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1-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. And he would rate. Holes to look at the end. -- Well. Look. It up and no one ponds with an assault rifle. No. -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. Don't have no place in this State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what -- happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an advocate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I'm thirty. I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded yeah. Alrighty it is up hourly Donald Trump -- -- about ten minutes ago. The I don't if you're driving along an -- which runway. Which the his plane landed but if twenty dollar gold pieces were falling on the your car from the plane that was Donald -- -- news agency you know he burns solid gold replies I've. Are right it is 52 -- a news radio I'm thirty WB if you got a chance to talk to Donald Trump what would agree. What would be now I and other so well -- that guys. When I say send pictures of Donald Trump's visit to buffalo I don't mean pictures from other media sites somebody well intentioned sent me a picture. From another -- its oil output could -- -- market. And -- You complete idiot and I put up on my web page is pictured they'll throw line because it was from when it was another news organization's website you don't you don't do that you about the dividend. So -- your pictures or pictures of of Donald Trump and his arrival in buffalo in his motorcade presume of -- history. I don't think he's going to be making a stop at the Jersey transit in the naked women by in -- now is now for a -- -- email is like -- has been almost -- the -- in vehemently it's outdoors gardens. Already people are gathering there I'm not sure how many lets it rest Thompson's gonna update us on WB EM and help -- just I. I just said Betsy Ross Thompson updated and in here it is. Any pictures you've got now dropped in buffalo. Outside at the use them to newsroom at WB EN dot com. Here is that Rus Thompson has been leading the way year for a -- -- to come to buffalo along with that mister DiPietro. Mr. Caputo and many many others -- mr. -- you know in a bunch of people so a lot of what what's the latest where are you exactly right now routes. I am in that inside that now the doors elected if you look all I doubt that we arrived here at about what thirty. And -- probably 150 people there in the greeting committee. And world just in and out died in that somebody WQ about the they had a whole bunch of buttons made the problem. I get the ball -- -- likes six inches long and I'm Mike held in front of governor. But that all the people with signs and you're trying to hang around in outweighed the tropical climate -- he landed. A ball. About ten minutes ago landed at an airport. So he should be at -- I'm on the plane was delayed a million maybe normal when a blockages and I'm not quite sure. Believe it was unexpected turbulence caused by the hot air which is in spewing from the governor for quite some time. I if I we have the right over all but he still a problem. Yeah don't where we're just awaiting your arrival and now hopefully he'll be arriving any minute now and everybody can edit inside or. This person take up but they don't really think it's a good sized crowd I checked into a couple of pictures I think -- email to newsroom. One out of that work out for perhaps it's you know what it's better to work is that it really has when I'm on the when I'm on the here I I ignore my cellphone really. I mean as its best to send them to newsroom at WB and that -- believe me if I could ignore my cell phone for an extended period time I would have done the electorate across the room but. I can assure you that you would that there -- Al Ali yeah well I got three pictures we -- more -- -- get any shot that while I will. And -- court the night out we created some pictures now. Ali bill than we do an -- -- -- on -- of. Wait wait wait just just a minute -- just gonna see you you just says something that the -- -- could have been perceived as a threat when you said you're gonna try to get some shots at trump because our authorities say that the wrong in the wrong over the wrong place and you know Libya put -- away for awhile. Yeah I yeah I get to let you know there are no protesters here. I heard it was gonna be on the road that I didn't make any noise about it all but there are no protesters here and there are. Because if because the buffalo blocking. Progressives are basically a bunch of cowards they're all hot here and no fist. They're all sizzle and no state they're tough guys by the keyboard and it's about it. Yeah I'll agree with the there. I'll agree but I'll try to get -- I'll try to get more pictures and I'll I'll I'll try to get economic problems -- problem with Wallace gets going and you get up the -- -- it's just what -- -- you get a -- or organize your people were just one quick question I just put a poster up from John. On FaceBook page and it looked kind of sparse outside Selma to reserve has that picked up. -- -- -- -- Yeah actually that billions of people spread out there like in a single why you're going yeah. So it out of what why is that many people but it about a 150 people out here here's an eagle while on all sides of the world go all the way down. I've read some books about Leni Riefenstahl who is a propagandist and fortunately she's a propagandist for evil you gotta make sure that that line of people. Is condensed into a crowd okay. And everybody's spread out you -- basically say like each other get to know each other very very warmly affectionately is gonna is gonna appear is a big crowd for TV. Yeah let's let's warm up everybody get quotes I agree with -- That's right that's that's where we say it. My favorite to you know in Jamaica but it's a mystery thanks very much to talks -- -- Apartment Brenda Ross Thompson joining us on WB yeah yup folks -- if you're at this Salvatore is right now the Donald is going to be coming he should be either -- momentarily but. Take a page from media -- one all right. You don't wanna be spread out you get all get together in a big group because that is what they're gonna want now keep in mind. The media will screw it or -- rather the way they want to like for example they the pictures were taken from the Albany anti. The in New York -- -- rally vPro constitution rally in the 28 -- were last year. The photos that were run by the Associated Press were taken from the top of the building. Right at the end. The rally location. And I assure you the photographs looked very sparse because the photographs were taken at least hours before the rally actually even got underway. That was a conscious attempt by the media to basically make the anti so New York say people locally small minority when in fact. There were ten to 121000 people older. So. At least do your part don't make it easy for the mainstream left wing media to make you look like your extremist. And you have no value because you -- as all get together make it a big mob and you don't have to worry about the progressive bloggers because legacy of the urges the tough guys -- keyboard that. You know you're there walkway in the hallway your best round. It's 517 WB and. Here is an arraignment on WB Ian -- that I can hardly hear. I hardly wait to hear what you have to say about the Donald Trump coming to buffalo because. I've been eagerly awaiting your sponsor. Well have you I did not and I were one analyst Alberta. And it anyway. I have a tea. That's that's BS Arnold in the year. And here has got us. The ball below. Is. In a way. It's. What happens okay this could get our should be the big shark. Do you know are true the to the airport Cuomo. Just carry him here that got could be our our shot across the bow which. And their career. But I got a tea are together I have a I got a -- book message from my mis educated Erica well Fischer's. -- Are pro -- for executive whopper. And they did not mean and how well is. Area like the fifth. Fifty to sixty million Germans have the same idea about 1933 worked out well for Obama. Oh my goodness I got there are particularly vexing thing. Think people know what if Tibet or grab. Or all well -- say don't war. The first letter of V is that the first letter vasser is the and that's all you need to know. Where did you think it should enterprise it ought to be able -- Just answer her they were they were giving her support. That's insane. And I think I can you imagine now out just to the point out -- India and your your -- needs. You gotta you gotta teach how old how old is this Vassar graduate by the way. Okay -- -- right now that you graduated -- well good lord appointed -- She he would the inauguration -- upper Barack Obama -- Shall have the that you wore on it been so happy that he's an office nobody's gonna tell the job he's doing -- -- -- -- job. There it is -- Iowa right and I try to point these -- -- poor. Accurate targets -- -- like in all extra hour Stalin. What it had an. 1000020 million ukrainians died under Joseph Stalin because they were welcome in his country. Yes but not taking actually donated it does solve that problem he could -- course during they're trying to cannibalism. In order to get anything to eat. Joseph Stalin took charge of the situation -- middle are outlawed cannibalism. I I gotten up and anatomy I think walk along way from cannibalism but that let me just suggest that -- You're your needs you to certain certain -- you get educated meats that her support of executive orders as opposed to the tripartite not tripartite that this respects and awfully bad memories of history that. Instead of the idea that you have three separate distinct and co equal branches of government you can tell her for me. That she would have been very comfortable that with Hitler in power because that's exactly what Hitler did exactly what Stalin did exactly what -- tone did exactly what every dictator does. Or Bordeaux and guitars occurred relates to go water because well all this what a good quote. Look you might have heard exactly do you roll -- all -- into all of because. You know you want to bring -- school OK but you don't contribute beyond that -- right I mean. Solar power and other ill wife comes and that you would actually go on the state more -- -- dogs stay away. -- a -- on what dessert called operating margin but beat -- you know. It sure -- the Manchurian graduate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let out of those pick axes I -- I gotta go thanks very much is it. Tomorrow and it's a bad -- It is that twenty minutes after five years traffic right now the man who's never sort of picks a -- it is like an anger but. One of these days he's got -- ascend Mount Everest into traffic live from there can't wait that'll be fun to do just as a remote effort sheer uniqueness and originality here's Alan Harris. No I think frankly by the time those words left your mouth you probably -- the cold. And I don't wish that I -- my friend what's -- -- do around here. Right now 31 at news radio I'm thirty WB Ian joke ever master control. He's trooper he argument -- even really knew whether Andy was nice enough to give it to me before he left yesterday. Donald Trump only came on my shirt yesterday because because because -- -- was not here. That's a little alone and reports -- radio station he only called in leaders. Juncture which were. In the new overture. Oh the Sherman media umpires. Aren't here as a descent. In year out you know everything you break your analyst wrote via partly for that is very important and I've been reminded. And I've been reminded me very -- leeway about GO -- who basically held up as if he had an ax or a hatchet and a chopping block in his hand lever and chopping block in his hand and -- exactly 24 we're talking about that. Talking about Donald Trump and his appearance in buffalo if you have a chance what you like the -- belt for a now I believe. Donald Trump fan I'm not a man of anybody right goo goo gaga over but he. As I've told it like to beat Bob Dylan -- -- reviewers say -- you ignored the two -- -- three years thank you were done. Because. -- People are people he proposed a lot of money in private jet it -- principles that manner and that's where he can beat in Cuomo was unprincipled it matters to me. He never gonna by the perfect candidate folks who -- what we've got right now is down its year. -- you write about it and he was in my office a week ago and I watched him. -- -- goes great. I'm a big guns. -- -- -- Did you know. You know Donald Trump. This big Neil Young man and if your Melia and by extension you have to be in Buffalo Springfield man because that's where you cut jobs -- the American music scene be a big star. Very few people about -- Stephen Stills that the new young managed to even at a ripe age. It is 525 news -- -- at 930 WBE and you know there's a special area for pennies on TV shows that lip -- mr. -- All right it is five by 35 Donald Trump is in buffalo. Are you there it's outdoors outside waiting for I want to update from the parking lot it's all the tours. I need an update from the parking lot of doctors and again folks. Which you have to do because of the TV cameras most of the media are basically in lockstep with all. And with the appease the accuser. Lockstep with that Obama and they are basically they're progressives. I can't even dignify them calling liberals speakers in American history -- -- great American liberals who believe in equality who believed in America who believe in the right to believe the responsibilities who have adhered to the bill of rights in our. Giving temper the power we hold two people to poll offers. Many great American liberals have held those common core two dirty prison right now common core ideals. In their hearts. And those people. Who do not identify with. -- movement has basically become a Communist. Inspired progressive movement. You liberals are always welcome I'm sure. Muster on the distinction between progressives. -- -- really progressives. And Communist and liberals. For liberals and left their blood in their souls on the beaches of Normandy. Rather souls maybe -- mr. blood in the limbs. Let's go to the -- after what I should do because -- know we're gonna period Donald Trump live right when he -- Israeli ground Basra she's environment -- good. We've -- some people in archaeological parking lot and they -- listening to call it and China and I've loved your view the free calling yourself all -- nine threes early start nine threes -- If you part of its doctors tell you gardens. And that you beat somebody in your one you really close to be away in the back away from the whites and to -- two -- conversation yours so we -- -- long time -- let's go to there was -- tawdry it was reality. Terrorism Dan Buffalo's website and you were on the radio closer. Yes there. And I'll let you all a question eat lunch well. I. Split your own little -- -- And so little political machinery here are very. I mean the reality of it and they're important and it didn't work usually in which good well for deputy. -- what are you going now. He got all right via. Party machine that so powerful. And then basically control what. People are. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know I. Don't. Care -- and what the most unattractive personality. Inside track. And act and national and think about it and so at trump can do anything here. -- uncalled for -- I the yuppie. It out you know. So I don't know why I. It. You know I think. A lot but I mean you know basically I think there and -- well. Right now we're where we're in. Terrible. We're we're say the problem is says sir we we standard chasm in American history -- that is unlike anything since what we have seen in the since the 1850s just prior to the civil war were hasn't. In some respects were in a civil war most people just don't realize it yet because. You know the worst part about it is that we're leading away -- -- -- country. If you look at this if they're not eerie I don't know what it. Well see you were or where -- -- -- New York State is leading the way for the rest of the country. Don't you worry about that my -- Texas will welcome us with open arms. I don't know -- understand and if you saw the women in Texas you would be running here you're a single man. I lived in Houston and biodiesel. Well do I I do I guess I needn't make my case any further. All right I don't -- it -- home. You know -- -- -- I got a little later. Well it is now I get into this with people. That somehow if you leave New York State -- coward -- it means you don't wanna fight to me it means if -- when -- when I leave New York State it will be a simple pragmatic business decision at the end of the year how many more dollars do not -- is an illegal -- in the country so here she can go to college in state tuition rates -- illegal American from Pennsylvania New Jersey may not. How many more generations of Medicaid Rolls Royce recipients must week. Support with our dollars people who look frankly have better health care than you will have -- -- Iowa have in our lifetimes. -- how much more will be spent on projects in New York City were in jobs just for the sake you for make work. And that. We will take your calls at 8030930. At WBE NN. I'm glad you vented I'm unhappy vetted with me because it's better you -- today than I -- device preventing a blow my voice for the whole weekend. I'm -- thank you very much appreciate your call I've appreciated when you guys that because there's times when. United is -- -- two weeks ago. I -- I -- are yet to -- your pace you know you can't just. Sometimes you go in here or as a performer no matter what you do with -- actor weird radio guy with your singer you cannot just go out and just. You can't just leave it all out on the first couple songs you patients ultimate tribute concert and that's what I have been doing there's. The -- don't feel totally cool -- Just I've learned from bad from past experience that the sinus things Googlers that is quickly and if it does he complain Joseph beamer. Joseph beamer is personally respond if we get the same thing about seeds in just got tears coming out of his eyes and I know he's not crying. It's you're you're cured a throwback that bright active -- -- a -- like all day you know I'm crying you know I'm not on a crime that -- in the water mr. and so. -- -- Or maybe I give it to you. Mayor of media brought it back from the Dominican Republic. Brought everything else from there with the help it is I mean microbes mystery microbes and contagious. It is a 542 WB and I shall we well let's talk some people were after is it more at Salvatore is right now in the crowd. Here is Dave. Dave I'm WB is his day -- Tuesday he -- of the Bill Barrett. I'd just stay glued -- And -- -- -- avid outdoors very now are not that it great job organizing everything though do you -- -- motorcade moderate to assault great. And what what happened at the motorcade did the Donald get out. Armed at the -- you run up to the side door and he got out give us all night wave odds are good quick interview and anyone in the door but not much more than that. I'll figure out chanting run trump to run for remote great. And was there any visible reaction upon his very well chiseled countenance. Unharmed but that's. A wild and warmed up. Good good that's a that's a good sign at least he didn't flip you off. Yeah yeah it was good we had a lot of people broadside against flags on your -- where intends. I was great -- Well that's -- did you feel about your -- are you gonna stay there until he leaves to again say run trump run run drop around. I'm not going through and I don't think anybody else's there's about three people left now button. -- -- -- Well you know if you got your point across illustrates by the time he's leaving he'll be surrounded by cell -- to be surrounded by interview request and he's gonna become preoccupied so. It would've been nice had we gotten out of the limo and maybe shaking some hands and kissing babies. I always went through that lineup inadvertently but my natural instinct is always steered -- and babies in his hands and I are gonna watch over them use expression because there could be misconstrued. Robberies and in Denver Nate that well and rightfully so thank you very much and magical. Let's get another take from the crowd at Salvatore is on WBM here is. Joseph Joseph Europe -- -- I don't know how good you are estimating crowds but did you all get together in the giant -- as I suggested as -- to be strong now. They taught me I'm talking to you. Incidentally. We didn't know we were there where there are those between now sixty particular. All all -- it's intercepting at what your callers that ante here could be. It will start coming and gave a thumbs up smiled. And I think you please just but I but the recessionary director -- -- -- pretty sure -- Well I can easily get six or 7000 people to come -- -- to yell run Tom run -- get the hell out of New York but that's another real together. You know I happen to be here on the Canadian and we're just coming by and listen to your program which I listen to a time but the way. And so you know I would pick a -- a little prepared for what. It was -- -- expert you know and I think you you know I think -- do what he's got a personality. Well. Personality goes a long way. -- -- -- It is Samuel Jackson once in about Arnold the pagan green acres heavily personality goes forward I think that my getting my movies are so our minister Jeremiah total -- reference a -- but. Personality goes a long way but even more important personality is a reversal of course on the engine of state and we almost keep in mind that. If you cannot turn a thousand foot freighter. Or a -- actually -- after a round of a dime it takes time attitude to take your way -- takes time that. But it takes. Take step by step its moment by moment and you gotta yeah there's going to be starting point at some point. We need a governor we we need a governor who number one. Is inclusive genuinely inclusive not a progressive Communist who says he loves people but then once the people who don't totally disagree with him to leave his state that's number one or toll like I say that to people on my -- -- I'm not an elected official yeah if -- were an elected official probably wouldn't say there aren't. The other thing is. We -- governor who actually believes that -- safe and passing it in the dead of night. And without any debate was a true act of necessity which is an abortion in every sense of the world. I agree with you there I think I don't know what this governor covered from. He's got into the people. He's got a small little group of people lenders to -- whether they're right or wrong that's what the -- ears as he can about them. I'd I'd -- so both will arguing what I see here now what I listen I don't think he's into what the people at all. Donald Trump is that the personalities got to cruise line is that the money. Certainly well known and I think is -- give mr. Cuomo and the Rutgers -- I think he's gonna historian Cuomo if Donald Trump I run if Donald Trump runs it will be a landslide. Andrew Cuomo will not be heard from again in many years he will be like -- he he will be in his room crying. -- the next twenty years his work. Donald Trump runs I'm gonna get all the -- has to come and vote. For Donald -- here. Well why not we encourage Mexico -- to do -- for the Democrats -- we might as -- encourage Republicans to -- -- there -- Canadians or -- It was you got a great short friend listen to all the time and keep up the good work out you -- and the rest of the group you do a good job you Sandia and and the rest of the people on -- show. I agree with you my show is outstanding thank you so. I am I think you mean I don't mean to brag or anything but that I did. Anything aircraft for the Donald trumpeter yesterday I literally had to minister prep for the interview and pulled out of arts. And that's the five minutes maybe tops but then again that's that's experience but he and you got to know what you do and he got to he got to know people's hot buttons you know you're subject and it was his music recovers I liked I enjoy the conversation that really. It wasn't one of you know all mr. trump let me give -- we just let me let me get behind your leg into -- a dog guys I thought it was a very meaningful thoughtful discussion. The one thing I wish you would have -- was. Instead of captaincy which -- a Grand Island bridge. I wish you would say you know what you promised the New York State thruway tolls would go way we're gonna take away from administration. Well visiting we got the event that we that we got a governor 548 at W via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got a -- here. Let's go to. It looked at anybody got a in the perfect card be my guest major wrong. Let's go to the latest in traffic here is mr. Allen Harris who actually could claim the perfect cards are probably -- data off on the wrong foot -- how's traffic doing. If -- minutes outdoors you wanted to tell us how things went well I've. He has touched down just just under an hour ago in buffalo real down. And as far as via. Ride from the airport itself -- quick -- will Revere. He could've done it it doubts that that would that would. That would just seen. Intimate anyway he's president and dutchman has been done before but as far as the yeah. The crowd there outside run trump run. Don't think that that doesn't haven't factors it does sometimes. Even more so than me in the rich and famous and well -- in the big dollars sometimes just knowing that the people are with you people who changed -- people who. Wait tables the people who drive the -- people who clean the schools are people who teach children people who drive the buses that people who washed dishes to people who work at the gas stations are saying run trial run. Second and help a lot more than -- some guys caricature 50000 dollar check for campaign. Because you've got to feel it from the general public you can just feel it from the leaders where you're doomed as a politician. Are let's say get back to the calls on the WB and it is 550. Four and here is that Lynne and I don't know from where -- is calling live are you at Salvador's. I led a lap. We'll talk about it when did you get their what was it like put us in the picture and things that my -- The crowd -- blunder that the that you might not want to see where people you see the quake at a car. And I think that really impressed with the app yet. V remote overnight -- -- he drove through the crowd with the wing Derek. He was waving -- everybody. And yet I I can't let the evil beautiful grand and yet you -- I was very impact. And then you know be upheld or me. That he out of the car on. Moment of glory when then and he you know look at the crowd you wave. -- he -- a couple our chairman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Corporate nice I wanna ask you why do you support Donald truck because I mean there's there's a lot of things you know -- the years I'll drop. Really gonna plan to a lot of people -- he's got the most famous people do so why do you want them. I'm probably -- unit said again and again called we have to go. And -- access to our state. As it is a no win situation. -- -- I can count that I can't get the only. However I am of you and I wish you would view of -- is like a superhero for this stay. You know. And it would it would run and you know it -- I am now. Well you know as superheroes exist only in fantasy. But. All I really want out of the governor is somebody who's gonna give the state it direction. That makes sense in terms of being an American don't spend more than you take -- start rewarding people were busting their -- not penalizing the people buster -- And also there's a little thing called analyze it which was eight. BS act or rural and there's also and there's also something called our sense of common decency with and which Andrew Cuomo -- by. Telling conservatives to get a garage. So. Yeah and -- -- this past Alex and come out be on our London not to say. And I think that Donald does. You're going I can't I'm archaeology it further than concern of the with your workers we cannot. We can't that we can't do that says I'm American market it's not American was we do things in this country. 556 WB.

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