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1-31 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the others coming to theaters on my Saturday agent as the movie show and why are we playing back. Well I'm I'm so excited because one of my favorite. TV events one of my favorite shows of the year happens this solemn. Think it's Sunday night I'm pretty sure it's Sunday night -- it's that that show where where they show all of the the trailers. Football -- this Super Bowl 630 Sunday night. There might be some football in there but I basically watch for that trailers and commercials of all the big summer movies -- -- -- Palin -- -- those -- -- -- the first the first -- at -- -- -- I guess. His football sport but the yellow -- football's the reason they're polar -- Bob Hope and it's two teams right to a James -- -- cool and no one one's gonna do better than the other and that our whole that's the gist of it well that's -- -- -- -- sports -- coursing through your -- well. Now all I I have a bad on the name hide that I won't be paying attention. But I sure will be looking forward to commercials and all of so much. The big I know a lot of people get very. Very excited about these commercials people are acting like this. Commercial with I bars and no dog poppy like it's the best movie since Schindler's List can I. It I guess it's cute I like I don't think I wasn't I think I got a very horse's nose yes they don't show the outtakes from this horse then steps on the -- and -- and our yards so. Had just on a commercial find whatever I know -- -- All right Danica Patrick. Two words array of cinema above review is on FaceBook he. Well at the movies go online -- on -- -- -- WB and dark contest are movie IQ that's coming up later meanwhile give us the box office news -- Well number one for the second week in a row right along the Kevin Hart ice cube movie another 21 million dollars is now at 76 million dollars and ten days. I'm just a 25 million dollar budget that is the kind -- every movie studio is crazy about. And number two lone survivor. Spent its second week at number two it did thirteen million it is an -- 94 million dollars still doing extraordinary business. At number three the nut job. It's in its second week at number three -- the top three movies didn't budge at all this week it's the same as last week. That did another twelve million dollars it is now forty million. The sequel. For this squirrel movie has been announced open Martin Luther King Day weekend 2016. So you can mark your calendars and. -- Tony Saunders is mark and that's the reason motivated stayed where what does he want to see well there you go. There you go it is nick approved -- Farsi -- deceive and our job he's living that life well yes. Just like hole exactly. The at number floor. And another nine million dollars an -- 348. Million. Disney has decided gee maybe people aren't seeing it often enough. So next weekend they're going to put out a sing along version in over 1000. Theaters so you're really go to the movie yes. And you'll be able to hear everybody singing songs along with that this is one of advantages that you do you have with that the digital format. As opposed to traditional 35 millimeter film to send out new versions like this -- it's not that hard or expensive to do. Number five Jack Ryan -- recruit did nine million it's now 31 million. It's it's kind of very very weak film here but overseas. It's doing just fine. 47 million so far in its first week and a half of that. Came from China. Turns out China loves them some Jack Ryan who I guess that again for our guests today and allowed that I guess they did -- that number is 66 years and six well the only know who big new -- last week -- even make the top five. I Frankenstein. Only did nine million dollars which is in varied tough. Considering I had a 65 million dollar budget. It did about half as well as other -- brain -- horror movies like Hansel and Gretel witch hunters. And I Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter so don't expect to see. Some of Frankenstein any times. About testing are mobile IQ. Thus Super Bowl I mean the big game a big game yes is the biggest TV event of the year but in 1968. NBC cut away from the game's conclusion. To show -- previously scheduled TV movie. What was the name of this movie was it may Bryan song. Beat Heidi -- or see plan nine from outer space. Arises they believe that's -- noted that some bitter battle through April 30 when he fourteen point five dollar certificate sent doors pizza pub and grill a Miller -- aren't transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules. Apply what Bob saw you saw the Dallas buyers club. Am trying to catch up on the big big -- Oscar flicks that I haven't seen yet and not checked out. The Dallas buyers' clubs stars Matthew McConaughey. Jared -- they both went through enormous. Physical transformations for this film McConaughey lost forty pounds -- -- lost thirty pounds and plays a transgender character on top of that when you lose -- you become trance -- well it happened that way for gently you know -- lost -- -- probably -- the I agents that could be the case I didn't do an in depth interview with -- -- Atlanta. This was a film about two Ron Woodruff truce -- about him he was attacked since electrician and rodeo rider. Who contracted. Aides in the early eighties due to his fondness. For drugs and three times. He learns he is only thirty days to live and -- Kind of becomes an immediate expert on. Drugs what drugs work -- drugs don't through drugs fighters to fight the drugs that aren't available. He starts looking into gathering them from other areas the country from other countries. He goes overseas. To get them he goes over -- he sets up a buyer's club in which people can. Pay dues to join the club. And if you're in the club will let you get free drugs so this way he's getting around actually selling the drugs and supposedly breaking. The laws here. Com I've got to say. The performances. By both McConaughey and -- I have no problem -- those I think they both do a great job. I was very disappointed in its crypto I was I was surprised. At how much of the film went to a kind of Erin Brockovich Patch Adams approach. In every single argument or confrontation he gets into. This rodeo guy has all the answers and all the right ones. And every doctor he runs into is just -- blustering buffoon who you know. Gets told figure to about a finger to -- yeah. By this guy I know a lot of people say well it's a true story -- This isn't a documentary. They did change a lot of the facts to make this movie and in affliction like this I mean and in a fictional account of the story. What is real matters less than what feels real and for me to whom much of the film. Just felt like TV movie where people were beaten her through their chance to making important speeches. I thought they both did good work I just wish they'd been with a better script. It will be back for more of the movie show is cinema Bob May seventy Jeff Davis. Okay testing -- movie IQ any memorable football game in 1968. NBC cut away from the game's conclusion the show a.'s schedule TV movie what was the name of this movie Heidi. Hole Heidi Heidi Heidi I had no idea ID now now we believe we have a lot of dues claiming to do at this -- aren't you or do I do I yeah. Who I is all you can disclaim icon holier than it's -- -- that you wouldn't. Oh did do that bad nicely and on. I I know a lot about movies I love movies I rely on my job knows nothing about sports and and this week because of the football game iPod hey big game the big day big -- I'll be one of the boy. I'll be our regular -- and it and good trivia question that's. I don't you know. Simpson and maybe a little residents say bought a net cinema Bob I sure would enjoy a drinking a can of beer with him even regular guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The the information. -- I looked down on line. I was incorrect and quite frankly. The idea of something on the Internet being false front absolutely shock you shouldn't get your sports info from naughty girl dot com we've told Kelly Laura yes -- no one was dressed up like Joseph the jet but then the other dress up like an Oakland -- with a big -- in the -- mullah naughty girl dot com has learned to make all those nice trailer not all of my. Which is a hobby of mine. Yes so are you either either the information and correct -- are. Hi I'm simply rounded and did not process hadn't anyway that was correct at all I apologize he answer -- -- it is high -- it was not a Super Bowl but it. -- football nor should get a little credit usually just kept it in the same sport and the movie was my duty. Why the World Cup Bob I know my high eighty movies. I've been through much better than I know my sports -- was the big movies hitting the big screen people will be going this week I doubt it all Labor Day. On Labor Day this is by Jason Reitman. Who this is his film. Related dive right yeah he's and saw that earns his son and he is a very very -- the director is first four films were thank you for smoking. Up in the air. -- no young adult he did for films in a row each getting. Just incredible. Reviews highly highly acclaimed movies and each one. -- quite successful with audiences. Each of his films has had. Somewhat ironic tone a darkly comic to hone. I'm I'm a big fan of his work. This film takes leave the area big departure for him. And it is not one that has been well received. This film was introduced at trial film festival. Last fall and response was soap horror. They decided well let's try putting out enough. Few theaters in late December just in case to get to the Oscar attention it got none and the reviews have been very very hard sell. -- dumping it. Super Bowl weekend. Imagine if you will. Bridges of Madison county and but instead of a photographer who damaged bridges. It's an escaped convict where. A knife wound in that in his abdomen while this is the essential situation here. Kate Winslet is a depressed single mom living with her thirteen year old -- -- who's. Trying to to cheer her up she never want to leave the house she's she's kind of Iraq they go wall to the store. And there is a man with a knife -- who says -- you gotta help me please take your car you got pneumonia. Turns out he has escaped convict. And he pretty much immediately hold them hostage. When I guess there home yeah yeah turned out guess people would knife wounds all moment time they never roaming hostage you would think. He's not that -- ago -- turns out he is he's dreamy on he tries you're up first or not you're talking I'm -- -- have time I heard -- -- -- on yeah I open the kitchen. And then he of course it sure does he after -- have been tight. He'd start Browning. Some ground beef. Top ups and onions. Add the splash coffee bondage cooking and make some really really dreamy Chile which he then. Carefully. Seductively feed store while she's tied and she of course reacts with him. Sure the Euro area -- he doesn't even know he's hiding out. Well and -- -- he goes out there and clean the -- My directly and archer -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my daughters -- -- her fixes the car in the driveway faith. To just and so on how to hit the baseball both the this is a problem for -- call one another for you what you would think at one point. Mary concern because the neighbor comes over the talk and what is he got to be found and some mind. Intranet neighbor little antsy bushel. Peaches. Ripe peaches. You've got to use these peaches right now -- gonna go bad please do something wonderful -- all of these problems with a good group. The movie actually -- for over ten minutes. While he makes. Peach pie. From scratch. He didn't need in the boom and you didn't put any job -- and then any he factory each shops -- the awful the the peaches he says store -- -- got it yet get your hands in there in motion together and he takes her hand. And the start most of -- -- like that the the pottery wheel scene in -- all of cars that. So that's nice but here is what makes it all the more perfect bees are great pride. The thirteen year old son is there also you know so you've got him doing all sorts. Seductive erotic things with pie filling with her and the suns. Need no longer it goes and is. One the pie goes in the oven and you have shots of the -- he not been available boiler. Well she is she goes into the bedroom with him she's bubbling over through and the thirteen year old son is in the adjoining bedroom. Trying not to listen to them it would have been easier laurels and you would think I -- Five man has done it is very bizarre it is told through. The eyes of the thirteen year old boy as an adult he's remembering this special Labor Day weekend -- better if he wasn't gonna go he became one -- like what's all. All odd that. Is that even though this is all supposedly -- memory. You all sorts of scenes that he wasn't privy to at all so -- -- telling us it makes no sense the movie has great dialogue. Like -- This this is I've read this line and distributes a great bad harlequin romance from Labor Day this is Labor Day at one point. Josh Rowland looks -- Kate Winslet says. Sometimes the best to lose attached to your own body. Yes yes this is great Andre really dog I ever played sports with Tony well yes. Them lol. No this no moral. -- is it. Even a convicted killer man about the house. Is better than no man about the house. I'm just about every -- to keep that in mind that's Rex -- all. All I've read it and then go positive and here I'll never bring home a man with a knife -- again. Wow wow wow. You can pay for yesterday's news in print organ today's news -- just use WB ENN dot com there as demolish Osama. Obstacles army said the beach. And policy big movies hitting imagery in the first one is Labor Day Bob says it is awful. Maybe we'll have better luck -- that that awkward moment. Well this is nowhere near as as as good as Labor Day yeah. This is much worse on the this ours does -- up front from High School Musical. And all -- -- years is two bodies it's three guys our our featured characters in this movie you've got Michael B Jordan. Who got wonderful reviews from last year called fruit rail station and miles teller who also. It was very well reviewed in the spectacular now. These guys play 320 something idiots who Juan. Like to. Just go out with girls. But not actually -- knock -- in -- for them that awkward moment is where the girl says so who where's this going are we dating. Their motto is hook up. But don't -- This would read this is like saying what if you -- the TV series friends aren't. Was made by the makers of the hangover. And all three guys were Joey true beyond I'll -- kind of what you are here. -- are rated sex comedy with lots of dirty language. And a lot of -- but it's the kind of them priest sex where everybody keeps their clothes on at all times. On. It once to follow a lot of the the patterns and that of -- female romantic comedy. But from the guy's point of view but what they end up doing many times is just taking female rom com slash days. And slapping a male thing like there's one sequence in which the guys all. Sit around and talk about women while eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. And washing it down with whiskey -- managers which is just as -- or goofy it's just a silly thing a lot of Viagra jokes. For these. Oh yeah. Hilarious scene where. A guy and spend some time with himself. Then. Looking for something to may. The experience go more smoothly and assistant gets ahold of some self tanning lotion. And the hilarious things that happen because of that. There's a scene where -- Mac -- for on. Is invited to a black tie affair. Which he confuses for costume party and he shows up not in the talks. By innate goofy costume that has a large rubber appendix hanging off the -- -- It's just man sold. Baton home there's -- and here's the sort of dilemma the pilgrims. An exact mistakes this girl. One girl for a hooker. They still end up getting to gather she still thinks he's kind of swell. They they sleep together but Danner dad dies. And she asks him to come to that you are all. And he's pondering. Gee I don't pictured is that it will be like eating. And he's the hero. -- -- and forests and the big dumb fact not goods -- sub par or zero for true have labored in the dark -- moment -- The great beauty. This is very very well reviewed movie not for everyone this is an Italian film it's up for best foreign film. It. Is about and an author who wrote a very very good novel when he was young. And just has not been able to follow up that early success he's at the point where he's pretty much just writing. Journalistic pieces and he's living very much a eighty jets sacked. Occurred -- and type lifestyle of cocktail parties and parties and buy certain stuff like that. He turns 65. And suddenly goes through. Just a big. A big feeling of you know what am I doing I spent my life. And spends the majority of the film wandering. The city of Rome got to find themselves to finding yourself and taking and the rich beauty of the culture. The area and kind of realizing -- willingness. Beautiful peep holes society types that you actually I am not him about all of their ego that it's inevitable revise it -- to show -- well I want everywhere with Tony and Chris and you well. Go that I guess that -- About two and a half hours beautifully shot a lot of gorgeous visuals. And every now and then a bit of Fellini wacky -- kind of thrown in there many have compared to please little trivia. But if you're trying to catch the best foreign film nominees. -- -- -- OK next manager of this of the mobile or our honeymoon video Oscar nominated animated shorts not oh this is the old. Oscar. Stop here everybody always says -- GE when it comes to. The live action short and animated shorts. How can I do my Oscar picks who really gets to see these movies and the Gibson theater once again and is. Putting them up -- animated short that the -- yes and a lot of action shorts for the next week and opera. -- I would bring popcorn yes. You've got animated films as well live action. We'll talk about the live action first this is a big. There's a big separation. Between two light. Humorous ones there's one called -- at stake here everything from Finland about mother trying to get your family to wedding that -- late for. Another one called the Mormon problem from Britain about a psychiatrist. Who's. Having an interview with a patient who believes she is a god. And then you've got the bear re serious movies. One for -- that wasn't me about hostage drama with the driver and a woman. Another one about a call just before losing everything. This is from France this is about a mother who's about to leave for abusive husband. And then the last one is helium from Denmark this is the huge tear -- one. You've got a dying boy at a hospital. And an eccentric janitor. Who. Tells the boys these stories. What the afterlife is like trying to get excited about where he's going to go I was just watching that trailer for this one man. Oh my gosh it is very very. Emotional emotional. I'll live action room enough to bring -- a part down yes well we're gonna -- the movie show whether you like it or not on those -- and I'm third in the end it is the movie shows some of obstacles -- -- sandy beaches of the big movies hitting the big screen. Labor Day that awkward moment the great beauty and Oscar nominated animated and live. And shortly chalked up a live action just a few words about the animated shorts those are also playing out the next week there. Dips in the eastern hills theater. On. You've got film called possessions. From from Japan. Room on the broom for United Kingdom that computer and among -- -- the title to children's. Children's. Book from from England with some big voices and Gillian Anderson. Hillary Clinton there well I don't think she's involved but I normally Americans. Ferrell. Which is from the -- -- all hand drawn no computer animation stunning beautifully shaded picture. Mr. -- all or -- blue from France which is about kind of robot -- Characters the -- film though this year that is up four animated short. The just about -- Everybody seemed that might be interesting it was a -- is Disney's get a horse. It's a short it's being shown before rob. Frozen disease frozen and it is a old time black and white Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse pad like Pete. Cartoon and it starts very much in the style the Mickey Mouse cartoons of the late twenties and early thirties they even use. Walt Disney's old vocal tracks as Mickey Mouse for all of -- and this is Walt was the original voice of Mickey. The film -- does get a little craze in that it's starts off. Very black and white. And eventually he. Hold the screen gets torn. 3-D computer animation burst through into the movie and Aaron if -- color it's a mixed media craziness. And a very very funny cartoon as well one the most enjoyable shorts I've seen commodities it along. X is -- title or call our house hospitality and know Buster Keaton was still making films -- -- long gone yeah this one has been sitting on the -- since 1923 that's I'm I'm. -- opened in buffalo yeah the studio was unsure about it this actually was one. His biggest it's from the point it's being shown this Sunday. At Shays as part of their their free film series. One on the very cool things about this movie. From being -- very good film to take off on the Hatfield and mccoys. Feud this was a movie that Foster directed produced starred in and wrote. It co stars whose is wife Natalie Talmadge. Who we are married to at the time. But they are going to have live accompaniment on the mighty world -- order that's -- -- of your -- really cool if you ever get a chance to -- -- movie with live. Musical accompaniment is always a great time and this is really entertaining movie I okay this stunt sequence at the end of this picture. That goes through the water rapids building up to a rescue with rope. On a waterfall. Second only to the hurricane sequence of steamboat bill junior in terms of great Buster Keaton -- silences. Awfully good film. You can find out more about a chase website cherries dot org if you learn more about that but nice opportunity you know get a chance to see some movies on the big screen. Anytime you're thinking of asylum result fashion who cares about that go to one because you realize the actors didn't have verbal as the Asian and and more very good at what they they're conveying images and emotions or whatever it. The neat things about Buster Keaton films when he does to a period piece like this yes absolutely one of the funniest filmmakers of all time. But when it comes to period detail in a movie like this or that general. He was. It's such a strict. Taskmaster. As far as clothing. The hair. The trains -- Fascinated by trains. Every detail is so historically factored into their great movies two to look at as well. New governor really -- I didn't want to morals on TV's all pro in mispronouncing it as a Downton Abbey season -- down and you don't watch downton and -- -- to watch 12 or injury and you don't get caught up in the the pithy observations of the dollar your -- I'm not appropriately. I rented -- well sometimes in Yemen to be real terrific I've noticed that over the years Obama. This that this show of course it's part of. Yes his masterpiece theater. Has just -- in socially successful this season in the US. Each having its biggest ratings ever it's seems each week is in new ratings high four. For the series the way we it works as far as broadcast. Somewhat peculiar. In England. This episodes are shown in the fall leading up stupid. Christmas and -- In the US they don't show them until January so when they start the season in January as they did here with this season for. The season has already been shown across the ocean and and as far as the dvd and Blu-ray release right they follow up. The British airing of the films so. Now you can get a copy of season four before they didn't know if you're watching it week by week here you're gonna see the finale. Until February 23 the very end of February finds all. I already see in the full season I know exactly how the season and the whole story and but. It will still be playing out weak week on PBS broadcast I've never run into anything quite like it is very peculiar view ruined -- live on the edge on I do I'm a big fan of mr. Carson. And the old. The whole gang at down there hello I enjoyed this season a lot. So much of the show is about the look of the show and the materials and the period and the cars in the clothing. And I've got to shape. Not much happens on Downton -- But it does happen vary. Slow. Day. But for some reason -- a -- under and shall be opposite of that will be something was seen him about Formula One race the following that call rush. That's right that's right this is -- there was -- last fall by Ron Howard. Finally. Ron Howard movie with tons. Nudity cocaine. And race car driving. This okay open is staking Cokie he waited until and he passed away -- lining in this movie I personally found it telling. And I would be shocked -- a bad boy now apparently. But a lot of race fans and light is still very much. I'm not a big race and quite frankly no I was a little bored by -- I was not caught up in the magic of this particular film. But there are for people who enjoyed the movie in theaters and once again. There are a lot of extras as far as going through via the true story of the characters. Because all the events of whom are based on. Real racing event and they do you they have a lot of involvement from. -- people were there at the time so her race and it's definitely worth checking out. We got about twenty seconds last Vegas Michael Douglas the -- Morgan Freeman Kevin climb Mary Steenburgen there you go ahead. Commentary. With the director and writer and lots of Baxter's of the four of those guys just hanging around and making fun of each that about wraps it up well we'll see you Monday at 9 AM gold Broncos go patent C event and. We'll we'll much they never has to needs to be used she.