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1-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. That you. And a hole to a -- No. Law. Upload -- no one ponds with an assault rifle -- Then we'll have. -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an advocate. According brilliant move ten million marks each. The news -- 930. I like you. You have blows. I'd like loaded yeah. Thirty WPE. Probably not up early school postal facilities emails. Appreciate your concern and everything but I got to dial it down a -- with my voice yeah it's it's -- because otherwise. The second one in three weeks and it was absences. Over two hours. Blow up the boards in the on the good for awhile or am I better use than ever -- -- SP one or the other the thing as oppose it your view of things though -- -- gotta pace myself a little bit with the -- -- beamer in idea. You know it was it just you know it's just an innocent mentally yes there is a kiss on the cheek you know very Italian or I Don Imus and week. Still managed to impact -- Are we are talking a -- at Donald Trump coming to buffalo and he's going to be here tonight and buffalo Avery well ladies and gentlemen replace Donald Trump. Makes up his mind that. Yes it does. Yes he guys yes. Yes he guts. Of what it takes. To have what it takes to be the next governor of New York State I have to terrorism and folks in going to be brutally honest -- I'm not in some big Eric Klinger onto Donald Trump about them Donald Trump. In terms that voters now dropped by must be a secret prisons or violence but you'll like in front of music he's got a lot of money but he's a guy. For intelligent man with these guys. I am been critical of his position on gambling in the rest of New York State because of Atlantic City. But in terms of his but again folks -- -- just a half -- -- their car and my listeners and they went out -- related. -- He didn't mention the Tappan zee bridge. And one of the things that might have to go in the other people were assisting Donald Trump in his campaign I've got to -- keep in mind. It's like I said before about myself. I don't know the first thing about correcting anything. Especially building but I do know a little bit about politics -- work. What you gotta do what you say. And what people are craving in would be fourteen I get that. And what Donald Trump needs to do electoral and some local references. Four for example only one of the mistakes he made yesterday. The happens -- fifteen dollars well guess what for most of us we don't -- in Western New York what they -- him yours. Yours it is a different planet worsened last year -- -- Democrats Communists in office and were supposed to take. So that that's something that unlike the proto anybody who's assisting mr. trump with any potential campaign he showed us a Grand Island breeze. Ross Thompson he's been. He's Rus Thompson has been single handedly battling. The authority -- the holes on the Grand Island bridges for years because ross' who lives on the -- tell it all the Olympics files we -- listening for a we know -- reform we let the air routes. -- to all. Call my show now I know your voice nobody's gonna pull one over product we're trying to all the your -- and you know that even if -- in flight -- they elect. In in -- here before we could be eating dinner which recently enjoyed. With great dramatic gusto drop the -- drop the spoon and call us is we wanna get the latest on net drop in buffalo what you guys. Are trying to do tonight in what you -- are trying to do. So Rus Thompson we want to hear from you've been instrumental. As is -- to put an instrument ones are Carl Paladino -- it's funny the it's funny how things just got to go circle because. Now I'm thinking to myself. The people that are probably the people I love the most. The people with whom probably the biggest disagreements over the past five years -- -- -- ran for governor. I voted for the men but it ask him tough questions and always respected me for that and that is right considered girl opened not taking liberties David Bellamy. I thought he screwed up that race. Way back when -- where. It is time ago where is. -- raised the spoiler. Candidate registered -- there goes his political career. I'm like to Puerto -- Mike when he was at the Specter you be home all of -- actually it was thirty years ago. But it -- -- it's just funny that. One of the things we all realize folks is that. We could put each other through it litmus test and nobody's -- nobody's going to be perfect at all nobody's going to be perfect my litmus test is real simple. My litmus test is are you an American and do you believe our constitution and do you believe that government. Derives it power from the consent and the widow of the government we the people. That is my litmus test and it was the hand Stan. It was abominable beat Tom -- cartoon local -- today. Basically showing congress. You know these evil elephant Republicans in such a state of disarray that we needed pictures. We need executive orders like Barack Obama I've seen this movie before it was called Hitler's Germany. I hate to keep folks in what was it if you. Tyrants were starting out where teachers is a tyrant. Of a dictator we start doing things for the good of the people. They start out saying well at the end the treatment and they'll say that that we have great. -- but again our -- about this folks. If you're gonna start to hear about the post constitutional republic as -- the way the country's going to be. And you gotta drop the Uga Uga -- for your right there constitution is right. And -- -- network Tom polls but he also likes it in the liberal newspaper -- mentioned Ronald -- -- on the do I wanna do and screw you congress. Got the paperwork and calling for his resignation. He's accused termination his extermination for its right. It's Barack Obama's order for either great one he is a lot of gas because -- -- in Asia wide at the white part -- the greedy bastard. He wants all power to himself the it doesn't work that way -- America maybe in Kenya. Maybe in Jamaica. I don't know Jamaica that well. I compared quite fond of Jamaican. But it may work in a dictatorship but that working inspects. You know get you know get -- dictator in the united -- king. George Washington. Our founding father of great note because he throws is not he throws his his his his. -- -- he approaches his company's. Legitimate term -- valley -- with his men. That was in America they offered him a teacher amber said no it would shake hands with people he would bow. Bit of a royalty thing but actually from time great project because the common cold could have -- -- died. Let's go to Ross Thompson on WB and it never shake hands with -- -- because I don't know reminded them -- I'm glad you have been joined us and everybody's asking the question. Is asking me one question hey what is Rus Thompson -- with Donald Trump tonight and how can I take part. In fact I had people pulling -- -- red lights -- like cliff Matthews to all the time and divorcing the top -- Ross Thompson doing. I like the -- I liked the fondly recall that Smith and -- -- where he used to say things like if I used to laugh out of it. It'll let you know I look back at the Grand Island -- only my god he's back gulf. Now I got he's actually work well with chuck Berry's songs that translates -- well less welcome George Washington belly for dirt you. But -- what woody and there as far as I know what. What is the event for those people who don't have a hundred of the 500 but because wanna be there to show their support should -- line apple Genesee street which side should they -- hole they just go to Salvatore is Irish a lot of pictures along the way everything. Okay what was yours I'm on my way out there right now -- -- -- Arturo I'm around 5 o'clock. So we're gonna -- basically -- epic at the that side entrance are the Genesee street got drunk but can you comment on Genesee street. And then he can go -- -- unexpected -- -- and then go right and you know in an action. -- sports so we wanna conglomerate right right around any entrance way. And when we disagree and say hi we got signs. N dot -- well I heard the port on the Holden that it had in a lot of Libyan leader trot out this idea everybody. We could have our -- one on one -- but a box that. -- very that would be a brilliant political move by Donald Trump in other words his chance to say thank you so much for coming. It's people like you. And my hope for this state and to keep people like you in this state that's why even considering a run for governor you know that I have to talk to the people inside as well but I just wanted to give you a few minutes of my time shake a few hands sign autographs and they go inside the -- people really want to not expecting an extensive one on one. Slowly and I it would be great we'd get you don't hopefully this -- -- not it was over a hundred people on FaceBook that are VP. We also had. Email went belt from our our marquee New York -- we had a from our meet up groups COLT sent out an email. As -- people have been shared indeed the interests of is people. So -- open a couple of hundred people come up because really this as far as we're concerned this is our only chance. Europe and try to convince Donald crop that you don't you think we really want this got tired of downstate. Are on the way out there are now. Well you know I harbor certain other politician I ordered Wednesday Hillary's opener of you have to help the last name but seems to me it's gonna -- buffalo as a springboard him. And that the people of buffalo were the people who made one represent your sisters of -- -- I don't remember in my brain and a blunder. Yeah well -- congratulations are mine has been that way for several years us. But I -- -- be great and look at -- if -- can put -- talked about -- coming -- with me at this point for thirty minutes he can apparently talking and getting a -- talking to some real folks. And I think that the great and grand gesture by Donald Trump be politically wise of him to do that. And that one of the things that he's got a one of the things he's got to be very wary. -- and you know how this political game is played. Politics is blood sport. Donald Trump is Smart he is he's a babe in the woods in the in the world politics I'm sorry but he's not used to be on the power and he's used to being on the greasing politics and I'm not markets -- the Waco. And he's got to look out for somebody of that crowd. All of the signs. Right in front and saying kill all bags or I hate women. Or you know aids is -- Kurds curse on America he's got to look out for anybody in black face who's gonna try to embarrass him. In other words he's got to make sure because our agent provocateur is in these crowds who will do anything to get a picture with Donald -- making Donald -- what parent like you did with Carol LB NL -- sleaze -- -- who got into the parish with -- with black race. Oh yeah we've you know and we have any kind of a Tea Party event where people make their own signs that stuff. We -- the area looking for things like that and there have been a couple of times we found some -- Infiltrators. You know and we can we do we get rid of the -- we get rid of the side. Well we don't tolerate. An idiot what idiot and a decent and I have to tell your house that is alive again. I've been really preaching this doctrine now for a few weeks that conservative organs and conservatives are in fact. We are the party we are the people of love understanding tolerance and respect the left is the party of true. Absolute hatred and in -- do we not coexisting and non inclusiveness. And in their hypocrisy. Well not only -- Cuomo prove it against you know -- I'm progressive at all conservatives can leave but US yet another day or that now now Ross I. My gay friends have told me for years as conservatives are right in there even considered gay because they're conservative. It's like being black and being conservative -- forget about you you can't really be black and conservative you know so we got to be aware of the infiltrators or try to McDonnell for more prayer oh -- I take a break. For traffic well what are you not gone well yeah you'd probably have to don't you. The idea of them a moment there I could call -- little wobbly on all. Actually you know what what did you theological we want minute by minute updates from you -- you're going to be -- like our eyes on trumped and Erica. Little op and -- that record and the radio says hi my house is right on the way back to the airport who has I. He could be a let me right now because he could be on the ground. Well he could be but I mean you step by him. I'm Laura and I -- -- thank you Russ -- -- -- -- folks if you're going out to see Donald Trump. I think that this could be a little pivotal political as ever in Western New York let's go to traffic right now and here is -- heresy pivotal traffic report. Where you're right about it yet he was in my office. It was I want everybody to go. Great. I think he would go ahead. -- you write about did get used to my office. Two weeks ago I watched him at Carnegie all of these great. I'm a big -- -- young fans was. Now that's one way to try to get Donald Trump call and again today I don't mind a person any button I have to understand. It is 434 Israeli in my thirty WBM's -- I wish I could give Salvatore is -- gardens tonight to attitude welcome Donald Trump but. Now let's face it when it comes the hair. I mean it's. At the two of us together with -- which is it would be a distraction for women ever -- All right let's say gets the calls are you going to. Be there to support Donald for. Yes and here is they've -- -- on WB yen and I get the distinct feeling that he's not a big golf program. -- -- -- All right Tom and buffalo earlier on WB and hello. Yet I don't -- Donald Trump a question what I think what I'd like to ask him this is that. Andrew Cuomo has. Pledged a billion dollars to buffalo. Now I'm not I'm not a real big into quibble fan. But the thing is that does this money in these projects. Some of which have been announced some of whom have -- Are. I think are a lot of them are necessary in this area now how would mr. trump handled this. Is he going to fund some of them. Well he just. I think that -- -- here here's the answer the -- the under horrible pledging a billion dollars to buffalo Western -- that was a giant asterisk over it when you read the fine print it was like. This car just 99 dollars a month but in the fine print was. You'll pay 20000 cash -- advance plus two by four guitars in the -- to be over but it did to restore Astros over the billion dollars to buffalo made any account plus. If Andrew Cuomo giving money to ball well we get any more than it would be Donald Trump giving buffalo that's your money. If your money. It's your money or money. Right Andrew Cuomo's. Because because. Migrate personal -- that's no. Need a billion dollars to help us any. No one needs an assault. Tactics to help states. No one -- with an assault rifle no one. Well that all of us together perfectly and I believe Robert Redford ended A River Runs Through It in much the same way. The group Cuomo -- the billion what is that was like card you all the best red. Fine -- came at the end. Andrew Cuomo let's put it this way. If money is where your heart is that always going to be let down because you gotta have some principles in life. Andrew Cuomo's principals have come out loud and clear as by the way I -- The so called compassionate caring tolerant left. -- -- progressives and their hatred has just shined through over the past. Four years in especially over the past years there utter contempt. For anybody on the right. These people with these super ruse with the coexist bumper stickers on the back all talk no action you know what you know what it is. It's their own guilt at being non co existing it forces them to put the bumper sticker on it it's more I think you should be a reminder to them. Morse code then to the rest of it because I started saying this to -- -- -- earlier and I mean this. Because this has been. That this is being -- this is this then. So. -- -- important to anybody who understands history and you know of the quote given to quotes -- one of them from the governor -- from the president earlier this week. The quote about conservatives in new Thursday which -- was two weeks ago that in Albany radio -- When you listen to the hatred in this man's horse. For a large number of his fellow citizens. You understand what I've been saying for the past how many years. That liberals. And liberals and markets -- liberals are proud Americans. I mean nets are that we can disagree -- a lot of stuff. -- -- liberals an awful lot over the years but you know what an honest disagreement is not saying well we have to fundamentally change America. -- honest disagreements. You know fundamentally say you know what would be. Three. Distinct co equal branches of government it must be five. Iraq who makes the decisions whenever and wherever I can override congress see that's not America that is. That's. It's dictatorial -- the end -- antithesis to being in America. So -- the progressives. These people who. Get off on talking about Mitt Romney and binders of women as if it -- in the thing. Negative toward women is just astonishing especially when the man in the White House Barack Obama. Has historically paid -- how many years and was presidency -- if your woman in the Obama administration you'll get paid squat compared to men -- -- jobs. These people are all these people you meet an -- neighbors now know I mean it. Progressives are all talk -- little action -- mean what they say it reminds me of hearing about the old days of the Soviet Union. Or Orwell nailed. That everybody's created equal but some are more equal than others seat while ordinary Russian was marketing unit. 800 square foot apartment that was good living in Russia in coworker your car it was good that it is -- -- department. The leaders in the egalitarian state they are driving around and a lot of limos and their jets and have their -- does or does. Please get confused pronouncement that they had -- Villar stereo thank you much much more tractors the other -- In in the sunny part of Russia. So it it's crap -- it it's anybody's tells you it's like Obama or anybody in the progressives say we need. Two and and we we need to do some of the income disparity. In America. They try that authority guess what it sounds nice in theory but it doesn't work because the people in power. When they're progressives Communists are still. -- have the money and you are going to be. Lectured over and over -- you restaurant more which you have so that others may benefit namely -- and missed. -- Let's it's called let's get some calls -- 8030930s. Phone number conservative voice trying to preserve it for hours ahead. Start at thirty in the cellphone 10616. WB Ian let's find out what's happening in traffic right now. But there's really nothing -- But if you have anything going it's you know 3032130321. On talk about major traffic made him an apartment occasional. Vehicle repairs -- the issues. Now let's go to the calls on the WB -- up Barbara quickly before we do. You know what it meant and it is is a god so well Andrew Cuomo promised to billion dollars asterisk to buffalo -- Andrew Cuomo also said something that was. -- some disgusting despicable and for which he should be. He shouldn't even have to be running for office again he should have been -- set he should have been thrown out of office and -- Easter he should have been forced to resign because I know one thing. And even a Republican governor. He would be out in tears he would've stood before a microphone -- is all Republican men do would have broken down in tears and -- what a horrible thing seven. He really has to go to sensitivity training and he really. He he he clearly messed up but now it's Andrew Cuomo listen to that licences yet. Are they these extreme conservatives. We walked right somebody. Out -- assault weapon. In tight GA he is not who they are. Because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Well -- hopefully you soon we'll have no place in New York State as a power. -- player in this state and hopefully you will be in private practice somewhere and of course who can forget the illustrious president of the United States earlier this week basically taking. Over 200 years American history in American constitutional law and saying it doesn't matter for I Barack and here to change things and make it better. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Through their own words. They Shelby expo news. Should it O'Connor once said -- an approved through twice in less than a month. Andrew Cuomo doesn't just disagree with conservatives. He wants and a lot of his like he -- out of the state. That is abominable. Barack Obama with the constitution he -- NC document that is sacred it was written by brains for a suitor -- -- Now he sees inequality. He sees injustice. And he seized it by golly can't just be a dictator and he wants to change. And the Buffalo News in its editorial cartoon to -- -- Tom tolls endorsement. Buffalo News endorses presidential dictatorship. Make no bones about it that's what it because congress of course is in such a state of disarray. Because the Republicans and Democrats don't go -- stated this are well guess what that's the way the system was supposed to be eight. You're supposed to have this a re. That's you know that's what every robber stance. Now at some point the people of the Buffalo News I've got to. I don't know when exactly are gonna get it probably not that there. Idea -- never subscribed to the papers we maybe when I first moved back to buffalo but there if you subscribe. Just just save your money incentive teacher because you'd be much better off here is. Mark in west Seneca on WB and mark. I hope that everything is going well with the user and a talked about what's happening tonight or are you going to see mr. trump and -- do you think he's gonna win do these. A -- but I do not think he's going true because these to have more money than you and are able ever human error. -- estimates it's the money's not his motivations are. Our -- and hope you're helping got a strong with the Abu. Speeches seething and daughters. Trouble about it and it wrong or governor is the only one that can really wind it down state old. Because that's where he's from and these cattle. Connections -- that our state. Well and also let's face it and the rest of New York State except for the ignorance -- city of buffalo. And Niagara Falls and all the other places were if you -- do you have your name you're gonna get my vote. I mean you know that the rest of the country voted Ronald Reagan in 1984 away and slider county voted for Walter Mondale. Oh my god are you serious there was Mike Dukakis that the effort but anyway. A lot of mr. Lot a lot of short of it is not only will -- do well in New York City he's gonna suck votes away from Cuomo there. But he also is gonna do extraordinarily well in upstate new York and he is the only person who can -- in well nobody feels good. I would agree I started downer. -- boy scout and she. Work with -- turned on the anti bullying legislation. And Donald Trump recognized lights -- for that as well is your return your legislator and it and the state legislators well. And double. Is going to have. Picture taken with what side you're forced out uniform. -- debt is outstanding I'm trying to convince Mike to Pluto. To allow one of my dear friends Desmond brown. To have his picture taken with the Donald because there's something not to play racial politics but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for Donald have his picture taken with a fantastic black man as a friend of dissent. And that's robs him to play the race care from my body made when he -- -- -- plated humvee we'd have words but I can play for him and it's a periodic. -- and I love you thanks for the call it legislation Tucson and you know what especially -- -- looking up for bullies in life because one of the things went to realize that somebody's a bully. They've become so easy to pick out in public life like a governor telling a third of citizens to get the Illinois State. But -- right here right and making turn that a great with the legislation work and what I saw him. And other Erie county Republican Party is doing a great job getting my son to. To meet Donald Trump say to say. Well I much but my friend Desmond could also help the Erie county Republicans but not ways I'd like to talk about Amir thank you very much and magical. All right it is not so I think after -- after listening Desmond brown you'll you'll know him he'll be dressed in temp test the close and a Fedora. He's a friend of mine take good care right for 47 WDN. What. I hope we at least have some fresh over Kazaa account numbers to minute pitches to snow -- this week. That's well -- means two things -- frankly in my world and manages to get through this week at all sorry -- mailman -- letter carrier. I think your body might be in the -- somewhere in Albania in the spring time. It is 31 agrees news radio 930 WB and any big traffic issues you'll be sure to call -- -- Herbert from a black boys because Desmond can be listening and I just want to know that because agency all that I must be kind of black or down -- the struggle. So what anyway you all can call traffic hotline at 8030321. I'm sorry but this much is that I do enjoy calling white people especially white liberals on the hypocrisy. I do I enjoy it I I'd I have to admit I'm I'm a conservative area that I just I it's like right. When a liberal sportscasters. Will say he's such an articulate man. Where it which -- saying is he's -- negro and he can speak fluently -- -- -- -- I would be so demean everything if I were a black man and somebody ever said but mr. -- you're so articulate. I would say. And did you expect me to be what this at your election. Idiot appealing something and that scratching my butt on the man surges like you -- an educated one. Out firing back at liberal hypocrites -- left. Except I'd be even worse is a black man because they have that you know. And have more of an edge and it looked much better for -- and looked like Desmond brown does and the -- different. Dimension that. He's a friend because he's black belt like black people like people were friends who are black or Asian brigade or whatever. Here's when liberals say I'd love black people that's about as stupid as an -- I hate black people. I mean -- -- at this at this not a hateful things that or on the being a try to show you true love and true true understanding of humanity. Total love for people you don't know is as bad as total hate for people you don't now. They'll be in my book and take -- -- their job I don't know what the hell I'm talking about by Tom Bauer we've come out soon. -- -- finished making -- brilliance let's get back to the calls here's a Jeremy in buffalo on WB and Germany are you're going to have mr. Trump's there's shindig tonight. The all time Broadcom and full disclosure. Law. I've got to say that I just learned -- under the new regulations. That I have no place New York spate. You -- -- been here for 67. Your house or not it's not a regulation it is a suggestion. And by the way originally I hate to keep bringing this up but that. All dictators including a certain guys with funny little mustache is from now I'm in almost used to like. Are there would be -- little German corporal or opt dictators will always offer suggestions at first as to who is welcome and who is not and you ought to be listening when the winds are blowing in that direction. Well apparently I've learned that. Maybe I am not welcome but. Above and beyond that year earlier caller -- it would mark that. He stated that you don't wanna do sure. The emperor Cuomo because so far the fact that he's promised no more need to -- slope. And it seemed to me that. There was -- Clinton team now that came into all of that promised to. 200000. Two million jobs -- or whatever -- -- number awards. 300 it was a two or 300000. Jobs yes yes. Okay and it did it just didn't seem to materialize. So I was. That was Bush's fault the guys there's bush. -- Hillary promised jobs and George Bush just found trouble in and just stood in the way and decided those -- for -- it on Tuesday. Well they had no they had no ability to know that the problem one loses. That is what they were coming and. Well you know you you have a point there sir you you you certainly. -- use and I were on the same page I can tell. I doubt. I'll -- Where I just get warmed up menu you're really get into the chronicles of -- always are talking about Hillary what -- phony fraud lines. Scandals well it is because she gets 200000. Mongolian comes to mind but we -- all -- Mongolian. -- -- me underline maybe insulting my ancestry about asking for really care. I ask you ask me if I give two flying things the I don't think. I don't think it's still yet -- you're probably are. Going -- yep that's my guess the Monday yeah. You probably understand. What every -- of advances. -- -- -- You have a the nice thing about the big parties and is now. I can't go there but you can use your imagination. Anyway all right all right I don't wanna make a big deal out of it sometimes those things for 56 -- WB -- we're gonna be back on WB and we're more and Donald -- by his -- should be arriving at any second now so if you see something coming through the clouds it's a small private -- it's going to be Donald Trump is mine is in for repairs right now. In my dreams on WB Ian.

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