it might name the result from some excitement. Because. He was my chance to just kind of get a feel for guys. And listen to what -- Hussein and I don't know how many people caught the significance of what he sent. What he said yesterday but what he said was. A united. Front I'm going to win. If the Republican Party united behind. Ron and I'm gonna win and that's -- as if he runs he's going to win there's not a doubt in my mind. There's not a doubt in my mind and Cuomo is already stocking up on diapers. And pacifiers. Because you'll meet them should be -- -- you find anything in the they can if you got to go texted. Here's mister mister finest called -- got a little bit worse there in the last half hour I'm not -- -- for and occasionally happens when you do Africa. Bad things happen people died -- -- with a thank you mr. sure by the way John Sherman is our fault line call screener he has the gig that. And -- were happy for John Sherman. And we're happy for Joseph Bieber and -- for the -- show in general and Chelsea is pursuing her dream which is alternative music. So everybody wins in that so she gets to -- her dream I guess your history and I get my dream of working with two beautiful man after three hours every day. So Donald Trump was on the -- yesterday. With me Tom Bauer and about its third time thank informant and that's it. I got the sense that again. He enjoyed it but he didn't enjoy it be cars it was just in the radio interview and a chance to give his name up there epic. I think we kind of had a connection. Because he's not he's a stupid man and he understands as American history. And one of the things or tried to get through to Donald Trump. Is that. He's better real estate a little better the real world in an incident in the deep political politics as blood sport aspect of life. And one of the things that. Is still somewhat disconcerting to me. Is this idea that well if asked to Reno runs from Westchester County -- then he Donald Trump is gonna have to think twice about it. That is not a way to be a politician. That's not a way to be a leader because as I told mr. trump yesterday. You might stop at -- but he's not gonna make them. You might stub a toe but basically. My my expectation is no matter who the Republican establishment decides to put up against you it's gonna be a token opposition anyway they can't compete with you would name recognition they can't compete with you with finances so why did you let that discourage. And I think maybe I got through to have a little bit especially when I said. Hillary Clinton was posting the president right now you're -- that right. It was supposed to be Hillary's turn it was Hillary's turn because she had been basically. -- around upon by Bill Clinton more than you can imagine beat Bill Clinton -- Johnny Holmes are quite a -- at least in terms of numbers sheer volume. We know about the other aspects of Johnny home vs Bill Clinton but I imagine but. The point of the matter is there's a primary. In that primary guess who -- Barack Hussein Obama he was not supposed to win. He wasn't it was Hillary's to win and she didn't. Primaries -- matter. And it Barack Obama had said and look I'm I'm no fan of Barack Obama the president I am a fan of Barack Obama the -- His his kids that's again folks unlike MSNBC types and unlike these so called loving liberal left. I actually do love people. And I thought every offensive when the people at MSNBC one of them made a comment about. One of these things is not like the other one because there is an adopted black baby in the -- family. And a lot of people who have adopted black children and a lot of people who adopted white children. You want to make them feel more uncomfortable being really mean like what life is going to be enough kind of weird for them begin with. A lot and here you're Romney or a brown it doesn't. Not part of collars organs come inserted that matter. So I can respect. Barack Obama as a father because he is a great dad and I have their first -- from guys in Secret Service he really is all that. I'm not gonna say anything bad about Michelle because she's not the president. But -- -- primaries are there for any reason. Bury it exists to kind of test your ability. To go through BS to yourself on ballot and actually showed interest in the job. You know it's kind of analogous. Obvious that -- one -- report. If you live five minutes with Donald Trump and I and a half our results from yesterday what -- asked him. What would you say to what would be the most important question undermined for Donald Trump he's going to be in town tonight going to be itself -- -- and honestly guys I could take and they -- I could have been there -- can hang out with them but you know what. It'll happen at some point and I am I gonna worry about it. At this at this point. And I would look at Donald Trump -- -- -- a look at him as a fellow -- Buffalo Springfield -- Thurman Thomas I don't look at him as a hall of fame football guy and look at him as a guy who watched the same movies with his kids I watched when our kids are going after the kids -- about the image. -- If you if you can understand -- -- -- -- I've always preached you find a connection to find common ground persons even who are like Donald Trump Hillary Clinton for that matter. And you pursue that common ground. But in terms of what you'd like to ask Donald Trump what you like to say that Donald Trump would you say Iran -- -- or would you say Donald. You get serious or -- hole. 0309 birdies on number. 930 cell ball. 180616. WB Ian is free choice of three all right -- Start -- thirty and that 180616. WP now ordinarily we don't do traffic at forty anymore because we say. You know what I love about our program. Man is the fact that he does not restrict past two. Well you have to do traffic even if there's nothing to report. Actors right now we've got a pretty easy go and I can change -- any which case we will go to every ten minutes with traffic and that's just the way we do things. If you do -- a major cataclysmic traffic eruption. It just an ejaculation of stupidity and highways. With which you can deal because you can't go anywhere. Because your tires don't really go in that kind of stuff. Well it's Leo and win this temperatures -- for example 8030321. Of the phone number one -- portray African men WB Ian it's 8030321. What would you say to Donald Trump -- just say to him about running. And if you don't mind I would they also fear that we asked would you like to say to Andrew Cuomo the hopefully soon to be ex governor of New York State. But as I was in the in the process is sent. In politics they don't just handed things silver platter. Hillary Clinton made that miscalculation in 2008 and it cost her four years being Barack Obama's secretary of state. And Ghazi -- that. Matter I mean it was such a long time ago does it really matter. Hillary Clinton. Now expects that in the year twenty -- A time flies 2016 that she's going to be the next president. -- happen between now and 2060. Political news and talk -- lot a lot and capital locked in hecklers so just be aware of -- I Harken back to the Obama Clinton race and the primer Rush Limbaugh and operation chaos. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant to prolong the race as long as it could to try to drain the Democrat candidates which did and a working but it was an interesting side -- But he went back -- Abraham Lincoln folks. Lot of people don't know others. That that's -- job in being key to why I have no life -- -- team will Europe having wild -- Interactions with your fellow teens I was out. In my -- Apparent that that actually reading historical books and and and answers. One of the one of the works I'd I'd read was actually in -- and volume called the blue in the great. Value one. -- talked about the cap finesse convention in Chicago. It was actually unintended liberation thank you very much the cavernous convention in Chicago. Where Abraham Lincoln emerged as the winner and the Republican nominee ladies and gentlemen. That was not supposed to happen you know that right going into Chicago the fix was in. It was going to be William Seward or maybe a couple of by William Seward was definitely the front runner are among the I guess the -- of the day I guess we'll call William Seward was -- logical choice to be the next president of the United States but guess what happened. The community active and other community organizers. Basically. -- made so much noise to our claim Abraham Lincoln. That one reporter one witnesses describe -- -- sounding like every hog in Cincinnati. It's not like everyone of them had been slaughtered at the same time in the same room by the same butcher. That's -- much noise the Lincoln people made and guess what. Little known. Except for his Cooper Union speech and the fact that he was -- and ugly and the Lincoln Douglas debates. Abraham Lincoln and that being the president of the United States. So conventions are important and any politicians got to realize that. Things are not going to be Hannity where you're Donald Trump Abraham Lincoln Hillary Clinton that's a lesson in history and I I think Donald Trump. There's a good understanding -- that after our conversation yesterday because what he's been busy building buildings and giant and it -- I've been busy in my -- that reading geeky books. Hopefully I was able to share something with Donald Trump that he did not already know. But I hope that Donald Trump is not dissuaded from running by any primary the Republican establishment puts up against him even Carl Paladino. He had to face a primary opponent your your numbers right Rick Lazio's are especially called Rick Lazio because it. If he's in Tracy's gonna lose the release stunning shining moment where he walked across the stage the public television station near buffalo and shook his finger in Hillary's face. There's probably go to stupid is -- Hillary about whether she'd been a benefit of its foster's. And it so it just. Well they were it was the political equivalent of that is really wants. You know what I would out of -- Hillary their questions America's might my values exchange report right accurate to me that was their private lives. I don't honestly deal. -- to our regret bringing up Vince Foster well -- shoot and it probably more circumspect fashion. But computers it's not a show about me and that was that was a long time ago it was a really matter. No it doesn't really matter -- long time ago nobody. It's 345 what would you say the Donald Trump if you're at it you got two minutes with him in his years. You wouldn't be intimidated right. You really wouldn't speaker I correct you can't educate the people activity here if you're -- Are here your washer woman here -- who is our beautiful and talented and very intelligent janitorial queen around here. I don't care what you do for a living he can't be intimidated by people. You gotta just understand that we all go through -- struggles BS to nonsense every day some people just they're people through it cleans them and we don't. But. It all three on 930 what would you like to say that Donald Trump what I would like to -- L player while I accept most of yesterday actually. -- already had my chance to talk Oprah explained the importance of not giving up even if there is a primary because. Any primary opponent is going to be basically. Like that upon that. And then you move on to defeat -- which ought to be -- pot. And partners that have. You get a pilot a cool whip. No I don't know gonna have cool whip you -- park. Sir -- Griffin Brian Griffin joked I can tell Jones still sick I think we have the same thing going out -- sinuses and it. Joseph we never should accuse the other 347 at WBE and the economic -- -- Mormon is a link on WB Ian thanks for being with lots more coming up on save of the voices say you know it is the start stripping down into there -- I'm pretty much root for a few days but -- the weekends -- who yours. What you stated Donald -- in -- you going tonight. -- going to be in the parking lot. Hopefully -- different Rus Thompson and I'm honored to be is trying to -- -- to have you keep tabs on what's happening. I keep us up to date and that -- the Prudhoe hopefully is gonna also checked in at some point and a bunch of other folks as well but more importantly what would you like say the Donald -- 803 -- I'm thirty WB. Well I of the progression of DJ minor acute -- a real feeling workers he -- -- You know when life counseling homosexual -- Hairdresser -- -- to Gary it's probably to get a descent. He can say that. Cares you know it's at 353 WB and the and hourly with you OK guys. What in the world. We just felt Donald Trump are you going tonight now look 500 bucks for the Greek might sound like a lot of money that I got -- -- its April that's you know a couple of weeks take home pay. But. -- tell you that. Using people who show up accommodative. Beat Buffalo Bills seven times a year buffalo. Using people feel about 600 boxer 500 bucks to meet the Beach Boys backstage at. Variably. Sorry that. 500 dollars to meet Brian Wilson just -- ruled item by item is worth. Let's go to -- Ryan in Amherst on WB and they -- Ryan ironic is -- that the -- Joseph and I have the same cold at the same time. I'm always I'm always wonderful sir what would you like to tell Donald Trump when they tell you are going. Yes I'm going I have teacher at my high school I was able to secure some tickets for me and some of my -- in the Republican club. So I was at an -- how it put an honor to meet him and how I would vote for him I was. If he ran for governor I just think -- be taught and Cuomo. I think my dad grandparents would be better Governor Cuomo because they wouldn't do nearly as much damages he has to the morale of the state and my my dead grandparents would never tell third of the state to basically give bent so so there's that so you are the way are you going to be there in the crowd or you actually got to get -- -- -- I'm going to the dinner and I and so I'll be able good. Here at age. Well I well we actually. That's where we've we've both our minds ran the same channel on this week I thought it would be good at the form of human shields outdoors today from three goals that. But the problem is AA. Is sending that really -- -- doors overlooked by Thursday. So. In shelters by myself which is much is it might be nice place at all I. Don't in the girl. That would. But it's far is that. The event itself that would have been fun from which -- broadcast but. We have the equipment we that we learned something from the -- rally on the twentieth of February last year that went too many people under cellphones going on. Our our equipment gets knocked off line because our equipment that makes it sound so awesome. Also uses a lot of bandwidth and then whatever -- -- using their cell phones because it's going to be setting their pictures of the -- going into the place. You know it happens. Get knocked off the year in and David Olivia he really just to tag team with David so. That's a detective with them but not a -- yet you all at some early tonight anyway that Friday thank you were much. You don't thrilled I'm thirty that we thought about the idea that this is actually got a question -- -- that -- That with the golf coming in the town does it with good cameras. If you're going to be by Pryor take pictures of his jet landing. It'll be one shaped like a giant dollar sign. A giant now take pictures of the market on the wait let's have a blow by blow scene by scene. Photo album online at WB Ian dot -- of the Donald and his arrival in buffalo we're. Quite frankly we might make history like we've never made it since like you know what we might be well no I don't mean that in that wouldn't that mean in a good way. That we might be the spot where governor. Almost rain comes to end and they'll drop says you know what. These people like they really like me I can't be governor so this could be a pivotal event in the history of our area in our state tonight we've got pictures. Mr. trump landing. Getting out waving getting into the limo whatever going up Gypsy Streeter were earlier re gonna get there you be sure they were only because of the way but -- It's been two weeks it's like spotlight. 8030930s. On government of Gary's picture users to newsroom at WB -- about newsroom at WB -- that I'm. Because were able -- media operation yours America.

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