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1-31 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello all of his major company and I'm sandy beach have a question. There's talk he's geragos I have an agent. Those stories -- goes I have. An advisor. Does he have any personal representative bill looks over things before he accepts them -- I tell you what Tony seraguso. Is doing commercials more. And -- -- region company. -- That's star goes it was a great great linemen and the a lot of the same. Applauses as a pretty scurrilous and other words tough as nails and you know just a broad when he was playing but just the nicest guy in the world fun guy right. Sarah goes is now going and I'm not making this up. A commercial. Mr. tough guy -- I strike fear and anybody that lines up opposite me is now doing commercials for. Depends. I'm not making this up you can't make it up. If if I'm reliant on nine that is absolutely true did somebody say it's not worth the money. If they think you're using depends. And and that's not a good career move you know on talk about I understand some people -- depends but Tony Stewart is you don't I'm. Problem I have no problem with it you think it's okay with a demands. Not that type of guy that's gonna go get a lot of -- always not so you just grab anything like I'm -- yeah exactly I know he's doing that main cave being on the do yourself channel -- that's that's different than their hands and especially when there's. -- Is that about rough tough football player you don't expect him to be leaking. But he's the type of guy he just does it can't remember. We know somebody and I'm not gonna say who was. -- well when presented commercials. Would you like to represent this company. I take just -- no I take about one in every ten that are presented to me. The the reasons I don't take them is maybe I don't think I can do anything for them and there's -- -- -- -- and just take money. Or maybe I've heard something about them and I'm not comfortable -- or maybe I prefer something else that I I. You know money is everything you gotta have your integrity okay. We know a guy. Who's -- live commercials here from buffalo. For the pump up penis remember that NASA so that you know -- -- you -- -- across crowded room and next thing it's. I mean and they are not here -- like god. I'm an odd why don't do it weighs just run over to the station and put quarter in there and she's a lot easier. But now out. If you fit who would -- other commercials warm. Well we -- -- dead yet but them that's the way it is so he needed the money Tony seraguso it depends who my true love that. Now the big super ball I don't know if you heard this and on you know the Super Bowl as a couple is one as. I think saw the look up but I think yeah I think it might be Sunday. So it's almost coming up now we've already gone through the list of Super Bowl snacks and stuff like that. What's popular what's going to be happening -- that a couple of days ago but now I have a subset under the eats column. Being number one snack -- Super Bowl Sunday is not pizza but its wings okay now where -- used the wings widgets column wings. People column buffalo wings in other parts of the country that's fine no problem but just Kyle Blanks. He has a survey. A 125. Bend. And chicken wings on Sunday are going to be eaten. And there's a survey of how they're going to be prepared okay you ready you guys wanna guess what the top preparation -- Of chicken wings will be of the 125 billion. In all I'm sorry it's one point 25. Again too many wings looked at one point 25 billion. Guess what the top preparation what. And gas -- Bob Dole awful buffalo away the sick Barbeque 65%. Barbeque wings second 49%. Breaded and fried 35%. Teriyaki Ewing's 33%. Sweeten its power wings 29%. And playing wings 28% so. Buffalo dominates that was six -- -- -- I mean it's of this is the way it's our. Now serve blue cheese on like the West Coast it serves ranch dressing red zone now you're right. Well there's also things called prop bets proposition Benson and you can actually make these bets in Vegas and anyplace where gambling is legal and has -- sports book. And it's everything from a every dumb thing ever thought up from a coin flip through whatever our guys are Tony. You'll and in christened that have a brought up a bunch of prop bets that you can actually bet on. If it's legal where you are okay give me some ideas this is off for the super -- I like the one is percentage of a chance that Percy Harvey and his knocked out of the game by the injury. -- couple of not only because he's he's been so injury prone. And booking was a Chris the last one of the one before. I think it was the last August there was a question of whether or not is gonna play in the Super Bowl over a lot of precaution. Yeah -- out pretty early oh my word OK well how would you like to be Percy -- no you know what I'd love Brazil -- -- legal. I'd I'd bet against myself. You know I don't think that's legal but yeah I could twist an ankle it's minus 500 for -- -- he'd be able to you know make quite a bit of money -- I -- I imagine that we should be looking at that -- -- for our -- quarterback who had another. What now another knee operation yeah. -- -- I didn't read the article please just like cleaning out debris or something that's what he said it was in and out fast the you know a quick good clean out of of cartilage and stuff like that what. Prop bets -- -- global will any red -- members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be sure it was during the performance. If there is a good chance that leave the bass player because he's known for being short list. That he wouldn't want to do it could be fifty for a period. And better on that yes you can have that I'd I'd. I know what else that that's fun let's see he will player who scores first touchdown have a Jersey number above or below second -- it. Or not there are -- -- point five yet another words will appear receiver with a number -- all okay -- or will be received with like number that may be running back and running back now okay aren't these and about that aren't never. Over under for Chris pointed this went on this is forming over under for Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem in two minutes and 23 seconds now I. You know I elaborate a -- I have her book idea and I have a lot of her music she is fabulous she's one of the top. Sopranos in the world and she's. From the Rochester area. -- some criticizing is a ball for bringing an an opera star to sing the National Anthem with some -- for it a little class might leak out I mean rarely but I don't know what speech he's going to sing it. But here I can tell you that's for sure she won't have any problem hitting nine and I can tell you that you that's one of this once beautiful. 54%. Chance Erin Andrews will be should quit before Pam Oliver after kick off all that's just. Yeah yeah that's a -- that's a good point impact Pam Oliver is on fox and today. -- -- meg and Kelly no she's not wanna shows that a -- demo machine does a good job I think she's the best one there as far as all the female sideline reporters. She's -- today every male sideline reporter. -- almost all women at the she's she's five by far the best we don't tester did sideline last year. Have you ever seen -- and address he's gotten as he is very attractive and it and he wears those pink slippers on. On the west they're commercial. Listen to this iPhone props that that is never I guarantee this has never been. Made during any Super Bowl a problem that has never seen the light of day and what would that be. Twenty more percent chance announcers say marijuana during the games yes plus 350. No 600. Well I think they might because as you know the NFL has said that they who they would consider medical marijuana. As a serious subject if it would help. Help mend some of their players so there -- record as saying so wouldn't surprise me at all I'd take that -- in a minute the F plus you have the fact that Washington and Colorado Obama I'm -- now exactly oh so that's that's the best kind of hurts so far the -- fact I'm sure Marshawn Lynch is already looking into how -- get to prescribe for medical marijuana -- now the three of -- well all but take a look at all the prop -- what will the according to not -- heads -- -- Tales android sales -- never fails I'll go heads a -- only because you guys both went tales. If you -- gone wannabe -- on -- through sort of got tales tales heads. Yeah it's almost. Almost all the time called heads and it shows up -- it's just natural. But will say meanwhile Tony or scope out during the break you visited more fun prop bets. On the -- and I'm thirty we are W via. The news broke just before wrote the top of the hour that James McCaskey has -- resign from collider which as a surprise the most of us and our news departments were him that now on we'll have up to date information and as it is received. Will go back a couple more profits were first of all everybody's on the Super Bowl including Brando Lacey from Brenda is by its. And of course she takes a look at from the food apportioned which is how she. Use a lot of life. Is some in here she has I know Manning owned one I didn't know he -- 21. Peyton Manning owns 21. Denver area Papa John's restaurants when -- won. That's why he's on the spots they -- a deal of them four -- franchises and whatever and you know in exchange for doing the commercials look. I've never had a Papa John's -- you know if not I think is one I Niagara Falls boulevard. The -- of where you get on a -- we do have one here. Chris have you ever had I did when I was in college because I was in college in Oswego and a pizza places merit in real change in bed now about it when he owns a 21 album I think a -- thinking of when his. When his arm says I've had enough and as opposed. Playing -- orange Gatorade it says and this is a 321 favorite to be dumped on the winning coach grain is tender ones at the same numbers you have. Orange being a favorite policy. Here aren't clear water is actually the favorite at two to one orange and yellow are tied at 3210 okay so water straight water I didn't even though they put straight water and those Gatorade things because they usually takes two players that problem. Like that well go what if you think about America's what's Gatorade it's for replenishing a bachelor ones who's -- the heat lose -- could be anywhere you know it. So this is not this is not a dinner this is just snacking. Okay the average person will snack. 12100 calories during the game. Hundred calories force next does not include -- just snacks. One point tool billion chicken wings eleven million slices of pizza golf parties oh there's an asterisk asterisk here except that Robbie Ross house yet have been -- -- did -- -- -- It'll -- under the weather so I'll parliament she's. She's great. A couple more prop bets for the big Super Bowl game how many times will Peyton Manning say -- During the game over under is 22 and a half. -- you know I would bet I would -- under you know why because it's been so much focus on it now. Oh what you don't usually try and do what isn't expected not what is expected everybody will be looking for everybody every waiting for the only thing as last time it was tied into area. A contribution to his charity. So he might have been more inclined to doable once that got out Matt -- but he knows that you're expecting it. I'm I would if -- betting that I'd been under yeah I agree but Sullivan the logic is there maybe even the point where you don't you don't -- at all the exactly. I still think that of our quarterback I'd I'd under obscenities it would throw everybody off you know I'm talking about. Another -- -- got -- how many times Archie -- be shown on TV during the game the overnight lenders to half. Or they'll have to be shown yet the -- Normandy visitors a box with his wife. And is other suns are -- left to beat you I will have to be there of course you realize is is consumed by some -- you know. Yeah Rush Limbaugh always talk about that yesterday apparently somebody. Got out of a -- Jersey. And was watching giant scheme and noticed that Peyton Manning's team Jersey was a little bit different than the when he got so assuming that this is not an authentic -- -- Usual broke records of civic hybrid money for that. Let's say you know what else is going on authorities are looking for whoever set fire in a Boise Idaho. Area and set fire to an -- house it's a plastic portable outhouse or don't we all along portable our house. Maybe a certain to good use one of these things on talk about. He be the spokesperson for. It was a it was on a golf course and wondered what those guys do. You know when they have the goal in their out in the middle of course because I don't golf. And they got to go they got a -- they're just looking for an extra holes more and that the fun of fill up. With the flag. You heard of a splash and go this is a splash and go for Iran are you racing fans. So that punk Bieber is still in the news. Guess it is supporting. -- is it better remember he's nineteen years old then back to when you're ninety. He's being supported by rob forward. -- that yes sir -- one on your run up on your credentials. The about that so -- he says that we ought to cut him some slack. Because a radio holes in Washington DC called Bieber Canada's worst export. And so while the mayor's standing up our knowledge to stand up for other people but. But Bieber would not be the guy -- them for. Now maybe they should just like -- doesn't low profile yeah I think a good low amid a golf club and together and in the -- -- that. -- -- -- I'd always come back we've got a subject to talk about Tuesday it'll be. It'll it'll suck all the oxygen out of Western New York until tomorrow morning at least and that is Donald Trump but -- come at a town tonight. And we'll see it that's gonna go on the radio and there anyway are WB yet. Take WBA and wherever you go with a WB EN iPhone app. We're back -- -- governor M sandy beach tonight the big night as Donald Trump comes to town sold out 600 seats. It is it's going to be area are quite an event tonight -- -- found out that trump was coming to tell my first thoughts were. I'll only get here I checked the bus schedules. And our objectives are speaking time and they don't matchup because it would be easy to get on the bus there and get off here. Now I think he probably has wanna go through via video of the airport or trigger a bigger train so lo and behold. We find out from Bob McCarthy's piece today in the Buffalo News. He has his own plane who asked that the Donald has his own plane and here's what it is it's a Boeing 757. Now was built in 1991 powered by two Rolls Royce engines with a sixteen hour range. Now he purchased this not from Boeing you purchase it from Paul Allen. Who -- by the way the Seattle Seahawks. And though was they -- find a founder of Microsoft. For a hundred million dollars now that may seem impressive to you I'm just thank you women. -- Donald Trump. The umpire you -- plane. Come no wasn't anything -- And two were retrofitted it holds 43 people. It can go 500 miles an hour the seat belt latches are gold plated. -- -- About that. The -- of the trump family crest. -- seats and -- throughout the aircraft well week after that. Do you guys have a family crest. Crest toothpaste you have probably about as far as I don't progress to Clemente where there's no Johnson grass. If you name should Democrats that Johnson let's get to work out. Number and -- there I think art students become upward logo beautiful Johnson grass I'll take requests at that -- at our request quest. Are endlessly. He has personal TV screens in every city. Big -- cars and about all right come on Donald the other O'Donnell let's go -- now. He has a personal bedroom with a desk. OK I expect he's got a bedroom and applying. But it is the best in the -- he wants to do some work. Or row or write a check to a Banca. Guest room couches converted into beds. There's a dining room there is a melange with a movie system holding -- thousand films and 2500 C eighties. That -- -- personal bathroom features -- circular shower. And gold plated faucets. Now that's nice you know I could -- if I if I mean and Casey comes over my house should I have the Obama TP. Was given to me as a gift remember -- still -- if the role of team today with -- Obama's base on every sheet. How about that it would be a gifted -- does have already. And as the Obama Chia at. I don't have anything with outlawed nothing and I wanna keep it that went into. Which I didn't have a governor's -- -- Cuomo and it. But that's another story so he's gonna arrive tonight on trump one. And that's that. I'm now the question is because we have bug talked about this before. I think that it's nice that he's coming to town lot of excitement a lot of hoopla. But I personally and I've said before I don't think he's gonna run. My my position is that it's not logical that he would Ron and he's left them at the altar before Lieberman the altar on this one. Because of the of the trump brand is too valuable. He's ingrained in the heads of people when you think of Donald Trump you think of that invulnerable. Undefeated. Well you can except some the visa business because that happens. But you can't you can't lose an election and still have the same aura of invincibility that you had before. So the I said the only way he would run. Is if indeed he thought it was a -- race where that wasn't even close and I don't think we're seeing that now there been some surveys out. I don't have them in front of me that say that he. He wouldn't do that while against them. However we're looking for miracles not because none of us like -- call around here none. And we would do anything to have Andrew Cuomo defeated at the at the polls but I'm telling you one thing trump if he does wrong and I don't think well. OK my question is will he Iran and can he win remind my suggestion is that he won't run. And that he probably wouldn't win if he did -- it kills me to say that because I would vote form I would absolutely vote form. I'm I didn't put a sign a mile long which I've never done before. Because I I think he could be exciting as the governor I think he could do a good job and I hate Andrew Cuomo outside of that but here's the deal. Here's an example of what he's gonna have to do. Or pay attention to if he runs for governor or he'll get he'll get is you know what handed to him. In the interview with Tom -- I did not hear the entire interview but I heard a clip on our early morning those. That he was talking to Tom and he was doing what he usually does shooting from the hip. And he talked about I think he talked about a the situation. Of financial situation of New York State. And new businesses and stuff like that OK -- that's the overview but one of the things he casually says he is. There's nothing going on in buffalo. He actually said that there's nothing going on in buffalo. Now you and I know there's plenty going on in buffalo. There's a tough going on in buffalo now. It was not he was not challenged when he said that so he it was accepted that you must be right what he was wrong. And if he did that on the campaign trail. Mop up -- of them are you kidding Governor Cuomo on shore has that has an idea. -- took a second win every nut and bolts on every building project in every government assisted. Deal was going on in western new York and he would just lay a mile flat. So the thing you can do as a private citizen and shoot from the hip. Because you don't have 101000 fact checkers checking everything you say would not be a very good thing if you are running. For office of a governor says he's not going to be able to shoot from -- hit like that without knowing so here's the deal you know what that one statement tells you. That one statement tells you when he says and there's nothing going on a bubble is about development okay. Tells me doesn't know a damn thing about off. I mean think about it. We hope we hope we run. -- we hope he wins I'll vote forum but he's got to get his act a lot better than that because not everybody's gonna let it slide nobody a lot of slide it becomes. A candidate will take a break we'll be back with more on -- and thirty we are WB. -- the highest taxed state in the nation you have nothing but problems and we have no economic development it's all a ruse and there's nothing happening in buffalo that's issue there. So I said look I can win if if you want to know it. It is -- company well Ian Kennedy will we're talking about the Donald will he run. Can he win. I don't think you'll run and if he did run I don't I'm not convinced he's -- when he could count my vote I can tell you that right now for a lot of reasons. I think I think he'd be a pretty interesting guy who's willing to try some things in the state capital ruffle some feathers that changed some directions. Yeah I I think be ignored giving him a shot against. But he's -- And iffy every shoots from the hip like he did -- at least in that one section of the interview with Tom Bauerle he definitely won't win. I'm not here I learned a long time ago because he wasn't called and when your he said. He's not about economic development we just played the SoundBite for you. And he said there's nothing going on in buffalo that's for sure. OK and that's wrong. Now when you're interviewing somebody. -- five here's what I learned a long time ago when your interviewing somebody. If they say something that's factually wrong not just a different opinion but factually wrong you've got to correct them. Because if you don't. The audience will know that they don't know what you're talking away what he's talking about and they'll think you don't know stars. You've got to correct him when it happens if he says -- into -- seven he got to tell right there with all due respect that is what I learned in school -- into -- four. If you don't do that. You believe wash your credibility basically that's what happens we've seen that before. That's why with some callers. They'll say something that's factually wrong it's not that they just have a different opinion. It's it's -- it's incorrect okay. So you have to stop right then and there because if you don't you'll let him go. The audience chalks that mom and they -- you and you've lost. I mean that we've -- that the we've we've had callers like that before you've seen and I've talked about this a million times. But it wasn't column. But if he were facing. Andrew Cuomo you shoot bad you'll recall on that Cuomo have pushed it. Well hero of the projects going on in buffalo and twenty minutes later when he's done reading the shape. Oh what is. What's the Donald going to say you know would have been interest thing and I think. As they broadcasters though a lot of interviews I think you'll be very interest and if he was called on how he would have gotten out of here are some tips all right first of all when you ask somebody a question and repeat the question. That's the time they're using to think of the answer they don't have the answer okay if they say oh Tony Caligiuri ask -- -- question isn't. He says that you know how many ounces are there in a pound and I say oh how many ounces and impound. That's a good question Tony all of -- just stalling that's all they're doing a stall. He got to know if they don't answer right away and they just repeat your question they're thinking of a maneuver the thinking of a position. And that's what they're doing. But it's important -- you'd he would not trying nailed them but make sure they get it right. And therefore everybody wins. And maybe he's on his feet. You go to that well I didn't think he's nothing but I'm not the kind of drug development that a great cities like buffalo should have. The turn of the last century we were number six in population and our number fifty. I mean that he might have recovered with something like that but if he didn't you know as well as I do. When it Rick was -- -- any chance to be Hillary Clinton. When he walked over to her podium. And invaded her space politics. That's all it takes is one thing. And so by as much as I would love to -- trump win and I would vote for I can tell -- right now I'd vote -- I would I would hope. That I would put a sign on my on form. He's got to get its act together. And let's go to Jim and Eden Jameer on WB yeah. Hello Jim. -- -- push the button on my phone is totally dead. Okay you they're -- Okay go ahead my phone went dead but you're on the year ago I can hear you give me your thoughts. Com wanna come cultural defense on net if you listen there was entire comment. Said that any development in both slowly rose in other words our government subsidize development. They're still private commitment of capital in the buffalo any project takes place and uploaded do that the government step in and subsidize and any risk. Well whether it's private or -- or -- whether it's private or whether it's public funding to say with a blanket statement that there's nothing going on buffalo that's for sure. Is is is not correct. It was blanket statement truck that is remark I think in any development about -- is a -- and -- what I think he meant was that if you took out. Government money that goes on a daily basis and above all it would take out 30% of the rental property impossible for but not the space it would it would -- brought. So here's -- sunny disposition -- his possession and is the only development accounts is private development one would question of how much government assistance he's had in his real estate dealings. Money is -- Also of what government money's worth in terms. That's not a question the question is buffalo is not dead in the water whether it is a public publicly financed projects are privately financed project it's not dead in the water it's the same thing -- say -- -- -- when they -- -- job counts. They just they come private jobs and public jobs we understand the difference we have the highest amount of vote. Public employees. That are unionized in the country with 24%. In western -- it's only 11%. Nationally -- nationwide but you can't be using sweeping. Terms like that that because it's not true. Thank you iPhone is totally dead look at it. There's. There's not okay. Where do we have them because it's weird to see -- online to can get Wayne let's go to Wayne weighing on WBN. I attended hello lane he has served in every night and allow unclear. -- I kind of agree that he should have a certain that in a ball well. It's sad thing when in fact that it's all buffalo -- you know. But in reality. When you talk about somebody who has been development. Buffalo is relatively. I just took a trip through trial on this -- -- Miles and miles and miles from new construction. How about the Bob -- or how about the that's the thing -- jutting into the sky as you go anomaly 190. It's call a crane and that's that is as far as I know is -- Google was money. Great and and I agree that we are four -- -- yards is like. If by some it's okay haven't had anything to eat and probably get their local -- should have been. Well how about I mean how about the hotel about the hotel Lafayette. About the other. Ashes from the dead that are there were privately and partially publicly -- I agree those are great projects and things are moving in buffalo but relatively. When you say you've got 45 greens between medical balls and try at all. Building somewhere projects. I mean that's -- saying relatively wouldn't hurt developer what trump. He probably sees and -- and I agree he should never said that somebody who -- don't have. Also -- wonderful and I'm glad that it's happening but but if you go to -- city. -- an area or statements developing. You don't. Are -- out what I cannot take a look look I worked in Dallas I worked in San Francisco I worked in super developing a city's. That if they were already develop what I got there and they continue to develop you don't compare apples to oranges like that thank you very much. Not gonna compare buffalo New York City. And that's not a a fair comparison but his statement was there's nothing going on buffalo that's for sure I didn't see an asterisk next to it except for. Public money will be back after Lewis.

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