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1-31 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I just. Taxed state in the nation you have nothing but problems and we have no economic development sort ruse and there's nothing happening in buffalo this issue -- -- -- -- I can win if if you wanted to win. If apple -- might have been good to suggest says there are two of the biggest projects we've seen here many many years. How about the brutal Egg Harbor road project which you see going on now it's in progress. Am a senator casino. Senator casino started off as a proposal for 330. Million dollars before it hit the courts are all of which was -- money. No no public funding at all. And -- they had to downsize about it is still I don't have the numbers for enemy but it was over a hundred million dollars so you know a big project their big project did. In front of bug downtown buffalo there you can see the Ukraine's reaching up to this guy. So and we don't know why there's. In a lot of other projects obviously. With the Stadler was part private part public. I'm not sure with a hotel Lafayette. But we got a lot of re redo kind of ideals that -- private money so to say there's not going on is wrong. Plain and simple it's wrong. And you know it's it's one thing to be careful about don't gets struck. All right I want somebody that can beat Andrew Cuomo. And it's you know it's like give Brad Pitt were running poets Brad Pitt look at the name recognition. Doesn't matter Brad Pitt Orton win. And I I if if the Donald throws his hat in the ring or throws his -- Russian during. I want him to work hard at I want him to have the best people around about what the best advertising people what the the best presentation of the Donald. I want him if he runs to beat Andrew Cuomo. That's only if he does have the right way. And I think that these are you at all that's my opinion I'll be surprised because I'll be happy if he does this is one case -- be happy to be wrong. But I wouldn't count on he can say anything you want but until he says I'm in it. Com the end of my candidate. I'm gonna take -- -- -- I'm asking you will he Iran. Can he win and your message to the Donald. A message that maybe doesn't hear a lot won -- sell homes. I don't know what kind of Italy has around them. Usually ultra successful people like this are willing to listen to contrary and opinions and in suggestions and I don't know if he has those people around them or not. But you've got to have those kind of people Roger and campaign especially a political campaign that you're starting off as an underdog. There's no question the Cuomo would be the yeah the favorite to win the race. So the key is remembered Pataki also won but Pataki. India high acceptance high rejection. Regime whereas people who are very popular also have people that -- okay nobody really knew Pataki. Everybody -- trump. But don't get star struck. You've got to have a solid candidate who knows how to win talk Pataki go to war the war let's go to word -- imports bill Amelio on WB -- -- what's your thought on this. Well I'm. I agree with -- that -- -- waters are quick to. Thing actor Hugo is that -- developer so if you crushed an economy like art in the state. It would -- From. Yeah I think we all benefit from new development. In particular or is that people. Are you know I think -- I don't know. Because they're gonna benefit more from -- destruction in -- -- the power of -- and there going to be. You know. Yeah I did this destruction has already -- employees over the course of many decades the rebuilding part is exciting. By the medical Courter for instance what does that do it's more than just buildings it's jobs it's technical. Advantage technically advanced jobs it's a better salary more money churning into the community those kinds of projects are and we're finally seeing the light we're getting some movement on all on all that. Is it is that you know in New York of course it's not New York as it's ever Cisco knows that Dallas though but it's it's the best we've seen them a long long time. And you have to have a -- eye on it in order to talk about it. If you look at the rest of the country go to burn and out well last. They're running out of water just about everywhere else what we have the most we have water we have sixty you know Atlantic coast were not what should not -- our own act. We you know that Thatcher came that it does the East Coast they're expected altered and looked very little pyrite and want to impose MacBook -- -- skyscraper. -- I totally agree and that's the reason the people here love it here. I think it's the greatest misuse of the water I've ever seen and any place ever -- we got to do a great lake here. Remember one of the things about bass pro without us getting all sick is the fact that. They hope to draw like bass fishing drug tournaments -- things here we've got a lot of natural resources that are not being fully utilized so there's room for development there there's room for rehab we have more housing stock that should be torn down. And new things put in their places we got to do a lot of potential here but it's important to recognize we've already started the process. Your right monitor your read on and we have so much potential and and the people that this year. Are gonna be great people on -- amigos they're just you to put up with what we put up with over the last forty years it just. Being in a depressed state it's. And you still see smiles on people's tastes great is that -- title by -- double in the dot tribe. Absolutely this is the best place to live as far as people I've ever seen and I've lived in eleven states thank you thank you very much the one of the reasons I'm back here. I love this town I love them the radio in this town and the people I mean that's that that's the reason I'm here. In a series a lot of people here you can go to other more glamorous. Cities and not never knowing your neighbor. I loved. And in the east bay of a San Francisco. Very nice neighborhood whatever fences around every house didn't know my neighbor who left. Didn't know my neighbor to -- denominator across the street they didn't know me I didn't all of them. That's the way it is in a lot of glamorous areas. But here you know everybody everybody knows you too easy to get around him and we're starting we should at least give ourselves enough credit to say. We're starting. To make things happen remember the yeah. The -- a deal that that was -- on his Chris reminded me and Paladino is one of bidders on that. And now they're talking about may be moving something that was then. To Rondo he year I don't know if it was a draft weapons at any time -- get back kind of thinking in hockey terms. While that's great. So what I'm saying is will he run the Donald will Iran. I say he walked. Can he win. I guess he could -- on he'd have to really pay attention and work hard and your message to the Donald if you got a chance to talk to him tonight it all 313018061692. Visits are -- When nick had something and he said it's the biggest event they've ever had by four that's a good thing that that tell you that there's a long mean to win they want somebody that's going to win at what other people I want these names but if he had the same events or somebody else. He wouldn't have anybody show up it would be like can it would be like death. Will -- and can be bugged O'Donnell will Iran and Kenny went and your message of O'Donnell make no mistake about it my top priority. Is that someone defeat Andrew Cuomo that's my absolute top priority. And I want somebody that's gonna go balls to the wall I want them to just go as hard and as organized and has ready and has funded and as focused as they possibly can. That's what I care about. If it's -- of its Adonal it's a dollar but somebody else's somebody else. But the key is not to get starch -- You know it's here's the deal here. We are so desperate some time for something positive. There will just leave -- any thing I want a winner I want the winning horse I wanna be in the winner's circle when this happens when the votes are counted. A one of the things that I would say that Donald is please repositioned. Business. As you know all positioning is so important in politics the Democrats are so good -- it. They've position. A lot of the Republicans in the Republican positions. A big position on so that. Then you spend half the time in -- more than half of the time on defense instead of offense. For instance here's how to reposition business the Democrats have position business howl and and and outfits like you're an average. Person on the street okay. How the how they've positioned business. A bishop businesses -- to screw you. They wanna hire you for as little money as they can give you a few benefits as possible. Bales of those on the jobs overseas. And this is the way it works. They have no loyalty to you you're just dominion your bosses are getting rich the CEO makes excellent times Mor than your making. And you need unions and you need us why -- the unions there keep of them from screwing you know. You have to have us to protect your. That's how they've positioned business. Instead Donald Trump who -- by any acknowledgment is a successful businessman. Can get the point of the individual entrepreneurial. Spirit of starting a business. And suddenly jobs sprout from that business paychecks come from those jobs paychecks. A contribute to the tax base the bigger the tax base the more things that can be done for the community the more wherewithal you have the more clout you have all of these things are very beneficial. Are they provide the jobs are they provide the security that you need and the more successful the company the more successful you are. And that's the way it it says that it's a positive. Plus thing in your community they're not out this -- they're out to be successful Iraq to make money it's a capitalistic society so that's Richard. You you reposition. Things that people have given up on a long time ago there because the average voter you say businessman. -- thing you know some rich guy in the mansion while I'm you know eating hot dogs. And you've got to redo that you got to reposition that I think he's in a position to do that. I think he's also in a position being New York based. To say just like Paladino is. To say look I've succeeded in this state it's extremely difficult to succeed in this state -- that does not have a positive business climate. Here's some things that I would they would streamline the process to bring more people. Who like myself even talking as a developer. So what you do is you paint the picture. That the way it's been position before. It was strictly partisan this is the real world and you can point to all these years of democratic rule. Where or what have you gained from what have you gotten from Howell as your city done and then you look at the various cities in all. New York State is more than just New York City and you have to get all that information out there he can -- He can do it. But I'm not convinced so far that day he hasn't convinced me because he hasn't said anything yet that he's willing to roll up his sleeves and do it. Whether it's an ego thing for him just being considered implying -- getting now let's get real folks. This is the biggest event we've ever had of this kind. 600 people okay let's be real show. Let's not get us not what ourselves of the fact that 600 people are willing to see Donald Trump. 600 people would be willing to see Justin Bieber. You've got so we need a serious candidate. And senate tagging along and saying please please please can you possibly do us a favor and Ron I want a commitment from him if he runs I want a commitment. Your thinking okay he's got an ego the size of Cleveland. There's a commitment -- -- back and Beckham backfire anytime you take -- -- anytime you take yourself. To a seriously and your opponent not seriously -- -- -- OK anybody can tell you that you don't have to -- -- -- figure out. So it's not enough to have the name Donald Trump on the Republican line. You've got to have the person you're gonna have big guy who says screw this I'm gonna win this because that's the only way I'll ever get him. And I'm not convinced so far because he hasn't said anything. So let's just not get crazy before it's time. I'm not convinced that he's going to run in fact I'm policy that he won't. But I think he can. Blow Andrew Cuomo's doors off the -- simply doing this. Get out there show where the waste and taxes are in New York State or Charlotte. Go to New York State's highest tax area where can he cut those taxes to make my life better to be able to give me the opportunity of more spending money. Bring it down to dollars and cents the average voter how they will benefit if he became the governor. These are important things to do they can't be overlooked this is not the glamorous side of politics this is the nitty gritty this is the behind the door stuff that you don't see what do we see we see the candidate getting off the plane. We see press conference here and there it's pretty glamorous whatever the real work of campaigns going on behind the scenes. Where they're getting the stuff ready for that speech. They're getting the information in there the speechwriters are making sure that they're checking everything out the fact checkers are working on the make sure they don't come after UN and negate what you said the night before. This is part of a political campaign. Whether he is the takes -- or not. I don't know I really don't know and I don't think most of us know we know he's glamorous we know he is a big name. We know that people who like to see them. But that's not enough you're gonna need more than that especially in this state beating an incumbent democratic. Canada now. This is this dinner today or this this get together it's a fund raiser for -- out for him that's of fund raiser for the para OK that's insane because if he didn't run I wanted to know what would it no idea -- the -- back he says he will and -- finance his -- campaign if he runs that's what he said. OK so so far we're getting. Okay if if he runs -- finance is a campaign that's that's nice because -- less dependent on on other people. Are kind of taking -- are giving -- direction because of their country contributions I like that. But I want commitment. You know what you know what this is like this is like the most beautiful girl in high school who might go with a -- to the problem. She might. Is me. And no I would rather have a date for the prom. That I totally enjoyed the evening with that is committed to me for that put that event. Rather than somebody who is glamorous but I'm not sure they're willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. Will be back -- mark would be in company a -- and I'm thirty we RWB yet. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free in star 930 and our toll free line is 180616. 9236. That I wrote to us and I'll -- really good at it I'll do a good job well spent money is not the what was stuff but what I don't wanna do is. Bill through the primary. But with people that have no chance of winning. Or backward vision don't have said he BJ he's in town tonight sold out event at Salvatore is will -- and -- he will -- run. Anyway and and your message to the Donald your message. To the Donald and though we would like go to your calls it a -- 93018061692. -- -- I thirty. Make no mistake about it what I want is and local law out of office. But I want there are want the person the can do it there and I don't want us against star struck a plain -- simply. Now you may not like everything you're hearing on the show today. But it's like you either you either face the reality or your doomed to be disappointed it's like going to your doctor's office and expecting your doctor touch their directories so they won't get any bad nose. -- like going to confession and and not not including all the things is going to vote. You've got to deal with that end of the McDonnell have to deal with a true it'll be more than just the fly -- fly out I'll -- glamorous he has and he's got gold plated toilet fixtures and his plane. Cuomo has won elections before I'd also filed with the Donald. Paint Cuomo for what he has. He was when he came in to the governor's mansion he was on his way to somewhere else just like he was on his way to somewhere else after it was Hud secretary. That's what he does it is that we were row where being used right now because it's convenient. It's a high profile state and if you wanna be president doesn't hurt to be governor of high profiles. So. You know redefining business. And I countered categorizing it as a beneficial it is to the community is important showing Cuomo forty years he's a weasel that's important. All right let's Seacrest we have some up FaceBook entries please yes we do this is from Bobby he says of truck runs you'll lose why would we won a buffoon like him as governor anyway Andrew Cuomo is doing a great job we're headed in the right direction. -- pardon me I'm choking. -- -- -- -- -- Now all aloe what's his name Bobby Bobby. -- -- they go chew on in you can walk in your role will let you keep your -- -- and is putting when you come you got that. Very very nice. Just don't make any sudden moves or any strange noises thank you Bobby. What what the university you living in the first of all trump is not a -- he's high profile he's an ultra successful person. A part of his success is the fact that these larger than life we've got a lot of people larger than life with the president's larger than life we've got a governor -- -- alive. Nothing wrong with that he's very successful by any standard and be successful in a state that it's hard to be successful -- so I wouldn't say that and in your opinion. Your opinion of how great Cuomo as doing a great job. Years ago really otherwise the attendance might argue view putting. I would guarantee that this type of person that supports the safe act -- I have total economy take guns away from people absolutely. And it if it doesn't affect one person directly they don't care. It doesn't matter doesn't matter what rights are being eroded doesn't matter what the tax base is. Doesn't matter what anything. The -- presented them as part of our daily life ritual is as long as he's comfortable at all. Another please this is from jockey says New York would definitely be better -- which prompting Cuomo was governor but I'm just not convinced he's going to write this kind of seems like a game to him. Yeah I agree -- that it's you know what it's there's a certain. Positive energy about being pursue. And think about it your Donald Trump you -- pursue all the time. And what you want you'll want to do you want people say we really need you we must have you. And the persona is fine but does it fit in with his game plan which is is life. As I said his brand trump. It's yours on the -- it's on the toilet seat for crying out loud see or think that if he ran and lots. I know if he ran enable us what it would do to that brand. Bully may he does not take his brand politely I'm sure it's it's. It is absolutely zealously guarded and the last thing you wanna do is throw your hat into the ring get involved with something and lose. I mean we can understand a business lost that kind of stuff happens on a regular basis if you rolled the -- some time ago when sometimes in those. But. It's as if you lose the Cuomo that he is is a better man -- you and he's -- -- that. I'm and I I think if you just look at the numbers in New York State will tell you it will be a tough uphill a sliding now there have been a couple of -- surveys out. That say that. That falcon defeat anybody but just remember those things can change and it can change radically uses as the course of the campaign. But I proceeds so I wouldn't just automatically think -- went. But I think in order to win it's going to be -- best effort if he ran Howell. Or I should say do you think formal will adopt in dodge debates. I don't know I don't know if you order not see the way to fight Donald Trump is with we have. Back to -- OK you know as well as I do we saw during the presidential campaign little bits and pieces of backs. It's -- you if you're gonna go up against the flamboyant guy like like that you're never going to out flamboyant him if that's the word never gonna happen okay. So what you got to do was wait for those opportunities like that some -- were running. Okay says there's nothing happening in buffalo that's for sure. At that point Andrew Cuomo would download his it is text of several pages of things happening a bubble then then it's up to have trump he'd have to recover from that. I think I think this would be a good race for a counter puncher -- you guys are in the boxing right upon jurors can be very very effective. The flamboyant ones the ones that come out with a tax hassles all that -- throw the first bunch is the punch it's coming back that gets. All right it's not necessarily don't believe consciously counterpunch I think they Cuomo might be a good counter puncher if have book -- trying to throw everything against the law because he knows a lot of people are unhappy with well I'm not so sure about that I think that cool that that trump would be able to -- paint makers. Because Cuomo's record is so terrible but -- always -- first of all. Cuomo is going to stand -- only things that that are defensible. Anything else he would be he would be hard pressed to defend I'm thinking the same effect. Around here is hot stuff okay. But. What do we say we see that we live in two different states they're both called new York. And unfortunately both of them vote for the governor. If you if before doing this show in New York City. Who wouldn't have the same reaction so we have a fair but it's important to recognize that here is not a whole thing. If this was the whole thing that -- one thing but it's not and that's why I see these surveys that makes me wanna throw up. Majority of our New Yorkers love -- of fact I mean come on make me throw up right we don't feel that way. But the majority of New Yorkers I hate to tell you this live in New York. And so you gotta you gotta know when to hold -- gotta know one of Fulham Kenny Rogers may pushing your Kenny Rogers to run. What I'm saying is I think Cuomo would be expecting a flurry and would be a decent -- counter puncher. I would hope that would -- drove but that would be my expectation -- back after. They've got to get behind somebody and I do believe I'm the only -- I -- what I believe I will -- But they've got to get behind I don't want to go through that if I don't wanna fight somebody that has no chance of winning and then get the nomination and you wounded. They're going -- Go back to the calls this would be Steve thanks for holding in north on one deceive your on WB yeah. The most they've. Okay my arrow is pointing to Steve -- my idea of screens as these there but I don't hear Steve if there's they always Steve let's. We are without state so there I don't know of a screen said he understood why -- Why trump is waiting. And I can I can understand what trump says. But think of it like this for every positive is also a negative the positive is if -- there he says it big party has to be unified. Well the term unified does that mean that everybody in the party has to agree. Does that mean there can be some dissension what does that mean so that's a big out some math teacher out if that were written in a contract your lawyer would limit. Because that's it's just as the only water but what he said I understand why he's saying it doesn't wanna be a primary we said that during video last presidential. A nomination process where we saw on nine to eleven. Republicans standing there killing each other on stage remember that we've we're wondering how does this thing ever gonna end. And then by the time they get into the election. The person that one from the nine general eleven people on stage was battered the hell so I understand that totally. But if you're on the other side of the coin you say -- He wants to take on the governor doesn't wanna get a preliminary bow bow out with his own party. If you can't defend your stuff with some nobody. -- basically -- you know and nobody. Then why would you expected to defend itself against a sitting governor I mean that's the thinking of the other side. So here's what you got to do just like the Super Bowl is this -- It's Sunday and if you're gonna make a bet on it debt on the team you think is going to win not a team you want to win they could be the same. But maybe they're not I'm a big Broncos fan I want the Broncos to win. And I think the Broncos are going to win sort by war betting I'd bet on but if eight. We're hoping the Broncos would win but I'm a little bit Seattle is a better team. I wouldn't bet on the Broncos that's the point. That's what happens when people bet on sports they bet on the teams of the non professionals that on the teams that want to win instead of the teams that they intellectually think should win. And that could be the same thing -- Donald Trump just remember 600 people tonight. If I told you Justin Bieber. Was that a competing restaurant he would have more than 600 people just say OK the 600 is grateful what it is. But let's not get crazy let's not wet ourselves over the show we please let's hope it works out fine and everything is words should be Chris a couple more from FaceBook. Please this is from Frankie says our state is divided on both sides of the -- respect probably one of the best in the country running an organization's problem -- I don't see a running -- what he wanna take on such a -- Yeah well I think that eagle is the only reason. First of all he's doing very well so he and he knows that when he gets into office if he did when he still have to deal. With the to the other two houses so. Whether he could get things done the way he wants and who knows but I think it's eagle of accomplishment people are great accomplishment and he has great accomplishment wanna accomplish more. They want something else. Being governor of the state is nice feather in your cap and usually when your governor than being president is a nice feather in your cap. Donald Trump has a huge ego now he's he's earned it. I think he's flamboyant and he's out there and he he leads a fantasy life a fantasy existence so why wouldn't he reach for the stars but we had this courtship when he said he might run for president. And you see how that. What's the chances that -- That he feels personally. He's accomplished all these wanted to in the business field. And now becoming president. In the first step towards becoming president the first -- governor of New York State what if that is his motivation well it could. Our measure we don't know because he hasn't told us and all we know is -- will considerate that's all we know and he still considering. And I if he doesn't take it which I think will happen it will month. Then will get -- he was so flattered to be considered. But you know I said that the party would have to be. United. You know in his his definition of -- may be different than yours. And I did not see. The arena which I chose to compete I mean I concede I can write the speech form. If he's serious about it. He says okay I'm having other people look after my business affairs. Let's get going on this thing let's start right now the earlier the better. But you don't hear that tonight he'll dance the dance around Dario great things could be but I don't think -- through as ever are no -- This is from Bruce he says they're running means all the fully discloses financial information I don't think you -- right besides this guy can't even keep his marriage intact. How can be trusted to keep the contract with the people of New York State. Well I think that our financial disclosure is I think part of the deal and whether he wants to do that or not. God knows how much of the can be pretty complex. How much of it has to be in certain areas where I don't know I'm not in that my idea. My financial disclosure is the is a Maxwell House Coffee -- My money is there it's in Tony's back yard OK that's my financial school they got the camp in -- But that's at the trump is going to be -- lengthy and whatever and they about a like this. If you are in the highly competitive New York developer race that he is. Isn't showing your financial disclosure a big big media tell as far as competition is concerned -- think they would like to know. -- what kind of money you have what kind of debt you have or anything like that any kind of financial information be beneficial to somebody else. And then if you lost and you really is giving away a lot of your positioning. And that you didn't get -- give it up so. This stuff would come into consideration I'm glad the listener brought that up because that is one thing happened about it's a different life. Right now he's leading the life of a sultan. Okay you get into the public arena -- you can make laws or suggest laws of you know -- the other people in public office. But is not the same it's not the same and you're going to be scrutinized and every word is going to be pars as opposed to coming in like via a rock star. Doing Iraq them leaving and that's what's gonna happen tonight. You know I really do want him to run for the same reason that I want to Carl Paladino. I wanna do expose is many skeletons. In Albany's closet as possible. -- I don't -- I think first of all I think the race would be very exciting. Especially if it's done like we suggested should be done. Be very exciting and if you want to be very exciting to be good for New York State I I can't tell you how happy I would be if he decides to run. And it gets down to it and starts CO bare knuckle brawl with -- Andrew Cuomo I would love it and let's hope it happens. But. I wouldn't bet. All right the movie show which I will bet on. Coming up by after the news under threat and I've certainly RW via.

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