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Donald Trump Speaks in WNY

Jan 31, 2014|

Trump address Erie Co. GOP fundraiser.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nick I want to thank you and -- all of the chairs for being here to that this has been an amazing evening we have had. Beautiful trip and I came -- I love that upstate you know it's very interesting about upstate. Somebody asked me how what how much you know about upstate New York well. I spent a lot of time here because when I was a little boy. I went to camp -- right next to Binghamton. And a loved me you know -- I -- rather it was. But I love them and I love the place and I love to be unity. And when you see what's happened to upstate how the politicians have really forgot about it. The ones that are running things -- just -- now they they don't forget about three months before election. And then the election's over and immediately everybody hits the road and that's the end that. Such tremendous potential. Such a beautiful place. And such a lack of respect when you look at what's going on in government current government such a lack. Of respect so I just wanna thank everybody for being here tonight is an amazing welcome. And when -- said the largest event that by foreign double the number of people that never had guys standing room only in the back. I'm so honored I will tell you I'm so -- I love this state. It's called the empire state but it's really not the empire state anymore. People were fleeing -- and number one state in the United States perfectly I corporate leaders. They're leaving as an -- your children know leaving your grandchildren leaving. And who can blame them they can't get jobs there are no jobs. And they wanna get a lot of money to two companies both of whom have no money and have a bad record and it's going to be another cylinder disaster oil for 800 jobs 800 jobs. And yet you lost billions of jobs and one point six million people have recently left. And interestingly -- a lot of things going in Florida building Doral which is now trump national morale. 800 acres right in the middle of Miami. It's only people are moving slower. And so many people from here. Have a don't want him to floor but that being forced to move through lack of jobs and through taxes taxes on the number one in the country. Number -- highest in the country. And nobody's doing anything about it they talk about it they talked recently about attacks. Decrease but it's not gonna happen until seventeen but that's dependent on people. That have to vote in the legislature. That we've been elected yet. And it's an amazing thing it was an amazing story today with the statement was made by Governor Cuomo. And that he thinks he's gonna have a surplus and at times actually took from New York Times to complete test which is pretty mutual and they took him to and I respect it. And they said you know this is gonna happen -- sixteen or seventeen which is years from now. And that's dependent on many many cuts and cuts are all coming out of upstate New York some from New York. What wolf from most of them from upstate New York so you look at that. And you say that's really tough that's really a shame. Oh by the way just as a little aside and coming up today. I said -- you'd think I should say this but -- you hear about the news. Chris Christie. And -- -- Well here's a rat to start off what. But he just turned out to be a serious threat because he just ran an out Chris Christie. And that's a big story I mean that is as Republicans it's a big story. And it's a shame that whole situation musician. But it's you know it's something that is. And that is going on and it's I just literally as -- walking up I heard this news just came over the wires so I thought as. Political people you'd probably want -- here. -- Fat and that New York is. Such a great place and the fact that we have people. That are so negative toward jobs. Toward rebuilding we have now 300. And 85. Billion dollars in debt. We have no chance of -- so you could say it's Detroit and it is because it's going to be which is the question of why. The real estate taxes are through the roof and you all know that and everybody knows that forget about other taxes real estate taxes and just disaster. In Staten Island and they have a -- where it's fifteen dollars a double fifteen dollars. To cross the bridge. The Tappan Zee Bridge which some -- few years and some of you have to use. But the Tappan Zee Bridge is going to be 25 dollar tell whoever heard of a 25 dollar at all. In China they've built bridges that don't charge tells they take all our jobs by the way -- so where are paying for that. And nobody does anything from any standpoint it's incredible. But they take all our jobs and they've built a magnificent bridges the best in the world and they say yeah I'm sorry you have to pay because the Americans that thing. And that's the way it goes and that's kind of thinking we have. But the Tappan zee bridge and I make -- let you know I know a lot about construction -- it. Years ago Minnesota started I was doing very well and I was in the construction business and what my father -- my office was in Brooklyn. And -- father taught me a lot about building in negotiating and different things and there was a rink and. York called -- ice skating and this rink turned out to be a total catastrophe it was eight years under construction eight years. And they couldn't get a bill they could and I go out there happy young daughter -- aren't we don't know. He's great he's correct. She said that -- to go ice skating race at Darlington punitive burial personally thank god because -- pass it. And you'd have three of 400. Men mostly men in those days and it's minute when you're blinded man sitting on the -- not doing anything. Sitting out actually -- -- -- cancer there's. After about lives except yours what it's America. You know it's eight years. -- -- think I'm Wilson. But this is a nice here. And I like my kids be able -- before they don't want to because the world. An hour ago and now fix it. And I'll get it done really fast outdoor for under two million dollars it spent 22 million dollars to. Get it done for under under two million hours at a cost more -- -- report. -- real wannabes in one glance you know. One that actually Donald Trump live itself to resign WB yeah. Right because I want to that your -- that went to the Wall Street Journal lancet Alice. I can't get this guy that we do this and they started writing editorials and finally -- And I built in three months of one point eight million dollars ironic today I mean not write it for years. And it's about success phone. It's the most successful rank anywhere in the world to me just a tremendous number of people every Saturday every Sunday every Friday. It's been incredible it really well managed and it's a beautiful place for the middle central part. Then Michael Bloomberg came to me recently and he said -- -- have a problem we have a golf course which is actually very big event actually. Sort of a large deal urgent Waldman. But we have a golf course in ferry point in the Bronx. But under construction for 27 years. And he said it's very embarrassing and you know it started many administrations ago. Any citizen can help us let us. And he's a great guy and a friend of mine it's somebody like a lot. And -- and let's let's take a look at it and I knew all about it Jack Nicklaus it's -- Jack Nicklaus it's a fantastic obviously the greatest player of all time but he also -- architect -- golf architect. And he had done it Jack Nicklaus signature course and I called them. He said Donald they just don't it'll never thought I'd never seen anything you know he's only done like 300 courses that this will never get done. Act anyway they went to an RFC. And I won the RV. And honestly I kicked ass. And it's finished done. -- So. -- water -- game news. When I saw this new outraged that they say it's gonna court's order of five billion but it's gonna end up costing fifteen billion destroyed the state. That happens to a techno across many times I have in dutchess counties you probably a lot of you know I have a great great plot. Fantastic club and in Westchester at a fantastic club I use that happens which a lot. And when I go over to New Jersey you know constantly amusing. And I know about construction. And they -- -- -- -- In my opinion it'll be ten million with no runs Sharon is saying four billion. You know what four billion means you know you have a thing called upon all to know where to second avenue subway. That was gonna cost like a big and I think it's up when he it's gonna destroy everything and underneath -- not even -- where it's going. That's what they call that tunnel and -- they just keep building -- years. And you drive that second avenue it's a disaster. And that's the money they have no idea what it you know like it. So -- you know. I can fix the existing captains agree to the penis. Lowered the tiles cut it tells. You could make it's I don't totally positive -- but of course everything is if you like. I have a fifty or what but I wanna stay in nicer now based on trying to keep it going okay. It's got a fifty -- so beat up that's what construction is you beef up and you make it. Many of the things I do have a certain lights man. And you fix that and you make good and they asked for fifty years and you can do it for very little money. So I suggested this but nobody. Took me up on it Donald Trump live at Salvador's on WB yeah. Going to the monument in terms of cost and I didn't even like the look -- you -- aren't they will be like in. Like a lot of the giant bridge is much more Watson that. Architecturally and the very static person and I did not like what I was seeing in terms of the plan in terms of the concept and certainly in terms of the cause. So this rich will be eight total and complete. Disaster and it could've been done so inexpensively. So when I look at what's going on in New York State when I look at all the people leave things. When I look at the fact that they wanted to take away your guns would just say act which faculty and -- back which is one of the. -- -- -- I mean just think of -- I have friends and and they are opposed to guns that sound and I don't even understand the concept of being -- We know one -- issue the bad guys are gonna keep it guys who you know. We know that so I'm sitting at buffalo on my house and some guy walks in with a gun. And I don't have one at least I want to give myself a fighting chance. I'm actually licensed to carry this. And you know to get licensed in New York it's a very big deal I'm license. And my son's. You know I loved golf my son's love shooting and they loved hunting. -- back a couple of people say oh I know Barack they all know Erica he's under ease up on -- but they're both members of the NRA -- phenomenal shots. Like scratch if -- -- golf all right say smacks them don't expect great. Shots. And there are. Big believers in what a lot of people -- stated -- -- and actually let it be amazed if you go to Manhattan. How many how people feel about that too you know people think it's not a big issue in Europe. The fact is you need protection you'd need -- -- -- -- -- from -- -- of -- of -- things that people think -- You know what I doesn't to a movie theater and he start blasting everybody and everybody's hitting defenseless. At least up to have a couple of shots this -- Okay. And it's it's amazing. Not tonight. Solved if Governor Cuomo is elected he's gonna take a way humans and the -- fact is just the beginning. And the sad fact is a disaster but I'm huge Second Amendment person. The sad fact is just a marriage. So. We have something. Called. The empires and the empire state it was just announced is now. Behind Florida but he can't be -- -- stated you keep going down down down. And I understand it because in building Doral and building in Palm Beach and all of the places I'm building on doing a lot of things in those things in that state. I see so many people coming from the but the empire state can't be the empire state if you are now for it just went from third to fourth and heading down fast by the -- Heading down fast really fast. And it's not gonna take long before other states surpass our great -- that we love so much. And I go all night talk I'm from new York and people say that's great but I hear you have problems that we do have problems and let's just get back for one cents. I have been watching a commercial for the last number of months. That is the worst and most boring commercial that receive. And it doesn't -- And it's on football games it's one thing it cost so much money if they have -- and the super long and it is football. Because I know what those it -- But I've heard that they spent over a hundred million dollars in his head and nobody got more bad accident on the kickbacks -- apartment this accident. I mean I'm not a stupid person you -- tax abatement if you people assess duplicate that tax cut back. I was criticizing set all have a very conservative person and I I think I am the person I have a lot of good values and a lot of things to -- party you know basic immune definition that -- party. These people that are really good people like you really want what's good for this country now are working great people and they can get. They just get here. MI right. The taxes are so high so I watches commercial that I want to find out what -- it -- I honestly I don't think anything anybody knows more about. Tax abatement and things technically commodore hotel into the grand Hyatt I get -- to -- I think children and especially for me. Okay that doesn't make me a bad person if they wanted to do it let him do it -- in all fairness I think it was a good thing that they -- I got a -- the grand Hyatt hotel. It's a great success and you know proud of that and all that stuff like that many. This was one that was sort of interest because remember. We are by far the highest taxed state in the nation. We are the most unfriendly business state in the entire nation with -- most unfriendly in the entire nation so -- the accident. Come to new York and you know -- can pay any tax McCain's. I think it now has two problems I happily. Let's say guy comes to New York it's like sheep being led to slaughter. He comes to new York and it doesn't pay tax and it builds up a good business and he's really happy and then after the ten year he gets just absolutely slaughtered. Because he got from -- taxed at the highest tax ever in the history of the country. OK so that's I have a real problem that but you know I have a -- probably something else what about all the people that are up here with businesses that are being killed. And al-Qaeda what's next -- what -- And somebody moves next to our. And they open up a plant that act of war and given it four. You outline -- up our apartment. Practical. But the problem. Spending hundreds of millions of the amazing. Thing. It's. Like it's that -- missing for. Think garage but opening with behind it balances. It's like total waste -- great. In buffalo can get a hundred million dollars and do something but real money not what you bring to companies that have a bad record. It's like you know people criticize -- that the camera problem but it offers the web site. The website one of the great contested musical and. The company that built the website. Got paid one point six. Billion. -- -- -- -- What point six billion dollars that just got fired a couple of weeks ago. One point six billion what you like to own a piece of that company I would. I give that company a lot of credit somebody said -- released -- -- noted geniuses they got more money than anybody. I have many web sites everything I -- epilepsy today its website right. It opens website what it costs like three dollars and I guarantee -- it matter that deal but now. Obama care. Obamacare is going to -- huge negative impact. When your business justice. People are losing people would come outside they're losing their businesses operate they're telling me outside one person that I had a plan that caught Cadillac plan was a great plan. And now I can't have any plan. I went from having a really good plan. And have my employees -- really good plan. And now it just on my employees can't give you any plan you have to go get yourself and the plan that he had as somebody that worked very hard for his money. Is know that it's expensive he can't keep his doctor. He couldn't keep his plan. But he can't have his doctor can't go to the same -- cities had for many years the whole thing is just catastrophic in what it's doing to businesses it's amazing. And you know I don't know it's up at about two weeks ago worst in 37 years -- report came out in 37 years now they talk about. Employment. Okay which is something that this area and upstate really because you know you. I had no idea. I looked and get a little research because it's something I look forward to doing that nick and for all the years because it's been such a great group of people. I have no idea that in terms of poverty. Buffalo is number three in the nation and you look and you say well that's -- terrible statistic. And that's why I say you know because there are many places like buffalo up here. And I say that if people got out and voted yes six million gun owners six million registered owners. If half of them voted the Republican would win in a landslide. I don't understand. Had just two admonished them. Because I told you about my son's in the NRA and everything else. But yes to -- monitors and that I'm gonna go well enough about I don't understand it. So I met one of the folks from scope and I met a couple of people that are very much involved they said you better get there -- Because you know. You know you know how the protection you know guns. And it's going to be a tough situation so -- Told nick and a whole group. I think. The Republicans. Can absolutely win. The gubernatorial election I think they can't. I feel strongly that you have to be. Unify. The the united. You can't have people going into way. Horrible. Contest with each other knocking the hell out of each other primary spending millions of dollars. And then somebody comes out wounded and limping and go to and where they say it's 21 but it probably three to one. -- -- -- You need strong leadership and you honestly don't have that strong leadership right you don't have that at the top problem. Unity. Leadership like I see on the local levels and some of these years and a matter of amazing people. And they win and they know how to you have to people that know the art of winning. There are very few people that know the art of winning believe me. Look people most people they don't win they don't know how to what I had a great victory it was a very good date for me. Taylor. Is just lightweight attorney general in New York named Eric Schneider. A total don't. Now -- Arnold on he's driving business out of New York. Not true. He's driving business Saturday. -- he's supposed to be suing for important things to happen at school trump university were actually help people. And it was good as a small thing I do to help people. And he comes to me they wanted to settle a case. Lawsuit against the school. Now sandy you know lots of different people and I wanted to mention souvenirs but you look at a guy like Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase every time we get to -- I don't believe and if you're right that's. So what happens is. They wanted to settle they want me to get -- -- like familiar -- me -- -- which by the -- will be a lot less than this and questioned but that's okay. And then it stand up at a news conference to look what I got from dawn well. This guy's a real act on the lightweight attorney general. So today maybe that's my good -- place buffalo. So. Today if I'm getting on the plane. I get a call mr. trump most of -- case the judge came down with the decision just exactly like we say. The judge was really -- professional. Direct injection at the right thing. Now they didn't want to sue me because they -- so they figure that's. -- -- you know on Madison. And that's why don't get him -- what America. You know all these guys that settle. They get sued all the time because the -- you know election JPMorgan Chase give me a check for billion dollars you know I don't do that. And I'm very honest person and I also have high standards so I just don't do it so I just got a call. That would be an ethic -- -- 98%. -- the key you know every case has a sound like some good some bad this one as one of the great sound -- of well. The students that took the course. Signed a report card in the course we caught the report card and 98%. Of the students that that the courts. Looked. Like. Thought it was wonderful -- all of these beautiful things and then their partner. To have 98%. Approval we showed this -- wrong. And should be anywhere because he wanted to get publicity off Trump's back. And we just one. The biggest part of the case and some very happy I'm real. Beating bad people. Hand. He wished he wished he never believed me and I've heard he wished he never brought this case but I loved -- I -- -- dealing with a different character but I love it. So I said to nick and some others. That this is a race that can be one look at the crowd -- tonight is the all time record by three times. I mean it's a fantastic crowd and great people. But I say. I said it yeah. And I said -- So many others bodily Carl Paladino is such a great guy he is. I call him that misunderstood man he wants what's good for the state I can tell you that. And David DiPietro is around here to -- pictures with me drive me crazy. Scrambling. David's mother and his wife it never stop with the pictures David you drove me crazy back there. It's -- -- -- that much -- for ten minutes capping his mother comes up is like everybody. But he's still a great guy. And they actually sets up because they came down nick and David and a whole group of like 4550 people leaders. And David said and it was sort of interest as it what do you think they want to run. -- it. Well. You have a hundred people they can lose. What you would win easily. To fix it. So I don't know he's saying that I don't know it's fact. It's -- real hard race. But when you have all of the bad sound bytes of taxes and crime and problems and all of the -- -- problems that we happen all of the fact that aren't as he's being sucked out of the -- and -- of people leaving and our children. Art are leaving for other places and our grandchildren. Are leaving as soon as they turn twenty years old in nineteen years -- I just happen to think that you know this -- can be turned. I believe. That if I ran -- if I want. We would become one of the great energy capitals. Of this -- Thank you. So so easy. Such comments that. You know it's interesting I've received many environmental awards that done rate. Golf courses in projects and all over night I received from Audubon. -- so many awards. And it's hard to imagine here you have New York it's sitting there are no jobs it's dying it's dying. And you haven't just sitting there and right next to it you have a line it's -- Pennsylvania and they got rigs all over the place. And this and all its environmentally not good that -- they have a right next -- At this sucking the oil out of New York in this document natural gas outage -- city. And you have so much but eventually you know that you know we got 385 billion in debt problem. What's gonna pay off that energy can edit she's one of the great great thing. And now Bobby Kennedy's got a hold on you know Bobby Kennedy -- that -- had a very well. Obama all I know every. I know went very well and everybody but I wanted to do the right thing and probably with this speech tonight and you'll come out tomorrow. Had two things number one -- get married because you know a lot of people don't like. So I hope is go for instance we thank you letter. At number two we'll come out in favor of fracking and going down and let's get some -- some money and job so let's. But what. You don't need. If you need leadership. You need unity you'd need victory you can win if you want to. It's not going to be easy. It's a state that's very very hard. Presidential candidates Republicans don't even -- campaign here. But you can win because there's so many things that are being done so badly. So with that I want to thank darn now I want to thank -- I want to thank everybody. This is really been an amazing evening and a great experience for me thank you thank -- Thank you very much. You know an -- Yeah.